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Ten Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

What a Real Feminist
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"Brother, you can believe in stones, so long as you don't throw them at me..."
Wafa Sultan on al-Jazeera

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Picture of the Week

Allah is #1, says this Religion of Peace enthusiast, who went
 on to behead a female co-worker in Oklahoma last week.
His prophet did not generally behead women, however.
Muhammad (peace be upon him) usually raped them
after beheading their men and enslaving their children.

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace "Mohammed is God's apostle.  Those who follow him are harsh
 to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"
  Quran 48:29

2014.10.01 (Homs, Syria) - Eighteen people are obliterated when Sunnis set off two bombs near a Shiite school and hospital.
2014.10.01 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - Seven people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.30 (Kobane, Syria) - Three women are among four Kurds beheaded by the caliphate, which places the heads on display.
2014.09.29 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - A Shahid suicide bomber takes out seven civilians.
2014.09.28 (al-Baida, Yemen) - A Shiite family of six is exterminated by Ansar al-Sharia.
2014.09.28 (Hangu, Pakistan) - Islamic militants blow up eight innocents near a refugee camp.

* Sources for individual incidents can be provided upon request.


Articles & Commentary

6 Elements of 'Extremist' Islam Endorsed by 'Moderates  (PJ Media)
As far as core beliefs go, there really isn't much distinction among those who serve Allah.

Pain of Pakistan's Ahmadi Outcasts  (BBC)
Being a religious minority in Pakistan isn't all that it's cracked up to be. In this case, the Ahmadi actually consider themselves Muslims. Unfortunately, the Sunni do not.

'Cleaver of the Vertebrae'  (Daniel Greenfield)
Muhammad really liked his swords.

Theresa May: Nothing to Do with the Quran  (Spectator)
The competition for Dhimwit of the Month is heating up.

We Are at War with Islam  (Right Side)
Because Islam is at war with us.

Almaz's Story  (BBC)
The true story of an Ethiopian woman abused by her employers in Saudi Arabia, where many maids wind up killing themselves.

What the Arab World Produces  (Dennis Prager)
Islam's biggest product is wasted potential.

The Oklahoma Beheader's Mosque  (Breitbart)
After an initial effort at taqiyya, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City is exposed as not only the killer's house of worship, but an organization with ties to Hamas and CAIR.

Where Islam Treads, It Leaves a Desert  (INN)
Isn't it time to take notice of Islam's war on civilization?

Analyzing the Oklahoma Beheading Crime Scene  (FrontPage)
"According to the Crime Classification Manual (CCM) the murder of Colleen Hufford is a textbook case of Individual Extremist Religion Inspired Homicide."

Anjem Choudary, in His Own Words  (Gatestone)
Small wonder that 1 in 5 British terrorists are linked to this cleric.

Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is the Problem  (Gatestone)
"It is dangerous to deny a reality because it is discomforting."

Allah Made Me Do It  (Daniel Greenfield)
The stack of decapitated bodies seems to rise in proportion to the seriousness with which Muslims take their faith.

More 'Workplace Violence'?  (Robert Spencer)
There have certainly been other incidents of workplace violence in the U.S., but this one clearly qualifies as Islamic terror.

7 Other Lone Wolf Islamic Attacks inside the U.S.  (Breitbart)
This isn't the first time Americans have been beheaded by Islamists on their own soil.

Turkey: The Jihadist's Fifth Column in Europe  (FrontPage)
Erogan's sympathies clearly lie with the jihadists and the enemies of Western style democracy.

Obama's Peculiar Position on the Islamic State  (FrontPage)
A former Muslim asserts, "There is nothing that ISIS is doing that is un-Islamic."

al-Qaeda by Another Name?  (Andrew C. McCarthy)
Is the "Khorosan Group" a political invention?

ISIS and the Radicalization of Muslim Youth  (Answering Muslims)
(Video) The venerable David Wood demonstrates why Obama's platitudes have absolutely no effect on those who truly understand Islam.

The Lie that will Start a World War  (American Thinker)
The fraudulent Muslim claim on the Temple Mount will result in the shedding of much blood.

Mainstream Jurists in U.S. Support Stoning  (Andrew Bostom)
It isn't just the beheaders who pose a threat to Americans.

Don't Tell the Kid It has Nothing to Do with Islam  (Pickering Post)
What's scarier for Australia: the teen stabbing police officers or the religious leaders who say the victims shouldn't have shot back?

IS: Do We Believe Obama or Muhammad  (Political Islam)
(Video) The Islamic State is following the path laid out by their prophet.

Holy Land: The Perils Facing Christians  (Gatestone)
"Muslims burn our stores, steal our real estate. They build mosques beside our churches, and make sure that the calls for prayer disrupt our services. They attack our daughters."

Another Speech. . . Another Beheading  (Molschky)
Obama's speeches on ISIS sound wonderful, but actions speak louder than words.

'Not Islamic?'  (Dennis Prager)
"If the president feels he has to obfuscate for the sake of gaining Muslim allies, so be it. But the rest of us don't have to make believe what he said is true."

Saving All of Humanity? Not!  (Vlad Tepes)
The Muslim apologists love quoting verse 5:32. . . or at least part of it.

