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Jihad Report
Apr 13, 2019 -
Apr 19, 2019

Attacks 19
Killed 94
Injured 106
Suicide Blasts 0
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
March, 2019

Attacks 132
Killed 729
Injured 776
Suicide Blasts 7
Countries 23
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 90 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 717 people were killed and 1306 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2019.04.21 Mali Guire 12 6 Jihadists attack a local army base, killing a dozen soldiers.
2019.04.21 Sri Lanka Columbo 293 800 Religious extremists stage at eight suicide bomb attacks on churches and hotels on Easter morning, slaughtering three-hundred.
2019.04.21 Sri Lanka Dematagoda 3 0 A bomb blast at an Islamic hideout leaves three others dead.
2019.04.20 Syria Karama 1 2 Terrorists take out a civilian with an IED.
2019.04.20 Afghanistan Kabul 10 8 Religious radicals stage a suicide assault on a government IT building, killing ten innocents.
2019.04.20 Mali Douentza 1 4 Jihadis attack a UN convoy, killing a peacekeeper.
2019.04.20 Iraq Qayyarah 2 3 Two Iraqis are brought down by Jihadi shrapnel.
2019.04.19 Cameroon Tchakarmari 11 5 Children and women are among eleven innocents slain by Islamists.
2019.04.19 Afghanistan Herat 3 2 A Taliban car bomb sends three Afghans to Allah.
2019.04.19 Afghanistan Shirin Tagab 1 0 Fundamentalists plant a landmine that kills a civilian.
2019.04.19 Afghanistan Awsan Saqal 2 0 A man and woman are shot to death by the Taliban.
2019.04.17 Somalia Mogadishu 4 5 Islamists set off a car bomb outside a restaurant that claims four souls.
2019.04.17 Somalia Wadajir 5 0 Suspected al-Shabaab enter a family home and machine-gun five members.
2019.04.17 Iraq Mukhisa 1 0 A civilian is aerated by ISIS shrapnel.
2019.04.17 Iraq Karbala 2 0 Sectarian milita shoot two rivals to death in their car.
2019.04.16 Pakistan Hazrat Mian 1 0 Extremists open fire during a disagreement at a mosque, killing a 70-year-old.
2019.04.16 DRC Kamango 8 5 ISIS claims an attack in which eight people were killed.
2019.04.16 Thailand Kapho 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a 59-year-old man riding a motorcycle.
2019.04.15 Afghanistan Farah 4 0 A Taliban in police uniform shoots four cops in the back.
2019.04.15 Afghanistan Shirzad 4 7 The Taliban fire a mortar round into a house, killing four family members, including two women.
2019.04.14 Nigeria Numa 17 8 A pregnant woman and three children are among seventeen massacred by Fulani terrorists at a church baby dedication.
2019.04.14 Chad Bohama 7 15 An overnight Boko Haram attack leaves seven dead.
2019.04.13 Iraq Diyala 7 0 At least seven captives are executed by the Islamic State.
2019.04.13 Afghanistan Kunduz 6 50 A sustained assault by armed fundamentalists on a small town leaves six dead.
2019.04.13 Afghanistan Baghlan-e-Markazi 8 9 A fundamentalist group storms a security checkpoint and kills eight Afghans.
2019.04.13 Syria Shaafa 2 0 Two civilians are leveled by a suspected ISIS IED.
2019.04.12 Afghanistan Ghor 7 0 All seven passengers in a car are slaughtered by the Taliban.
2019.04.12 Kenya Mandera 1 2 Islamists kidnap two doctors after murdering their guard.
2019.04.12 Pakistan Quetta 24 48 A bomb targeting Hazera minorities at a vegetable market leaves two dozen dead.
2019.04.11 Syria Khan Arnabeh 3 1 Islamic terrorists kill three civilians with an IED.
2019.04.11 Iraq Sadr City 3 0 Terrorists open fire from a car, bringing down three people outside a market.
2019.04.11 Iraq Mullah Abdullah 2 1 Two civilians are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2019.04.11 Nigeria Monguno 2 1 Two female sucide bombers kill two bystanders.
2019.04.10 Iraq al-Hadd 1 0 Terrorists leave a bomb outside an orange grove, killing a farmer.
2019.04.10 Nigeria Lake Chad 5 0 An ISIS-linked group claims five local soldiers were killed in a car bombing.
2019.04.10 Iraq Kawaz Arabs 1 5 A child is put down by Islamic bombers.
2019.04.10 Niger Diffa 2 4 At least two others are killed during a sustained suicide attack by Boko Haram.
2019.04.10 Egypt Arish 4 4 Four police are killed in two separate bombings by religious radicals.
2019.04.10 Philippines Sumisip 3 0 Abu Sayyaf shoot three men off their motorcycles.
2019.04.10 Bangladesh Feni 1 0 The head of an Islamic school orders a female student burned alive for reporting him for sexual harassment.
