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Jihad Report
Jan 16, 2021 -
Jan 22, 2021

Attacks 27
Killed 165
Injured 287
Suicide Blasts 1
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
December, 2020

Attacks 179
Killed 573
Injured 531
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 25
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 120 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 657 people were killed and 493 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2021.01.24 Syria Shola 3 10 Terrorists attack a bus carrying government personnel, killing three.
2021.01.24 Afghanistan Kabul 1 2 Islamic bombers blow up a vehicle carrying bank staff, killing one.
2021.01.24 Mali Boulkessy 4 18 Four local soldiers are killed by local Jihadists.
2021.01.24 Mali Mondoro 2 0 Two more locals are killed by Jihadists in a simultaneous attack.
2021.01.24 Somalia Hiran 1 0 A Djibouti peacekeeper is killed during an al-Shabaab raid.
2021.01.23 Iraq Tikrit 11 10 Eleven Shiites are ambushed and killed by ISIS.
2021.01.23 Syria Tal Rafat 3 7 Muslim terrorists send mortar rounds into a town, killing three residents.
2021.01.23 Somalia Mogadishu 5 4 Islamists plant a bomb that claim the lives of five passersby.
2021.01.22 Nigeria Tunkushe 1 0 Boko Haram storm a police checkpoint and make quick work of the lone officer.
2021.01.21 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 3 Fundamentalists kill a bulldozer operator.
2021.01.21 Mali Koro 3 5 A brutal roadside attack by Islamic extremists leaves three dead.
2021.01.21 Afghanistan Khashrod 3 3 Three local cops are gunned down in barbaric fashion by the Taliban.
2021.01.21 Afghanistan Gezab 1 1 A child is killed, and another wounded, by a well-placed Taliban mortar round.
2021.01.21 Afghanistan Baghlan 3 0 Taliban militants murder three local cops in cold blood.
2021.01.21 Iraq Baghdad 32 110 Twin suicide bombers slaughter thirty-two at a packed market.
2021.01.20 Afghanistan Khogyani 3 7 Two women are among three innocents killed by Jihadi bombers.
2021.01.20 Afghanistan Herat 3 4 Fundamentalists ambush and kill three local soldiers in an urban area.
2021.01.20 Afghanistan Sherzad 2 4 Two civilians are sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers.
2021.01.20 Afghanistan Khogyani 2 0 Taliban roadside bomber take out two passengers in a passing car.
2021.01.20 Afghanistan Orgu 2 0 Two guards are killed when the Taliban overrun their village.
2021.01.19 Pakistan Gomal 2 1 Two police officers are gunned down by Muslim terrorists on motorcycles.
2021.01.19 Afghanistan Tiran Kot 1 4 A journalist is among the casualties of a deadly Taliban bomb blast.
2021.01.18 Niger Diffa 4 8 A Boko Haram landmine kills four border guards.
2021.01.18 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar 9 24 Nine are killed when ISIS members attack the power grid.
2021.01.18 Afghanistan Khwaja Ghar 3 2 Sunni hardliners attack a police headquarters, killing three.
2021.01.18 Syria al-Tayba 10 0 An Islamic State landmine claims ten Syrians.
2021.01.18 Iraq Sinjar 9 3 Nine bystanders are reported killed by an ISIS IED.
2021.01.17 Pakistan Swabi 3 0 Mujahideen kill a former member, along with two bystanders.
2021.01.17 Afghanistan Kabul 2 1 Gunmen assassinated two female judges in their car.
2021.01.17 Somalia Tehsile 6 8 Six Somalis are blown to bits by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2021.01.17 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khumri 8 2 A vicious attack by the Taliban on a security outpost leaves eight dead.
2021.01.17 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 2 0 At least two people are blown up by fundamentalists.