ISIS vs. the Quran  (FrontPage Magazine)
The Islamic State is following the Quran nearly to the letter.


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Previous Picture of the Week

Real World Germany: Sharia patrols are part of what happens
when practicing Muslims stop being polite and start being real.

If Muslim men like hijabs so much, maybe they should wear them.



The Religion of Peace is about helping children get ahead in life.


Most Popular Picture of the Week

In 2007 Islam and Judaism's holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.
Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94
terror attacks across 10
countries during this time... while Jews
worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.


Hate speech? Sounds like it to us, too... but, oddly enough, devout Muslims would have to disagree.

(Some people don't seem to understand the point that we're making here.  Try clicking on the link!)


Gay men being rounded up for "processing" in the Islamic world, where
homosexuals are
demonized, banned, beaten, probed, forced into marriage,
incarcerated, lashed, hanged, brutalized, stoned, tortured and shot


So, you think the Ku Klux Klan
and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...

Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source)

Muslim countries have lower rates of adultery.


Where Islam is "Misunderstood"

For some mysterious reason, the PERFECT religion of Islam
is routinely "misunderstood" each and every day. 
Since 9/11, terrorism in the name of Allah occurs in:

India and the Sudan and Algeria and New York and Pakistan and Israel and Russia and Chechnya and the Philippines and Indonesia and Nigeria and England and Thailand and Spain and Egypt and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Morocco and Yemen and Arkansas and France and Uzbekistan and Gaza and Tunisia and Kosovo and Bosnia and Mauritania and Kenya and Eritrea and Syria and Somalia and California and Kuwait and Virginia and Ethiopia and Georgia and Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Louisiana and Texas and Tanzania and Illinois and Pennsylvania and Belgium and Denmark and East Timor and Qatar and Maryland and Tajikistan and New Jersey and the Netherlands and Afghanistan and Chad and Canada and Washington State and China and Nepal and the Maldives and Argentina and Mali and Angola and the Ukraine and Uganda and North Carolina and Germany and Arizona and Lebanon and Iran and Kazakhstan and Sweden and Azerbaijan and Iraq and Scotland and Macedonia and Bulgaria and Cameroon and Massachusetts and Djibouti and...

...and pretty much wherever Islam is taken seriously

"O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who
are near to you, and let them find harshness in you,
and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty"
 Qur'an, Sura 9:123


