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Jihad Report
Jun 29, 2024 -
Jul 05, 2024

Attacks 30
Killed 167
Injured 162
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 12

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
June, 2024

Attacks 64
Killed 565
Injured 559
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 18
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks
Father Jacques Hamel (1930-2016)

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 2522 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21526 people were killed and 26815 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2016.12.31 India Handwara 1 0 Terrorists fire on a group of policemen, killing one.
2016.12.31 Iraq Baghdad 28 53 Over two dozen people are blown to bits by two suicide bombers along a busy commercial street.
2016.12.31 Egypt Sinai 2 0 Fundamentalists kill two security personnel with a roadside bomb.
2016.12.31 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 2 Islamists strap a bomb to a 10-year-old girl and blow her up at a market.
2016.12.31 Iraq Baghdad 8 13 Eight Iraqis are cut down by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.12.31 Pakistan Sukkur 0 10 A Muslim mob burns down a Christian neighborhood.
2016.12.30 Iraq Mithaq 6 0 A family of six is exterminated by an ISIS rocket.
2016.12.30 Pakistan Shafi 0 2 A suicide bomber targets worshippers outside a rival mosque.
2016.12.30 Syria al-Bap 1 0 A 24-year-old man is beheaded for helping families flee the caliphate.
2016.12.29 Somalia Afgoye 6 7 Militants machine-gun a half-dozen people while shouting praises to Allah.
2016.12.29 Iraq Hawijah 2 0 A mother and child fleeing the caliphate are eliminated by a well-placed IED.
2016.12.29 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 0 Gunmen assassinate the head of the Sikh community.
2016.12.29 Afghanistan Torghar 0 13 Five children and three women are among the casualties of a Taliban rocket attack.
2016.12.29 Philippines Hilongos 0 32 Bangsamoro Islamists bomb a boxing match.
2016.12.29 Dagestan Khasavyurt 1 0 Muslim militants open fire on a group of police, killing one.
2016.12.29 Austria Voecklamarkt 0 1 An Austrian woman is stabbed for reading the Bible at a refugee center.
2016.12.29 Pakistan Loung Gopang 1 0 A mother of seven is shot to death by her brother on suspicion of 'illicit' relations.
2016.12.29 Iraq Baghdad 6 23 Terrorists kill six in a series of attacks.
2016.12.29 Iraq Maalif 7 12 Seven lives are cut short when a Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at an outdoor market.
2016.12.28 Iraq Mosul 3 0 ISIS snipers pick off three civilians trying to flee the caliphate.
2016.12.28 Iraq al-Noor 7 0 A woman and child are among seven civilians shredded by ISIS shrapnel.
2016.12.28 Lebanon al-Ain 1 1 Suspected Hezbollah assassinate a local official with a car bomb.
2016.12.28 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 A bomb placed outside a Shia mosque leaves one dead.
2016.12.28 China Karakax 1 0 Four suicide bombers plow into a government building, killing one inside.
2016.12.28 Syria Yarmouk 1 0 A Palestinian woman is executed by ISIS.
2016.12.28 Iraq Mahmoudiya 1 7 One civilian is killed by a marketplace blast.
2016.12.28 Iraq Hawija 3 0 Three young men are executed by an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.12.27 Iraq Mosul 7 3 ISIS detonates a car bomb at a packed market, laying out seven patrons.
2016.12.27 Iraq Mohandessin 7 0 Seven civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.26 Afghanistan Latti 1 0 A 30-year-old woman is beheaded for leaving the house without her husband.
2016.12.26 Afghanistan Lashkargah 1 3 A suicide bomber takes one person with him.
2016.12.26 Afghanistan Helmand 1 8 A Shahid suicide bomber kills one other person.
2016.12.26 Syria Damascus 1 0 A 'sorcerer' is beheaded by Islamic State operatives.
2016.12.25 Egypt al-Arish 1 1 Fundamentalists place a bomb along a road that shatters one life.
2016.12.25 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A woman is stoned to death by a Sharia court on charge of adultery.
2016.12.25 Syria al-Bab 30 40 At least thirty civilians are deliberately targeted and killed with ISIS explosives while trying to escape.
2016.12.25 Cameroon Mora 2 5 A suicide bombing on market full of Christmas shoppers kills a woman and student.
2016.12.25 Libya Sirte 1 0 At least one other person is taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.12.25 Iraq Baghdad 11 34 Eleven Iraqis are ripped to shreds by Mujahideen shrapnel.
2016.12.25 India Sopore 1 0 Islamic gunmen take the life of a 42-year-old man.
2016.12.25 Afghanistan Mihterlam 2 0 Two civilians are purged outside their mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.12.25 Somalia Bosasso 1 0 A prosecutor is assassinated by Sharia state advocates.
2016.12.25 Yemen Taiz 1 0 A female charity worker, working to improve literacy for women, is gunned down in the street by Islamic extremists.
2016.12.25 Myanmar Yae Twin Kyun 1 0 A 28-year-old man is stabbed to death by Muslim terrorists.
2016.12.25 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 1 The Caucasus Province of the Islamic State guns down two traffic cops.
2016.12.24 DRC Mayi Tatu 10 0 Ten villagers are butchered by Islamists.
2016.12.24 DRC Mapiki 6 0 A half-dozen innocents are slain during a raid by the ADF.
2016.12.24 Iraq Mosul 10 18 An ISIS mortar attack on two neighborhoods leaves ten dead.
2016.12.24 Afghanistan Shamalgah 4 3 Fundamentalists roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun four officers point-blank.
2016.12.24 Afghanistan Qalat 4 1 Four Afghans are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2016.12.24 Somalia Tarbaj 2 0 Two employees at a cell phone tower are murdered by al-Shabaab.
2016.12.24 Iraq Hawija 4 0 ISIS bombers exterminate a family of four for trying to flee the caliphate.
2016.12.24 Nigeria Goska 6 0 A 14-year-old girl and five women are massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2016.12.24 DRC Eringeti 9 0 Nine civilians are stabbed and shot to death by ADF Islamists.
2016.12.24 Philippines Midsayap 0 16 Islamists toss a grenade at a Christmas Eve mass, injuring worshippers.
2016.12.24 Saudi Arabia Yemen Border 1 0 A border guard is shot to death by Shiite radicals.
2016.12.24 Syria Aleppo 21 0 Five children and four women are discovered shot at close range by Sunni 'rebels.'
2016.12.23 Syria Aleppo 6 0 Two children are among six civilians aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.12.23 Iraq Baghdad 9 0 Eight Christians and one Yazidi lose their lives to a fundamentalist shooting spree.
2016.12.23 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is crucified for trying to help families flee the caliphate.
2016.12.23 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A guard is killed during a Taliban attack on a former member's home.
2016.12.22 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three Somalis are exterminated by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2016.12.22 Syria Aleppo 2 0 Two captured Turkish soldiers are burned alive by the caliphate.
2016.12.22 Iraq Mosul 11 29 Four aid workers are among eleven killed when Islamic State members target a food line with mortars.
2016.12.22 Iraq Gogjali 23 40 A triple-suicide bombing at a market leaves twenty-three dead.
2016.12.22 Myanmar Ngakhura 1 0 A 41-year-old man is beheaded by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2016.12.21 Iraq Zeham 2 0 ISIS bombers pick off two farmers.
2016.12.21 Iraq Nineveh 1 0 Terrorists strap a bomb to a 6-year-old girl and send her toward a convoy of refugees.
2016.12.21 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A passerby is cut down by a bomb planted in a residential neighborhood.
2016.12.21 Afghanistan Kabul 8 1 Two children are among eight killed when suicide bombers attack a family home.
2016.12.21 Iraq Mosul 8 13 Women and children are among eight civilians flattened by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2016.12.20 Iraq Mosul 7 31 Seven civilians are killed when ISIS rain down rockets on a residential area.
2016.12.20 Iraq Koysinjaq 7 0 A child is among seven Kurds slain by a double bombing blamed on Iran.
2016.12.20 Syria Deir ez-Zor 4 0 Four civilians are burned to death by a Sharia court as their families are forced to watch.
2016.12.20 Jordan Karak 4 0 Islamic militants open fire on a group of policemen, killing four.
2016.12.20 Somalia Bosasso 1 0 A regional official is assassinated by al-Shabaab.
2016.12.20 Iraq Mosul 3 3 Sunni radicals send a mortar into an aid distribution point, killing three lining up for food and water.
2016.12.20 Afghanistan Asadabad 2 1 Two members of a local security patrol are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2016.12.19 Pakistan Lahore 1 1 A young woman is hacked to death with an axe by a conservative family for reasons of 'honor'.
2016.12.19 Turkey Ankara 1 0 The Russian ambassador to Turkey is assassinated by a man shouting Islamic slogans.
2016.12.19 Iraq Abu Senam 4 0 Four Shiites are blown to bits by the Islamic State.
2016.12.19 Germany Friedrich-Krauze-Ufer 1 0 An 'asylum seeker' murders a driver and steals his truck for use in another attack.