2021.01.16 Sudan El-Geneina 48 97 Forty-eight innocents at a Displaced Persons camp are murdered by Janjaweed militia.
2021.01.16 Afghanistan Panjpiran 1 0 Sunni fundamentalists kill an off-duty policeman inside his home.
2021.01.16 Pakistan Miran Shah 1 0 A teacher at a physician's college is shot to death by terrorists.
2021.01.15 Nigeria Marte 7 0 Invading Islamists kill seven and drive dozens more from their homes.
2021.01.15 Kenya Banisa 1 1 A civilian is killed, and a woman is shot in the head during an al-Shabaab attack.
2021.01.15 Afghanistan Ghorian 13 0 An Islamist insider turns on policemen, shooting thirteen to death.
2021.01.15 Afghanistan Kabul 2 1 The Taliban blow up a Toyota, killing two.
2021.01.15 Afghanistan Nahr-e-Siraj 2 0 A suicide car bomber sends two other souls to Allah.
2021.01.15 Mali Tessalit 1 1 A UN peacekeeper is killed by Jihadists.
2021.01.15 Iraq Jalawla 1 3 An ISIS attack leaves one dead.
2021.01.15 Iraq Jaloula 1 0 A local man is kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2021.01.15 Afghanistan Imam Sahib 7 12 Seven are killed when Sunni extremists attack a security checkpoint.
2021.01.15 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 7 A civilian is killed by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2021.01.14 Nigeria Garin Gada 2 0 Boko Haram invade a small village, loot shops and kill two residents.
2021.01.14 Afghanistan Chonai 1 0 A standing taxi makes an easy target for Taliban bombers.
2021.01.14 Algeria Telidjane 5 3 Five civilians traveling in a car are vaporaized by an Islamic IED.
2021.01.14 DRC Irumu 46 2 Forty-six innocents are slain in cold blood by Islamic extremists.
2021.01.14 Philippines Lanao del Norte 4 0 Bangsamoro Islamists are suspected of ambushing and killing four.
2021.01.14 Nigeria Chibok 5 15 Islamists plant a landmine that takes out five passing local soldiers.
2021.01.14 Iraq Jalawla 1 0 A meat seller is murdered in Islamic State captivity.
2021.01.13 Syria al-Mayadeen 1 0 A man is captured and executed by the Islamic State.
2021.01.13 Mali Timbuktu 4 5 Jihadis attack a UN convoy, killing four peacekeepers.
2021.01.12 DRC Beni 15 0 The ADF claims the killing of fifteen local soldiers.
2021.01.12 Afghanistan Haji Rafi 1 0 A bank employee is shot to death by terrorists near his home.
2021.01.12 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Shiite fundamentalists target a store selling liquor, killing one person with two bombs.
2021.01.12 Iraq Nawjul 1 0 A Kurdish shepherd is killed by Sunni bombers.
2021.01.12 Pakistan Karak 1 0 Islamic extremists shoot dead the guard for a polio team.
2021.01.12 Somalia Hosingow 6 0 A half-dozen Kenyans are killed by al-Shabaab.
2021.01.12 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 2 3 Two women are killed when Taliban open fire on a vehicle.
2021.01.12 Nigeria Talala 6 0 A Fedayeen sucide bomber takes out six local soldiers.
2021.01.12 Armenia Nagorno-Karabakh 1 0 The body of a Christian woman is found mutilated and tortured following her abduction by Azerbaijan militia.
2021.01.11 Afghanistan Ariob 1 4 Brave Jihadi bombers eliminate a child.
2021.01.11 Iraq Sharaban 1 0 A Shiite is picked off by Sunni snipers.
2021.01.11 Nigeria Gazagana 13 3 A Boko Haram attack on a local convoy leaves thirteen dead.
2021.01.11 Iraq Buhriz 4 0 Sunnis use an IED to kill four Shiites.
2021.01.11 Iraq Adhaim 1 0 A shepherd is found murdered by ISIS.
2021.01.11 Egypt Tafaha 2 0 Two people are reported dead following an ISIS IED attack.
2021.01.10 Afghanistan Qargha 3 0 A tribal elder is among three smoked by Taliban bombers.
2021.01.10 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Extremists gun down a doctor and one other.
2021.01.10 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 Taliban bombers vaporize three locals.
2021.01.10 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 2 Fundamentalists set off a bomb outside a shopping center, killing a patron.
2021.01.09 Yemen Taiz 1 4 Ansar Allah send a shell into a home, killing a 15-year-old.
2021.01.09 Syria al-Shola 7 0 An ISIS sleeper cell claims seven lives.
2021.01.09 DRC Beni 3 3 Three members of a security patrol are killed by the ADF.
2021.01.09 Syria al-Mayadeen 3 0 An ISIS IED claims three lives.
2021.01.08 Mali Gao 1 6 A Fedayeen suicide bomber self-detonates.
2021.01.08 Iraq Basra 1 0 Terrorists stab a man to death in his home.
2021.01.08 Cameroon Mozogo 14 2 Eight children are among fourteen villagers killed when machete-wielding Islamists herd them into a suicide bomber.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Chehel Kappa 13 0 Thirteen border guards are murdered by Sunni hardliners.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Tirin Kot 6 6 A suicide car bomber goes off, taking a half-dozen others with him.