Israel: Arabs May Have Cut Rope of Fallen Construction Worker...
Moroccan Soccer Fans Chant Pro-ISIS Slogans...
Boston Bomber's Sister I 'Know People' Who Can Plant a Bomb
Houston: Freedom of Speech Does Not Extend to Off-Duty City Employees...
Palestinian Mob Firebombs Jewish Daycare Center...
Disillusioned ISIS Fighter Blames Israel for 'Letting Him Go'...
ISIS Prepares to Invade Lebanon and 'Crucify Christians'...
Iraqi Tribe Holds Out for Weeks Against ISIS...
Priceless Artifacts Looted to Fund Terror...
Indian Judge: Sharia is 'Barbaric, Backward and Unjust'...
Palestinians Honor Child Killers
Bangladeshi Official: Haj a Waste of Money and Manpower...
US State Dept: Islamists Do NOT Want to Dominate the World...
Iran to Hang Rape Victim...
ISIS Reportedly Plans Consulate in Turkey...
Pictures Released of 'Smiling' Grandmother Beheaded in US...
Prayer Leaders Arrested for Marrying off Girls Ages 6 and 8
Belgium Produces More Terror-ists per Capita than Turkey...
Families Team Up to Kill Young Lovers...
Clerics Frown on Haj Selfies...
US Shop Owner Blasted for Not Selling Guns to Muslims...
Obama Skipped Half His Intel Briefings...
News Outlet: 2nd Beheading Threat a 'Bizarre Coincidence'
CAIR Compares U.S. Muslims to Blacks under Segregation...
Beheading of Tourist Dampens Algeria Tourism...
Iran Executes Man for 'Heresy'
Russian Man Freed from 18 Years of Slavery...
Facebook Post Behind Execution of Human Rights Worker...
3.3 Million Displaced by Boko Haram...
Iraqi Comedy Show Mocks IS...
14-Year-Old Makes Film Declaring Readiness to Behead Dutch Jews
Another Oklahoma Muslim Vows to Behead Co-Workers...
KFC Denies Handwipe for Fear of Offending Muslims...
NYU Professor Finds 400-Year-Old Proof of Moral Equivalency...
Girl Raped by Religious Healer is Dismissed as 'Stupid'...
Saudi Scholars Fume over Uncovered 11-Year-Old Girl...
'Asylum Seekers' Sub-Let Taxpayer Funded Flats...
Egypt's Jewish Population: 12...
Beheader's Imam Called for Jailing American Islam Critic...
Oklahoma Killer Shouted 'Islamic Slogans' During Rampage...
Qatari Donates $2 Million for ISIS Suicide Bomber Program...
Leftist Professor Defends Her Own Snubbing...
AUS: Arrested Terrorists Were Also Street Preachers...
Girl's Skull Smashed on Suspicion of Sex...
Iran's Leader Blames Problems on Giving Power to 'Drunken Blacks'
Sharia in Indonesia: Gays to Be Lashed and Caned...
Oklahoma Imam: Hurt Feelings Make Us Victims Too...
Caliph's Great-Grandson to Head UN Human Rights...
AUS Soldiers Fear Muslims Will Target Their Families Back Home
Brits Discover that Muslim Schools Teach 'Extremism'...
Fatwa Approves Adult Diapers at Haj...
Oklahoma Beheader: 'Sharia Law is Coming!'...
Beheader's Imam Claimed There is a Plot to Behead Muslims ...
Boko Haram Kills 13,000 Nigerians in 5 Years...
9-Year-Old Praises ISIS in Australian Mosque...
Couple Tortured and Stoned to Death for Adultery...
Oklahoma Beheader: 'Give Your Children the Knowledge of Islam'
Jordan Politician: 'There is No ISIS Ideology - It is Islam'...
EU: Major Terror Attack on Europe is Certain...
Caliphate Deploys Donkey Bombs
Arab Christians Chased from Muslim Areas of Denmark...
UK Fund Champagne, Vacation Lifestyle for 'Asylum Seekers'...
UK Teen Survives Random Stabbing Attack...
Khorasan 'Close to an Execution Date' for Hitting America...
Australian Muslims Complain of 'Islamophobia'...
Secular Journalists Targeted by Islamic Gangs (Maldives)...
Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma - Muslims Play Backlash Card...
Pastor among 20 Massacred by Boko Haram...
Dutch Girl Beaten by 'Men' (First Part of Video)...
(UK) Couple Thrown Off Bus for Singing Cartoon Pig Song...
Nine Japanese Join ISIS...
14-Year-Old Girl Shot 8 Times for Leaving House Unescorted...
Women and Children Beheaded by the Taliban...
First Female Pilot Disowned by Family for Bombing ISIS...
Connecticut Town to Pay $2 Million for New Mosque...
'Rely Upon Allah and Kill the Disbeliever in Any Manner'...
AUS Muslims Laud Would-Be Killer on FB, Slam Police...
Study: 'Settled' Offspring of Mus-lim Immigrants are Bigger Threat
US Muslim Immigrant Population Swells by 62% Since 9/11...
Wife's Throat Slit for Giving Birth to Daughter...
Al Sharpton Headlines Hamas-Front Fundraiser...
Dutch Soldiers Not Safe on Dutch Streets...
Female Rights Lawyer Tortured and Executed for 'Apostasy'...
Online Muslims Weary of Fake Apologies over Terror...
Iran to Execute Cleric Compared to Mandela...
Swiss Muslims Celebrate as Church Burns...
Man with Knife Threatens Muslim School in Australia...