2019.04.09 Syria Idlib 3 0 Fedayeen suicide bombers attack a local checkpoint, killing three members.
2019.04.09 Niger Tam 1 2 A village chief is brutally murdered by Sharia proponents.
2019.04.09 India Kishtwar 2 0 A prominent Hindu leader and his guard are assassinated by Muslim radicals.
2019.04.09 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 7 26 A 6-year-old is among seven locals dispatched by a teen suicide bomber.
2019.04.09 Syria Raqqa 8 9 At least four civilians are among eight blown apart by a double bombing, one a suicide blast.
2019.04.09 Libya Fuqaha 3 1 Three civilians are murdered by the Islamic State.
2019.04.09 Afghanistan Kunar 1 2 Taliban roadside bombers pick off a civilian.
2019.04.08 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 5 Suspected Taliban bombers send two locals to Allah.
2019.04.08 Pakistan Ghazi Baig 1 0 A polio worker is gunned down by suspected fundamentalists.
2019.04.08 Iraq Shirqat 2 0 An 11-year-old child is among two people put down by an ISIS round.
2019.04.08 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 0 A Taekwondo representative is sent to the mat by Jihadi gunmen.
2019.04.07 Syria Abu al-Hasan 3 1 ISIS shrapnel aerates a car, along with three occupants.
2019.04.07 Egypt Cairo 2 2 Armed extremists open fire on a police van, killing one officer and the driver.
2019.04.07 Cameroon Sagme 3 4 Boko Haram cross the border and kill three members of a local security patrol.
2019.04.07 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 20 A child and two women are exterminated by radical bombers.
2019.04.07 Nigeria Muna Dalti 3 45 Two female suicide bombers take out three innocents in a crowd.
2019.04.07 Syria Masyaf 5 16 Jihadists fire rockets into a city, killing five residents.
2019.04.07 Yemen Hodeidah 7 16 An Ansar Allah attack leaves seven dead.
2019.04.06 Afghanistan Sar-i-Pul 7 7 Seven police are killed in two vicious attacks by the Taliban.
2019.04.06 India Sopore 1 0 An off-duty soldier on leave is shot point-blank by Muslim 'separatists'.
2019.04.06 Nigeria Anambra 6 30 Fulani terrorists attacks a farming community and kill six farmers, some by beheading.
2019.04.05 Syria Ayyash 3 0 Sunni militants eliminate three civilians with an IED.
2019.04.05 Pakistan Khairpur 2 0 A husband and wife are honor-killed by her family for marrying by choice.
2019.04.05 Thailand Yala 2 0 Runda Kumpulan Kecil Islamists shoot two border guards in the head as they are praying at a mosque.
2019.04.05 Philippines Simusa 2 0 Abu Sayyaf shoots a hostage, while another drowns trying to escape.
2019.04.04 Iraq Naqib 2 0 A farmer and his son are aerated by Mujahid shrapnel.
2019.04.04 Somalia Marka 2 0 Two traders are captured and executed in cold blood by al-Shabaab.
2019.04.04 Afghanistan Bala Murghab 30 20 At least 30 Afghan security personnal are killed in a massive Taliban assault.
2019.04.04 Iraq Daquq 5 1 Islamic State gunmen open fire on local police, killing five.
2019.04.04 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khumri 1 23 One civilian is left dead after a bombing outside a hospital.
2019.04.04 Iraq Rutba 3 1 Three civilians collecting truffles are sent to Allah by Religion of Peace car bombers.
2019.04.03 Philippines Sultan Kudarat 0 18 Bansamoro Islamists are thought to be behind a restaurant bombing.
2019.04.03 Iraq Dujail 1 1 Mujahideen toss a grenade into a home, killing a man and injuring his wife.
2019.04.03 Somalia Jilib 1 0 A fisherman is picked off from shore by Islamist snipers.
2019.04.03 Iraq Wajiya 1 0 A man is killed in his own home by militant gunmen.
2019.04.03 Pakistan Khairpur 2 0 A married man and his younger paramour are tortured and killed over adultery.
2019.04.03 Burkina Faso Arbinda 32 0 Thirty-two villagers are reportedly killed by terrorists in two attacks.
2019.04.02 Yemen Hadramout 2 3 al-Qaeda is suspected of a bombing that kills two members of a security patrol.
2019.04.02 Yemen Seiyun 4 2 A group of religious radicals bomb and shoot a passing security patrol, killing four.
2019.04.02 Yemen Taiz 2 0 Two are killed when suspected Ansar Allah raid a police headquarters.
2019.04.02 Mali Gourma 1 0 A doctor is vaporized by a Jihadist IED.
2019.04.01 Nigeria Baga 5 0 Three civilians and two captured soldiers are forced to their knees and shot in the head by Boko Haram.
