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Jihad Report
Jun 09, 2018 -
Jun 15, 2018

Attacks 46
Killed 242
Injured 219
Suicide Blasts 11
Countries 13

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
May, 2018

Attacks 188
Killed 887
Injured 1070
Suicide Blasts 32
Countries 28
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 931 Islamic attacks in 41 countries, in which 5190 people were killed and 6018 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2018.06.18 Afghanistan Ghani Khel 1 1 A local official is assassinated by religious hardliners.
2018.06.17 Iraq Khanaqin 2 3 A Mujahideen bomb placed under a family vehicle kills both parents and injures the kids.
2018.06.17 Afghanistan Jalalabad 18 45 A suicide bomber on foot targets an Eid celebration, killing eighteen.
2018.06.17 Kenya Wajir 8 0 Eight border guards are blown up in their vehicle by al-Shabaab.
2018.06.17 France La Seyne-sur-Mer 0 2 A woman in a veil slashes customers at a supermarket while yelling praises to Allah.
2018.06.17 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Two truck drivers are stopped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.06.17 India Kelam 1 0 Islamic militants barge into a home and gun down a resident.
2018.06.16 Nigeria Damboa 34 18 Two suicide bombers target a World Cup screening, after which other Islamists lob grenades at those rushing to help.
2018.06.16 Syria Aleppo 1 2 Terrorists kill a civilian with an IED.
2018.06.16 Afghanistan Jalalabad 36 65 An Eid celebration is disrupted by a suicide bomber, who claims thirty-six kills.
2018.06.16 Pakistan Shawal 3 0 Suspected Taliban murder three border guards.
2018.06.15 Iraq Awainat 1 0 A mukhtar is assissinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.06.15 Yemen Taiz 1 0 Terrorists murder a Red Cross humanitarian worker.
2018.06.14 India Kalampora 1 0 An off-duty soldier is abducted, tortured and murdered by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2018.06.14 India Srinagar 3 0 A newspaper editor who advocated for peace is gunned down by Lashker-e-Toiba along with two guards.
2018.06.14 South Africa Malmesbury 2 2 A Somali assailant enters a mosque and stabs two people to death.
2018.06.14 Syria Kafr Nabl 1 3 One civilian is lost to a suicide car bomber.
2018.06.14 Yemen Abyan 3 7 A suicide car bomber rams a checkpoint, killing three others.
2018.06.13 Iraq Aliyawa 2 0 A married couple is forever torn asunder by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2018.06.13 Syria al-Bab 0 9 A suicide car bomber detonates at a market.
2018.06.13 Syria Suwar 5 0 Two civilians are among five blown up by a suicide bomber.
2018.06.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 7 Another person is killed when a suicide bomber detonates at a market.
2018.06.13 Libya Darna 2 0 Two civilians are tortured and murdered by militants shouting praises to Allah.
2018.06.12 Syria Hageen 30 0 ISIS executes thirty members.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Kohistan 8 0 Eight security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban ambush.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Burhan Shahr 7 2 A Taliban attack on a village leaves seven dead.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Ghazni 5 26 Fundamentalists claim five lives with a suicide car bomb.
2018.06.12 Somalia Teed 4 0 An al-Shabaab attack on a government base results in four dead.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Sheikh Walol 18 0 Eighteen local security personnel are brutally killed during a Taliban attack on their post.
2018.06.12 Nigeria Antsa 4 21 A family of four is wiped out during a Miyetti Allah attack on a farming community.
2018.06.12 Mozambique Nathuko 1 0 An elderly man is beheaded by Islamic radicals.
2018.06.12 India Pulwama 2 1 An Islamic terror attack on a court complex leaves two dead.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 3 Six women and children are exterminated by Taliban bombers.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Kabul 17 13 A Fedayeen suicide bomber outside a rural development office sends seventeen workers to Allah.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Kabul 3 1 Three people are killed when a bomb explodes at a house.
2018.06.11 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 4 A Shahid suicide bomber kills one other person.
2018.06.11 Iraq Kirkuk 3 13 Jihadis set a bomb that kills first responders to an earlier shooting.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Qala-e-Zal 15 0 Fifteen security personnel are brutally slain while sitting down to a meal.
2018.06.11 Mozambique Changa 4 0 Four villagers are hacked to death by Muslim extremists.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Sar-e-Pul 16 42 Sixteen security personnel are murdered by a wave of Sunni attacks.
2018.06.11 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A musician is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
2018.06.11 Syria Tamanah 2 0 Two civilians are aerated by an IED.
2018.06.11 Syria Raqqa 3 0 A bomb left by ISIS claims three civilians.
2018.06.11 Bangladesh Kakaldi 1 0 An atheist poet is dragged and shot to death.
2018.06.11 Libya Derna 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber kills two other people.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Qaflatoon 3 5 Three security personnel are killed during a Taliban attack on a check-point.
2018.06.11 Iraq Qara Tapa 2 10 Islamic State members fire on a Shiite defense milita, killing two members.
2018.06.10 Syria Deir Ezzor 3 7 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonates at a checkpoint, killing three others.
2018.06.10 Nigeria Kwall 2 0 Two innocents on their way home from church are hacked to pieces by Muslim radicals.
2018.06.10 Nigeria Mubi 1 2 A Boko Haram bomb disassembles one boy and pulls the arms off two others.
2018.06.10 Syria Tell Rifaat 4 4 Four civilians are shredded by a terrorist IED.
2018.06.10 Afghanistan Arghandab 13 4 Thirteen local cops are killed by the Taliban during an attack on their check-post.
2018.06.09 Somalia Kismayo 0 7 A suicide car bomber maims seven others.
2018.06.09 Syria Idlib 5 0 Five captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2018.06.09 Mali Boni 3 0 An al-Qaeda attack leaves three others dead.
2018.06.09 Iraq Hadar 2 0 Two guards at a police station are shot dead by the Islamic State.
2018.06.09 Iraq Khalis 1 23 Terrorists bomb a vegetable market, killing a bystander.
2018.06.09 Saudi Arabia Jazan 3 0 Three civilians are blown to bits by an Ansar Allah rocket.
2018.06.09 Afghanistan Qala-e Zal 25 0 The Taliban storm three checkpoints and murder two dozen cops in cold blood.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Zawol 17 13 Fundamentalists ambush and kill seventeen local security personnel.
2018.06.08 Iraq Kirkuk 1 14 A woman succumbs to injury after Mujahideen bomb a shopping area.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Shindand 7 2 Seven worshippers at a mosque are machine-gunned by their Muslim brothers.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Mehtarlam 4 12 Rival bombers pick off a religious scholar and four three others leaving a mosque.
2018.06.08 Cameroon Mangave Foya 6 0 Jihadists murder six people during a raid on a village.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 4 Two civilians and a guard lose their lives to a suicide bomber outside a lawmaker's residence.
2018.06.08 Syria Albu Kamal 30 0 A wave of ISIS suicide bombers results in thirty other deaths.
2018.06.07 Iraq Baqubah 2 2 Suspected ISIS rake a passing car with gunfire, killing two occupants.
2018.06.07 Afghanistan Khost 4 3 Four people praying at a mosque are shot dead by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.06.07 Pakistan Maidan 3 2 Three individuals bleed to death after being hit with an explosive device.
2018.06.07 India Keran 1 1 A border guard is murdered by suspected Hizb-ul- Mujahideen.
2018.06.07 Thailand Sukhirin 4 0 Four members of a family are brutally gunned down by eight Islamic 'separatists'.
2018.06.07 Mali Gossi 1 0 An al-Qaeda shooting attack leaves one dead.
2018.06.06 Mozambique Namaluco 5 2 Five people are hacked to death by Islamic radicals.
2018.06.06 Kenya Harar 5 3 Islamists plant a landmine that kills five Kenyan border security.
2018.06.06 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khomri 2 2 A bomb targeting a voter registration center leaves two dead.
2018.06.06 Nigeria Tse Shan 9 5 Miyetti Allah storm a village in the middle of the night and murder nine sleeping residents.
2018.06.06 Iraq Baghdad 18 90 Eighteen worshippers at a Shiite mosque are disintegrated by a double bombing.
2018.06.06 Thailand Bacho 1 0 A former village head is gunned down by 'insurgents'.
2018.06.05 Niger Diffa 6 37 Three suicide bombers slaughter six people at a rival mosque.
2018.06.05 Syria Idlib 2 0 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham execute two people on suspicion of membership in a rival Islamic group.
2018.06.05 Afghanistan Baghlan 2 1 Two civilians are blown to bits by a suicide bomber.
2018.06.05 Pakistan Mastung 3 2 Islamic State suicide bombers storm a checkpoint and kill three officers.
2018.06.05 Somalia Balad 5 3 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves five dead.
2018.06.05 Somalia Elka Gelow 12 0 Two lawmakers and ten body guards are taken out by an al-Shabaab rocket.
2018.06.04 Mozambique Macomia 7 4 Seven villagers are hacked to death by Muslim extremists with machetes.
2018.06.04 Afghanistan Ghor 2 1 Two local cops are ambushed and killed by the Taliban.
2018.06.04 Afghanistan Kabul 14 17 Fourteen moderate clerics are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber at a gathering.
2018.06.04 Afghanistan Shirullah Qala 3 0 Three children are disassembled by an ISIS landmine.
2018.06.03 Pakistan Wana 4 25 Four activists are killed when the Taliban fire into a rally.
2018.06.03 Nigeria Tseadough 7 6 Miyetti Allah invade a small village and shoot seven residents to death.
2018.06.03 Iraq Dibs 2 4 Two local cops are aerated by Jihadi shrapnel from a roadside blast.
2018.06.02 Nigeria Kura Falls 3 0 A 3-year-old child is among three villagers slaughtered by Miyetti Allah.
2018.06.02 Somalia Bali-Khadar 4 10 An al-Shabaab attack leaves four others dead.
2018.06.02 Afghanistan Binni Hisar 1 3 Fundamentalists take out an archeologist with a roadside bomb.
2018.06.02 Afghanistan Kapisa 1 4 A civilian is killed during an attack by Islamic gunmen.
2018.06.02 Iraq Shirqat 4 0 Four Iraqi conscripts are killed by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2018.06.02 Nigeria Kangling 12 0 A dozen mourners at a funeral are brought down by suspected Miyetti Allah.
2018.06.02 Iraq Salahuddin 12 0 Twelve members of one family are murdered in their home by Islamic State militants.
2018.06.02 Pakistan Kam Sarubi 1 3 A local official is shot to death by Sharia advocates.
2018.06.02 Libya Ajdabiya 1 5 A woman passing in a car is shot dead by Islamic State activists.
2018.06.01 Yemen Faza 18 30 Ansar Allah 'rebels' attack government forces in a small town, killing eighteen.
2018.06.01 Afghanistan Charkhab 1 1 A local cop loses his life to a Taliban ambush.
2018.06.01 Iraq Salahuddin 3 0 Three Iraqis are laid out by Islamic bombers.
2018.05.31 Syria Jarabulus 4 6 Four civilians are laid out by a bomb planted on a motorcycle at a bus station.
2018.05.31 Saudi Arabia Taif 1 0 A policeman is stabbed to death by two terrorists.
2018.05.31 Syria Ariha 3 5 Three children are flattened by an explosion.
2018.05.31 Nigeria Borno 5 0 Five security personnel are ambushed and killed by Boko Haram.
2018.05.31 Nigeria Logo 2 2 Miyetti Allah gunman take down a couple of farmers.
2018.05.31 Thailand Khok Pho 1 0 A physician is shot to death on his way home by Muslim 'insurgents.'
2018.05.31 Libya Darna 8 7 Eight civilians hunting for food are killed by Islamist landmines.
2018.05.30 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 13 A Sunni group blows up three civilians.
2018.05.30 Yemen Zinjibar 1 0 Two al-Qaeda officials on a motorcyle shoot a man to death.
2018.05.30 Afghanistan Chesht Sharif 2 0 Two voter registration employees are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.05.30 Syria Jarabulus 1 0 One civilian is killed during a suspected Ahrar al-Sham attack.
