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Islamic Terror
Attacks Past 30 Days
All of 2012

All of 2011
All of 2010
All of 2009
All of 2008
All of 2007
All of 2006
All of 2005
All of 2004
9/11 through 2003
Global Jihad
Through the Centuries
In the Name of Allah
Muslim Terror Attacks on American Soil
Targeted Attacks on Christians

About Islam
History and Origins - The Life of Muhammad
Sira - Ibn Ishaq's Life of Muhammad
The Myths of Muhammad
The Myths of Islam
Verses of Violence
Hate Speech: What the Qur'an Says about You
Compared to Christianity
Top 10 Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace
Friendship with Christians and Jews
Lying (Deception)
Muhammad's Sex Life
Loyalty to a Non-Muslim Government
Islam and Sex
Contradictions in the Qur'an
The Qur'an and Science

Human Rights
Freedom to Criticize Islam
Freedom of Expression: Poetry
Religious Freedom - Jizya
Religious Freedom: Apostasy
Religious Freedom: Forced Conversions
Commands to Kill
Martyrdom (Suicide Attacks)
Charity and Disaster Relief
The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

Women's Rights

Women Worth Less than Men
Proving Rape
Divorce - Triple Talaq
Divorce - Remarriage
Men in Charge of Women
Prostitution - Temporary Marriage

Muslim Opinion Polls
Games Muslims Play
Africa and Black America
What about Northern Ireland?
Violence in the Bible - Is it really the same?
The Middle East Conflict: A Beginner's Guide
The Crusades in Perspective
50 Reasons Muhammad was Not a Prophet
WWMD - What Would Muhammad Do?
What to Do About the Islamic Threat

Resources and Information
The TROP Bookstore!
Muslim Opinion Polls and Surveys
Jihad Watch - Daily Blog and News Watch
Daniel Pipes - Middle East Commentator - Articles on Radical Islam
Answering Islam - Religious Response
MEMRI - The Middle East Research Institute
Political Islam
Jihad (History of Jihad Website)
Prophet of Doom - Words of Muhammad


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