2021.01.07 Iraq Qabak 1 3 A British NGO worker is dismantled by an ISIS explosive.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Ghorian 4 0 Four are killed during a Taliban attack on a government building.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Mata Chena 1 2 An Islamist bomb kills a civilian.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Tarin Kot 5 5 The Taliban attack a remote outpost, killing five police.
2021.01.07 Afghanistan Kunduz 14 18 Two groups of security personnel are liquidated by the Taliban.
2021.01.07 Somalia Mogadishu 7 0 al-Shabaab bombers send seven Somalis to Allah.
2021.01.07 Iraq Nasiriyah 1 0 Hardliners murder a human rights activist.
2021.01.06 Nigeria Ngumari 3 0 Boko Haram members murder three villagers in the middle of the night.
2021.01.06 Nigeria Aligambori 2 0 At least two highway commuters are reported killed by Boko Haram.
2021.01.06 Pakistan Mohmand 1 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on a border guard.
2021.01.06 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 1 0 Shiite militia shoot a young Kurdish soccer player.
2021.01.05 Iraq Qayara 1 0 A young man is tortured to death by Islamic State loyalists.
2021.01.05 Afghanistan Shirin Tagab 1 3 The Taliban hit a civilian vehicle with a rocket, killing a passenger.
2021.01.05 Afghanistan Kohistan 2 0 Terrorists on motorcycles gun down two locals.
2021.01.05 Afghanistan Tawhid Abad 6 0 Six local soldiers are poisoned and then shot by a Taliban insider.
2021.01.04 Cameroon Kaliari 3 0 Three young men are shot to death by Boko Haram.
2021.01.04 DRC Mwenda 22 0 Twenty-two villagers are hacked to death by ADF Islamists.
2021.01.04 Syria Wadi al-Azib 9 15 Nine civilians are reported killed by Islamic extremists.
2021.01.04 Afghanistan Beaver Ridge, WV 2 3 A Taliban IED attack outside a market leaves two dead.
2021.01.04 Burkina Faso Loumbila 6 3 A half-dozen are left dead following a Jihadi attack on a village.
2021.01.04 Cameroon Kolofata 1 0 Another civilian is shot to death by Boko Haram.
2021.01.04 Syria Raqqa 3 1 ISIS members target a checkpoint with gunfire, killing three.
2021.01.03 Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 1 0 A former radical is shot to death inside a mosque by Islam loyalists.
2021.01.03 Afghanistan Arghandab 9 0 An insider attack by a religious radical kills nine local cops.
2021.01.03 Philippines South Upi 1 0 Dawlah Islamiya attack a convoy of aid workers, killing a 23-year-old.
2021.01.03 Pakistan Mach 11 0 Eleven Shiite coal miners are kidnapped by the Islamic State, then forced to kneel as their throats are slit.