2018.05.30 Afghanistan Kabul 1 5 A suicide bomber sets off a Haqqani attack on a government building that leaves one other dead.
2018.05.30 Afghanistan Logar 6 20 Suicide bombers kill six Afghans.
2018.05.30 Pakistan Datakhel 2 3 Two security personnel are vaporized by a Jihadi landmine.
2018.05.29 Afghanistan Dand Wa Patan 4 9 Four border guards are smoked by dedicated Sunnis.
2018.05.29 Pakistan Scheme Chowk 1 0 A Sikh activist is gunned down in a suspected sectarian attack.
2018.05.29 Belgium Liege 3 2 A gunman shoots dead a civilian and two female police officers outside a school while shouting praises to Allah.
2018.05.29 Iraq Baqubah 1 7 Jihadis set off a bomb near a girls' school, killing a bystander.
2018.05.29 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 Terrorists gun down a cop at a commercial area.
2018.05.29 Somalia Qandala 1 3 Islamic State supporters attack a port town, killing a guard.
2018.05.28 Nigeria Jalingo 0 1 A priest is left badly injured during an attack on a Catholic seminary.
2018.05.28 Nigeria Mashamari 5 7 Suicide bombers detonate near a rival mosque, taking five others with them.
2018.05.28 Thailand Kapho 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' are thought responsible for shooing a man to death at his home.
2018.05.28 Afghanistan Paktika 5 0 Militants machine-gun five people on a prison van.
2018.05.28 Somalia Fino 2 0 Two Kenyans are stabbed to death by al-Shabaab.
2018.05.27 Israel Ramallah 1 0 An Israeli soldier dies from injuries suffered when a terrorist hits him with a large rock.
2018.05.27 Afghanistan Chishti Sharif 2 0 An election worker and one other person are dragged out of their home and shot by Islamists
2018.05.27 Mozambique Palma 10 0 Children are among ten villagers beheaded by local Islamists.
2018.05.27 Afghanistan Nad Ali 8 12 A Shahid suicide bomber claims eight lives.
2018.05.27 India Kakapora 2 0 A civilian is among two killed when militant Muslims open fire on an army camp.
2018.05.26 Syria Aleppo 5 0 Terrorists ambush and murder five Syrian rescue workers.
2018.05.26 Iraq Mutaybijeh 4 0 Four Iraqis are blown to bits by Islamic State bombers.
2018.05.26 Syria Idlib 4 50 A suicide car bomber slams into a shelter for displace persons, killing four.
2018.05.26 Thailand Chalerm 1 1 Muslim 'insurgents' fire into a tea shop, killing a patron.
2018.05.26 Iraq Duhok 7 0 Seven others die of asphyxiation during a fire started at a jail by an ISIS inmate.
2018.05.26 Afghanistan Logar 1 0 A tribal elder is assassinated over support for Trump.
2018.05.26 Mali Talataye 20 2 Twenty innocents at a fair are massacred by Jihadists.
2018.05.26 Afghanistan Shindand 4 0 Four road construction workers are murdered by suspected Taliban.
2018.05.25 Iraq Gharib 2 0 Suicide bombers storm two villages, managing to kill two guards.
2018.05.25 India Hajin 1 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba slit the throat of a 38-year-old man in front of his wife and son.
2018.05.25 Iraq Yarmmejah 1 0 A shepherd succumbs to injuries from Mujahideen shrapnel.
2018.05.25 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 1 A policeman is gunned down outside a hotel by Islamic militants.
2018.05.24 Afghanistan Maidan Wardak 4 2 Four civilians are disassembled by Sunni bombers.
2018.05.24 Pakistan Kalat 1 1 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is suspected of a landmine blast that kills a family man.
2018.05.24 Libya Benghazi 7 10 Islamists set off a car bomb outside a hotel, killing seven.
2018.05.24 Iraq Riyadh 1 0 Militants kill a 53-year-old by sending a mortar into her house.
2018.05.24 Iraq Jalawla 2 0 Two civilians are blown up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.05.23 Iraq Basra 3 0 Sectarian gunmen on motorbikes roll up on three civilians.
2018.05.23 Afghanistan Chora 8 0 Eight security personnel are reported killed by the Taliban.
2018.05.23 Iraq Baghdad 7 16 A devout Sunni detonates a suicide vest at a park in a Shiite district, killing seven.
2018.05.23 Afghanistan Maiwand 1 0 A kidnapped mine worker is executed in captivity.
2018.05.23 Somalia Galkayo 1 0 A lawmaker is assassinated in front of a hotel by al-Shabaab.
2018.05.23 India Anantnag 0 10 Children are among the casualties of a Mujahid grenade attack.
2018.05.23 Iraq Sleman Wahab 3 1 An ISIS attack on a family home leaves three members dead.
2018.05.22 Syria Palmyra 26 16 An Islamic State suicide bomber assault on a local military outpost claims almost thirty lives.
2018.05.22 Afghanistan Paktia 8 12 A wave of attacks on police by religious radicals leaves eight dead.
2018.05.22 Iraq Kan'an 1 0 An elderly man is pulled from his home and shot in the head by ISIS.
2018.05.22 Burkina Faso Rayongo 1 0 Terrorists open fire on arresting officers, killing one.
2018.05.22 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 The Islamic State claims the murder of a policeman at a market.
2018.05.22 Afghanistan Kandahar 21 41 Twenty-one people are disintegrated by a massive car bomb at a bus station.
2018.05.22 Yemen Marib 5 20 Five civilians are laid out by an Ansar Allah mortar.
2018.05.22 Libya Ajdabiya 3 2 A suicide bomber nails three guards at a checkpoint.
2018.05.21 Iraq Tarmiya 1 0 Terrorists attach a bomb to a car which kills the driver.
2018.05.21 Afghanistan Maiwand 5 1 Five members of a team clearing mines are murdered in cold blood by the Taliban.
2018.05.21 Algeria Oued Sebaa 2 0 Extremists murder two Religion of Peace rivals inside a mosque.
2018.05.21 Afghanistan Dih Yak 14 12 Fourteen local cops are murdered by the Taliban in two attacks.
2018.05.21 Mali Waaka 2 0 Two elderly men in their 80's are shot in the head by brave Jihadists.
2018.05.21 Pakistan Mochiwala 2 0 A woman and her daughter are gunned down by her brother over suspected promiscuity.
2018.05.20 Iraq Iblig 2 0 ISIS attacks a small village and kill two guards.
2018.05.19 Afghanistan Ghazni 13 8 An attack by Sunni hardliners leaves thirteen security personnel dead.
2018.05.19 Chechnya Grozny 3 0 Four devout Muslim storm a church, killing two guards and a worshipper.
2018.05.19 Pakistan Jacobabad 2 0 Two lovers are machine-gunned in the name of 'honor'.
2018.05.19 Iraq Hammam al- Alil 1 0 Terrorists assassinate a town's mayor.
2018.05.19 Somalia Wadajir 1 0 al-Shabaab militants affix a bomb to the car of a local security member.
2018.05.18 Afghanistan Jalalabad 8 55 Jihadis plant bombs at a cricket stadium, successfully killing off eight spectators.
2018.05.18 Afghanistan Ajristan 9 7 Nine Afghans are riddled with bullets by the Taliban.
2018.05.18 Afghanistan Maruf 5 6 Fundamentalists machine-gun five locals.
2018.05.18 Iraq Zaqar 1 0 A religious minority is left dead after a targeted bomb attack.
2018.05.18 Iraq Khanaqin 1 1 A Mujahideen bomb blast claims the life of a farmer.
2018.05.18 Syria Rafiqah 2 0 An Islamic State IED takes out two civilians.
2018.05.18 Afghanistan Nahrain 4 4 Four local cops are flattened by a Taliban rocket.
2018.05.17 Egypt North Sinai 1 1 A bomb planted by Sunni hardliners kills a passerby.
2018.05.17 Pakistan Kachehri Chowk 1 11 One other person is picked off by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2018.05.17 India Bona Mohalla 1 0 Islamic 'separatists' torture and kill a 23-year-old man at an orchard.
2018.05.17 Nigeria Dikwa 4 15 Four displaced persons at a rival mosque are purged by a suicide bomber.
2018.05.17 Afghanistan Farah City 3 0 A Taliban rocket claims the lives of three engineers.
2018.05.16 Afghanistan Hasti 3 3 Three police officers are attacked and killed by a fundamentalist group.
2018.05.16 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A hero cop martyrs himself to stop a suicide bomber.
2018.05.16 Iraq Shorja 1 1 A 4-year-old child is shot to death during a sectarian attack.
2018.05.16 Indonesia Pekanbaru 1 3 Three Islamists wit swords enter a police station and begin hacking officers, killing one.
2018.05.16 Syria Qamishli 2 0 A suicide bomber takes out two civilians at a border crossing.
2018.05.16 Syria Jisr Fiktoriya 2 19 An Islamic State rocket claims the lives of two residents at a shopping district.
2018.05.16 Iraq Tarmia 2 4 A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates two Iraqis.
2018.05.16 Iraq Taji 8 31 Eight mourners at a funeral are relieved of their sadness by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.05.15 India Bijbehara 1 1 Terrorists fire on a police vehicle, killing an occupant.
2018.05.15 Nigeria Konduga 4 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes four civilians with him.
2018.05.15 Afghanistan Shirin Tagab 9 0 The Taliban attack a local village, killing nine members of a defense militia.
2018.05.14 Syria Armanaz 1 1 Suspected ISIS set off a bomb that kills a civilian.
2018.05.14 Nigeria Mopamuro 10 0 Ten villagers are massacred by Myetti Allah.
2018.05.14 Iraq Dibs 3 0 A roadside bomb takes down three Iraqis.
2018.05.14 Burkina Faso Oursi 1 0 A local official is assassinated at his home by Jihadis.
2018.05.14 Indonesia Surabaya 0 10 A family of five blow themselves up outside a police station.
2018.05.14 Afghanistan Farah City 30 0 A large scale attack by the Taliban, involving waves of suicide bombers leaves at least thirty others dead, including civilians.
2018.05.14 Afghanistan Khwaja Sabzposh 2 0 Two local cops are gunned down at their checkpoint by Sunni fundamentalists.
2018.05.13 Indonesia Sidoarjo 2 3 A woman and her teen son are killed when a militant's bomb explodes early.
2018.05.13 Iraq Maslakha 2 3 Mujahid bombers pick off a father and son.
2018.05.13 Iraq Badush 1 1 Jihadis target a passing ambulance, killing a medic.
2018.05.13 Pakistan Shahbazi Bullo 2 0 Two teen lovers are murdered by their families. One is chopped with an axe, and the other suffocated.
2018.05.13 Indonesia Surabaya 13 43 A family that includes four children carries out suicide bombings of three churches, killing themselves and thirteen others.
2018.05.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 10 42 Suicide bombers carry out an attack on a tax office, killing ten civilians.
2018.05.13 Pakistan Hangu 0 1 A Shiite scholar is shot by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2018.05.12 Iraq Kirkuk 6 3 Six Iraqis are taken down by 'radicalized' Sunnis.
2018.05.12 Syria Raqqa 2 5 Two people are exterminated by ISIS car bombers.
2018.05.12 Afghanistan Dashti Archi 9 5 A brutal attack by the Taliban on local security personnel leaves nine dead.
2018.05.12 France Paris 1 4 A man yells praises to Allah as he stabs passersby outside an opera house, killing one.
2018.05.12 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Islamic State members attach a bomb to a car that kills three.
2018.05.12 Yemen Aden 1 5 Terrorists attack a police patrol, killing one member.
2018.05.12 Thailand Rangae 1 1 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a plant collector to death.
2018.05.11 Iraq Dour 4 0 ISIS militants kill four Iraqis amid a wave of suicide attacks on voting centers.
2018.05.11 Pakistan Bannu 1 13 Muslim militants set off a bomb at a packed bazaar, killing one person.
2018.05.11 Afghanistan Farah 11 0 Eleven local cops are slain by the Taliban.
2018.05.11 Somalia Wadajir 4 2 Four people are shot to death during an al-Shabaab home invasion.
2018.05.11 Afghanistan Balabuluk 23 3 A shocking ambush by the Taliban leaves two dozen local police dead.
2018.05.11 Bangladesh Gosainpur 1 11 An elderly man is killed for supporting the wrong imam during a clash at the mosque.