2019.04.01 Syria Baroud 1 0 Terrorists shoot a civilian to death.
2019.04.01 Afghanistan Sholgara 8 5 A vicious Taliban on a checkpost leaves eight local police dead.
2019.03.31 India Baramulla 1 0 A chemist is murdered in his shop by suspected Mujahideen.
2019.03.31 Afghanistan Balkh-Jawzjan 1 2 Religious extremists attack a governor's convoy, killing a member.
2019.03.31 Iraq Muqdadiya 1 2 Terrorists kill a civilian and injure a father and daughter.
2019.03.31 Somalia Kamsuma 4 0 Four civilians are stood up and mowed down by an al-Shabaab firing squad.
2019.03.30 Iraq Yathrib 2 1 An ISIS attack leaves two dead.
2019.03.30 Afghanistan Andar 4 17 A 'projectile' hits a school during a Taliban attack, killing four young students.
2019.03.30 Thailand Songkhla 2 0 A latex trader and clerk are shot to death in their truck by Muslim militants.
2019.03.30 Somalia Dharkenley 1 0 Islamists fit a bomb onto a civilian car, sending the driver into the hereafter.
2019.03.30 Burkina Faso Yendere 3 0 Three civilians are murdered by Jihadists.
2019.03.30 Iraq Hammam al-Alil 2 0 Two fishermen are shot to death by the Islamic State.
2019.03.29 Pakistan Boya 1 1 A civilian is sectionalized by a terrorist landmine.
2019.03.29 Afghanistan Siory 9 6 Nine local police lose their lives when armed religious extremists attack their checkpoint.
2019.03.28 Burkina Faso Barani 4 0 Suspected Jihadists kill four policemen and burn their vehicle.
2019.03.28 Afghanistan Shinkay 5 0 Five local cops are massacred by the Taliban.
2019.03.28 Afghanistan Laghman 2 0 A child is among two killed when fundamentalists manage to hit their house with a mortar.
2019.03.28 Nigeria Gatamarwa 1 0 One resident is killed when Islamic extremists burn down a village.
2019.03.28 Somalia Mogadishu 15 17 Over a dozen patrons are cut down in mid-bite by a car bombing outside a restaurant.
2019.03.27 India Jamia Masjid 1 0 A 24-year-old man is murdered by Muslim militants.
2019.03.27 Nigeria Miringa 2 0 A motorist is among two people killed during a Boko Haram attack.
2019.03.27 Syria Tell Jabin 9 3 An ISIS booby-trap claims nine civilians.
2019.03.27 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 2 4 A woman is among two killed when terrorists open fire on a group from the education department.
2019.03.26 Somalia Hodan 1 1 Suspected al-Shabaab plant a bomb under a luxury car, killing the driver.
2019.03.26 Niger N'Guigmi 10 8 Two female suicide bombers coordinate with gunmen to massacre ten villagers.
2019.03.26 Afghanistan Shireen Tagab 1 6 Terrorists sent a mortar round into a home, killing a woman.
2019.03.25 Libya Ghadwa 1 3 A civilian is kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2019.03.25 Israel Mishmeret 0 7 Children are among the casualties when Hamas sends a rocket into a home.
2019.03.25 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 Muslim militants kill a university professor by fitting his car with an IED.
2019.03.25 Syria Manbij 7 0 Seven guards are killed by ISIS at the entrance to a city.
2019.03.24 Afghanistan Jalalabad 0 7 A bomb outside a clinic sends shrapnel into women and children.
2019.03.24 Pakistan Chichawatni 1 0 A man honor-strangles his 20-year-old sister for 'having relations'.
2019.03.24 Pakistan Lahore 1 1 A woman is chopped up with an axe for marrying without her family's permission.
2019.03.24 Syria Sheikh al-Nasser 2 0 ISIS shrapnel claims two civilians.
2019.03.24 Afghanistan Sangin 65 38 Armed fundamentalists overrun two local security bases and murder dozens.
2019.03.23 Niger Diffa 7 2 Boko Haram burn down three villages, kill seven and abduct two women.
2019.03.23 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 4 31 Bombs placed by religious radicals in tents at a Farmer's Day ceremony kill four.
2019.03.23 Somalia Mogadishu 11 15 Sharia proponents send a suicide bomber into a government building, killing about a dozen.
2019.03.23 Nigeria Mante 1 2 Muslim militants attack three Christian teen sisters, raping and killing the oldest.
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