Policeman Kills Christian Pastor in Jail (for 'Blasphemy')...
Imam Sentenced for Terrorism in Italy...
Over 1000 Yazidi Women Used as Sex Slaves by Caliphate...
Child and Mother Set Themselves on Fire after Rapists Walk...
Muslim Leader: If We Want Peace then Follow Jesus...
7th Century Church Destroyed...
Anjem Choudary Arrested in Terror Probe...
Obama Bans FBI from Using Religion to Assess Threats...
Fatwa Forbids Sex Toys...
Syrian 'Moderates' Denounce US Strike on ISIS...
UK Mother Marks Her Kids with 'Halal-Only' Stickers...
Obama: Islam Teaches Peace; No Distinction with America...
Women Dragged Out of Homes by the Hair...
AUS Muslim Teen: 'Slaughter the Christians!'...
Algerian Militants Behead French Tourist...
Obama Praises Cleric Who Endorsed Fatwa on US Troops...
Indonesia's Sharia Province to Cane Gays...
Palestinians Want Others to Pay $4 Billion for War They Started...
Arabs Return Runaway Yazidi Women and Children to ISIS...
ISIS Living High Life While Using Captured Women as Shields...
Islamic State Opens Cinema of Horror...
Woman Leaves Turkey for 'Family-Friendly' ISIS...
Message of Peace at Temple Mount Muffled by Arab Explosions
Qatar Arms Libyan Extremists
PETA Demonstrators Roughed Up by Muslim Mob...
Estimated 3000 Europeans Have Joined the Jihad...
Wife Divorced for Not Shutting Car Door...
Norway Faithful Planned Slaughter of Random Family...
Egypt Puts 8 on Trial for Appearing in Gay Wedding...
Denmark: Only 14% of Mosques Denounce Islamic State...
PA Newspaper Lauds Israeli Employers...
Rape Victim: 'You're Ruining Our Religion'...
Australian Islamist Goes on Stabbing Spree...
Minnesota Muslims Make Halal Demands of Local Food Bank...
Islam Transforms Womanizer into Aspiring Beheader...
Toronto 'Hate-Fest' 75 Times Bigger Than Tolerance Rally...
Islamic State Vows to Break Crosses and Enslave Women...
Caliphate Reverses Smoking Ban to Win Back Popularity...
Liberal Australian Joins Call to Ban the Burqa...
Devout Youth in India 'Motivated' by Video of ISIS Killings...
IS in Algeria: We Will Slit the Throat of French Tourist...
300 Iraqis Reportedly Killed by Chlorine Gas Attack...
(Rome) Immigrants Attack Buses Driven by Women...
Islamists Flee Female Fighters for Fear of Losing 72 Virgins...
IS 'Populate' the Caliphate by Raping Thousands...
8-Year-Old Australian Girl Issues Call to Jihad...
Sanitized Version of Quran to Be Created for 'All Austrians'...
IS Urges Attacks on Unbelievers in Canada, Australia...
Feds: Denver Teen Intended to Wage 'Sex Jihad'...
Religious Police Probe Anatomically-Correct Doll...
AUS Muslims Whine in Wake of Beheading Plot...
ISIS Calls Obama 'Mule of the Jews'...
UK Taxpayer Funds Go to Extremist 'Charities'...
Mufti Promises '144 Virgins' to Those Killed Fighting U.S...
UK Cleric: 'No Sympathy' for Aid Worker Held by ISIS...
Muslim Uprising at AUS Prison...
Turkey's Ad Campaign Slams Single Adults...
Palestinian Mother 'Joyful' over Teen's Death...
Dalai Lama Explains 'True' Meaning of Jihad to Muslims...
66,000 Flee Islamic State for Turkey in 24 Hours...
Girl Blinded with Acid for Turning Down Proposal...
Iran Hardliners Form 'Chastity Patrols'...
IS Video Shows Syrians Digging Their Own Graves in Preparation for 'Allah's Work'...
Montana Mayor Exposes CAIR PR Campaign...
Muslims Debate Who It's OK to Slaughter...
Boko Haram Machine-Gun Dozens at Outdoor Market...
Indonesian Province Proposes 100 Lashes for Gays...
Islamic State Destroys Ancient Sites and Antiquities...
Liberal 'Open' Mosque Gets Death Threats...
Brit Knocked Out at Kebab Shop for Cursing Allah...
ISIS Merchandise Sold on Amazon and Facebook...
AUS Beheading Plot: 300 AUS Muslims Rally Against Police...
Australian Muslims Outraged - at Airport Security Delay...
Eight Gamblers Brutally Caned in 'Moderate' Indonesia...
'Too Liberal' Professor Shot to Death...
Islamic State Bans Christians from Schools...
Weapon-Shaped Pens Popular Among Pak. Children...
UK: Teens Raped Women with Learning Disabilities...
IS Warns Parents to Protect Children from Gay 'Animals'...
Canada to Deliver 'Adulteress' to Pakistan for Likely Stoning...
Women's Rights Activists Slam UK Plan for Sharia Wills...
British Banker Leaves it All for 'Allah's Law' and ISIS...
(Blog) Kerry Calls ISIS an 'Enemy of Islam'...
UN: ISIS Deliberately Exposes Children to Violence...
Seminar on Homosexuality Cancelled on Islamist Threats...
Iranian Olympics Official Evicted for Sexual Harassment...
Irony in Iran: 'Happy' Video Makers to Be Lashed...
Saudi Woman Fined for Driving Self to Hospital...