2018.05.11 India Wardwan 1 0 Religious extremists fire on a minority community, killing a guard.
2018.05.10 Afghanistan Sawki 3 0 Three Afghans are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2018.05.10 Afghanistan Katakhat 1 0 A civilian is murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.05.10 South Africa Verulam 1 2 Sectarian killers stab a Shiite imam to death at his mosque.
2018.05.10 Somalia Wanlaweyn 7 2 An al-Shabaab bomb targeting a pickup truck claims seven lives.
2018.05.09 Mali Menaka 6 0 Six civilians are cut down in cold blood by Jihadis.
2018.05.09 Somalia Wanlaweyn 10 10 Women are among ten killed when a suicide bomber self-detonates at a market.
2018.05.09 Syria Damascus 4 24 Four civilians are cut to pieces by the Islamic State.
2018.05.09 Afghanistan Kabul 7 17 Suicide bombers hit a police station, killing seven others.
2018.05.09 Afghanistan Badghis 8 6 The Taliban attack a voter registration center and kill eight guards.
2018.05.09 Nigeria Jiddari Polo 2 0 Boko Haram affixes bombs onto two girls, ages 13 and 16, and sends them into a rival mosque.
2018.05.09 Indonesia Depok 5 0 Five guards are killed during an uprising by Islamist prisoners.
2018.05.08 Afghanistan Hafiz Godai 2 19 An Islamic group sends a mortar into a residential neighborhood, killing two.
2018.05.08 Libya Sirte 3 0 A suicide bomber rams a checkpoint, killing three.
2018.05.08 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 0 A brutal attack by religious radicals on a police patrol leaves four dead.
2018.05.08 Yemen Aden 2 0 Terrorists shoot two guards to death.
2018.05.08 Pakistan Pamakot 3 6 Terrorists fire on a family home, killing three members.
2018.05.08 Somalia Sablale 1 0 A woman is stoned to death for violating Sharia rules on marriage.
2018.05.08 Iraq Melh 3 3 Three civilians are killed when Mujahideen set off a bomb near an oil field.
2018.05.07 Libya Sirte 2 0 Islamists open fire on civilians, killing two.
2018.05.07 Afghanistan Koh Safi 2 2 Two civilians are shredded by a Taliban landmine.
2018.05.07 India Narbal 1 1 A tourist is killed when a pro-terrorist mob stones their car.
2018.05.06 Iraq Lazaka 1 0 The Islamic State claims the murder of a secular university professor.
2018.05.06 Iraq Erbil 3 0 Sectarian Jihadis are suspected of killing a family of three inside their home.
2018.05.06 Syria al-Bab 6 20 Six civilians are killed during a violent clash between two groups fighting for Sharia.
2018.05.06 Syria Sweida 6 11 The Islamic State claims a bombing that kills eight Syrians.
2018.05.06 Afghanistan Khost 17 37 Seventeen people at a mosque are cleared out by a Shahid bomb blast.
2018.05.06 Chad Lake Chad 6 0 A Boko Haram attack on a small island leaves six dead.
2018.05.06 Somalia Baidoa 3 3 Islamic militants kill three during an ambush.
2018.05.06 Kenya Dhobley 15 0 al-Shabaab bombers send fifteen souls to Allah.
2018.05.06 Afghanistan Faryab 7 1 Seven shopkeepers heading to market are reduced to pulp by Taliban bombers.
2018.05.06 Pakistan Wapda 1 0 A 17-year-old is brutally strangled in front of her Christian father.
2018.05.05 Afghanistan Gardez 2 5 Two people are killed in separate attacks, one a suicide bombing.
2018.05.05 Cameroon Mabanda 12 14 A dozen people at a mosque are laid by two suicide bombers.
2018.05.05 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 0 Suicide bombers target a family home, killing two guards.
2018.05.05 Netherlands The Hague 0 3 A 'confused' man shouts praises to Allah while stabbing people.
2018.05.05 Pakistan Prova 2 2 Sunni gunmen murder two Shiites in a targeted attack.
2018.05.04 Afghanistan Andar 2 0 Two civilians are killed by a pro-Sharia group.
2018.05.04 Afghanistan Badakhshan 3 2 Three locals are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.05.04 India Hajin 2 0 A man and his nephew are abducted and executed by Lashkar-e-Taiba.
2018.05.04 Nigeria Mainari Shuwa 3 9 A suicide bomber rushes inside a family home and kills three residents.
2018.05.04 Nigeria Mainari Shuwa 1 0 A man sleeping in a field is the target of a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.05.04 Iraq Abu Sayda 3 5 Three civilians succumb to injuries from a Jihadi bomb blast.
2018.05.04 India Harwan 1 1 Lashkar-e-Taiba shoot a married couple, killing the man.
2018.05.03 Pakistan Attock 2 13 A suicide bomber strikes a bus, killing at least two other people.
2018.05.03 Syria Dana 4 13 Two aid workers are among four killed by Jihadi car bombers.
2018.05.03 Syria Sanamayn 1 8 A Sunni group targets a market with a bomb, killing one patron.
2018.05.03 Kenya Mandera 4 0 Four Christian quarry workers are hacked to death with machetes by Religion of Peace activists.
2018.05.03 Pakistan Mand 1 3 Sunnis toss a grenade into a Shiite funeral, killing a mourner.
2018.05.03 Iraq Hubaibya 1 0 Mujahid gunmen murder a man outside his home.
2018.05.03 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A man is returning home from work when he is murdered by an Islamist.
2018.05.02 Iraq Udheim 3 4 A brother and two sisters bleed to death following an ISIS bomb blast.
2018.05.02 Nigeria Adamawa 15 0 Miyetti Allah set fire to four villages, killing at least fifteen.
2018.05.02 Syria Hasakah 3 7 An Islamic State landmine lays out three children.
2018.05.02 Libya Tripoli 12 20 Two suicide bombers storm an election headquarters and claim a dozen scalps.
2018.05.02 Iraq Jalawla 2 4 Two people are left dead after an Islamic State attack on a small town.
2018.05.01 Syria Yarmouk 1 0 A hostage is fitted with explosives and blown apart by Islamic State loyalists.
2018.05.01 CAR Bangui 1 0 Muslim 'rebels' murder a Catholic priest.
2018.05.01 Mali Tindinbawen 17 0 Elderly people are burned alive in their homes by Religion of Peace proponents.
2018.05.01 Afghanistan Chawni 2 1 Two civilians are shredded by a roadside bomb.
2018.05.01 Pakistan Shabqadar 2 0 Two people are executed for 'illicit relations.'
2018.05.01 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A female aid worker is shot dead at a market by Mujahideen.
2018.05.01 Nigeria Mubi 86 58 Dozens worshippers at mosque are sent straight to Allah by a teenage suicide bomber.
2018.05.01 Iraq Tarmiya 8 3 Eight unarmed civilians are mowed down by terrorist gunmen.
2018.05.01 CAR Bangui 16 96 Muslim militia throw grenades and shoot into a church, killing sixteen, including the pastor.
2018.05.01 Iraq Dujail 16 4 Terrorists shoot sixteen people to death in their homes - mostly women and children.
2018.05.01 Somalia Afgoye 1 0 An elderly man is forced to his knees and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2018.05.01 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Footage is released showing the Islamic State execution of an uncle and nephew for being Kurd.
2018.04.30 Afghanistan Kabul 25 45 A vicious double suicide bombing on a group of journalists and first responders leaves over two dozen dead.
2018.04.30 Afghanistan Kandahar 11 16 Eleven children are torn limb-from-limb by a suicide bomber at a religious school.
2018.04.30 India Baramulla 3 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba gun down three civilians at close range.
2018.04.30 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 A BBC journalist is shot to death by religious radicals.
2018.04.29 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 0 A women and two children are blown to bits by a Taliban mortar round.
2018.04.29 Iraq Baiyaa 1 0 A prominent Shiite figure is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2018.04.29 Afghanistan Qara Sheikhi 2 4 A woman and child are cleared out of their home by a Taliban rocket.
2018.04.29 Afghanistan Rubat-i-Sangi 7 0 Suspected Islamists purge a family of seven.
2018.04.29 Pakistan Quetta 3 2 A sectarian attack on people at a tea shop leaves three dead.
2018.04.28 Saudi Arabia Jizan 1 0 A missile fired by Ansar Allah at an oil facility kills a worker.
2018.04.28 Somalia Galkayo 7 8 Seven people are disintegrated by a Shahid suicide bomber at a restaurant.
2018.04.28 Afghanistan Momi Karama 4 0 Four laborers are shot to death in their tents and then set on fire.
2018.04.28 Mali Awakassa 12 0 A dozen tribe members are gunned down.
2018.04.28 Afghanistan Tashkan 9 10 Islamic extremists storm a police checkpoint and murder nine officers.
2018.04.28 Nigeria Tse Agagbe 5 20 Miyetti Allah attack a peaceful village at sundown, shooting wildly and burning homes.
2018.04.28 Afghanistan Nad-e-Ali 5 10 Civilians are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.04.28 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Two Hazara religious minorities are brutally gunned down outside their shop.
2018.04.28 Afghanistan Nad Ali 6 5 A woman is among several others murdered by a suicide car bomber.
2018.04.27 Mali Anderanboucane 31 0 Jihadists mow down thirty-one innocents.
2018.04.27 Syria Bir al-Tayib 4 2 Four civilians are aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2018.04.27 Syria al-Qadam 2 8 Two residents are killed when the Islamic State send rockets into their neighborhood.
2018.04.27 Pakistan Saidgai 3 30 Children are among the casualties when an IED is set off at a wedding.
2018.04.27 Afghanistan Khanabad 2 2 Two Afghans lose their lives to a bomb planted by Islamists.
2018.04.26 Nigeria Mbamondo 7 0 Muslim terrorists fire on a church and school, killing seven villagers.
2018.04.26 Somalia Barawe 3 3 al-Shabaab claims a bombing that kills three.
2018.04.26 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 9 Five suicide bombers manage to slay four civilians.
2018.04.26 Afghanistan Hassankhel 1 0 A doctor is murdered by suspected Taliban.
2018.04.26 India Anantnag 1 0 A civilian succumbs to injuries after being shot by Islamic militants.
2018.04.25 Afghanistan Qurlaq 14 4 Taliban fundamentalists attack a police checkpoint and machine-gun fourteen members.
2018.04.25 Iraq Rebidha 2 3 Two Iraqis are shot to death by ISIS.
2018.04.25 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 A group of religious radicals machine-gun three policemen point-blank.
2018.04.25 India Rajpora 1 2 A politician is assassinated by Muslim radicals.
2018.04.25 Afghanistan Andkhoy 1 0 A young woman is stabbed to death for marrying without her family's permission.
2018.04.24 Syria Damascus 5 22 Terrorists target a popular market with rockets, killing five patrons.
2018.04.24 Pakistan Quetta 8 23 Three Shahid suicide bombers martyr themselves to kill eight Pakistanis.
2018.04.24 Nigeria Mbalon 19 24 Two priests are among nineteen killed when Muslim terrorists open fire on a Catholic mass.
2018.04.24 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 5 2 An attack by the Taliban leaves five dead.
2018.04.23 Afghanistan Jaghatu 4 7 Four local cops are laid out by a Taliban ambush.
2018.04.23 Pakistan West Mangowal 1 0 A 26-year-old woman with Italian citizenship is honor-killed by her family for wanting to marry by choice.
2018.04.22 Pakistan Kalu Khan 1 0 A transgender is beaten to death by suspected radicals.
2018.04.22 Nigeria Gamboru 18 0 Eighteen forest workers collecting wood are brutally executed by Boko Haram.
2018.04.22 Nigeria Wumbi 3 11 Three civilians bleed to death after being hit with an IED blast from an Islamic group.
2018.04.22 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A girl is doused with acid and set on fire for refusing to marry a Muslim man who demanded that she renounce Christianity.