2016.12.19 Germany Berlin 11 48 Eleven patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a Christmas market outside a church.
2016.12.19 DRC Butembo 1 2 A peacekeeper killed during an ADF assault on a prison.
2016.12.18 Syria Homs 1 0 A 'radicalized' Muslim beheads a less pious co-religionist.
2016.12.18 Iraq al-Bakara 6 0 A child is among six civilians executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.18 Syria Hasakah 4 9 An ISIS landmine claims four civilian lives.
2016.12.18 Iraq Halabsa 2 9 Two people at a petrol station are incinerated by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.12.18 Iraq Yankja 3 6 Three Iraqis are brought down by two Mujahideen bombs.
2016.12.18 Yemen Aden 52 60 A second suicide blast in as many weeks targets off-duty soldiers lining up for pay, leaving fifty dead.
2016.12.18 Jordan Karak 10 27 A Canadian tourist is among ten people murdered by Islamic gunmen.
2016.12.18 Libya Benghazi 7 8 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends seven souls to Allah.
2016.12.17 Afghanistan Kabul 3 3 Islamic 'insurgents' gun down three people.
2016.12.17 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 3 Two young girls are strapped with explosives and sent to a checkpoint where they are detonated.
2016.12.17 Iraq Mosul 18 0 Eighteen civilians are torn limb from limb by two ISIS suicide bombers.
2016.12.17 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 0 Terrorists murder five female airport workers and their driver.
2016.12.17 India Kadalbal 3 2 Lashkar-e-Toiba members fire on a passing security convoy, killing three.
2016.12.17 Somalia Mahaday 2 10 al-Qaeda linked militants storm a small town and kill two defenders.
2016.12.17 Iraq Telwerd 1 2 ISIS bombers target a fleeing family with a bomb, eliminating one member.
2016.12.17 Afghanistan Badghis 1 0 A mother of two is pulled from her home and executed by fundamentalists for getting a divorce.
2016.12.16 Syria Damascus 1 1 Jihadis strap bombs to an 7-year-old girl and send her into a police station.
2016.12.16 Burkina Faso Soum 12 5 A dozen border guards are machine-gunned by Jihadis…
2016.12.15 Afghanistan Logar 1 0 Islamists assassinate a radio station manager.
2016.12.15 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three women are pulled from their homes and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.15 Thailand Sonkla 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a rubber farmer to death on his porch.
2016.12.15 Somalia Mogadishu 6 12 An al-Shabaab bomb placed outside a tea shop claims six lives, including two children and a woman.
2016.12.15 Somalia Mogadishu 5 6 A suicide car bomber kills five other people.
2016.12.15 Syria Ramuse 4 4 Four fleeing civilians are gunned down by Shiite militia.
2016.12.15 Syria Homs 4 3 Jihadi bombers smoke four innocents in a Shiite neighborhood.
2016.12.14 Afghanistan Kabul 1 2 A terrorist in uniform guns down a black foreigner…
2016.12.14 Iraq Falah 20 0 About twenty civilians are crushed in their own homes by ISIS mortars.
2016.12.14 Iraq Baghdad 2 10 Two passersby are flattened by a bomb planted in a commercial district.
2016.12.14 Nigeria Gadani 15 40 Fulani terrorists massacre fifteen villagers.
2016.12.14 Yemen Aden 11 0 Eleven Yemenis are beheaded by ISIS.
2016.12.14 Iraq Hawija 28 0 Twenty-eight locals are lined up and mowed down by an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.12.14 Bangladesh Satkhira 1 0 A 21-year-old Hindu student is abducted and murdered by a Muslim gang.
2016.12.13 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A teenager is executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.13 Egypt Sinai 12 0 A dozen captives are butchered by religious fanatics.
2016.12.13 Indonesia Bandung 1 8 A young Muslim goes on a stabbing spree, taking the life of one other person.
2016.12.13 Nigeria Kamuya 3 12 At least three others are left dead after Boko Haram storm a village.
2016.12.12 Iraq Qabr al-Abid 40 0 Forty victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
2016.12.12 Nigeria Borno 1 0 A senior security officer is ambushed and murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.12.12 Iraq Hawija 17 0 Seventeen civilians are pulled from their homes and forced before an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.12.12 Pakistan Spinwam 1 3 Islamic militants pick off a young girl on her way to school with a roadside bomb.
2016.12.12 Afghanistan Dangam 2 0 Two local beat cops on foot are laid out by Taliban bombers.
2016.12.12 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 4 0 Four Egyptians are blown to bits by fundamentalist bombers.
2016.12.12 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A journalist is abducted and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.12 Syria Aleppo 82 0 Eleven women and three children are among eighty-two civilians massacred over a three day period by the Shiite militia, Harakat al-Nujaba.
2016.12.12 Afghanistan Shinkay 2 2 Two people lose their lives in two Taliban bomb blasts.
2016.12.12 Pakistan Chakwal 1 0 A Sunni mob of 1000 attacks an Ahamdi mosque to 'bring it under the influence of Islam.'
2016.12.11 Iraq Taji 2 6 Two people are sectionalized by a Mujahideen IED.
2016.12.11 Egypt Cairo 27 49 A brutal Religion of Peace suicide bomb blast during service at a Coptic church claims two dozen innocent lives, including six children.
2016.12.11 Iraq Fallujah 8 20 Two Shahid suicide car bombers take out eight Iraqis.
2016.12.11 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 17 Boko Haram put bombs on two children, ages 7 and 8, and send them into a market.
2016.12.11 Syria Aleppo 9 37 Nine civilians are aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.12.11 Iraq Saf al-Tout 15 0 Fifteen ISIS victims are found stuffed in a well.
2016.12.11 Somalia Mogadishu 29 48 Two young boys are among thirty slaughtered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.12.10 Yemen Aden 48 31 A massive suicide blast targets security personnel lining up for pay, leaving at least forty-eight dead.
2016.12.10 Iraq Madaen 1 2 An ISIS bomb blast at a fish market produces one body.
2016.12.10 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Tehreek-e-Taliban shoot a man to death in front of his son outside a mosque.
2016.12.10 Syria Aleppo 12 37 Children are among a dozen civilians torn limb from limb when Sunnis lob shells into their neighborhood.
2016.12.10 Pakistan Abbottabad 1 0 A Shiite civil engineer is gunned down in a targeted attack by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2016.12.10 Somalia Mogadishu 2 4 A pro-Sharia group sets off a car bomb, killing two policemen.
2016.12.10 Iraq Mosul 7 0 A family of seven is executed for not turning over their home to the Islamic State.
2016.12.09 Iraq Baghdad 10 22 Ten Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.12.09 Egypt Giza 6 6 Hasm Islamists kills six guards with a bomb planted near the pyramids.
2016.12.09 Nigeria Madagali 57 177 Two school-age girls are strapped with 'suicide' bombs and sent into a crowded market. Over fifty patrons are massacred in the subsequent explosion.
2016.12.09 Egypt Kafr el-Sheikh 1 3 A civilian is taken out by fundamentalist bombers.
2016.12.08 Iraq Anah 10 0 Ten Iraqis are rounded up and executed in front of their families by the Islamic State.
2016.12.08 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Sectarian hardliners shoot a Shia minority to death inside his welding shop.
2016.12.08 Syria Palmyra 49 36 A wave of ISIS suicide bombers overrun gas and oil fields, killing at least forty-nine others.
2016.12.08 Somalia Baidoa 5 0 An al-Shabaab attack kills at least five local soldiers.
2016.12.07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 31-year-old man is shot and killed by terrorists while on his way to work.
2016.12.07 Libya Benghazi 0 18 Terrorists set off a 'double-tap' car bomb trap designed to nail first responders.
2016.12.07 Iraq Mosul 20 43 The Islamic State claims a suicide bombing near a hospital that leaves twenty dead.
2016.12.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 A Taliban attack leaves at least four other dead.
2016.12.06 Iraq Mosul 21 35 Women and children are most of the twenty-one civilians ripped apart by a bomb at a vegetable market.
2016.12.06 Thailand Nong Chik 2 0 A married couple on their way to pick up their daughter are gunned down by Muslim 'separatists.'
2016.12.06 Thailand Yaring 1 1 A man is shot to death in front of his wife by militant Muslims.
2016.12.06 Thailand Panarae 1 0 Muslim 'separatists' murder a 38-year-old electrical worker.
2016.12.06 Thailand Saiburi 1 0 A village guard is riddled with bullets by Muslim terrorists.
2016.12.05 Mali Niono 1 0 al-Qaeda militants attack a prison and kill a guard.
2016.12.05 Afghanistan Khoshamand 4 1 The Taliban successfully kill two women and two children with a roadside bomb.
2016.12.05 Syria Aleppo 8 0 Eight civilians bleed to death from Sunni shrapnel.
2016.12.05 Syria Maslamah 1 0 A gay man is thrown off a rooftop, then finished off by stoning.
2016.12.05 Syria Aleppo 2 1 Two Russian nurses are murdered by Sunni radicals.
2016.12.05 Iraq Mosul 3 3 Three youths lose their lives to a well-placed ISIS mortar round.
2016.12.05 Iraq Hawija 4 0 Four teens are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.05 Iraq Fadikha 2 0 Two young people are executed for encouraging others to 'leave the caliphate for the land of infidels'.