List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2014.10.01 Syria Homs 18 40 Eighteen people are obliterated when Sunnis set off two bombs near a Shiite school and hospital.
2014.10.01 Afghanistan Kabul 7 21 Seven people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.30 Syria Kobane 4 0 Three women are among four Kurds beheaded by the caliphate, which places the heads on display.
2014.09.29 Afghanistan Kabul 7 13 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out seven civilians.
2014.09.28 Yemen al-Baida 6 0 A Shiite family of six is exterminated by Ansar al-Sharia.
2014.09.28 Pakistan Hangu 8 14 Islamic militants blow up eight innocents near a refugee camp.
2014.09.28 Yemen Marib 15 2500 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber slaughters fifteen Shiites outside a hospital.
2014.09.26 Somalia Barawe 1 0 A woman who 'married several husbands' is buried up to her neck and stoned to death.
2014.09.26 Afghanistan Ghazni 100 0 Over one-hundred people are reported killed by an Islamic fundamentalist assault on their villages.
2014.09.26 Iraq Kobani 50 50 At least fifty people are reported dead during a massive ISIS assault on a Kurdish town.
2014.09.25 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 1 A policeman shoots a Christian pastor to death who was in jail for a false charge of blasphemy.
2014.09.25 Pakistan Karachi 2 7 Jundollah terrorists kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2014.09.25 Afghanistan Maimana 1 18 A bicycle bomb at a bazaar leaves one patron dead.
2014.09.25 USA Moore, OK 1 1 A Sharia advocate beheads a woman while shouting Islamic slogans.
2014.09.25 Afghanistan Ghazni 15 0 Women and children are among fifteen locals are beheaded by the Taliban.
2014.09.25 Iraq Kobani 40 0 At least forty people are killed by an IS suicide bomber in a truck disguised as an aid vehicle.
2014.09.24 Australia Melbourne 0 2 An ISIS fan stabs two police officers.
2014.09.24 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 47-year-old woman is shot to death by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2014.09.24 Iraq Babilan 19 39 Nineteen people are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.24 Nigeria Shaffa 20 0 A pastor is among twenty villagers massacred by Boko Haram, which also burned ten churches.
2014.09.24 Mali Zouera 1 0 al-Qaeda linked militants cut off a man's head and sit it on a market stall.
2014.09.24 Iraq Tikrit 12 8 A dozen Iraqis are crushed by ISIS shelling.
2014.09.24 Algeria Djurdjura 1 0 Fundamentalists behead a captured French tourist.
2014.09.24 Iraq Baiji 9 0 At least nine others are killed during a suicide attack on a refinery.
2014.09.23 Pakistan Peshawar 3 9 Three people are laid out when Islamists bomb a railway station.
2014.09.23 Nigeria Nasarawa 10 0 Ten people are riddled with bullets in their own homes by Fulani terrorists.
2014.09.23 Iraq Duluiya 3 0 Two women and a child are taken out by Mujahideen bombers.
2014.09.23 Iraq Sadr City 18 41 Sunnis slaughter eighteen Shiites with a car bomb.
2014.09.23 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A 56-year-old Australian is kidnapped, tortured and killed by Sunni fundamentalsts.
2014.09.23 Pakistan Peshawar 5 29 A child is among five people disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide blast.
2014.09.23 Pakistan Mirpurkhas 1 0 An Ahmadi doctor is brutally murdered in his clinic by Sunni extremists.
2014.09.22 Iraq Saqlawiya 300 102 Three hundred Iraqi soldiers are reported dead following a chlorine gas attack by the Islamic State.
2014.09.22 Pakistan Hangu 4 0 Islamic militants open fire from a passing car, killing four people including a child.
2014.09.22 Iraq Diyala 4 0 Four Kurds are discovered and quickly executed by the caliphate.
2014.09.22 Iraq Baghdad 12 25 A vicious bomb attack by Sunnis claims the lives of a dozen innocents.
2014.09.21 China Xinjiang 10 54 Ten people lose their lives to a series of Muslim bombings.
2014.09.21 Libya Derna 12 4 Militant Islamists kill a dozen people.
2014.09.21 Cameroon Tourou 19 0 Boko Haram machine-gun nineteen civilians at a market.
2014.09.21 Iraq Tigris 7 3 Seven civilians lose their lives to ISIS militants.
2014.09.21 Iraq Tikrit 7 43 A targeted rocket attack on dozens of houses leaves at least five women and two children dead.
2014.09.21 Iraq Baghdad 6 17 A 12-year-old boy is among a half-dozen victims who bleed to death following a Mujahid mortar attack.
2014.09.21 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Jihadis set off a bomb along a commerical street, laying out four patrons.
2014.09.21 Iraq Baghdad 3 7 Three Shiites are taken out by Sunni bombers.
2014.09.21 Pakistan Punjab 2 1 The caretaker of a mosque is among two people gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2014.09.21 Egypt Cairo 3 6 Fundamentalist bombers transform three police officers into a puddle of blood.
2014.09.21 Iraq Sijir 89 43 A series of suicide bombings leave eighty local soldiers dead.
2014.09.21 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.20 Somalia Mogadishu 2 1 Two people are murdered by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2014.09.20 Libya Benghazi 8 0 Eight people are assassinated by Ansar al-Sharia in a series of attacks.
2014.09.20 Lebanon Khraybeh 3 3 A suicide bomber kills at least three people.
2014.09.20 Lebanon Arsal 1 0 A Lebanese hostage is executed in captivity by the Nusra Front.
2014.09.20 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A kidnap victim is beheaded by Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.
2014.09.19 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite banker is shot to death in front of his children by Sunni radicals.
2014.09.19 Libya Benghazi 2 0 A blogger and his friend are shot to death by fundamentalists.
2014.09.19 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on a 58-year-old man.
2014.09.19 Nigeria Mainok 36 16 Thirty-six bodies are counted after Islamists pour heavy weapons fire into a market.
2014.09.19 Cameroon Ganse 4 0 Four civilians are riddled with bullets by Boko Haram.
2014.09.19 Iraq Tikrit 12 7 Women and children are among a dozen killed when suspected Islamic State militants mortar a residential neighborhood.
2014.09.19 Iraq Karradah 9 18 Sunnis set off a bomb outside a Shiite mosque, laying out nine of their sectarian rivals.
2014.09.19 Iraq Kirkuk 10 14 Mujahideen bombers murder ten people outside a shop.
2014.09.19 Iraq Baghdad 9 23 Sunni bombs at two Shiite markets produce nine dead Iraqis.
2014.09.19 Iraq Mahmoudiyah 3 10 Terrorists kill three people with a car bomb at a parking lot.
2014.09.19 Yemen Sanaa 50 0 Another fifty people are reported dead in attacks by Shiite radicals on the capital city.
2014.09.19 Pakistan Gadap 1 2 A Sunni activist is gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2014.09.19 Lebanon Arsal 3 0 IS militants fire an RPG across the border and kill three Lebanese guards.
2014.09.19 Afghanistan Baghlan 6 12 Six people outside a mosque are sent straight to Allah by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.09.19 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two religious workers are shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2014.09.18 Mali Kidal 5 3 Five peacekeepers are disassembled by fundamentalist bombers.
2014.09.18 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A university professor is shot to death after being charged with blasphemy for his liberal views on women.