2018.04.22 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khumri 7 10 A woman is among those killed when Islamic extremists bomb a voter registration center.
2018.04.22 Afghanistan Kabul 69 119 A suicide bomber strikes a voter registration center, laying out sixty-nine innocents.
2018.04.22 Nigeria Bama 2 10 Two suicide bombers strike a rival mosque during prayer, taking out two worshippers.
2018.04.22 Pakistan Quetta 2 1 Two innocent Hazara minorities are gunned down in a targeted attack by hardliners.
2018.04.21 Iraq Rashad 2 1 Two civilians are disassembled by Islamic bombers.
2018.04.21 Afghanistan Chaparhar 3 0 Three brothers working in the medical profession are beheaded by Islamic State proponents.
2018.04.21 Yemen Taiz 1 0 An Ansar Allah sniper is suspected of picking off a Red Cross humanitarian worker.
2018.04.21 Afghanistan Sar-i-Pul 6 2 Religious radicals attack a police checkpoint and kill six members.
2018.04.21 Afghanistan Qala-e-Naw 1 1 Sharia advocates send a rocket into a voter registration center, killing one person
2018.04.21 Iraq al-Baaj 1 1 Gunmen open fire on a health clinic, killing a bystander.
2018.04.21 Mozambique Mangwaza 1 0 Islamists burn down four houses and kill one resident.
2018.04.20 Mozambique Diaca Velha 2 0 At least two people are murdered by an Islamic terror cell.
2018.04.20 Afghanistan Paeen 5 14 Five civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban IED.
2018.04.20 Afghanistan Sayedkhel 1 0 A 16-year-old boy is murdered in cold blood by Islamic militants.
2018.04.19 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 1 0 The Taliban manage to kill a local woman in a surprise attack.
2018.04.19 Iraq Khanaqin 1 0 The body of a teacher is found a few days after being kidnapped.
2018.04.19 Saudi Arabia Asir 4 4 Shiite militia are suspected in the murder of four border guards.
2018.04.19 Syria Daraa 3 0 Three civilians are executed by sectarian rivals.
2018.04.19 Sudan Jamra 4 6 Muslim terrorists fire on villagers, killing four.
2018.04.18 Syria Daraa 25 65 Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid suicide bombers take out two rival Sharia advocates.
2018.04.18 Somalia Balcad 4 0 al-Shabaab members plant a roadside bomb that claims four Somalis.
2018.04.18 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Hazara minority shopkeeper is gunned down in a targeted attack.
2018.04.18 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 0 Five people are shredded by Taliban bombers.
2018.04.18 Philippines Bualan 1 0 A man is shot to death by Islamists while tending to his sheep.
2018.04.18 Libya Benghazi 1 2 Radicals blow up one person with a car bomb.
2018.04.18 Nigeria Angwan-Rogo 4 0 Four construction workers are cut down in cold blood by Miyetti Allah.
2018.04.18 Afghanistan Shahi Khail 1 1 Religious extremists kill one civilian and abduct another.
2018.04.17 Syria Douma 1 2 A suicide car bomber kills a bystander outside a rival mosque.
2018.04.17 Afghanistan Faroz Koh 6 4 Sunni hardliners gun down six Hazara minorities.
2018.04.17 Iran Mirjaveh 3 0 Jaish al-Adl is suspected of an attack on a police post that leaves three dead.
2018.04.16 Afghanistan Darzab 1 0 A child is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2018.04.16 Iraq Abbara 4 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2018.04.16 Iraq Mosul 5 11 Islamists set off two bombs at a popular market, killing five.
2018.04.16 Syria Adnaniyah 2 0 An ISIS IED takes out two civilians.
2018.04.16 Syria Raqqa 4 0 Four civilians are blown into pieces by a Salafist bomb blast.
2018.04.15 Afghanistan Jaghatu 8 4 Eight police officers are murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2018.04.15 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 0 Three guards at a secular university are cut down by Taliban gunmen.
2018.04.15 Pakistan Kurram 2 5 Religion of Peace fighters shoot two tribesmen to death.
2018.04.15 Iraq Kirkuk 1 11 ISIS is suspected of a bomb blast that claims a civilian.
2018.04.15 Syria Azaz 1 5 Terrorists kill one person at a displaced persons camp.
2018.04.15 Syria Tadamon 1 9 The Islamic State lob mortars into a neighborhood, killing one resident.
2018.04.15 Mali Timbuktu 1 5 Islamists disguised as UN Peacekeepers pour machine-gun fire into passing buses.
2018.04.15 Philippines Midsayap 2 3 A Christian man and his infant daughter bleed to death after Bangsamoro Islamists fire into their home during dinner.
2018.04.15 Pakistan Quetta 2 5 Radicals fire on worshippers leaving church, killing two.
2018.04.14 Pakistan Qila Deedar 2 1 An honor killer takes out his teen sister and 100-year-old grandmother.
2018.04.14 Afghanistan Sancharak 11 0 Eleven village guards are ambushed and killed by the Taliban.
2018.04.14 Afghanistan Khairabad 4 0 Four Afghans are forced to their knees and shot in the head by Sharia advocates.
2018.04.14 Egypt Sinai 8 15 At least eight police are killed by a massive suicide assault by the Islamic State.
2018.04.14 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 1 Fundamentalists murder a local police chief.
2018.04.14 Syria Shuhail 2 3 Two civilians are aerated by ISIS shrapnel.
2018.04.13 Afghanistan Nad Ali 4 1 Four children are reduced to pulp when the Taliban fire a rocket into their home.
2018.04.13 Afghanistan Farah 2 2 Islamists roll up on a checkpoint and kill two local cops.
2018.04.13 Yemen Bayda 1 3 Ansar Allah target a group of journalists with a missile, killing one.
2018.04.13 Afghanistan Shindad 10 4 A Taliban attack produces ten Afghan bodies.
2018.04.12 Afghanistan Gardez 3 0 Three local cops are cut down by fundamentalist machine-gun fire.
2018.04.12 Syria Azaz 7 15 Seven civilians are laid out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2018.04.12 Iraq Asdeira 16 14 ISIS bombs planted in a cemetery take out sixteen locals.
2018.04.12 Somalia Barawe 5 13 Islamists detonate a bomb at a soccer stadium, killing five fans.
2018.04.12 Iraq Zab 4 0 Four villagers are lined up and executed by the Islamic State.
2018.04.12 Iraq Jannana 1 0 Religious extremists enter a man's home and stab him to death in front of his family.
2018.04.12 Burkina Faso Nassoumbou 1 1 A student is murdered by Islamists shouting praises to Allah.
2018.04.11 Iraq Sdiera al-Suflah 4 8 Four civilians are cut down as they try to defend their village from the Islamic State.
2018.04.11 Nigeria Jandeikyula 51 26 At least fifty villagers are exterminated by Miyetti Allah militants.
2018.04.11 Afghanistan Khwaja Omari 15 8 The Taliban overrun a government compound and kill fifteen Afghans.
2018.04.10 Iraq Hammam al-Aalil 60 0 Women make up most of the victims dumped in a mass ISIS grave.
2018.04.10 Syria Rakhm 1 0 A civilian is dismantled by a Sunni IED.
2018.04.09 Iraq Hawijah 1 0 Islamic militants murder a tribal leader.
2018.04.09 Afghanistan Shindad 8 17 Children are among eight killed when Religion of Peace proponents set off a bomb at a market.
2018.04.09 Iraq Haditha 4 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes four Iraqis with him.
2018.04.08 Iraq Mosul 40 0 A mass grave is uncovered containing the remains of forty victims of ISIS execution.
2018.04.08 Burkina Faso Koutougou 1 0 Suspected Jihadists gun down a town's mayor.
2018.04.08 Thailand Mayo 1 0 A villager is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2018.04.08 Iraq Hit 4 7 Four others are killed when two suicide bombers detonate at a political office.
2018.04.08 Afghanistan Sar-i-Pul 6 3 Six local cops are murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.04.07 Iraq Kief 3 0 Three civilians are shot to death by ISIS members.
2018.04.07 Syria al-Bab 8 20 Eight innocents are sectionalized by a Jihadi car bomb outside a mosque.
2018.04.07 Syria Mazzeh 8 37 Jaish al-Islam members target civilians with rocket fire, killing eight including a child.
2018.04.06 Syria Damascus 4 22 Four residents are killed in an Army of Islam mortar barrage.
2018.04.06 Afghanistan Arghandab 4 0 A policeman gets religion and shoots four colleagues in the back.
2018.04.06 Nigeria Kokotye 4 0 A family of four is exterminated by Fulani terrorists.
2018.04.06 Syria Damascus 1 6 Terrorists bomb a rival mosque during Friday prayers, killing one.
2018.04.06 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Three others are killed by two suicide car bombers.
2018.04.06 Pakistan Khairpur 1 0 A pregnant woman is honor-killed by her brother.
2018.04.06 Mali Gao 1 0 Islamic extremists open fire on a UN vehicle, killing one.
2018.04.06 Afghanistan Balghali 2 3 A Taliban attack leaves two dead.
2018.04.05 India Bandipora 1 1 A 24-year-old shepherd is beheaded by Lashkar-e-Taiba.
2018.04.05 Syria Raqqa 1 2 An ISIS IED claims one civilian.
2018.04.05 Mali Aguelhok 2 10 Jihadists fire mortars into a UN Peacekeeper base, killing two.
2018.04.05 Nigeria Asso 2 0 Two young Catholics are gunned down by Muslim radicals.
2018.04.04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' gun down an off-duty cop at his family's house.
2018.04.04 India Hiller 2 0 A mob of angry Muslims throw stones at police vehicles, causing an accident that leaves two dead.
2018.04.04 Afghanistan Almar 2 0 A large group of fundamentalists assault a police station and kill two officers.
2018.04.04 Afghanistan Khas Uruzgan 2 5 A group fighting for a Sharia state storms a security camp and murders two members.
2018.04.03 Afghanistan Paktika 1 0 The Taliban murder a family member of a secular lawmaker.
2018.04.03 Iraq Qurret Tabbah 4 0 A woman and three children are felled by an Islamic State mortar round.
2018.04.02 Pakistan Quetta 5 9 Sunnis attack a group of Shiite protesters, killing five.
2018.04.02 India Hajin 1 2 Lashkar-e-Toiba invade a home, stab two women, then abduct and kill a male.
2018.04.02 Cameroon Sagme 5 3 Jihadists murder five local troops in a barbaric ambush.
2018.04.02 Pakistan Quetta 4 1 A targeted Easter shooting attack on a Christian family leaves four dead. The killers claim that "all praise is due to Allah."
2018.04.02 Somalia Bula-burte 7 0 Four children and their parents are among those shredded by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2018.04.01 Somalia Bulo-Marer 8 6 A suicide attack on Ugandan peacekeepers leaves eight dead.
2018.04.01 Syria Gharanij 1 0 ISIS shrapnel rips through a civilian bystander.
2018.04.01 Nigeria Bale 20 84 Women and children are among the casualties when a number of Shahid suicide bombers attack a community. Most of the dead were youth watching TV.
2018.04.01 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 A Shiite man is shot to death in a targeted attack on their vehicle.
2018.04.01 Afghanistan Kama 1 2 A group calling itself the 'Islamic Emirate' plants a bomb that kills a local security personnel.
2018.04.01 Iraq Albu Seif 56 0 A mass grave is discovered with fifty-six victims of ISIS execution.
2018.04.01 Uganda Kachomo 1 0 A family man is murdered for leaving Islam for Christianity.
2018.03.31 Iraq Ghaza 3 11 A suicide bomber claims three lives.
2018.03.31 India Dalipora 1 1 A father of three is shot point-blank by Islamic militants.
2018.03.31 Pakistan Abbottabad 2 0 A young couple is honor-killed by their families for marrying by choice.
2018.03.30 Afghanistan Pasaband 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.03.30 Afghanistan Kunar 2 1 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two people on their way to a funeral.