2016.12.05 Iraq Qasr 1 5 One person bleeds out after Jihadis bomb a fish market.
2016.12.05 Somalia Burhakabo 6 10 Islamists use a remote-controlled bomb to take out six people near a vegetable market.
2016.12.05 Iraq Rubaida 5 0 A family of five is caught and quickly executed by an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.12.04 Lebanon Bqaa Sifrin 1 1 Islamists roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun a guard.
2016.12.04 Iraq Mosul 25 80 Over two dozen civilians die when Islamic State members fire rockets into their neighborhood.
2016.12.04 Pakistan Mardan 2 0 Two persons are gunned down by suspected terrorists while returning from a wedding.
2016.12.04 Syria Qalamoun 1 0 The Islamic State brutally executes a man for 'fighting against Allah'.
2016.12.04 Nigeria Abuja 1 0 A Christian college student is beheaded by Fulani terrorists.
2016.12.04 Iraq Darbandikhan 13 0 At least thirteen innocents are blown to bits by two suicide bombers.
2016.12.04 Iraq Tal Afar 3 0 Three Shiites are beheaded by ISIS.
2016.12.03 Iraq Mosul 24 18 A Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into a crowd, taking out at least two dozen innocents.
2016.12.03 Syria Aleppo 3 20 Fatah Halab members fire missiles into a neighborhood, killing three residents.
2016.12.03 Syria Furqan 2 13 Two civilians succumb to Sunni shrapnel.
2016.12.03 Iraq Tal Afar 13 7 A Sunni suicide bomber takes care of thirteen Shiites.
2016.12.03 Syria Dier ez-Zor 4 0 Four men are executed by the Caliphate by having rifle barrels stuck in their mouths.
2016.12.03 Iraq Baghdad 7 15 Jihadis blow up a car at a market, killing seven patrons.
2016.12.03 Afghanistan Maida Wardak 1 0 A university student is publicly executed by the Taliban.
2016.12.02 Syria Raqqa 3 0 Three civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.12.02 Syria Aleppo 5 32 At least five civilians are dismantled by Sunni rocket fire.
2016.12.02 Libya Sirte 6 38 Several ISIS women detonate hidden suicide vests, killing two other women and four soldiers who had granted them and their children safe passage.
2016.12.02 India Kulgam 1 0 A civilian is shot to death by two religious extremists.
2016.12.02 Iraq Kanaos 2 39 Two others are killed by Shahid suicide bombers.
2016.12.02 Philippines Bohe-Piang 2 2 Two children are vaporized by an Abu Sayyaf bomb blast.
2016.12.01 Syria Aleppo 48 100 Forty-eight civilians are sent to Allah by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.12.01 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Islamic snipers deliberately target fifteen children over a two-day stretch.
2016.12.01 Pakistan Gomal 2 0 A conservative Muslim family kills two of their own in the name of honor.
2016.12.01 Iraq Albu Bali 2 0 Two engineers are killed by ISIS bombers
2016.12.01 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 4 Islamic militants set off a bomb at a cattle market, killing a participant.
2016.12.01 Iraq Baghdad 2 7 Mujahideen bombers lay out two Iraqis.
2016.12.01 Iraq Mosul 15 20 Shrapnel from ISIS car bombs claim fifteen lives.
2016.12.01 Afghanistan Kandahar 23 0 Five children and two women are among twenty-three civilians slaughtered by the Taliban.
2016.11.30 Thailand Yala 1 3 A roadside bomb planted by Muslim 'insurgents' kills a passerby.
2016.11.30 Iraq Mosul 12 10 A dozen civilians lose their lives when the Islamic State sends explosives into a residential area.
2016.11.30 Kenya Garissa 5 0 Five members of a local security patrol are blown to bits by al-Shabaab bombers.
2016.11.30 Pakistan Rasool Bakhsh Wessar 2 0 Two teens are beaten and strangled by a conservative family member on suspicion of sex.
2016.11.29 Afghanistan Aqcha 2 0 Two individuals, including a woman, are murdered in their own home by fundamentalists.
2016.11.29 Iraq Tal Afar 15 0 A mass grave is found containing fifteen victims of ISIS executions.
2016.11.29 Pakistan Jacobabad 2 0 A conservative Muslim honors kills his daughter and her suspected lover.
2016.11.29 Iraq Nineveh 20 0 A video shows nearly two dozen people are executed by ISIS snipers.
2016.11.29 India Nagrota 7 14 Seven defenders are killed when Islamic militants stage a suicide attack on a security base.
2016.11.29 Somalia Galgala 4 11 A pickup-truck is destroyed by an al-Shabaab bomb blast, along with four passengers.
2016.11.28 Pakistan Peshawar 1 2 An ambush by fundamentalists along a road leaves one target dead.
2016.11.28 Iraq Samarrah 8 7 Eight Iraqis are machine-gunned by ISIS members.
2016.11.28 Iraq Baghdad 3 8 Three lives are disintegrated by a suicide car bomber.
2016.11.28 Pakistan Malik Shadir Gul 1 0 A retired man is shot to death by Sharia state activists.
2016.11.28 USA Columbus, OH 0 11 A Muslim immigrant goes on a stabbing rampage after expressing his desire to kill infidels.
2016.11.28 Iraq Sharqat 2 11 An ISIS mortar round lays out two Iraqis.
2016.11.28 DRC Kanyama 1 0 One person is killed during an ADF attack on a health clinic.
2016.11.27 CAR Ouham Pende 36 0 At least thirty-six villagers are massacred in a multi-day spree by 3R Islamists.
2016.11.27 Iraq Mahmoudiya 3 5 Three people are killed by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.11.27 Pakistan Gulshan 1 0 An Ahmadi religious minority is gunned down by Islamic radicals.
2016.11.27 Iraq Mosul 28 50 Women and children are among over two dozen killed by an ISIS shelling of their neighborhood.
2016.11.27 Iraq Zab 1 0 A town's mayor is brutally executed by the Islamic State.
2016.11.26 Iraq Shababit 18 0 Eighteen Yazidi victims of ISIS execution are found in a mass grave.
2016.11.26 Iraq Mosul 16 24 An ISIS mortar barrage into a neighborhood leaves sixteen residents dead.
2016.11.26 Somalia Galmadug 15 14 Fifteen people are killed by al-Shabaab when they resist zakat, including eight that were beheaded.
2016.11.26 Pakistan Ghalanai 2 15 Four Shahid suicide bombers attack a rival mosque, killing two guards.
2016.11.26 Iraq Hawija 2 1 A mother and son are vaporized by Islamic State shrapnel.
2016.11.26 India Naidkhai 1 0 Islamic militants open fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
2016.11.26 Thailand Panare 1 1 Muslims open fire on two Buddhist women, killing one who was 8-months pregnant.
2016.11.26 Somalia Mogadishu 25 53 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at the entrance of a market, slaughtering twenty-five bystanders.
2016.11.26 Uganda Kampala 2 0 Four clerics are suspected in the shooting deaths of two men.
2016.11.25 Israel Haifa 0 165 Fires deliberately set by Arab terrorists leave over one-hundred injured.
2016.11.25 Nigeria Paskori 4 3 At least four villagers are slaughtered by Boko Haram.
2016.11.25 Iraq Husayniya 2 5 A Mujahideen bomb blast picks off two patrons at a market.
2016.11.25 Iraq Jalawla 2 1 An ISIS bomb destroys the lives of two children.
2016.11.25 Pakistan Sahiwal 2 0 A senior Shia journalist and his son are cut down by Sunni gunmen.
2016.11.25 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen young men are forced to their knees and shot in the back of the head.
2016.11.25 India Kulgam 2 1 Terrorists fire into a market, killing two guards.
2016.11.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 5 27 A child is among five killed in two Islamic State bomb blasts.
2016.11.25 Nigeria Damboa 2 2 Boko Haram invade a village, kill two young people and set houses on fire.
2016.11.25 Somalia Jilib 2 0 Two people are beheaded by Islamists.
2016.11.24 Syria Harasta 6 2 A half-dozen civilians are killed when Jaish al-Islam loyalists pour rocket fire into their neighborhood.
2016.11.24 Egypt al-Arish 8 12 Fedayeen suicide bombers murder eight people manning a checkpoint.
2016.11.24 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Three children and their parents are executed on personal order of the caliph.
2016.11.24 Pakistan Razar 1 1 A popular police officer is assassinated by Islamic militants.
2016.11.24 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 Muslim terrorists pull up on motorcycles and fire at a school, killing a guard.