2014.09.18 Iraq Baghdad 23 50 A suicide bombing is one of three blasts in Shiite districts that lay out two dozen innocents.
2014.09.17 Iraq Tikrit 7 0 Seven local cops are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Ungwar Ganye 2 15 A pastor and one other person are murdered by angry Muslims.
2014.09.17 Libya Benghazi 9 30 Nine others are killed when Ansar al-Sharia attack an airport.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Kano 17 34 Two suicide bombers slaughter seventeen innocents at a teacher-training college.
2014.09.17 Iraq Ramadi 7 5 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates on a bridge, sending seven bystanders on to Allah.
2014.09.17 Pakistan Sarki 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Lashker-e-Islam.
2014.09.17 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 16 Eight Iraqis are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.17 Iraq Baghdad 5 20 Five civilians are taken out in a series of Jihadi bombings.
2014.09.17 Nigeria Fadan-Karshi 12 4 A dozen villagers are burned to death by Muslim terrorists, including the wife of a pastor.
2014.09.16 Iraq Duluiya 7 0 Seven woman and children are exterminated by an ISIS rocket.
2014.09.16 Iraq Fallujah 7 27 Two children are among seven killed in two separate attacks by Mujahid terrorists.
2014.09.16 Nigeria Fadan Karshi Daji 33 4 Funlani terrorists massacre nearly three dozen villagers.
2014.09.16 Afghanistan Herat 6 6 The Taliban shoot six local cops to death.
2014.09.16 Turkey Bab al-Salam 7 24 Terrorists set off a car bomb at a border crossing.
2014.09.16 Egypt Rafah 6 2 Six local cops bleed to death following a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2014.09.16 Afghanistan Kabul 7 20 A suicide bomber kills seven people.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 0 Two brothers and their father are murdered in their home by Sharia advocates.
2014.09.15 Afghanistan Baghlan 1 7 A Taliban bomb planted along a city square leaves one dead.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Pishan 1 0 One person is killed when fundamentalists open fire on an anti-polio team.
2014.09.15 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian who refused to convert to Islam is beaten by the Islamic State and then executed.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Swat 3 0 Three villagers are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
2014.09.15 Yemen Jawf 25 0 A clash between Sunni and Shia leaves over two dozen dead.
2014.09.15 India Poonch 1 5 One person is killed by Muslim bombers.
2014.09.15 Afghanistan Shahid Hasas 1 0 A cleric is beheaded by fundamentalist rivals.
2014.09.15 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three young people are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.15 Iraq Baghdad 3 15 Three residents are obliterated by a Mujahid car bomb.
2014.09.15 Pakistan Tal 1 2 One other person is brought down by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.14 Nigeria Bokkos 5 0 Two children and two women are among five Christians shot to death by Fulani shouting praises to Allah.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni leader is shot to death by Shiite radicals while sitting outside his store.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite cleric is shot to death by Sunni radicals while watering his lawn.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Spinwam 3 0 Three border guards at a remote post are pasted by a Religion of Peace RPG attack.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Bara 2 0 A married couple are killed just outside their home by Taliban fundamentalists.
2014.09.14 Iraq Zab 1 0 An engineer is publicly executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.14 Pakistan Nasir Bagh 1 0 A prayer leader is shot to death for leading police in worship.
2014.09.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim 'separatists' kill a 50-year-old man and injure his wife on their way back from market.
2014.09.14 Mali Aguelhoc 1 3 A peacekeeper is murdered by Jihadists.
2014.09.14 Iraq al-Jumasah 8 0 Eight Iraqis are rounded-up and executed by the Islamic State for 'plotting against Allah'.
2014.09.14 Nigeria Tunari 20 40 Fulani mercenaries attack a Christian village en masse and slaughter over twenty residents, mostly women and children.
2014.09.14 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Rivals storm the home of a religious figure and murder five members of his family.
2014.09.13 Nigeria Ngom 25 16 Twenty-five people are machine-gunned at a market by Boko Haram.
2014.09.13 Syria Aleppo 1 0 A British aid worker is beheaded by the Islamic State after being forced to read a statement blaming his own country.
2014.09.13 Iraq Ghadeer 3 1 Three members of a Christian family are taken out by Sunni bombers.
2014.09.12 Afghanistan Badakhshan 6 3 A half dozen Afghan soldiers are disintegrated by a Taliban bomb blast.
2014.09.12 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A mosque preacher is gunned down by suspected rivals.
2014.09.12 Iraq Rashid 4 0 Four brothers are beheaded by the Islamic State for crimes against religion.
2014.09.11 Pakistan Orangi 2 0 Two Shiites are brought down by Sunni gunmen. One was a doctor in his clinic.
2014.09.11 Pakistan Tank 1 0 Religious extremists murder a peace committee member outside his home.
2014.09.11 Iraq Baghdad 13 41 Two vicious bomb attacks leave thirteen dead.
2014.09.11 Iraq Najaf 5 12 Jihadi bombers strike a restaurant, taking out five patrons in mid-bite.
2014.09.11 Iraq Diwaniyah 6 16 A half-dozen people in a commercial district are laid out by a Mujahideen car bomb.
2014.09.11 Thailand Pattani 4 5 Muslim terrorists spray a government building with gunfire, then throw a bomb inside.
2014.09.11 Iraq Karbalah 3 12 Sunnis blow up a bus stop in a Shia area, killing three commuters.
2014.09.11 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Militant Muslims beat a truck driver to death.
2014.09.11 Philippines North Cotabato 2 0 At least two people are riddled with bullets by Bangsamoro Islamic gunmen.
2014.09.11 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven men are beheaded for speaking out against the Islamic State.
2014.09.10 Iraq Zumar 35 0 Yazidi women and children are comprise most of the thirty-five ISIS victims found in a mass grave.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A prominent Sunni scholar is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.09.10 Egypt Ansar beit al Maqdis 1 0 A person is kidnapped and beheaded by Ansar beit al Maqdis.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Damadola 1 0 A guard for a polio team is murdered by fundamentalists.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 14 35 Mujahid bomber blow up a pet market, killing over a dozen people and several animals.
2014.09.10 Iraq Mosul 31 0 Thirty-one police officers are executed for refusing to cooperate with the Islamic State.
2014.09.10 Iraq Barzak 14 0 Fourteen dead Yazidis are found executed by caliphate terrorists. The victims include children.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite activist is gunned down by Sunni radicals.
2014.09.10 Pakistan Sharifabad 1 0 A Shiite businessman is shot to death at his shop by sectarian Jihadis.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 5 9 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out five Iraqis.
2014.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Six people are obliterated by a Fedayeen suicide blast.