2018.03.30 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 0 Taliban bombers kill three police officers in a passing convoy.
2018.03.30 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 13 Four suicide bombers manage to take down a woman and a boy.
2018.03.30 Afghanistan Shindad 1 0 A hostage is beheaded by the Taliban shortly after being abducted.
2018.03.30 Bangladesh Jamalpur 0 22 Twenty-two Ahmadis are injured during a mob attack at their mosque by Sunni rivals.
2018.03.29 Russia St. Petersburg 1 0 A 27-year-old Jewish man is cut down in a targeted Muslim attack.
2018.03.29 Mali Bandjagara 1 2 A jihad attack on a hotel frequented by aid workers leaves one guard dead.
2018.03.29 India Anantnag 1 1 Militants fire on a man in his home, killing him and injuring his wife.
2018.03.29 Libya Ajdabiya 8 8 A suicide car bomber rams a barricade, sending eight souls to Allah.
2018.03.29 Iraq Sakra 8 2 Mujahideen shrapnel snuffs out eight lives, including four shepherds.
2018.03.28 Iraq Abu Saida 2 0 Two civilians are killed by a Jihadi bomb blast while fishing.
2018.03.28 Yemen Mukalla 11 0 Eleven local soldiers are ambushed and killed by al-Qaeda.
2018.03.28 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A Red Cross staff member is blown up by Sharia advocates.
2018.03.28 Afghanistan Chaparhar 4 4 Four members of a family are eliminated by 'extremists'.
2018.03.28 DRC Beni 10 10 ADF Islamists make quick work of ten unsuspecting Congolese.
2018.03.28 Afghanistan Khewa 2 4 Muslim militants fire on mourners at a funeral, bringing down two.
2018.03.28 Iraq Baaj 4 0 Four prominent civilians are cut down by ISIS gunmen.
2018.03.27 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 A transgender and friend are gunned down by suspected fundamentalists.
2018.03.27 Sudan Kassala 2 5 An extremist stabs two people trying to prevent him from speaking at their mosque.
2018.03.27 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A female member of parliament is assassinated outside her home by two al-Shabaab members.
2018.03.27 Iraq Jalawla 2 1 Two village chieftains are pulled from their homes and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.03.27 Syria Eastern Ghouta 27 60 Sunni terrorists send dozens of mortars into a civilian area, killing twenty-seven residents.
2018.03.26 Pakistan Lahore 1 2 A Christian is beaten to death at a hospital while trying to visit his sister.
2018.03.26 Syria Rawiyah 2 0 An ISIS bomb claims two lives.
2018.03.26 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A school guard is shot to death by suspected terrorists.
2018.03.26 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 2 One person is killed when a Shiite militia fires a rocket into the capital.
2018.03.26 India Murshidabad 1 6 Muslims attack a Hindu procession and kill a participant.
2018.03.26 Nigeria Knoduga 0 3 Three remarkably ineffective female suicide bombers kill only themselves.
2018.03.25 Nigeria Agatu 2 5 Miyetti Allah attack a group of boys and behead two.
2018.03.25 Afghanistan Badakhshan 1 0 A woman is abducted and killed by religious radicals.
2018.03.25 Afghanistan Herat City 1 9 Sunni suicide bombers try to enter a Shiite mosque, but manage to kill only the guard.
2018.03.25 Afghanistan Chaman Hazoori 1 13 The Haqqani network is suspected in an explosion targeting a protest.
2018.03.25 Somalia Mogadishu 4 10 A suicide car bomber outside parliament claims at least four lives.
2018.03.25 Iraq Mosul 48 0 Forty-eight civilians are discovered in a mass grave, many tortured to death by the caliphate.
2018.03.24 Iraq Hawijah 5 0 Five religious minorities are kidnapped, handcuffed and shot in the back of the head by the Islamic State.
2018.03.24 Iraq Sa'diya 4 2 Religious extremists fire on a family vehicle, killing four including a woman and child.
2018.03.24 Egypt Alexandria 2 4 A bomb blast destroys two souls.
2018.03.24 Syria Mazraa 1 7 Sunni extremists shell a soccer field, killing a boy.
2018.03.24 Syria Idlib 7 25 A suicide car bomber takes out seven civilians.
2018.03.24 Iraq Mushahada 1 2 A patron at a market is blown away by Mujahid bombers.
2018.03.23 Niger Toummour 5 4 Radicalized Muslims fire into a crowd at a market, killing five.
2018.03.23 France Paris 1 0 Two Muslims stab an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor to death and then set fire to her body.
2018.03.23 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 16 45 A suicide car bomber strikes spectators leaving a wrestling match, putting sixteen on the mat.
2018.03.23 France Carcassonne 4 15 A fervent Muslim migrant yelling praises to Allah guns down a winemaker, bricklayer, butcher and police officer who offered his life in exchange for other hostages.
2018.03.22 Syria Damascus 4 14 A group fighting for Sharia sends a rocket into a house, killing four.
2018.03.22 Somalia Mogadishu 14 10 Muslim extremists set off a car bomb outside a hotel, laying out fourteen souls.
2018.03.22 Afghanistan Tirinkot 2 2 A Sunni group fires a mortar into a house, killing two occupants.
2018.03.22 Philippines Tumbras 1 3 Bangsamoro Islamists murder a farmer and injure his wife and children.
2018.03.21 USA Travis AFB, CA 0 0 A suicide bomber rams the gate at an Air Force base, but kills only himself.
2018.03.21 CAR Seko 1 0 A priest trying to help refugees is shot to death by Muslim 'rebels'.
2018.03.21 Iraq Rutba 9 0 Seven border guards and two drivers are ambushed and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.03.21 Yemen Snah 4 3 An extremist group targets a passing vehicle with a bomb, killing four civilians.
2018.03.21 Iraq Kirkuk 2 35 Islamists fire on a bus carrying tourists, killing two.
2018.03.21 Afghanistan Kabul 33 66 A Shahid suicide bomber strikes a crowd gathered to celebrate a Zoroastrian festival, killing thirty-three.
2018.03.21 Syria Damascus 44 35 A Sunni group sends rockets into a busy market, slaughtering over forty innocents.
2018.03.20 Syria Hadba 2 7 A suicide bombing is one of two that leaves two civilians dead.
2018.03.20 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 6 15 Religious radicals fire on two family vehicles, killing a child and five others.
2018.03.20 Iraq Ramadi 1 1 A woman is blown to bits by an ISIS bomb.
2018.03.20 Afghanistan Nawa 2 3 Two local cops are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.03.19 Nigeria Omala 10 0 Miyetti Allah cadres burn homes, slit throats, and "cut off vital organs."
2018.03.19 Afghanistan Baharak 1 0 A woman is beheaded by Sunni fundamentalists.
2018.03.19 Syria Jarabulus 1 1 A suicide car bomber takes out a civilian bystander.
2018.03.19 Syria Raqqa 2 0 Two civilians are turned to mush by ISIS shrapnel.
2018.03.19 Afghanistan Shindad 1 9 A bomb planted on a motorcycle claims one life.
2018.03.19 Afghanistan Akramuddin 3 10 The Islamic State bombs a sports stadium, killing three spectators.
2018.03.19 Iraq al-Sab 2 3 Two villagers are murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.03.18 Afghanistan Deh Ponba 2 1 Two civilians are aerated by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.03.18 Afghanistan Qala Qazi 5 2 Five local cops are massacred by the Taliban.
2018.03.18 Afghanistan Kabul 3 4 A suicide bomber takes out three civilians.
2018.03.18 Afghanistan Ghor 1 5 A bomb planted by the Taliban kills a young shepherd.
2018.03.18 Afghanistan Kabul 0 5 A suicide bomber sets off a grenade amid a crowd of university students.
2018.03.18 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 A museum worker and father of four is stabbed to death on his way home from work.
2018.03.18 Iraq Riyadh 5 0 A woman is among five civilians brutally shot to death by the Islamic State.
2018.03.18 Syria Damascus 2 3 A woman and her daughter are disassembled by a Sunni rocket.
2018.03.18 Pakistan Burewala 0 7 Angry Muslims open fire on a church, then beat victims with bricks.
2018.03.17 Afghanistan Spin Kaan 1 16 A child is disassembled by a Taliban bomb blast.
2018.03.17 Nigeria Tudun 5 0 Five fishermen are murdered in cold blood by Boko Haram.
2018.03.17 Afghanistan Kabul 3 3 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out two barbers and a shoeshine man.
2018.03.17 Pakistan Safi 2 3 A polio team administering vaccine to children is fired on. Two medical workers are killed and three are abducted.
2018.03.17 Pakistan Mohmand 1 1 Jamaatul Ahrar members fire on a rescue party, killing one member.
2018.03.16 Iraq Karkush 5 0 Five border guards are machine-gunned by Islamic extremists.
2018.03.16 Somalia Bosaso 3 2 A grenade thrown by suspected al-Shabaab leaves three dead.
2018.03.16 Israel Mevo Dotan 2 2 A Palestinian rams his car into a group of soldiers guarding a settlement, killing two.
2018.03.15 Iraq Sinjar 15 0 Fifteen women and child religious minorities are found in a mass grave.
2018.03.15 Afghanistan Qillah Saifullah 6 10 Six woman and children are killed when a Taliban bomb explodes early.
2018.03.15 Iraq Mandali 5 0 Two border guards are killed during an Islamist attack. Three others are kidnapped and murdered.
2018.03.15 Syria East Ghouta 1 18 A civilian is killed by a pro-Sharia group.
2018.03.14 Pakistan Raiwind 10 35 A teen Fedayeen suicide bomber exterminates ten other lives.
2018.03.14 Afghanistan Farah 10 8 A Taliban attack leaves ten dead.
2018.03.14 Afghanistan Nad Ali 2 3 Two others are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2018.03.14 Pakistan Karachi 1 3 Terrorists attack police with grenades, killing one.
2018.03.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 The Islamic State is suspected in a brutal bombing at a popular market.
2018.03.13 Nigeria Tse Igbe 3 0 A Catholic teacher is among at least three people hacked to death.
2018.03.13 Nigeria Guma 3 4 Women and children returning from market are set on by Muslim terrorists.
2018.03.13 Afghanistan Farah 5 5 Five police are murdered by the Taliban and five others kidnapped.
2018.03.13 Syria Qadam 1 0 An ISIS sniper picks off a civilian.
2018.03.13 Iraq Samarra 2 0 Two men are killed by Saraya al-Salam gunmen.
2018.03.13 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 0 Two children are recruited in the execution of three prisoners.
2018.03.13 Yemen Aden 7 30 A young boy is among seven killed when a suicide bomber plows his car into a kitchen.
2018.03.12 Iraq Qayyarah 8 0 A man, his son and six guests are cut down in cold blood by Islamic State members.
2018.03.12 Syria Jarada 1 0 Jabhat Tahrir Suriya snipers pick off a civilian.
2018.03.12 Syria Gharanij 2 2 An Islamic State bomb brings down two civilians.
2018.03.12 Iraq Mushirfa 7 0 A man and his two children are among seven innocents slain by the Islamic State.
2018.03.12 Iraq Azim 15 5 Islamic hardliners stop vehicles randomly along the highway and shoot occupants to death.
2018.03.12 Germany Flensburg 1 0 An 'asylum seeker' stabs his girlfriend to death for refusing to convert to Islam.
2018.03.12 Syria Ghranij 2 3 Two children are disassembled by an Islamic State landmine.
2018.03.12 Niger Goube 3 1 Jihadists take down three people in a surprise attack on a small village.
2018.03.12 USA Palm Beach Gardens, FL 1 2 A recent convert to Islam stabs three people over his religion, including two 13-year-olds.