2016.11.24 Iraq Hillah 97 40 A massive truck bomb rips the life out of one-hundred Shiite pilgrims gathered at a road stop.
2016.11.24 Ingushetia Nazran 2 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on a security group, killing two members.
2016.11.23 CAR Bria 14 76 Muslim 'rebels' deliberately target civilians, killing fourteen.
2016.11.23 Iraq Hayy al-Samah 6 30 Six women and children are killed in their homes by ISIS shells.
2016.11.23 Syria Quneitra 2 21 Two civilians are killed when Sunni militants shell a rival neighborhood.
2016.11.23 Iraq Baghdad 31 103 Thirty-one people are killed in various Jihadi attacks.
2016.11.23 Pakistan Karkanai 1 0 A local official is assassinated by Taliban bombers.
2016.11.23 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A suicide bomber kills one other person at a garage.
2016.11.23 Nigeria Huyim 2 4 Two others are left dead following a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2016.11.22 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three doctors are picked off by ISIS snipers.
2016.11.22 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 7-year-old child is cut down by ISIS gunmen.
2016.11.22 Cameroon Darak 6 0 Islamic law advocates murder six people on an island.
2016.11.22 India Kashmir 3 0 Pakistanis sneak across the border and behead three border guards.
2016.11.22 Pakistan Peshawar 3 5 Jamaatul Ahrar Islamists use an IED to kill three people.
2016.11.22 Yemen Aden 1 0 A man is cut down outside his home by Islamic State gunmen.
2016.11.22 Iraq Erbil 1 0 A moderate cleric is gunned down in his home by suspected rivals.
2016.11.22 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen Iraqis are beheaded by the Islamic State, which then parades the bodies.
2016.11.22 Iraq Moharibeen 14 8 Children are among fourteen innocents who lose their lives to two ISIS car bomb blasts.
2016.11.22 Somalia Lower Shabelle 2 4 al-Shabaab members attack and kill two African peacekeepers.
2016.11.21 Afghanistan Kabul 32 50 Over thirty worshippers at a Shiite mosque are torn to shreds by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2016.11.21 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 The Taliban kill one person with a magnetic bomb.
2016.11.21 Libya Benghazi 3 20 Islamists are suspected of a car bomb blast that kills three children.
2016.11.21 Iraq Husba 12 0 Twelve policemen are forced to their knees and shot in the back of the head by Islamic State members.
2016.11.21 Iraq Nineveh 1 0 Shiite militia (El-Hashab el-Sharbi) shoot a Sunni teen and run over him with a tank.
2016.11.21 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 The Islamic State drop a mortar into a neighborhood, killing two residents.
2016.11.20 Iraq Baghdad 10 34 At least ten people are killed in a wave of Islamic State bombings of commercial districts.
2016.11.20 Iraq Tahrir 30 5 Dozen of Iraqis are blown to bits by Shahid suicide car bombers.
2016.11.20 Mali Northern 5 0 Jihadists murder five guards escorting ballot boxes.
2016.11.20 Iraq Mosul 4 4 A Fedayeen suicide bomber claims the lives of four civilians.
2016.11.20 Mali Dilli 1 0 A civilian is murdered by religious extremists.
2016.11.20 Iraq al-Baker 20 0 Four children and seven women are among twenty civilians reduced to rubble by an Islamic State truck bomb.
2016.11.20 Syria Furqan 10 59 Sunni militants send a rocket into a school, killing ten students.
2016.11.20 Somalia Mogadishu 2 2 An Islamist bomb blast lays out two traffic cops.
2016.11.19 Syria Aleppo 2 7 Two civilians are killed when terrorists send a shell into their neighborhood.
2016.11.19 Iraq Tal Adh-Dhahab 40 0 Forty victims of ISIS execution are found in a mass grave.
2016.11.19 Pakistan Quetta 4 1 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gun down four security personnel.
2016.11.19 Saudi Arabia Dammam 1 0 A local cop is shot to death by suspected Shiite radicals.
2016.11.19 Somalia Kismayo 3 0 An al-Shabaab bomb claims three lives.
2016.11.19 Iraq Daquq 1 0 A baby at a displaced persons camp is disassembled by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.11.19 Egypt Arish 1 0 A Sufi cleric, allegedly 100-years-old, is kidnapped and executed by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.11.19 Iraq Shirqat 7 0 Seven others are killed when ISIS attacks a Sunni town.
2016.11.19 Iraq Hawija 8 0 The Islamic State execute eight people at a popular market.
2016.11.18 Syria Aleppo 5 0 Two children are among five civilians pulled apart by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.11.18 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Four suicide bombers manage to kill two civilians.
2016.11.17 Afghanistan Bakwa 13 17 Armed fundamentalists attack a police station and machine-gun thirteen officers point-blank.
2016.11.17 Iraq Wehda 6 0 Three children are among a family of six wiped out when a suicide belt strapped to a teenager explodes early.
2016.11.17 Iraq Mosul 32 0 Thirty-two Iraqis civilians are executed by ISIS on charge of 'apostasy'.
2016.11.17 Iraq Tahrir 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills one other person.
2016.11.17 Iraq Mosul 7 35 ISIS fire a mortar into a residential area, killing seven civilians.
2016.11.17 Iraq Amiriyat Fallujah 20 40 A Shahid suicide car bomber massacres twenty people at a wedding.
2016.11.17 Syria Azaz 25 24 Over two-dozen people lose their lives to a suicide car bomber.
2016.11.16 Iraq Mosul 1 5 An ISIS blast produces a dead child.
2016.11.16 Syria Raqqa 2 0 Two men are forced to kneel and then blasted point blank with a heavy machine-gun.
2016.11.16 Iraq Mosul 14 7 ISIS militants kill fourteen civilians with a few well-placed mortar rounds.
2016.11.16 Pakistan Kamar Khel 5 0 Five members of a peace committee are murdered by pro-Sharia activists.
2016.11.16 Iraq Ramadi 3 8 Three others are killed by suicide bombers.
2016.11.16 India Baramulla 1 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on a group of police, killing one.
2016.11.16 Afghanistan Kabul 7 13 A suicide bomber murders seven Afghans.
2016.11.16 Mali Kerana 1 0 The Christian mayor of a small village - and father of 8 - is assassinated by Islamic extremists.
2016.11.15 Syria Ain Issa 14 40 A young Malaysian suicide bomber plows into a crowd and snuffs out fourteen lives.
2016.11.15 Iraq Mosul 21 0 Twenty-one civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.11.15 Iraq Baghdad 14 50 Mujahideen bombers take out fourteen unfortunates at outdoor markets.
2016.11.15 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A university professor is gunned down in a suspected sectarian attack.
2016.11.15 Iraq Shaimaa 17 7 Seventeen civilians are killed when the Islamic State rains shells down on their town.
2016.11.15 Nigeria Duwabayi 13 0 A dozen innocents are slaughtered by Boko Haram Islamists.
2016.11.15 Thailand Muang 1 0 RKK Islamists ambush and murder an off-duty cop.
2016.11.14 Nigeria Dasa 9 0 Nine people are killed during a raid by Boko Haram.
2016.11.14 Iraq Qadisiyah 63 100 Dozen of civilians, including women and children, are disassembled by an ISIS rocket barrage.
2016.11.14 Somalia Burhakabo 3 0 al-Shabaab members ambush and kill at least three local cops.
2016.11.14 Nigeria Kano 1 0 Police allege that Shiite radicals attack and kill one of their own.
2016.11.14 Iraq Fallujah 14 30 Fourteen people are dead following two ISIS suicide car bombings.
2016.11.14 Iraq Karbala 8 6 Eight Shiite pilgrims are blown to bits by Sunni suicide bombers.
2016.11.14 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A Copt is tortured to death by the police in a suspected case of sectarian hatred.
2016.11.13 Iraq Kamaliya 3 8 Jihadi car bombers pick off three residents of a neighborhood.
2016.11.13 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 8 A well-placed bomb in a commercial district claims two lives.
2016.11.13 Iraq Baghdad 3 11 Three Mujahideen bombs take one life apiece.
2016.11.13 Syria Om al-Amd 8 0 Eight Syrians are pulled apart by an ISIS suicide bomber.
2016.11.13 Syria Fauaa 1 1 A Sunni mortar shell claims the life of a civilian and injures a woman.
2016.11.13 Syria Aleppo 4 2 A child and two women are reduced to pulp by terrorist rockets.
2016.11.13 Pakistan Chinari 1 0 A tribal elder dies from injuries following an Islamist IED attack.
2016.11.13 Iraq Arbajiyah 1 1 A 15-year-old boy is taken out by an ISIS mortar.
2016.11.13 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 1 A local soldier is killed by Jihadi shrapnel.
2016.11.13 Iraq Hawija 2 7 ISIS bombers target fleeing families, killing two members.
2016.11.13 Egypt Sinai 1 8 Fundamentalist bombers kill one person.
2016.11.13 Syria Deir ez-Zor 3 0 Three people are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.11.13 Iraq Mosul 1 3 ISIS lob a mortar into a family's backyard, dismantling the father.
