CAIR's Outrageous Rosa Parks Stunt


TROP: 12/10/05

So insensitive is the Council on American-Islamic Relations to the plight of religious minorities in Muslim lands that they once responded to the brutal murder of three American missionary doctors in Yemen by implying that the humanitarians had it coming, since Christians are known to evangelize overseas.  This is part of what makes their transparent ploy to co-opt the name of Rosa Parks so tasteless and offensive.

The notorious organization donated two "Rosa Parks Civil Liberties Scholarships" to college students last Saturday for the obvious purpose of trying to associate itself with the legacy of the former civil rights icon.  The total price tag was a mere $1500, which is a superb example of cost-efficient public relations spending by an organization awash in Wahabbi funding.  Split down the middle, the grant might cover about two semester's worth of cable television.

The inappropriateness of this stunt is as overwhelming as the contrast between the refusal of an African-American woman to accept second-class status on a city bus and CAIR's own refusal to denounce the awful treatment of non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

If CAIR wants to honor the legacy of Rosa Parks, then they might start by telling their Arab brothers in the Sudan to stop killing and raping people that look like her.  Amazingly, CAIR's only "Action Alert" regarding Sudan
, where two million mostly black Africans have been massacred by Islamic leaders, was to protest when one of that country's government lackeys was locked out of an office meeting on Capitol Hill five years ago.

The "civil rights" group has stringently rejected opportunities to use their influence to draw attention to the enslavement and genocide of black people by Muslim governments in Africa, nor even to speak out against the practice.

Sure sounds like the stuff of Rosa Parks, doesn't it?

Before CAIR gets too hung up on the idea that it is "keeping it real," it might do well to remember that on their website (right below the self-indulgent article on the scholarships) is a link that allows visitors to order religious materials that refer to black people as "Raisin-heads," "collectables," and "men of no descent" with hearts "grosser than a donkey."  The Qur'an that CAIR promises to send out, along with the Hadiths, also talks of leaving an African to die if injured and provides a "how-to" manual on slavery that's been serving the Muslim world for 1400 years.

Beyond an unflattering description of black people, the Islamic religion proscribes third-class treatment for dhimmis - non-Muslims under Muslim rule. Dhimmitude is Jim Crow on steroids, complete with diminished legal status for minorities, segregation, constant intimidation‚Ķ and a much higher stack of dead bodies.  Islamists kill more "unbelievers" every ten months, in fact, than the entire number of black Americans lynched in the last 120 years combined.

We can guess how Rosa Parks might have felt about this, given that she was renowned for insisting on equal treatment under the law, but what is CAIR's position on Sharia, the Islamic system of legal segregation?

As CAIR co-founder, Omar Ahmad, once put it: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

In other words, "Bring it on."

CAIR's current spokesperson, Ibrahim Hooper, has also advocated Islamic rule in America.  It's small wonder, then, that the organization has said next to nothing about the brutal mistreatment of Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and many others under Muslim governments. CAIR understands that the more Americans know about the "Religion of Peace," the
less favorably it will compare with Western religion (which played a prominent role in both abolition and civil rights).

When an organization calling itself the "Council on American-Islamic Relations" dedicates itself, in practice, to activities that inflame anti-American passion overseas - even as this passion fuels horrific acts of terror against our own citizens and other innocents - there's no reason to expect that they would be above cheapening the legacy of a true civil rights hero for the ultimate advancement of a system of discrimination and death.

But it's still appalling.

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