2018.03.11 Austria Vienna 0 1 An Islamist stabs a guard outside the Iranian embassy.
2018.03.11 Syria East Ghouta 4 26 Islamists fire rockets into civilian areas, killing four.
2018.03.11 Afghanistan Nabi Khil 7 2 Two women and three children are among seven sent to Allah by a Taliban rocket.
2018.03.11 Iraq Hawija 2 0 An ISIS bomb takes down two farmers.
2018.03.11 Iraq Yusufiya 1 4 A Mujahideen blast at a restaurant kills just one patron.
2018.03.11 Iraq Amerli 5 10 Five family members are obliterated by ISIS bombers.
2018.03.11 Iraq Daquq 3 0 Three civilians are burned alive in their car by Holy Warriors.
2018.03.10 Afghanistan Naik 7 1 Islamic state proponents machine-gun seven local cops at a checkpoint.
2018.03.10 Afghanistan Bazaarqala 1 2 A child is torn to shreds by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.03.10 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 24 22 Twenty-four local security personnel are eliminated by Sharia fanatics.
2018.03.10 Somalia Weydow 4 1 An al-Shabaab IED claims four lives.
2018.03.09 Nigeria La’ake 4 0 Four children are butchered by Miyetti Allah
2018.03.09 Afghanistan Kabul 9 18 A Shahid suicide bomber targets a gathering of Shiites outside a mosque, killing nine.
2018.03.09 Libya Ajdabiya 3 0 Three people are killed when a suicide bomber plows into a checkpoint.
2018.03.09 Syria Jaramana 2 3 Two civilians are torn limb-from-limb by a Sunni rocket.
2018.03.09 Mali Dialloube 4 4 Jihadists kill four local security personnel with a landmine.
2018.03.09 Afghanistan Khaja Gar 17 13 Seventeen local security personnel are killed during an attack on their post by Islamists.
2018.03.09 Afghanistan Sayed Wali 2 0 Two civilians are killed at their own mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.03.08 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 Sunni radicals fire on two Shiites sitting outside their house, killing one.
2018.03.08 Iraq Adhaim 2 0 Two customs officials are kidnapped and murdered by Mujahideen.
2018.03.08 Afghanistan Faryab 5 0 Three women and a child are among five civilian lives cut short by the Taliban.
2018.03.08 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 A Christian doctor, his wife, and mother are viciously stabbed to death in their home.
2018.03.07 Pakistan Quetta 1 1 Sunni gunmen fire on a Shiite mosque, killing a guard.
2018.03.07 Bangladesh Jaleshwar 1 0 Militant Muslims strangle a Hindu priest and loot his house.
2018.03.07 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 4 3 At least four locals are taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber on a motorcycle.
2018.03.07 Iraq Badush 2 1 An ISIS bomb blast claims two lives.
2018.03.07 Somalia Afgoye 4 0 A group fighting for Sharia bombs a car carrying four souls.
2018.03.07 Syria Aleppo 3 3 A brutal attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham produces three dead civilians.
2018.03.07 Syria Idlib 2 1 A Sunni group named Katibat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad murders two civilians
2018.03.07 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 11 A suicide bomber takes out a religious rival.
2018.03.06 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a traffic cop to death.
2018.03.06 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A shopper is disintegrated by a Religion of Peace bomb blast outside a store.
2018.03.06 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 0 Two people are blown to bits when fundamentalist bombers target an oil tanker.
2018.03.06 Syria al-Bab 1 5 A suicide car bomber takes out a bystander.
2018.03.06 Nigeria Dikwa 4 0 Four loggers collecting wood are obliterated by Boko Haram shrapnel.
2018.03.06 Nigeria Gamboru 3 0 Three civilians are slaughtered in their own village by Islamists.
2018.03.06 Syria Jaramana 3 15 Three civilians lose their lives in a targeted attack by Sunni terrorists.
2018.03.06 Iraq Saadiya 1 0 A paramedic is kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.03.05 Syria Idlib 1 3 A Hayat Tahrir al-Sham attack produces one dead civilian.
2018.03.05 Nigeria Muna Dalti 3 18 A suicide bomber on a bicycle pedals his way to paradise, taking three others with him.
2018.03.05 Nigeria Gero 3 0 Three students are slaughtered by Allah Miyetti.
2018.03.04 Syria Shamiku 3 3 Three civilians are murdered by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.
2018.03.04 Thailand Yingo 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a 69-year-old rubber tapper in the head.
2018.03.04 Iraq Tal Keif 2 3 Separate attacks by Jihadists leave two dead.
2018.03.04 DRC Beni 7 8 ADF Islamists ambush and kill seven locals.
2018.03.03 Afghanistan Wardak 2 0 Two children are caught in the cross-fire during a Taliban ambush.
2018.03.03 Bangladesh Sylhet 0 1 A seminary student stabs a secular writer he accuses of being an 'enemy of Islam.'
2018.03.03 Somalia Jowhar 3 7 al-Shabaab Islamists bomb and then open fire on Burundi peacekeepers, killing three.
2018.03.03 Syria Aleppo 1 3 Jabhat Tahrir Suriya members kill a civilian.
2018.03.03 Syria Raqqa 2 1 An Islamic State bomb blast claims two civilians.
2018.03.03 Afghanistan Khak-e-safed 3 0 Three civilians are executed by the Taliban.
2018.03.03 Syria Deir al-Zour 2 4 Two civilians are neatly dispatched by an Islamic State bomb.
2018.03.02 Kenya Fino Ward 5 3 al-Shabaab members attack and kill five local cops.
2018.03.02 Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 8 90 A wave of Nusrat al-Islam attacks in the capital leaves eight others dead.
2018.03.02 Afghanistan Kabul 1 22 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders a young girl.
2018.03.02 Somalia Afgoye 1 3 A suicide bomber kills a guard.
2018.03.02 Somalia Lower Shabelle 4 2 Four injured persons are killed when bombers hit their ambulance.
2018.03.02 Nigeria Rann 11 3 Three humanitarian workers are left dead after a Boko Haram attack.
2018.03.02 Nigeria Buni Yadi 7 28 Boko Haram straps a teenage girl with a bomb and sends her into a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2018.03.02 Yemen Trim 1 0 A moderate cleric is assassinated inside a mosque by a radical gunmen.
2018.03.02 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 2 A civilian at a market is sent to Allah by Mujahid bombers.
2018.03.02 Iraq Kifri 1 0 A shepherd is shot to death by the Islamic State.
2018.03.02 Pakistan Pehlwan Banda 1 0 A Shiite schoolteacher is gunned down by Sunni radicals.
2018.03.01 Nigeria Kaya 1 3 An elderly woman is gunned down during a raid by Boko Haram.
2018.03.01 Somalia Mogadishu 3 2 al-Shabaab fires a mortar outside a sports stadium that kills three civilians.
2018.03.01 Somalia Kahda 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber kills at least two others.
2018.03.01 Nigeria Tchikide 2 0 A suicide bomber rams a vehicle, killing both occupants.
2018.02.28 Pakistan Nauhisar 4 6 A suicide bomber kills four security personnel.
2018.02.28 Mali Mopti 4 0 Four UN peacekeepers are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2018.02.28 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 A Sunni group claims a shooting attack that leaves two dead.
2018.02.28 Syria Bab al-Hawa 3 3 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members eliminate three civilians.
2018.02.28 Syria Daraa 2 18 A Sunni group fires a shell into a residential area, killing two unfortunates.
2018.02.27 Nigeria Tambo 20 0 Muslim terrorists burn down churches and kill twenty innocents, including a pastor.
2018.02.27 Mali Douentza 6 0 At least six Malians are sent to Allah by Sharia advocates.
2018.02.27 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 5 A fundamentalist group murders six police officers.
2018.02.27 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 0 A man is tied up and stoned to death for adultery.
2018.02.27 Iraq Karashabak 3 0 Three civilians are cut down by ISIS gunmen.
2018.02.27 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Islamic radicals shoot one man and stab two others to death.
2018.02.26 Syria Hazano 6 0 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham pour shells into a residential area, killing six civilians.
2018.02.26 Syria East Ghouta 0 0 A Jaysh al-Islam missile takes out a civilian.
2018.02.26 Afghanistan Baba Wali 2 4 Two civilians are taken out by the Taliban.
2018.02.26 Iraq Tarmiya 1 2 Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing one innocent.
2018.02.26 Nigera Kasuwan Magani 12 20 A dozen Christians are reportedly killed in retaliation for rescuing two girls from forced conversion.
2018.02.26 DRC Kagabe 6 4 A priest is among six villagers murdered by suspected ADF.
2018.02.25 Cameroon Bourvare 4 0 Two Fedayeen suicide bombers take out four villagers.
2018.02.25 India Budgam 1 0 A guard outside a Sufi shrine bleeds to death after being shot twice by devotees of traditional Islam.
2018.02.25 India Soura 1 0 A policeman is shot to death by extremists while on guard duty at a residence.
2018.02.25 Iraq Balad Ruz 1 1 Islamic State members open fire on a group of shepherds, killing one.
2018.02.25 Afghanistan Yahyahel 3 6 A bomb planted on a motorbike disintegrates three bystanders at a market.
2018.02.25 Pakistan Tando Adam 2 0 A man tracks down his wife and sister and honor kills them for allegedly sleeping around.
2018.02.24 Syria Aleppo 1 7 Jabhat Tahrir Suriya members murder a civilian.
2018.02.24 Syria Idlib 5 0 Five civilians are brought down by Jabhat Tahrir Suriya.
2018.02.24 Iraq Kirkuk 2 3 Islamic militants attack an oil facility, killing two guards.
2018.02.24 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 A former politician is assassinated along with two bodyguards by a fundamentalist group.
2018.02.24 Afghanistan Nad Ali 2 14 Two locals are laid out by a suicide bomber.
2018.02.24 Yemen Aden 14 43 A mother and three children are among fourteen souls sent to Allah by two suicide car bombers .
2018.02.24 Afghanistan Kabul 2 7 A suicide bomber detonates in a diplomatic area, killing two guards.
2018.02.23 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 25 0 A brutal attack on a checkpoint leaves over two dozen dead.
2018.02.23 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 3 Jihadis set off a car bomb at a parking lot, killing a bystander.
2018.02.23 Somalia Mogadishu 45 36 A suicide bombing is one of two attacks that leave forty-five dead.
2018.02.23 Cameroon Kordo 3 0 Three innocents lose their lives to Boko Haram.
2018.02.23 Syria Damascus 1 43 A Sunni group sends shells into a neighborhood, killing one resident.
2018.02.22 Syria Damascus 3 0 Three civilians are aerated by Jaish al Islam shrapnel.
2018.02.22 Afghanistan Zabul 5 6 Five Afghans are hit with a roadside bomb and then peppered with rifle fire by religious extremists.
2018.02.21 Chad Lake Chad 2 0 Two border guards are murdered by Boko Haram.
2018.02.21 Iraq Domiz 1 0 A cleric is assassinated by suspected rivals.
2018.02.21 Libya Jufra 3 3 Three Libyans are disintegrated by a suicide car bomber.
2018.02.21 Mali Sahel 2 0 Two French troops are killed by Jihadi bombers while on patrol.
2018.02.21 Syria Anbar 20 0 Twenty truck drivers are brutally executed by the Islamic State.
2018.02.21 Nigeria Dapchi 2 13 Two kidnapped schoolgirls are murdered by Boko Haram.
2018.02.21 Afghanistan Ko Toop 5 0 Fundamentalists spray a vehicle carrying government employees with automatic weapons fire, killing five.
2018.02.21 Afghanistan Rubat 8 3 Religious extremists machine-gun eight policemen at a checkpoint.
2018.02.20 Afghanistan Bashikod 2 0 Two locals are blown to bits by Taliban bombers.
2018.02.20 Cameroon Salamassali 6 5 Religion of Peace proponents burn down houses and massacre six civilians.
2018.02.20 Syria East Ghouta 9 49 Sunnis pour shells into non-Sunni neighborhoods, killing nine civilians.
2018.02.20 Afghanistan Farah 3 0 A woman is among three civilians aerated by Jihadi shrapnel.
2018.02.20 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 3 Three tribal elders are killed when Sharia advocates bomb a hotel.