2016.11.13 Indonesia Samarinda 1 3 A 2-year-old dies and three other children are injured when an extremist hurls a firebomb into a church.
2016.11.13 Nigeria Ungwan Rimi 2 0 Two villagers are killed by Fulani terrorists.
2016.11.13 Nigeria Ungwan Magaji 17 0 A pregnant woman and children are among seventeen innocents massacred by Muslim raiders on a Christian community.
2016.11.13 Nigeria Kigam 11 0 Eleven Christian villagers are laid out during a Muslim rampage in which homes were burned.
2016.11.12 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Jihadis bomb a row of auto shops, killing three.
2016.11.12 Iraq Baghdad 6 22 A half-dozen people lose their lives to a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2016.11.12 India Vidisha 1 0 A Hindu activist is stabbed to death by a Muslim gang.
2016.11.12 Iraq Mosul 26 0 Twenty-six members of three families are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.11.12 Nigeria Darka 3 2 Fulanis massacre three villagers.
2016.11.12 Iraq Sharqat 3 2 Three family members choke to death on ISIS chlorine gas.
2016.11.12 Afghanistan Bagram 5 14 A suicide bomber in uniform kills five others at an air base during a 5k run.
2016.11.12 Pakistan Lasbele 52 105 Hardliners blow up a Sufi shrine, along with fifty dancers and bystanders including women and children.
2016.11.12 Iraq Mosul 1 1 An ISIS bomb takes out an 8-year-old boy and disembowels his friend.
2016.11.11 Iraq Yousifiyah 4 10 A grocery is among two bombing targets in which four people lose their lives.
2016.11.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 2 Sunnis fire on a group of Shiite university students, killing one.
2016.11.11 Iraq Zab 14 0 Fourteen men and boys are executed by the Islamic State for 'writing messages on walls.'
2016.11.11 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Fundamentalists hurl a man off a roof for being gay.
2016.11.11 Thailand Narathiwat 0 2 A man and his toddler son resting on their porch are both shot by Muslim 'separatists.'
2016.11.10 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 6 128 A Fedayeen suicide assault on a German consulate leaves six dead.
2016.11.10 Iraq Baghdad 10 38 Ten people die in a series of Mujahideen blasts.
2016.11.10 Iraq Nineveh 4 0 Four Iraqis are executed by children of the caliphate.
2016.11.10 Iraq Ghabat 20 0 Twenty civilians are shot and displayed by the Islamic State.
2016.11.10 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 The owner of an Internet café is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.11.10 Jordan Naur 2 0 Conservative Muslim brothers kill their two sisters (age 20 and 34) to reclaim family honor.
2016.11.10 Afghanistan Herat 4 4 Four young children are reduced to pulp by bomb blast.
2016.11.10 Iraq Mosul 6 0 A woman and child are among an entire family slaughtered in their home by an Islamic State member.
2016.11.09 Afghanistan Shawali Kot 7 0 Three children and two women are among seven Afghans disassembled by a Taliban IED.
2016.11.09 Iraq Mosul 30 0 Thirty Iraqis are executed by means of electrocution by the Islamic State.
2016.11.09 Thailand Muang 1 0 A 23-year-old man is killed by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2016.11.09 Nigeria Golori 2 6 Two suicide bombers kill two innocents.
2016.11.09 Iraq Salam 26 0 ISIS bombs take out twenty-six Iraqis.
2016.11.09 Syria Aleppo 6 20 Terrorists fire shells into a university campus, killing six people - mostly students.
2016.11.09 Syria Hadar 1 1 al-Nusra snipers pick off a civilian.
2016.11.09 Syria Fou'a 1 0 Jaish al-Fateh gunmen take out a town resident.
2016.11.09 Syria Harsata 1 3 A Jaish al-Islam mortar fired into a suburb kills one person.
2016.11.09 Somalia Afgoye 1 6 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves one dead.
2016.11.09 Somalia Awdhegle 1 0 Suspected Islamist open fire on bus, killing one passenger.
2016.11.09 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five locals are crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.11.08 Pal. Auth. Gaza 1 0 A Shiite activist is murdered by Sunni loyalists.
2016.11.08 Niger Banibangou 5 4 Jihadists attack and kill five local troops.
2016.11.08 Iraq Mosul 40 0 Forty Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State and hung from poles.
2016.11.08 Cameroon Limani 2 3 Two civilians lose their lives defending their homes from a Boko Haram attack.
2016.11.08 Iraq Baghdad 8 28 Mujahid bombers claim the lives of eight locals.
2016.11.07 Egypt Rafah 2 3 Terrorists fire rockets into a home, killing two occupants.
2016.11.07 Iraq Hamam al-Alil 300 0 Three-hundred victims of ISIS beheadings are found in a mass grave.
2016.11.07 Iraq Arab Jabour 4 11 Two ISIS mortar rounds end the lives of four civilians.
2016.11.07 Iraq Abu Ghraib 3 8 A roadside bomb lays out three Iraqis.
2016.11.07 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 A bomb outside a rival mosque leaves one dead.
2016.11.07 Iraq Baghdad 7 24 Outdoor markets are targeted by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.11.07 Nigeria Kangarwa 1 3 One other person is left dead following a Boko Haram assault.
2016.11.07 Philippines Laparan 1 1 A German man his kidnapped and his female companion murdered aboard their yacht by Abu Sayyaf.
2016.11.06 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A Shiite activist is sprayed with bullets by Sunni radicals.
2016.11.06 Libya Tripoli 2 0 Islamists gun down two men outside a shop.
2016.11.06 Iraq Baghdad 10 21 A series of Mujahideen bomb blasts leave ten dead.
2016.11.06 Pakistan Mulazi 1 0 A member of a peace committee is kidnapped by religious extremists, who then slit his throat.
2016.11.06 Somalia Baraf 7 0 At least seven peacekeepers are killed when al-Shabaab lob a mortar into their camp.
2016.11.06 Iraq Tikrit 13 25 A suicide bomber in an ambulance massacres over a dozen innocents, including five female students.
2016.11.06 Iraq Samarra 11 100 A Shahid suicide bomber targets Shiite pilgrims, killing eleven.
2016.11.06 Iraq Tikrit 15 35 ISIS members set off a very large bomb on a bridge that extinguishes fifteen lives.
2016.11.06 Iraq Tulul al-Baj 16 0 Sixteen people are slaughtered in their own home by Islamic State gunmen.
2016.11.06 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven members are beheaded by the caliphate for 'delinquency'.
2016.11.06 Mali Gourma 3 7 Three people are machine-gunned by suspected al-Qaeda.
2016.11.06 Iraq Tikrit 3 0 Three family members are disintegrated by Muslim bombers.
2016.11.06 DRC Beni 1 2 A civilian succumbs to injury following a ADF attack.
2016.11.05 Afghanistan Sar-i-Ghabargai 5 0 Five border guards are murdered by the Taliban.
2016.11.05 Tunisia Mount Mghilla 1 0 An off-duty soldier is assassinated in his own home by ISIS.
2016.11.05 Yemen Taiz 4 10 Four civilians are cut to ribbons by Shiite shrapnel.
2016.11.05 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Three patrons at a restaurant are taken out in mid-bite by Jihadi bombers.
2016.11.05 Iraq Abu Ghraib 7 28 Seven Iraqis are killed in a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2016.11.05 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five others are cut down by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.11.05 Mali Timbuktu 6 0 An execution video is released by al-Qaeda, showing the public slaughter of a half-dozen captives.
2016.11.05 Afghanistan Batikot 1 2 Religious extremists plant a bomb on a car that kills the driver.
2016.11.05 Somalia Mogadishu 2 5 Suicide bombers target a checkpoint, killing two police.
2016.11.04 Pakistan North Nazimabad 1 0 An imam is shot in the head by Religion of Peace rivals while feeding pigeons at a market.
2016.11.04 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven civilians are taken out by an ISIS mortar round.
2016.11.04 Iraq Shirqat 7 0 Radicals storm a Shiite mosque and murder seven guards.
2016.11.04 Nigeria Malam Fatori 5 4 Five others are killed during a Boko Haram ambush.
2016.11.04 Mali Kidal 1 0 Ansar Dine members plant a bomb that kills a French peacekeeper.
2016.11.04 Turkey Diyarbakir 8 100 The Islamic State claims a car bomb that leaves eight dead.
2016.11.04 Jordan Mann 3 0 Three Americans are shot to death in their car by suspected Islamists.
2016.11.04 Nigeria Yamtake 1 0 A female suicide bomber kills one other person.
2016.11.04 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A man is shot dead by fundamentalists while on his way to a vacation house.
2016.11.04 Afghanistan Sur Gadah 1 1 A Taliban bomb claims the life of a local journalist.
2016.11.04 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three Sunnis are gunned down outside their mosque by radical Shiites.
2016.11.04 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shiites are gunned down outside their mosque by radical Sunnis.