2021.01.03 Syria Badia 9 6 ISIS gunmen target a passing bus, killing nine, including a 13-year-old girl.
2021.01.03 Afghanistan Sayed 5 9 Five are left dead after Religion of Peace rivals attach a bomb to a cleric's car.
2021.01.03 Nigeria Kuda 6 8 A group fighting for Sharia attacks a local military base, killing six.
2021.01.02 Iraq Sinjar 1 0 A civilian is blown away by ISIS explosives.
2021.01.02 Afghanistan Bati Kot 4 0 Four Afghans are killed by the Taliban.
2021.01.02 Pakistan Haider Khel 1 0 Terrorists gun down a day laborer,
2021.01.02 Iraq Jalawla 1 8 ISIS members fire into a bridge, killing one person.
2021.01.02 Somalia Lafole 5 14 Five are killed when a suicide bomber plows into a construction site.
2021.01.02 Niger Tchombangou 72 75 Seventy villagers are purged by Religion of Peace activists.
2021.01.02 Niger Zaroumdareye 33 0 About thirty villagers are murdered by Islamic militants.
2021.01.02 Algeria Tipaza 2 0 Two local soldiers are killed by fundamentalists.
2021.01.02 Mali Menaka 2 0 A woman is among two claimed by a Jihadist landmine.
2021.01.01 Yemen Hodeida 5 7 Five women are taken out by a well-placed rocket into a wedding.
2021.01.01 Afghanistan Feroz Kah 1 0 Hardliners gun down a journalist and rights activist.
2021.01.01 DRC Tingwe 25 0 Dozens of farmers are massacred by ADF Islamists, some by beheading.
2021.01.01 Egypt Bir al-Abd 2 5 Jihadi bombers hit a security patrol, killing two members.
2021.01.01 Iraq Daquq 3 1 ISIS uses an IED to eliminate three Iraqis.
2021.01.01 Turkey Bayramozu 2 A young woman is honor-killed by her family along with her boyfriend.
2020.12.31 Afghanistan Lashkargah 2 0 The Taliban kill two people in separate attacks.
2020.12.31 Afghanistan Bagh-e-Zanana 1 0 The brother of a journalist is killed by Islamists.
2020.12.31 Afghanistan Kabul 1 2 Fundamentalists use an IED against a passing car, killing a passenger.
2020.12.31 Iraq Badush 1 0 A town mayor is assassinated by Mujahideen.
2020.12.31 India Sarai Bala 1 0 Muslim "separatists" shoot an elderly jeweler to death.
2020.12.31 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A civil society activist is quickly gunned down by religious radicals.
2020.12.31 Niger Lake Chad 1 2 At least one person is picked off by Boko Haram.
2020.12.31 Syria Deir ez-Zor 2 0 Two people on a motorcycle are wasted by ISIS gunmen.
2020.12.30 Egypt Rafah 1 3 One person is killed in a home, booby-trapped by Islamists.
2020.12.30 Syria Shula 37 12 Islamic State loyalists blow up a bus, killing thirty-seven.
2020.12.30 Yemen Aden 26 84 Ansar Allah send rockets into an airport, killing twenty-six.
2020.12.30 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A pilot is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2020.12.29 India Ganderbal 1 0 Another local dies from a Mujahideen grenade attack.
2020.12.29 Iraq Diwaniya 1 0 A Shiite leader is assassinated by Sunnis.
2020.12.29 Nigeria Kayamla 7 9 Seven hunters are killed by Islamic terrorists.
2020.12.29 Iraq Um Hunta 1 1 Islamic State snipers pick off a civilian.
2020.12.29 Nigeria Garkida 5 0 Islamists videotape the brutal execution of five captured men claiming to be Christian.
2020.12.29 DRC Beni 4 0 Four local soldiers are ambushed and killed by ADF Islamists.
2020.12.28 Syria Albukamal 2 0 An ISIS bomb blast disintegrates a passing motorcycle and two riders.
2020.12.28 Syria Albukamal 1 0 A local is kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2020.12.28 Somalia Waberi 4 0 Four plain-clothed police are assassinated by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2020.12.28 Kenya Mandera 1 1 al-Shabaab gunmen ambush and ambulance, killing a man and injuring his pregnant wife.
2020.12.28 Iraq Kanaan 1 1 Terrorists kill a fisherman.
2020.12.28 Afghanistan Kabul 1 13 Taliban bombers target a statistics agency, killing an employee.
2020.12.28 Somalia Taabto 9 0 A baby is among nine civilians blown to bits by al-Shabaab bombers.
2020.12.28 Mali Mopti 3 0 Three French peacekeepers are eliminated by al-Qaeda.
2020.12.28 Nigeria Logomani 4 0 A landmine planted by Boko Haram claims four lives.
2020.12.28 Chechnya Grozny 1 1 A police officer is stabbed to death by Muslim terrorists.
2020.12.28 Afghanistan Anardara 1 3 A suicide attack on a police station kills one other person.
2020.12.28 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two revenue employees are shot to death by a group fighting for Sharia.
2020.12.27 Nigeria Azare 3 0 Three defenders are killed when Boko Haram overrun a town.
2020.12.27 Nigeria Shaffa 7 0 Family members are among seven innocents murdered by Islamic radicals.
2020.12.27 Syria Deir ez-Zor 1 0 Religion of Peace rivals break into the house of a prayer leader and execute him.
2020.12.26 Iraq Diyala 1 1 ISIS members fire into a shop, killing the owner.
2020.12.26 Afghanistan Kabul 4 4 Two bombs leave four dead.
2020.12.26 Nigeria Garkida 1 7 An off-duty policeman is murdered by Boko Haram while visiting his family for Christmas.
2020.12.26 Afghanistan Nawa 2 0 Two Afghans are sent to Allah by Sunni bombers.
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