2018.02.20 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A father and son are eliminated by an Islamic State landmine.
2018.02.20 Afghanistan Achin 10 0 Ten civilians are discovered murdered by Islamic State members.
2018.02.19 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 3 Two Afghans lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
2018.02.19 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 16 9 Sixteen policemen are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.02.19 Afghanistan Nad Ali 5 6 Fundamentalists roll up on a police checkpoint and riddle five local cops with bullets.
2018.02.19 Iraq Kirkuk 27 0 Two dozen Iraqis are machine-gunned by an Islamist group at a fake checkpoint.
2018.02.19 Algeria Cherchar 2 1 Two local security personnel are picked off by fundamentalist bombers.
2018.02.18 Iraq Ramdaniyah 111 0 One-hundred and eleven Iraqis are discovered in a mass grave after having been shot by the Islamic State.
2018.02.18 Dagestan Kizlyar 5 7 An Islamic seminary student fires on a church service, killing five female worshippers.
2018.02.18 Syria Qamishli 5 7 A car bomb targeting a Kurdish neighborhood claims five residents.
2018.02.18 Afghanistan Kot 12 0 The bodies of a dozen civilian hostages are discovered a year after their abduction by the Islamic State.
2018.02.18 Iraq Rutba 2 5 A well-place ISIS bomb kills two Iraqis.
2018.02.17 DRC Mushikiri 2 1 The ADF is suspected in the murder of two water purification workers.
2018.02.17 Nigeria Konduga 19 70 Three suicide bombers blow up nineteen patrons at a fish market.
2018.02.17 Afghanistan Gerishk 16 0 Four intelligence operatives gun down sixteen of their colleagues and join the Taliban.
2018.02.17 Afghanistan Mullah Din 5 0 Five policemen are brutally murdered by the Taliban.
2018.02.17 DRC Beni 5 8 ADF Islamists ambush a civilian vehicle and massacre five passengers, including three women.
2018.02.17 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 Mujahideen set off a bomb outside a row of shops, killing a passerby.
2018.02.16 Somalia Bari 2 0 al-Shabaab radicals kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2018.02.16 Yemen Mafad 3 2 al-Qaeda bombers target a check point, killing three members.
2018.02.16 Egypt el-Arish 1 0 A man is forced to his knees and shot in the back of the head by the Islamic State.
2018.02.16 Syria Rimthan 34 0 Thirty-four victims of the Islamic State are found in a mass grave.
2018.02.16 Kenya Wajir 4 1 Three Christian school teachers are murdered by Islamic extremists, along with one of their wives.
2018.02.16 Pakistan Mammond 1 0 A member of a peace committee is killed instantly by a Taliban bomb blast.
2018.02.16 Nigeria Dapchi 17 50 Boko Haram attack a small village, killing seventeen residents.
2018.02.15 Pakistan Tormast 2 2 Two tribal elders are cut to ribbons by a shrapnel bomb.
2018.02.15 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two civilians are gunned down by suspected ISIS.
2018.02.15 Afghanistan Herat 2 0 Two children are shredded by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.02.14 Algeria Bir El Ater 5 2 Fundamentalists take down five local soldiers with an IED.
2018.02.14 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 1 0 The Taliban kill one person with a roadside bomb.
2018.02.14 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 7 0 Seven Afghans lose their lives when Islamic militants attack a police check post.
2018.02.14 Afghanistan Qaysar 3 0 A Taliban attack leaves three dead.
2018.02.14 Pakistan Quetta 4 0 Four security guards shot in the back of the head by Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2018.02.13 Syria Gharanij 2 0 An Islamic State ordinance claims two civilians.
2018.02.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Jihadis set off a bomb on a busy market street, killing one.
2018.02.13 Iraq Muqdadiya 1 0 An agricultural worker is dismantled by a Sunni bomb.
2018.02.12 Iraq Farhatiya 5 6 Mujahideen shoot three family members to death, then leave a bomb that kills two responding officers.
2018.02.12 Syria Maarrat Misrin 9 14 Eight civilians bleed out following a Fedayeen suicide bomb blast.
2018.02.12 Syria Khan Sheikhoun 2 3 Two civilians are blown to bits by ISIS bombers.
2018.02.12 India Karan Nagar 1 0 A local cop is shot to death by two terrorists with automatic rifles.
2018.02.12 India Charangam 1 0 A political activist is killed by suspected religious radicals.
2018.02.12 Somalia Qunyo Barrow 2 0 Two Kenyans are stabbed to death by Islamists.
2018.02.12 South Africa Verulam 2 0 An elderly married couple, British botanists, are kidnapped and murdered by Jihadists to 'strike fear' into the hearts of unbelievers.
2018.02.11 Nigeria Bakin Kogi 4 1 Four wine tappers are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2018.02.11 Indonesia Yogyakarta 0 4 A knife-wielding attacker wounds four worshippers at a church.
2018.02.11 Thailand Pattani 0 9 Islamists set off six bombs.
2018.02.11 Nigeria Bakin Kogi 5 0 Five villagers returning from church are ambushed and killed by Miyetti Allah.
2018.02.11 Syria Damascus 1 3 A Sunni group lobs mortars into a residential area, killing at least one civilian.
2018.02.11 Iraq Sinjar 2 0 Two residents are killed when ISIS members detonate a bomb at their house.
2018.02.10 Afghanistan Greshk 16 0 Sixteen locals are pumped full of lead by Taliban gunmen.
2018.02.10 Pakistan Kohistan 3 0 A man guns down two adulterers and a family member in the name of honor.
2018.02.10 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A Shiite trader is gunned down at his dairy shop by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2018.02.10 Afghanistan Anar Dara 2 3 Religious extremists bomb a car carrying cricket athletes, killing two.
2018.02.10 Iraq Tuz Khurmato 5 0 Five shepherds are kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and shot in the head.
2018.02.10 Iraq Dujail 2 6 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates outside a funeral tent, killing two mourners.
2018.02.10 India Chaigund 1 0 A teenage girl dies from injuries suffered from a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen 'encounter.'
2018.02.10 Iraq Dujail 3 3 Terrorists fire into a family home, killing three members.
2018.02.10 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A suicide bomber sends three Iraqis to Allah.
2018.02.10 Syria Idlib 7 30 Terrorists set off a car bomb at a town plaza, reducing seven bystanders to pulp.
2018.02.10 India Sunjawan 6 4 A woman is among the casualties when Jaish-e-Mohammad stage a suicide assault on a local military camp.
2018.02.10 Afghanistan Nawa 6 8 A brutal attack by armed fundamentalists on a police checkpoint leaves six dead.
2018.02.10 Afghanistan Ghor 1 0 A secular judge is murdered by radicals advocating for Sharia.
2018.02.10 Mali Mopti 5 18 Five civilians are shredded by Islamist shrapnel.
2018.02.10 Iraq Yusufiya 1 2 Terrorists set off a bomb at a market the kills a bystander.
2018.02.09 Iraq Khanaqin 7 3 Islamists roll up on a popular café and riddle it with bullets, killing seven.
2018.02.09 Australia Melbourne 0 1 A sleeping man is stabbed in the neck by a Bangladeshi woman who cited the Islamic State.
2018.02.09 Libya Benghazi 2 143 Islamists plant two bombs at a rival mosque, killing two.
2018.02.09 Afghanistan Bati Kot 4 2 Four cricket players are left dead after radicals bomb a match.
2018.02.09 Iraq Sinjar 6 0 Six religious minorities are found executed by the Islamic State.
2018.02.08 Pakistan Pano Akil 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is shot to death by her brother over suspicion of unIslamic activity.
2018.02.08 Iraq Taji 1 2 A bomb left at a market produces one body.
2018.02.08 Iraq Ramadi 1 14 A suicide bomber takes one other person with him.
2018.02.07 Syria Damascus 2 2 Two civilians are laid out by Sunni shelling.
2018.02.07 Syria Shajara 1 0 A woman is stoned to death for adultery.
2018.02.07 Pakistan Hailal Khail 1 0 A tribal elder bleeds to death following an Islamic bomb blast.
2018.02.07 USA Tahlequah, OK 0 1 A Muslim yelling 'Allah' stabs a non-Muslim following an argument over religion.
2018.02.07 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 An off-duty local soldier is gunned down near a university.
2018.02.07 Somalia Afgoye 2 4 An al-Shabaab bomb blast claims two lives.
2018.02.07 Afghanistan Greshk 1 7 Fundamentalists spray bullets into a police checkpoint, killing one member.
2018.02.07 Pakistan Mir Ali 2 4 Islamists send a rocket into a passing security patrol, killing two members.
2018.02.07 Iraq Kifri 20 0 Twenty civilians are discovered in an ISIS mass grave.
2018.02.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite teen is kidnapped near his school and then murdered.
2018.02.06 Nigeria Baaki 8 0 Eight locals lose their lives to a Muslim terror attack on a quiet village.
2018.02.06 India Srinagar 2 2 Hizbul Mujahideen members murder two prison guards on a trip to the hospital.
2018.02.06 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three people are shot to death by Islamists near a university.
2018.02.06 Syria Bab Toumah 4 9 Four civilians are killed when terrorists lob a mortar into the central square of a Christian district during a humanitarian drive.
2018.02.06 Iraq Abu Saida 1 0 A fruit vendor is shot to death by Jihadis.
2018.02.06 Syria Idlib 6 30 Two children are among six refugees blown to bits by Sunni shrapnel.
2018.02.06 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A university professor is assassinated by suspected Sharia advocates.
2018.02.06 Thailand Klongmai 2 0 A man and his father-in-law are gunned down by Muslim 'insurgents.'
2018.02.05 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 Suspected fundamentalists gun down three civilians at a market.
2018.02.05 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Mujahideen set off a bomb along a busy market street, killing one.
2018.02.05 Thailand Muang 1 0 A Buddhist is shot to death at a food shop by Muslim 'rebels'.
2018.02.05 Iraq Hamrin 6 0 An ultra-hardline Sunni group murders six Iraqis guarding an oil route.
2018.02.05 Iraq Shoala 1 1 Suspected Mujahideen hurl a grenade into a home, killing one person.
2018.02.05 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 Muslim terrorists gun down a Chinese national at a market.
2018.02.05 Israel Ariel 1 0 A 29-year-old father of four is stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist.
2018.02.05 Mali Gossi 2 0 Two local soldiers are shot in the head by Jihadists.
2018.02.04 Nigeria Alau-Kofa 2 1 Two people are burned alive by Islamic activists.
2018.02.04 Thailand Pa Rai 1 0 A villager is slain by suspected Muslim 'insurgents'.
2018.02.04 Cameroon Hitawa 6 2 Islamists attack a peaceful community, set fire to homes and kill six residents, including a pregnant woman.
2018.02.04 Somalia Odweyne 4 0 Women and children are among four killed by a bomb planted in their home.
2018.02.04 Nigeria Kala 1 1 Boko Haram murder a refugee and set him on fire.
2018.02.04 Egypt el-Arish 3 5 Three people are killed when Islamists target a pickup truck with a bomb.
2018.02.04 Iraq Mamoun 3 0 Three children are discovered with bullets to the back of the head in an area controlled by the Islamic State.
2018.02.04 Syria Damascus 2 0 Two young men are forced to their knees and executed for 'apostasy'.
2018.02.03 Iraq Qahtaniya 70 0 Seventy Yazidi civilians are found in a mass ISIS grave.
2018.02.03 Mali Talataye 4 0 Four civilians are eliminated by Jihadis.
2018.02.03 Afghanistan Sherin Tagab 5 4 Five guards are left dead following an attack by armed fundamentalists on a political office.
2018.02.03 Pakistan Swat 11 13 A suicide bomber targets off-duty local soldiers playing volleyball, killing three.
2018.02.03 Cameroon Yawa 2 0 A student is among two civilians murdered by Boko Haram.
2018.02.03 Afghanistan Farahrod 1 6 A young police officer is shot to death at a checkpoint by the Taliban.
2018.02.02 DRC Kitevya 3 0 Muslim radicals attack a health center, shooting two guards and hacking dead another.
2018.02.02 Afghanistan Gilan 3 5 Two women and a child are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2018.02.02 Nigeria Oye-Ekiti 1 0 An Islamic radical murders a police officer.