2016.11.04 Iraq Hawijah 18 5 Women and children trying to flee the caliphate are exterminated by a bomb planted on their bus.
2016.11.04 Syria Deir ez-Zor 1 0 A woman is crucified by the Islamic State…
2016.11.04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A man his shot in the head by suspected 'insurgents'.
2016.11.04 Iraq Tal Afar 18 0 At least eighteen sheikhs are executed after being abducted by the Islamic State.
2016.11.04 Nigeria Tudan Wada 1 0 A Christian is murdered by Muslim militants.
2016.11.03 Iraq Sharqat 2 0 A mother and son are cut down by targeted ISIS gunfire.
2016.11.03 Afghanistan Kosa Qala 11 12 Eleven civilians on their way to a wedding are disintegrated by a Taliban bomb.
2016.11.03 Syria Aleppo 15 200 Four children are among fifteen civilians flattened by terrorist shells.
2016.11.02 Thailand Muang 1 0 A 23-year-old man is murdered by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2016.11.02 Thailand Songkhla 2 3 Muslim bombers kill two security guards at a car dealership.
2016.11.02 Kenya Burte-Mangate 2 4 An Islamist IED takes out two members of a security patrol.
2016.11.02 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A man is assassinated in front of his wife in his own home by terrorists.
2016.11.01 Iraq Tal Afar 15 30 Fifteen Shiites are reportedly killed by ISIS booby-traps.
2016.11.01 Iraq Hawija 4 9 ISIS bombers target fleeing families, picking off four members.
2016.11.01 Afghanistan Parwan 7 0 Seven civilians on their way to a wedding are vaporized by Taliban bombers.
2016.11.01 DRC Kitevya 6 2 Six villagers are shot to death by ADF Islamists.
2016.11.01 Syria Raqqa 6 0 Six locals are brutally executed by the Islamic State.
2016.11.01 Pakistan Wah 1 0 A Shiite leader is assassinated by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2016.11.01 Syria Manbij 69 672 Nineteen children are among seventy civilians killed after returning to homes booby-trapped by ISIS.
2016.10.31 Afghanistan Jalalabad 6 6 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out six civilians.
2016.10.31 Iraq Abu Dasheer 2 8 Two civilians at a market are shredded by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.10.31 Iraq Baghdad 8 23 Eight people are blown to bits when Mujahideen bomb a market.
2016.10.31 Iraq Baghdad 6 19 A series of bomb blasts by terrorists leaves six dead.
2016.10.31 India Bahina More 1 2 A Hindu youth dies after an earlier attack by Muslims for not donating to an Islamic charity.
2016.10.31 India Bhopal 1 0 Jailed SIMI extremists slit the throat of a prison guard.
2016.10.31 Egypt Bir el-Abd 1 0 Sharia proponents attack and kill a local soldier.
2016.10.30 Nigeria Borno 9 20 Nine others are left dead following a Boko Haram ambush.
2016.10.30 Iraq Hurriyah 10 34 Jihadis set off a car bomb at a vegetable market that pulverizes ten souls.
2016.10.30 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Fundamentalists murder two teens for wearing 'emo-style' clothing, then hang their bodies.
2016.10.30 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Nine Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.10.30 Syria Idlib 2 0 An elderly man is among two civilians shot in the back of the head by Jabhat al-Nusra.
2016.10.30 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A transgender is hacked to death by family following a sex change operation.
2016.10.30 Egypt al-Arish 0 6 A Sunday morning suicide bomber detonates along a city street.
2016.10.30 Syria Aleppo 2 6 Two children are crushed to death in a Sunni rocket barrage.
2016.10.30 Syria Deir Ezzor 1 30 An ISIS explosive claims the life of a woman.
2016.10.30 Syria Aleppo 2 37 A terrorist chemical attack kills two and injures thirty.
2016.10.30 Syria Aleppo 7 158 Two days of massive ISIS bombardment leave another seven civilians dead.
2016.10.30 Algeria Constantine 1 0 An off-duty cop is murdered by ISIS gunmen while dining at a restaurant.
2016.10.30 Saudi Arabia Qatif 1 1 Islamic radicals gun down a traffic cop.
2016.10.30 Afghanistan Baghlan-e-Markazi 7 1 Three woman and four children are exterminated in their own home by the Taliban.
2016.10.29 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends one other soul to Allah.
2016.10.29 Nigeria Talala 17 3 Seventeen Nigerians are ambushed and murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.10.29 Iraq Baghdad 7 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber targets Shiite pilgrims gathered at a tent, killing seven.
2016.10.29 Nigeria Bakasi 5 11 A female suicide bomber detonates at a camp for displaced persons, blowing five to bits, including a church pastor.
2016.10.29 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 6 Three people are left dead after a suicide bomber takes out three people at a gas station.
2016.10.29 Pakistan Karachi 5 6 Sunni hardliners on motorcycles fire into a gathering of Shiite worshippers, mowing down six.
2016.10.29 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 2 4 Fundamentalists set off a bomb that takes the lives of two local cops.
2016.10.29 Libya Benghazi 4 23 An Ansar al-Sharia shell lays out four civilians.
2016.10.29 Iraq Mosul 100 0 One-hundred more citizens are reportedly executed by caliphate members.
2016.10.29 Iraq Mosul 40 0 Forty Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State and thrown into a river.
2016.10.28 India Naina 1 0 A woman is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2016.10.28 Iraq Shirqat 20 16 At least twenty are killed by an Islamic State suicide car bomber.
2016.10.28 India Macchil 1 0 A border guard is killed and mutilated by Islamic terrorists.
2016.10.28 Egypt Cairo 1 1 A civilian dies from a bomb planted by suspected Islamists.
2016.10.28 Syria Aleppo 15 106 Women and children are among fifteen reported dead after a long series of rocket attacks by Sunni militants.
2016.10.28 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni extremists humiliate and execute a Shiite captive.
2016.10.28 Syria Raqqa 5 0 A video shows five Christians executed by the Islamic State.
2016.10.28 Thailand Mayo 1 1 Muslim gunmen pull up to a car full of teachers and shoot two.
2016.10.28 Iraq Mosul 22 0 Twenty-two civilians are electrocuted by the Islamic State.
2016.10.27 Pakistan Malir 2 0 A married couple is strangled on orders of a jirga because the woman left her former husband.
2016.10.27 Syria Hamadaniyeh 3 1 Three brothers are killed when a Sunni rocket hits their home.
2016.10.27 Syria Aleppo 3 14 Three children at a school are disassembled by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.10.27 CAR Grimari 10 12 Ten villagers are murdered in cold blood by militant Muslims.
2016.10.27 Iraq Basra 1 0 Shiite radicals murder a shop owner for selling alcohol following a national ban.
2016.10.27 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 One person bleeds out from splinter injuries after fundamentalists throw a grenade into a liquor store.
2016.10.27 Nigeria Ungwar Missi 7 3 Two men in their 80s are among seven civilians butchered by Fulani terrorists.
2016.10.27 Libya Benghazi 10 0 Ten bodies are found bound and executed.
2016.10.27 Iraq Mosul 52 0 Fifty-two Iraqis are executed by Islamic State firing squads.
2016.10.27 Chechnya Pervomayskoye 5 0 A judge is assassinated by suspected Islamic militants.
2016.10.27 Nigeria Angwan Ali 3 0 Muslim terrorists kill three Christian villagers.
2016.10.27 Nigeria Passakori 9 0 Nine villagers are massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2016.10.26 Iraq Fadiliya 5 0 At least five Iraqis are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.10.26 Iraq Chemakol 9 0 Nine displaced persons die from ISIS booby-traps after returning to their homes.
2016.10.26 Iraq Hammam Al-Alil 232 0 Two-hundred and thirty men and boys are executed in cold blood by the Islamic State after being forced to serve as human shields.
2016.10.26 Pakistan Sakhi Pul 1 0 A polio vaccinator is gunned down by Islamists.
2016.10.25 Iraq Mosul 23 0 Two-dozen prisoners are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.10.25 Afghanistan Ghor 33 0 Children are among thirty civilians abducted and murdered by the Islamic State.
2016.10.25 Iraq Rufeila 6 4 Three women and three children are shot to death by Islamists for lagging behind a forced relocation.
2016.10.25 Saudi Arabia Najran 1 1 A foreign laborer is laid out by an Ansarullah rocket.
2016.10.25 Saudi Arabia Dammam 2 0 Shiite radicals ambush and kill two local cops.
2016.10.25 Thailand Muang 1 0 An irrigation project employee is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2016.10.25 Kenya Mandera 12 0 Islamists target Christians at a guesthouse, slaughtering a dozen.
2016.10.25 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Nine members are fried alive by the caliphate in an oil-pit.
