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Jihad Report
Apr 15, 2017 -
Apr 21, 2017

Attacks 37
Killed 405
Injured 204
Suicide Blasts 4
Countries 15

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
March, 2017

Attacks 154
Killed 1106
Injured 1325
Suicide Blasts 29
Countries 23
List of Attacks

It's far easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different.


The Quran

List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

"I’d rather die standing up
than live on my knees."
Stephane Charbonnier


Why don't you allow comments on your site? 

The free exchange of ideas is a wonderful thing.  The only reason that TROP doesn't have a place for readers to post feedback and opinion is the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

We don't want CAIR doing to us what they keep doing to Robert Spencer of JihadWatch by pretending that a bigoted comment by a third party reflects the opinion of a host who has consistently said otherwise.

When CAIR apologizes to Spencer for their sleazy and underhanded game, then we'll know that it's safe to allow others to voice their personal opinions here.

What opinions should I form about my Muslim neighbor,  co-worker or friend from your site?

Absolutely none. 

A person should be judged only by their own words and deeds.  Many Muslims are wonderful people.  Every person is an individual and no one should be thought of differently merely because of their religious affiliation.  (See About Muslims)

There seems to be more (or less) items on your list than the attack counter indicates.  Why the discrepancy?

The counter may not agree with the actual number of items since some categories, such as honor killings and incidents where no loss of life occurred are not counted.  Another factor is that multiple attacks are sometimes grouped under the same item.

How do you define a 'deadly' attack?

Technically, the term can mean any action intended to cause death, but an attack is rarely included on the list unless death actually results.  As with honor killings, they are not represented in the overall count.

Why did you create this site?

The editor was inspired by the on-going rate of violence in the Islamic world and the relative indifference of Muslim groups like CAIR.  The apathy sustains the violence. 

The suffering and terror in the name of Allah has no real effect on many religious Muslims, who dismiss it with semantics.  There is little genuine remorse and even less resolve to end the violence.  Instead, we have excuses, whining, and a general shunning of responsibility from Muslims.

After several years of observation, it became apparent that the narcissism and lack of self-reflection is a product of the religion itself.  This prompted the site's focus to shift.  TROP hopes that readers discover what makes Islam so very different.

Why do you insist on calling them Muslim terrorists?

Because each act is committed by Muslims for the cause of Islam (as perceived by the attacker).  These are not nominal members of the faith killing for non-religious reasons.  These are people who believe in Islamic supremacy and that killing advances the cause of their religion - as the Quran instructs (9:73).

Islamic terrorists generally fight to establish an Islamic state.  Anyone who opposes this goal is either an infidel or a "hypocrite".

Aren't you really just listing any murder that occurs in the Muslim world? 

Not at all.  An act of terror is not recorded on the list unless it could reasonably be assumed that the motivation is religious to some extent.

For example, TROP does not include acts of terror perpetrated by the Marxist PFLP or the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party).  They may be Muslim, but members do not claim religion as a motivating factor.

Another example is the horrific massacre of 57 people in the Philippines in November of 2009.  Technically, a Muslim clan was responsible, but the carnage resulted from a feud that had nothing to do with religion.

Is this a racist site?

A racist is a person who distinguishes groups based on genetic traits and then makes qualitative comparisons between these groups.  Racism is irrational because every person is an individual, not a group, and there is not a single characteristic that can be predicted about any individual based on their race.

Although Arab-centric in practice, Islamic teachings have nothing to do with either genetics or race.  Only an ignorant person would think otherwise.  In fact, there is no genetic distinction between Hindus and Muslims from Pakistan (which makes Islam's culpable role in social dysfunction all the more apparent).

(For the record, TROP's editor is a strong anti-racialist.)

See also: TROP on Race and Racism

OK, then isn't this just an anti-Muslim site?

Given that there would be far more Muslims alive if Muslims took our advice and brought an end to Islamic terror... no, this site is not anti-Muslim

'Anti-Muslim' is a term implying hostility toward Muslims as a people.  It is a rhetorical strategy employed by those who are unable to challenge the factual substance of their opponent's argument. 

Intelligent critics of Islamic supremacism challenge Islam as an ideology, not Muslims as people.

What about other religions?

What about them? 

Is there video of Christians chanting from the Bible before cutting someone's head off?  Are there global networks of anti-socials vocally praising Jesus, Moses, or Buddha as they commit horrible atrocities with the approval of about 1 out of 3 'peaceful' co-religionists?  Do other religions have some sort of "sex-for-murder" clause that promises 72 virgins to entice disciples into killing themselves while killing others?