2018.02.01 Philippines Patikul 2 4 An Abu Sayyaf ambush of a private vehicle leaves two dead.
2018.02.01 India Khyala 1 0 A Hindu man's throat is slit for being in a relationship with a Muslim woman.
2018.02.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 44 A suicide bomber infiltrates a refugee camp and takes down four innocents.
2018.02.01 Egypt Arish 1 1 Jihadi snipers pick off a local cop.
2018.02.01 Somalia Taredishe 3 3 al-Shabaab shrapnel claims the lives of two telecommunications employees and a passerby.
2018.01.31 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 A civilian is sent to Allah by Mujahideen bombers.
2018.01.31 Mali Gao 2 2 Mujahideen kill two people with a roadside bomb.
2018.01.31 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 An Islamic State bomb planted in a home kills two Iraqis.
2018.01.31 Iraq Tayaran 8 0 Eight young people, executed by the Islamic State, are found in a grave.
2018.01.31 Nigeria Kaguru 7 4 Seven villagers are shot to death by Miyetti Allah.
2018.01.30 Pakistan Maqbal 8 1 Three women and a 7-year-old child are laid out by Sunni bombers in a targeted attack on Shiites.
2018.01.30 Yemen Ataq 15 12 More than a dozen people are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber.
2018.01.30 Niger Chetimari 2 0 At least two defenders are killed when Boko Haram attack a small town.
2018.01.30 Burkina Faso Petegoli 2 0 Followers of a radical preacher shoot two guards to death at a market.
2018.01.30 Syria Idlib 1 2 A civilian is killed by suspected ISIS bombers.
2018.01.30 USA Greenville, SC 0 1 A bomb left on a road by a 'radicalized' convert injures a passerby.
2018.01.29 Afghanistan Kabul 11 16 A suicide attack by the Islamic State on a military academy kills eleven guards.
2018.01.28 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 A bomb at a vegetable market claims one patron.
2018.01.28 Thailand Yala 1 0 An off-duty cop is shot six times at his home by Muslim 'separatists'.
2018.01.28 Mali Menaka 4 4 A suicide bomber takes out seven local soldiers at their camp.
2018.01.27 Afghanistan Kabul 103 235 A suicide bomber packs an ambulance full of explosives and detonates outside a hospital, slaughtering over ninety.
2018.01.27 Mali Timbuktu 14 18 A Jihadist attack leaves fourteen others dead.
2018.01.27 Iraq Sinjar 2 0 An Islamic State bomb planted in a home kills two residents.
2018.01.27 Iraq Albara 1 2 Suspected ISIS plant a bomb that kills a farmer.
2018.01.26 Nigeria Hyambula 3 5 Islamists shoot a villager resting under a tree, and then kill two others with a suicide blast.
2018.01.26 Afghanistan Ayno Mina 4 6 Four Afghans are exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2018.01.26 Afghanistan Qara Baghi 7 3 Six young children are among those disassembled by a Taliban rocket.
2018.01.26 Iraq Tarmiyah 2 5 Mujahideen bomb a commercial district, killing two passersby.
2018.01.26 Iraq Ryadh 75 0 Seventy-five victims of ISIS execution are found in a mass grave.
2018.01.25 Mali Boni 26 0 Ten women and children are among twenty-six civilians horribly torn apart by a Jihadi landmine.
2018.01.25 Nigeria Jebbu Miango 5 8 Miyetti Allah cadres kill and burn five villagers.
2018.01.25 Philippines Datu Piang 2 1 Bangsamoro Islamists plant a bomb in a rice field that claims two workers.
2018.01.25 Nigeria Zanwra 3 20 A van carrying Christians is fired on by Muslim militants, killing three passengers.
2018.01.24 Nigeria Zanwra 1 0 Muslim terrorists ambush and kill a 60-year-old church elder.
2018.01.24 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 2 Religious extremists set off a bomb outside a market that leaves one dead.
2018.01.24 Iraq Hawija 2 5 A Shahid suicide bomber sends two Iraqis to Allah.
2018.01.24 Mali Toubakoro 2 0 Two customs officers are murdered by Jihadists at a market.
2018.01.24 India Chaigund 1 2 A 17-year-old bystander is killed when Hizb-ul-Mujahideen open fire on police.
2018.01.24 Afghanistan Jalalabad 6 27 A suicide bomber and gunman storm a 'Save the Children' charity, killing a guard, a civilian and four staffers.
2018.01.24 Nigeria Rafiki 6 0 Six civilians are killed in attacks on two villages by Muslim terrorists.
2018.01.23 Kenya Nairobi 0 3 Several Christian students are stabbed or beaten for refusing to accept Islam.
2018.01.23 Libya Benghazi 34 87 Two suicide car bombers strike a rival mosque, killing over thirty worshippers.
2018.01.23 Syria Abu Duhur 5 0 Five people are laid out by a Jabhat al-Nusra suicide blast.
2018.01.23 Somalia Mogadishu 5 3 Islamic bombers kill five people near a displaced persons camp.
2018.01.23 Iraq Yusufiya 3 2 Three patrons at a market are disassembled by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2018.01.23 Yemen Taiz 11 24 A Shiite militia sends a missile into a local army barracks, killing eleven soldiers and workers.
2018.01.23 Iraq al-Houd 20 0 At least twenty victims of ISIS execution are found in a mass grave.
2018.01.22 Nigeria Chuvo-Kpara 3 0 Muslim militants murder three Christian laborers - one of whom is beheaded.
2018.01.22 Thailand Yarang 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' are suspected in the highway assassination of a local politician.
2018.01.22 Iraq Rawah 2 4 Caliphate members plant a bomb in a home that kills two family members.
2018.01.22 Thailand Yala 3 18 Elements fighting for a Muslim state set off a motorcycle bomb at a market, killing three.
2018.01.22 Pakistan Faizabad 1 0 A high school principal is shot dead by a student accusing him of blasphemy.
2018.01.22 Syria Damascus 9 21 Radical Sunnis fire rockets into a Christian neighborhood, obliterating nine civilians.
2018.01.21 DRC Beni 3 0 Islamists massacre a taxi driver and two customers.
2018.01.21 Syria Bahra 20 0 A Shahid suicide bomber claims about twenty lives.
2018.01.21 Afghanistan Chawghakai 7 1 A Taliban attack leaves seven dead.
2018.01.21 Iraq Hammam 1 0 A woman is kidnapped, tortured and killed by a sectarian militia.
2018.01.21 Nigeria Kikon 4 0 Two women and two men are murdered in their beds by Miyetti Allah members.
2018.01.21 Syria Reyhanli 2 32 Two people are killed by a missile thought to have been fired by Sunni militants.
2018.01.21 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 The Taliban gun down a man outside a car showroom.
2018.01.21 Afghanistan Gulran 12 1 Twelve civilians are torn to shreds by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2018.01.20 Afghanistan Kabul 29 12 Fedayeen stage a suicide assault on a luxury hotel, purging close to thirty innocents.
2018.01.20 Afghanistan Gardez 1 1 A Taliban bomb kills a finance officer.
2018.01.20 Iraq Madaen 1 4 Jihadis plant a bomb at a fish market, killing one patron.
2018.01.19 India Kommeri 1 0 A Hindu activist is hacked to death by Muslim radicals.
2018.01.19 DRC Eringeti 12 20 A dozen security personnel are ambushed and killed by ADF Islamists.
2018.01.19 Iraq Bouseif 1 0 A farmer is shot by Islamic State members.
2018.01.19 Iraq Taji 2 3 A terrorist bomb claims two civilians.
2018.01.18 Niger Toumour 6 8 Boko Haram attack a fishing village and kill six.
2018.01.18 Iraq Shura 23 0 Two dozen Iraqis are discovered in a mass ISIS grave.
2018.01.18 Nigeria Kaya 5 3 Five villagers are murdered by Boko Haram.
2018.01.18 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 A woman and her daughter working to eradicate polio are shot to death by fundamentalists.
2018.01.18 Nigeria Orin Ekiti 1 1 A pregnant woman is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2018.01.18 Afghanistan Mukhtar Kala 8 2 The Taliban spray automatic weapons into a police check post, killing eight.
2018.01.18 Iraq Hamrin 2 0 Two shepherds are kidnapped and murdered by caliphate members.
2018.01.17 Afghanistan Ganahkan 6 0 Six people lose their lives to an attack by Sunni fundamentalists.
2018.01.17 Iraq Muqdadiya 2 0 Suspected caliphate supporters shoot two people dead outside a hospital.
2018.01.17 Nigeria Wukari 11 0 Eleven villagers are killed by Fulani terrorists.
2018.01.17 Nigeria Gassol 6 0 Six villagers are cut down by Miyetti Allah.
2018.01.17 Nigeria Muna Garage 12 48 A Religion of Peace suicide bomber lays out a dozen souls at a market popular with refugees.
2018.01.17 Egypt Sebeka 1 4 A bomb planted by Islamic extremists kills one person.
2018.01.16 Nigeria Benue 5 0 Five more villagers are killed by Miyetti Allah.
2018.01.16 Afghanistan Khwaja Sabz Push 5 45 Religious extremists lob mortar shells into a bazaar, killing five people, including women and children.
2018.01.16 Nigeria Pallam 3 0 A shop owner is among three villagers killed during a Boko Haram shooting attack.
2018.01.16 Syria Aleppo 1 4 Three women and a child are among the casualties of Sunni shrapnel.
2018.01.16 Cameroon Matakaye-Elie 2 12 A suicide blast outside a rival mosque leaves two dead.
2018.01.16 Nigeria Danwaza 9 0 Nine villagers are eliminated by Miyetti Allah.
2018.01.15 Iraq al-Jaish 3 0 Three local cops are gunned down by Islamic State members.
2018.01.15 Iraq Badush 52 0 Fifty-two Iraqis are discovered in a mass grave following ISIS execution.
2018.01.15 Iraq Baghdad 38 105 Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in a crowded market, killing about forty.
2018.01.15 Libya Tripoli 20 69 Bashir al-Baqarah members attack an airport with heavy weapons, killing twenty.
2018.01.15 DRC Muzambay 3 5 Three security personnel are shot dead by ADF Islamists…
2018.01.14 Nigeria Guni 5 40 Two Islamic groups attack each other over differences relating to prayer.
2018.01.14 Pakistan Sarkokae 1 3 A child is killed by a terrorist bomb left in a field.
2018.01.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Jihadis plant a bomb in a commercial district that leaves one dead.
2018.01.13 Iraq Youssefiya 1 1 One person outside a market is disintegrated by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2018.01.13 Egypt el-Arish 1 0 A 27-year-old Christian is shot in the head by masked gunmen who targeted him over a cross tattoo.
2018.01.13 Kenya Lamu 2 5 Islamic extremists attack a bus convoy, killing a guard and a woman.
2018.01.13 Iraq Baghdad 8 18 Eight people are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2018.01.12 Nigeria Unguwan Gajere 10 2 Miyetti Allah gunmen murder ten villagers.
2018.01.12 Afghanistan Bala Baluk 5 5 Religious radicals attack a local security post, killing all five members.
2018.01.12 Afghanistan Ghor 1 6 A child is killed when a suicide bomber suffers premature detonation at his home.
2018.01.12 Iraq Sadiyah 3 1 A woman and her two sons are brutally stabbed to death in their home by Islamic State proponents.
2018.01.12 Pakistan North Nazimabad 1 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban on motorcycles gun down a man on his way to work.
2018.01.12 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed in separate Mujahideen attacks.
2018.01.11 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 A woman bleeds to death following an al-Shabaab mortar attack.
2018.01.11 Cameroon Kolofata 3 0 Three civilians are slaughtered by Jihadists.
2018.01.10 Philippines Datu Unsay 1 3 An ISIS-linked group kills one person with a roadside bomb.
2018.01.10 Iraq Madaen 1 5