2016.10.25 Iraq Tulul Naser 70 0 Seventy victims of an ISIS execution are found in a mass grave.
2016.10.25 Somalia Beledweyne 17 0 al-Shabaab claims to have killed 17 security personnel with a suicide car bomb.
2016.10.25 Nigeria Misisi 7 26 Seven villagers lose their lives to a Fulani raid.
2016.10.25 Nigeria Pasakori 2 16 Two others are killed when Muslim terrorists burn sixteen houses.
2016.10.24 Iraq Baghdad 11 35 A series of Jihad bomb blasts leaves eleven dead.
2016.10.24 Iraq Mosul 6 10 A bomb targeting families fleeing the caliphate picks off six.
2016.10.24 Thailand Pattani 1 18 A 60-year-old Buddhist woman is killed, and a teen loses her eye and leg, as Muslims bomb a noodle shop.
2016.10.24 Syria Aleppo 3 28 A 7-year-old girl is among three civilians crushed by Sunni rockets.
2016.10.24 Pakistan Charsadda 1 0 A man on his way to work is assassinated by Islamic State gunmen.
2016.10.24 Pakistan Quetta 61 165 Sixty-one police trainees are massacred by a massive Lashkar-e-Jhangvi suicide attack.
2016.10.24 Pakistan Daudzai 1 0 A blast targeting a polio team takes out a guard.
2016.10.24 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 An intelligence officer is assassinated by al-Shabaab.
2016.10.24 India Suchetgarh 2 8 A child is among two killed by cross-border fire from Pakistan.
2016.10.24 Afghanistan Torkham 8 3 Eight border guards are machine-gunned point-blank by religious radicals.
2016.10.24 Cameroon Waramide 1 6 Two female suicide bombers managed to kill only one other person.
2016.10.24 India Kanpur 1 0 A school principal is murdered by Muslim radicals over his Hindu identity.
2016.10.23 Iraq Mosul 50 0 Fifty Iraqis are rounded up and executed by ISIS for having served in the police.
2016.10.23 Iraq Rutba 7 0 Three suicide bombers kill seven Iraqis.
2016.10.23 Iraq Nimrod 40 0 ISIS militants return to a town and execute forty residents who had been celebrating their liberation prematurely.
2016.10.23 Somalia Mogadishu 3 7 An al-Shabaab bombing outside a tire shop claims three lives.
2016.10.22 Iraq Kirkuk 76 200 Islamic terrorists fan out across a city and massacre over seventy in a series of shootings and suicide bombings.
2016.10.22 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A senior army officer is gunned down on the doorstep of his home by Liwa al-Thawra.
2016.10.22 Afghanistan Faizabad 3 3 A woman and two children are torn to pieces by a Taliban mine.
2016.10.22 Thailand Yarang 1 1 Muslim 'insurgents' fire on a man and his young son while they are hunting, killing him and injuring the child.
2016.10.22 Iraq Mosul 16 0 Sixteen people are thrown off a bridge by Islamic State loyalists.
2016.10.21 Afghanistan Kokuldash 6 10 Armed fundamentalists ambush and murder six Afghans.
2016.10.21 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A journalist with two kids is picked off by an ISIS sniper.
2016.10.21 Iraq Kirkuk 6 45 ISIS militants storm a hotel, killing at least a half a dozen.
2016.10.21 Iraq Mosul 284 0 Two-hundred and eighty-four civilians, including some children, are rounded up and executed by the Islamic State at the College of Agriculture.
2016.10.21 Iraq Kirkuk 16 3 Three suicide bombers enter a power plant and massacre sixteen administrators, engineers and technicians.
2016.10.21 Iraq Mutasim 3 15 Two suicide bombers exterminate three family members in their own home.
2016.10.20 Iraq Arab Ejbur 2 4 A Jihad bomb blast claims two lives.
2016.10.20 Iraq Sabaa al-Bour 3 6 Three people at a market are sectionalized by Mujahideen shrapnel.
2016.10.20 Iraq Nahran 2 9 A vicious terror attack on a commercial district lays out two bystanders.
2016.10.20 Indonesia Tangerang 0 3 A Jamaah Ansharut Daulah member stabs three cops while praising Allah.
2016.10.20 Syria Aleppo 1 7 A Sunni rocket takes out a Syrian child.
2016.10.20 Iraq Qayyarah 2 500 ISIS blows up a chemical plant, killing two people and injuring over five-hundred.
2016.10.20 Nigeria Tachira 1 0 A man on his way to church is pulled into the bush and hacked to death by Muslims
2016.10.20 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State for hiding SIM cards.
2016.10.19 Iraq al-Hud 1 0 A man is murdered by Islamists for carrying an Iraqi flag.
2016.10.19 Iraq Azba 16 0 Sixteen civilians are rounded up by the Islamic State, forced into a mass grave and machine-gunned.
2016.10.19 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two Americans are shot in the back by a Taliban in coalition uniform.
2016.10.19 Iraq Safina 15 0 Fifteen civilians are executed by ISIS and dumped in a river.
2016.10.19 Iraq Safina 6 0 Six civilians are tied to a vehicle and dragged to death by caliphate members.
2016.10.18 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five Kurds are killed by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2016.10.18 Iraq Nasir 1 0 Three ISIS suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2016.10.18 Pakistan Jaar 1 1 A Taliban landmine lays out a local.
2016.10.18 Somalia Afgoye 11 30 A suicide bomber followed by an assault leaves eleven dead Somalis.
2016.10.18 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two men are forced to kneel and then shot in the back of the head by caliphate children.
2016.10.17 Iraq Hawija 5 7 Five refugees are picked off by Islamic State bombers.
2016.10.17 Iraq Zammar 5 2 An ISIS rocket claims five civilians.
2016.10.17 Kenya Mandera 1 0 A passerby is shot when police bust an Islamist plot to attack a school.
2016.10.17 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two children are pulled into pieces by an Islamic State bomb.
2016.10.17 Egypt Abu Taweela 5 8 Fundamentalists attack and kill five members of a security patrol.
2016.10.17 Egypt Mokataa 1 0 A police officer is picked off by an Islamic sniper.
2016.10.17 Egypt Gora 1 2 Religious extremists take out a policeman with a bomb.
2016.10.17 Egypt Shiekh Zuweid 1 1 A local cop is murdered by Islamists.
2016.10.17 Pakistan Karachi 1 9 A teenager bleeds to death after Sunnis throw a grenade into a Shiite mosque.
2016.10.17 Nigeria Galwyi 4 0 Fulani gunmen massacre four villagers.
2016.10.17 Iraq Yusufiya 10 25 A brutal suicide blast at a checkpoint leaves ten dead.
2016.10.17 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A graffiti artist is sprayed with paint and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2016.10.17 Philippines Marawi 1 0 Maute Islamists murder a local police chief.
2016.10.16 India Bengaluru 1 0 A Hindu leader's throat is slit in broad daylight by a Islamic supremacist.
2016.10.16 Turkey Gaziantep 3 8 An ISIS suicide bomber detonates during a police raid, killing three officers.
2016.10.16 Iraq Sharqat 12 0 Women and children are among a dozen killed while trying to flee the Islamic State.
2016.10.16 Pakistan Barmal 2 1 Two border guards are murdered by Islamic radicals.
2016.10.16 Nigeria Ghashghar 20 22 A surprise attack by Boko Haram leaves twenty others dead.
2016.10.16 Syria Rakban 3 20 A Shahid suicide bomber claims three lives at a refugee camp.
2016.10.16 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 The handicapped son of a Shiite cleric is tortured and murdered by dedicated Sunnis.
2016.10.16 Syria Aleppo 3 29 Two women are among three civilians disassembled by terrorist rockets.
2016.10.16 Iraq Dibis 4 5 Islamic State bombers target fleeing families, killing four members.
2016.10.16 Iraq Baghdad 6 21 Six Shiite pilgrims in a procession are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.10.16 Germany Hamburg 1 1 Two German teens are stabbed by a 'radicalized' Muslim while sitting below a bridge.
2016.10.15 Nigeria Godogodo 48 326 Fulani terrorists target a Christian village, killing forty-eight people and burning their homes.
2016.10.15 CAR Ngakobo 11 10 Eleven people at a displaced persons camp are shot to death by militant Muslims.
2016.10.15 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Four Shiite mourners are ripped apart by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2016.10.15 Iraq Mutaibija 8 11 Eight police are gunned down point-blank at a checkpoint by Sharia state advocates.
2016.10.15 Iraq Ishaq 4 0 A woman and her three children are machine-gunned in their home by Jihadis warriors.
2016.10.15 Nigeria Tudun Wada 2 10 Two Shiites are murdered by militant youth.
2016.10.15 India Mumbai 1 0 Muslims barge into a Hindu activist's home and shoot him in the head.
2016.10.15 Iraq Baghdad 41 33 At least forty-three innocents are exterminated by a Sunni suicide blast at a Shiite funeral tent.
2016.10.14 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Two people at a market are vaporized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2016.10.14 Iraq Kirkuk 5 0 Five young men are executed for helping families escape the caliphate.
2016.10.14 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 Jihadis murder two people at a market.
