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The Gaza Bombing:
Nine Questions for Critics

Make Your Opinion Count!


Palestinians canceled the truce, then fired 300 rockets into
 Israel.  How many rockets is Israel allowed to send back?

If you are writing to complain about Israel and the recent bombing of Gaza (following the Hamas cease-fire annulment and deadly rocket barrage by Palestinians) and you want to be taken seriously by our editor, then consider prefacing your comments with answers to these nine questions:

  1. What do you think Hamas was trying to hit with those 300 rockets fired at population centers in the week prior to the Israeli response?

  2. Do you recall the detailed warning that Israel issued for Hamas to end the barrage?
  3.  (If not, then here's a refresher).

  4. What is the number of rockets that Israel is authorized to fire in retaliation for the 300 rockets fired at them?

  5. If Palestinians are so deprived and desperate for food, how do they afford such expensive weaponry?

  6. How many Palestinians have starved to death in the last 40 years? (Hint: zero)

  7. Do you know that Gazans share a border with Egypt and aren't dependent on Israel for aid?

  8. What has Hamas accomplished so far by provoking war?

  9. (This one is for Muslims only, particularly those who have recently discovered the word, "disproportionate")  How many Muslims were killed by the Jews of Qurayza? (Hint: zero).  How many Qurayza Jews did Muhammad behead in the name of "self-defense?" (Hint: 800)

  10. (Most important)  Is the complete absence of Muslim outrage over the true genocide of 300,000 Darfuri Africans since 2003 more because the victims aren't Arab or because their killers are?

Well, that's it for now.  We hope our assistance in helping you get the most mileage out of your feedback to TROP is appreciated.

We can't wait to see your answers!

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