2014.09.09 Yemen Qattan 4 6 Four people are laid out by a Religion of Peace suicide bomber.
2014.09.09 Nigeria Baza 24 14 Two dozen Nigerians die during an attack by Boko Haram.
2014.09.09 Syria Damascus 5 22 Sunni militants send mortars into a Shia suburb, killing five people.
2014.09.09 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Sectarian Jihadis shoot a blind man and his nephew to death.
2014.09.09 Iraq Amerli 6 0 Several Sunnis are beheaded by Shia militia.
2014.09.09 Libya Benghazi 5 7 Five local soldiers are murdered by Majlis al-Shoura.
2014.09.09 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five women are kidnapped and beheaded by the caliphate for 'acting against the religion of Islam' by telling fortunes.
2014.09.09 CAR Ngakobo 13 0 A priest and three members of his congregation are among thirteen massacred by Muslim 'rebels'.
2014.09.09 Syria Ram Hamdan 45 5 Islamic State suicide bombers blow up a house hosting a meeting of rivals, killing up to forty-five participants.
2014.09.08 Somalia Mogadishu 12 27 A dozen people are blown to bits by a Shahid car bomber.
2014.09.08 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 6 Three people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.09.08 Iraq Dhuluieh 17 71 Islamic State members pump machine-gun fire and a bomb into a market, killing at least seventeen.
2014.09.07 Syria Aleppo 5 30 Five civilians are killed when Islamic State rebels send mortar shells into their neighborhood.
2014.09.07 Nigeria Michika 60 0 'Scores' of young people are rounded up and then forced on to the ground to have their throats slit by Islamists. Elderly people are also shot at close range.
2014.09.07 Iraq Miqdadiya 2 2 Two children are extreminated by a Mujahideen mortar round.
2014.09.07 Iraq Mosul 40 0 Children and a female politician are among forty people reportedly executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.07 Yemen al-Baida 2 0 Two traffic cops are sprayed with bullets by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.07 Syria Aleppo 3 9 ISIS gunmen fire point-blank into a bus, killing three passengers.
2014.09.07 Pakistan Sargodha 3 7 Three people lose their lives when Religion of Peace rivals fire into a Sufi shrine.
2014.09.07 Nigeria Mbar 4 0 Four members of a church are murdered in two attacks by Muslim extremists.
2014.09.06 Lebanon Arsal 1 0 Another captive is beheaded by caliphate terrorists.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A Sikh is shot to death is shot to death outside his grocery store.
2014.09.06 Yemen Jawf 20 22 Twenty others are reported killed during a sustained assault by Shiite militia.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 The Taliban attack a naval dockyard, killing a sailor.
2014.09.06 Libya Warshefana 12 10 A dozen people are killed when an Islamist alliance sends shells into a residential neighborhood.
2014.09.06 Pakistan Azizabad 2 0 A prominent Shia and his bodyguard are murdered by Sunni extremists.
2014.09.06 Nigeria Gulak 100 0 More than a hundred innocents are thought to have been slaughtered during a two day binge by Boko Haram near a Bible college.
2014.09.05 Nigeria Borno 2 0 Two family members are murdered when they refuse to turn their 13-year-old over to Boko Haram.
2014.09.05 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 0 A female polio worker is shot to death in her home.
2014.09.05 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two members of the Shia community are gunned down by sectarian Jihadis in separate attacks.
2014.09.05 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Three women are among six executed by the Islamic State, which include several doctors.
2014.09.05 Iraq Ameriya 3 9 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out three people.
2014.09.05 Syria Ashara 1 0 A youth is executed and crucified to punish other residents calling for an end to the caliphate.
2014.09.04 Nigeria Kawuri 30 0 Pro-Sharia extremists massacre over thirty villagers.
2014.09.04 Iraq Karrada 6 17 A half-dozen innocents are slain when fundamentalists set off a bomb near alcohol shops.
2014.09.04 Afghanistan Ghazni 18 154 Fundamentalists set off a massive truck bomb outside a government office, killing eighteen.
2014.09.04 Iraq Baghdad 11 32 Sunnis detonate a car bomb amidst a row of shops and restaurants in a Shiite district, killing eleven.
2014.09.04 Iraq Mosul 14 0 Fourteen young people are abducted and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.09.04 Iraq Tikrit 7 17 A suicide car bomber lays out seven Iraqis.
2014.09.04 Iraq Sulaiman Bek 35 0 The bodies of thirty-five truck drivers, kidnapped months earlier by Sunni militants are discovered in a mass grave.
2014.09.03 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A 32-year-old policeman is brutally shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
2014.09.03 Pakistan Mardan 1 0 A Sikh is stabbed to death in a suspected sectarian attack.
2014.09.03 Afghanistan Kunar 7 0 Seven local soldiers are ambushed and killed by religious radicals.
2014.09.03 Iraq Ramadi 16 0 Sixteen people near a university are kidnapped by the Islamic State and executed.
2014.09.03 Iraq Fallujah 5 13 Mujahideen kill five civilians with a rocket barrage.
2014.09.02 Egypt al-Wefaq 11 2 Eleven police officers are blown to bits by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2014.09.02 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 40-year-old Shiite is assassinated in his store by Sunni gunmen.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Eggon 55 100 Muslim 'mercenaries' attack three villages and murder over fifty residents as they also torch a brewery.
2014.09.02 Syria Taftanaz 1 0 A second American journalist is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2014.09.02 Libya Banghazi 20 36 At least twenty others are killed by Ansar al-Sharia.
2014.09.02 Daghestan Makhachkala 5 0 Muslim militants shoot five people to death and stuff them in a car.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Bama 120 35 Over one-hundred more victims are reported killed during a second Boko Haram attempt to overrun a town.
2014.09.02 Iraq Fallujah 3 17 The caliphate sends artillary shells into a neighborhood, killing three residents.
2014.09.02 Nigeria Bama 2 0 A targeted Islamist attack on a family home leaves two members dead.
2014.09.02 Pakistan Waziristan 1 0 An off-duty soldier is murdered by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.02 CAR Nana Bakassa 5 5 Muslim rebels shoot five villagers to death.
2014.09.01 Sudan Kalma 2 4 Two women are killed and four children injured during an armed attack on a refugee camp by the Islamic Republic.
2014.09.01 Nigeria Bama 59 0 Nearly sixty are reported dead following a Boko Haram attack on a large town.
2014.09.01 Yemen Shibam 3 0 Three men are tortured and killed by al-Qaeda.
2014.09.01 Iraq Hawija 6 0 Six Iraqi policemen are executed in cold blood by caliphate terrorists.
2014.09.01 Iraq Bayaa 13 45 A pair of Jihad car bombs produce thirteen dead Iraqis.
2014.09.01 Iraq Bartala 1 0 A Christian is tortured and killed by the Islamic State after refusing to convert to Islam.
2014.09.01 Nigeria Madagali 350 0 Over three hundred Christians are reported killed when Boko Haram invade a series of villages.
2014.09.01 Egypt Sinai 4 0 Ansar beit al Maqdis behead four more captives.
2014.09.01 Syria Aleppo 31 0 A university professor is among thirty-one people executed over a 10-day stretch by IS Jihadists.

