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Jihad Report
Jan 16, 2021 -
Jan 22, 2021

Attacks 27
Killed 165
Injured 287
Suicide Blasts 1
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
December, 2020

Attacks 179
Killed 573
Injured 531
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 25
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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Sources for the List of
Islamic Terror Attacks

For years, TROP has published a daily list of Islamic terror attacks with supporting detail culled from reputable news sources.  For each incident, we provide enough information for any serious inquirer to verify practically any attack on our list, including date, location and a brief description.

Not many other organizations make their data as freely accessible.  For example, CAIR has repeatedly ignored requests for details supporting its claims of purported hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S.  They offer little more than summary statistics.

Not only does TROP publish detail for each item on our counter, but we also furnish substantiating sources for individual incidents upon request.  We do not cater to bulk demands beyond the last 30 days, as we do not care to give our work away for free.

Keep in mind that only a single source is retained for each incident, even though multiple sources are often used to construct details at the time of entry.  This means that the linked article may not include all of the elements of the attack, including accurate casualty figures or the identity of the victims or perpetrators.  Where these exceptions occur, missing details can be gleaned from other sources.

Casualty figures often change over time as victims of Islamic terror succumb to their injuries.  The retained source may or may not be updated to reflect this.  On those occasions where we do decide to replace the source link, the new article may neglect other details of the attack included in our description.  If you don't like this, then feel free to do your own homework.

Serious enquirers are welcome to contact our editor with requests for specific incidents.  Another source is Wikipedia, which maintains a public list with sources - although it is not as accurate as TROP.

Note also that in 2014 the BBC vetted the list of Islamic terror attacks for a single month and found that TROP undercounted the number of attacks by two-thirds and the deaths by half.

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