When you hear a news story about religious fundamentalists blowing up innocent people in the name of God, how often does it not involve Islam? This is a very different sort of religion - one that not only inspires violence, but the apathy that sustains it.

Beginning with Muhammad, Muslims have killed a great many people over the years to explicitly distinguish their religion from others.  It is not fair to the victims that their own religion be demeaned merely because some skeptics see value in trying to pretend that all religion is equally bad or good. Islam is the only religion accountable for the crimes of Islam.

Do you hate Muslims?

A common strategy to protect Islam from inquiry involves blurring the distinction between the ideology and the individual so that critique can be made to appear as bigotry to weaker minds. In the real world, thousands of people lose their lives each year and tens of thousands more suffer various and egregious physical injuries because the Quran teaches the supremacy of Muslims and sanctions violence for the cause of Allah. Exposing this truth and documenting its terrible effects has nothing to do with "hate". 

Contrary to misconception, more of the Quran is devoted to the inferior status of non-believers than to how the religion of Islam should be practiced.  In fact, three out of every five verses are devoted to non-Muslims and almost none of these are flattering.  Anyone concerned about true hate speech should take a hard look at what the Quran really says about those outside the faith.

TROP is very explicit about it being wrong to stereotype or pre-judge Muslim individuals, much less to harass or harm them.  But the editor does not believe that the notoriously delicate sensibilities of peevish members of Islam take precedence over the victims of the awful violence committed in Allah's name each and every day.

See also: How we feel about Muslims

Why Don't You List Terror Attacks in Israel?


TROP tries to list every fatal Muslim terror attack that occurs in Israel, just as with any other country.  Perhaps the reason for this question is that readers expect to see every terror attack from Israel listed, regardless of whether the victims died.  With rare exceptions, TROP's policy across the board is to only list attacks in which death occurred.

Do you accept articles for posting?

TROP does not post submissions.  We do link to articles posted on other sites, but TROP's resources are limited and we don't have the time or space to reformat and edit submitted writing. 

What are the MLA citations for the Quran, Hadith and Sira used on this cite

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How often do you update the site?

The list of terror attacks and the counter are updated each day.  Sometimes there will be a noticeable delay between an incident's occurrence and our posting.  The reason for this may be that the editor is waiting for details or confirmation.  News and articles are usually added at random intervals during the day. 

Why don't you do summary reports or post the totals of the killed and injured?

This is a question that gets asked quite a bit.   The purpose of the site isn't to provide casualty figures, since only a fraction of the actual toll is caught, but rather to impress Muslims and non-Muslims alike with the extent of the violence - despite the billions of dollars spent worldwide to prevent it.

TROP only lists discrete events that are confirmed to have taken place at a specific place and date. The vast majority of violence coming out of the Islamic world occurs in the shadows, in areas where murder and massacre are unhindered by a free press or international monitoring.

The slaughter in Sudan is a prime example.  Certainly the world knows that hundreds of thousands have been killed by Arab militias and their sponsor, the Islamic government, based on refugee reports, but the latter does not permit human rights monitors to observe the carnage.  Hence the difficulty in compiling the sort of data that TROP requires for listing incidents.

Why don't you provide links to the incidents?

Quite frankly, it would be a nightmare to keep up with.  Links change or disappear over time, particularly when the information is on the front page of a news web site.  Past experiments have shown that broken links and incomplete articles do more harm than good.

The data that TROP uses to compile the list is public information.  There is no rumor or word of mouth involved.  All incidents include a date, location and description.  Each one can be verified by any earnest inquirer.  The site has been up since 2002, and we have never been challenged over the occurrence of any attack on our list.

Contrast this to CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) which routinely releases annual "reports" claiming that a specific number of hate crimes were perpetrated against American Muslims.  Their summary figures are usually repeated verbatim by news outlets, which merely refer to CAIR as the source.

However, CAIR does NOT provide the least bit of detail for the vast majority of attacks!  They do not make their database available for public scrutiny as we do.  In fact, they now admit that their "data" is comprised largely of incidents that are merely "reported" to their hotline service.

Do you accept donations?


For four years TROP refused donations, but this changed in 2006.  The main reason is that the resources required to maintain the site increased quite a bit as operations expanded.  The other is that readers wanted to contribute... and be a part of the defense against creeping Islamization.

Donating to the site is much appreciated, but not required.  You can read more here.

Who are you?

Someone who supports the freedom of the individual to determine their own meaning in life. 

(TROP has no association with any other group, religious, political or otherwise).

What religion are you?


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