* Honor killings appear on the list, but are not included in the counter

There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn't
because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but
because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.
Daniel Greenfield

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If we are "at war" with Islam it is not because there is something
 wrong with us, but because there is something wrong with Islam.

"I am one of the servants of Allah.  We do our duty of fighting for the
sake of the religion of Allah.  It is also our duty to send a call to
all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to
embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam. 
Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion." 
Osama bin Laden (1957 - 2011)

If we should respect the Quran because not doing so causes Muslims to
get angry and kill, then here are the other things we should stop doing:

Educating  women.  Selling alcohol.  Pre-marital sexSharing a
non-Muslim religious faith. 
Democracy.  Disaster reliefSporting events
Free speech. Allowing women to dress as they please.  Being gay
Hindu.  Being Christian.  Being Jewish.  Being Buddhist
Sikh.  Being Ahmadi.  Being Sufi.  Going to the wrong mosque...


  Hamas Wants Your Money!   

This is Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Hamas terror group, which the Palestinians have chosen to run their government.  He wants your money...  unconditionally.

These are his people, the Hamas terrorists who have slaughtered hundreds of innocent people in shopping malls, cafes and even on buses.  (They're holding Qurans).

This is an example of who they murder: Mazal Marciano a talented and devoted mother of two small children.  She made easy pickings for Haniyeh and his henchmen.

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