2016.10.14 India Srinagar 1 8 Islamic extremists fire at a group of police, killing one member.
2016.10.14 Somalia Qoryoley 2 0 Islamists take out two children, ages 1 and 9, with a well-placed mortar.
2016.10.14 Egypt Bir al-Abd 12 8 Religious extremists machine-gun a dozen local cops.
2016.10.14 Libya Benghazi 0 5 Five children are injured when an ISIS rocket lands outside a sports stadium.
2016.10.14 Somalia Jilib 2 0 Two people are 'savagely' executed by al-Shabaab.
2016.10.14 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 A double suicide bombing and separate shooting leave one victim dead.
2016.10.14 Syria Hazakah 5 3 Five people at a Kurdish checkpoint are leveled by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.10.14 Libya Sirte 14 25 ISIS snipers pick off fourteen Libyans.
2016.10.13 Jordan Naur 2 0 Two women, ages 20 and 34, are honor killed by their own brothers.
2016.10.13 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven civilians are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.10.13 Afghanistan Kabul 1 2 A civilian is killed by a Taliban bomb.
2016.10.13 Mali Segou 4 9 A group linked to al-Qaeda ambushes a security patrol and kills four members.
2016.10.13 Somalia Baidoa 6 7 al-Shabaab bombers kill six Somalis.
2016.10.13 Syria Bab al Salama 23 25 Twenty-three people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2016.10.13 Somalia Mahaday 1 6 A bomb at a tea shop claims the life of one patron.
2016.10.13 Niger Abalak 1 1 Radical Muslims kill a guard at a Christian mission and kidnap an aid worker.
2016.10.12 India Kharagpur 1 0 A Hindu is stabbed to death in a targeted attack by militant Muslims.
2016.10.12 Syria Aleppo 8 25 Four children are among eight civilians shattered by Sunni rockets.
2016.10.12 Nigeria Tudun Wada 4 0 Muslim youth brutally lynch four members of the Shiite minority community.
2016.10.12 Afghanistan Maza-e-Sharif 14 36 Fourteen worshippers at a Shiite mosque are annihilated by a suicide bomber.
2016.10.12 India Kupwara 1 0 A political activist is assassinated by militant Muslims.
2016.10.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 8 15 A female suicide bomber claims eight innocent lives.
2016.10.12 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A man his beheaded by his own son for insulting the caliph.
2016.10.12 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 Jihadis bomb a packed market, killing two patrons.
2016.10.12 CAR Kaga Bandoro 30 57 Muslim militia hack thirty Christian refugees to death.
2016.10.12 Burkina Faso Intangom 5 3 Two civilians and three border guards are murdered by suspected al-Qaeda.
2016.10.12 Iraq Sadr City 1 0 Sectarian activists pick off a rival with a sticky bomb.
2016.10.11 Afghanistan Mehtarlam 4 22 A Taliban attack leaves four dead.
2016.10.11 India Shopian 2 4 Two members are killed when terrorists throw grenades at a police patrol.
2016.10.11 Syria Mashi 10 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber turns ten people into disparate parts.
2016.10.11 Syria Daraa 5 15 Five children are shredded in their school cafeteria by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.10.11 Afghanistan Kabul 18 62 A dedicated Sunni gunmen enters a Shiite shrine and massacres eighteen worshippers.
2016.10.11 Iraq Hawija 1 9 A child is exterminated by ISIS bombers targeting families fleeing the caliphate.
2016.10.11 Iraq Manshi 9 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends nine souls to Allah.
2016.10.11 Nigeria Kwashebe 5 3 Five villagers are left dead after a surprise rampage by Boko Haram.
2016.10.11 Iraq Dandanah 2 6 At least two people are murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.10.10 Syria Abu Kamal 2 0 At least two men are stoned to death.
2016.10.10 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 14 15 At least fourteen people are laid out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2016.10.10 Iraq Kirkuk 6 0 Video shows at least six residents rounded up and machine-gunned by Muslims being 'true to their covenant with Allah'.
2016.10.10 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 al-Shabaab members set of a bomb at a market, claiming one life.
2016.10.10 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three employees of a satellite channel are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.10.10 Iraq Qayyara 12 2 A dozen civilians are torn limb from limb by several well-placed ISIS rockets.
2016.10.10 Iraq Baqubah 6 1 Six people are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2016.10.10 DRC Mayangose 7 0 Seven people in a small village are machine-gunned by the ADF.
2016.10.09 Russia Prokhladny 2 0 Islamic extremists are suspected of opening fire on police, killing two.
2016.10.09 Thailand Yala 1 0 A local 'peace-maker' is slain by Muslim militants.
2016.10.09 Iraq Udhaim 10 10 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders ten innocents.
2016.10.09 Iraq Baghdad 5 15 Two bomb attacks leave five dead.
2016.10.09 DRC Beni 11 0 Eleven villagers are massacred by ADF Islamists.
2016.10.09 Israel Jerusalem 2 6 An older woman is among two victims who die following a terrorist drive-by shooting.
2016.10.09 Myanmar Rakhine 9 6 Nine border guards are mowed down by militant Muslims.
2016.10.09 Iraq Baghdad 5 22 A suicide bomber massacres five Shiite pilgrims.
2016.10.09 Iraq Hawija 1 1 A man fleeing the caliphate is killed and his wife injured by ISIS.
2016.10.08 Egypt Beheira 1 0 A policeman is shot eight times outside his home by the Hasam Movement.
2016.10.08 Pakistan Reshnagri-Jamnagri 1 2 Islamists attack a Hindu community, killing a guard.
2016.10.08 Iraq Qayyarah 3 3 Three civilians are killed when ISIS send a mortar round into their neighborhood.
2016.10.08 Syria Aleppo 4 9 A boy and a girl are among four civilians pulled into pieces by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.10.08 Iraq Hawija 5 0 Five women and children are reduced to pulp by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.10.08 Iraq Anbar 13 24 A Fedayeen assault on a local security post leaves thirteen dead.
2016.10.08 Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot 3 4 Three children are disassembled by a Taliban bomb.
2016.10.08 Iraq Taji 3 8 Three bystanders outside a row of shops are taken down by Mujahid bombers.
2016.10.08 Mali Kidal 1 0 Suspected Jihadis kill a former member with a mine.
2016.10.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 4 Sunni militants attack a local army base, killing three occupants.
2016.10.07 India Shopian 1 2 Muslim terrorists gun down a cop.
2016.10.07 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A woman is stoned to death for 'adultery'.
2016.10.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A prominent Shiite is gunned down in front of his son by dedicated Sunnis.
2016.10.07 Egypt al-Arish 5 0 Fundamentalist bombers take out a police vehicle with five conscripts.
2016.10.07 Afghanistan Maiwand 3 4 Three Afghans lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
2016.10.06 Niger Tazalit 22 5 Islamic militants attack a refugee camp, killing twenty-two guards.
2016.10.06 Kenya Mandera 6 27 al-Shabaab gunmen break into a home and murder six residents in an attack targeting Christians.
2016.10.06 Syria Atme 29 20 A suspected ISIS suicide bomber blows twenty-nine others to bits at a border crossing.
2016.10.05 Syria Homs 2 0 The Islamic State execute two men, one by beheading.
2016.10.05 Syria Idlib 1 0 A 13-year-old is executed for blasphemy.
2016.10.05 Syria Aleppo 2 3 Two ethnic Armenians are taken out by a Sunni bomb blast.
2016.10.05 Belgium Brussels 0 2 A man stabs two police officer while shouting in Arabic.
2016.10.05 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Jihadis set off a bomb in a commercial district, disintegrating three bystanders.
2016.10.05 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 71 Two civilians are left dead after a Taliban attack.
2016.10.05 DRC Kasinga 1 1 ADF Islamists kill one villager and take another hostage.
2016.10.04 Afghanistan Kanisk 4 4 Four people are murdered by religious radicals in two attacks.
2016.10.04 Afghanistan Khanashin 6 4 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders six Afghans.
2016.10.04 Syria Tall Tawil 36 90 Thirty-six people at a Kurdish wedding are blown up by a suicide bomber just as the bride and groom exchange vows.
2016.10.04 Syria Aleppo 6 47 Six people, including children, are killed when Islamists fire a rocket into a secular university.
2016.10.04 Pakistan Quetta 4 1 Four woman belonging to the Hazera Shiite minority are brutally gunned down by sectarian Jihadis.
2016.10.04 Iraq Mosul 58 0 ISIS executes fifty-eight people by drowning them.
2016.10.03 Yemen Taiz 10 17 Children are among ten killed when Shiite radicals send an artillery shell into a packed market.
2016.10.03 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 12 11 Sharia-State enthusiasts lay out a dozen local policemen with automatic weapons fire.
2016.10.03 Iraq Hawija 45 0 Forty-five civilians are executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2016.10.03 Iraq Amil 7 25 A suicide bomber slaughters seven Shiite pilgrims.
2016.10.03 Iraq Mashtal 6 21 Six more Shiites are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber on foot.
2016.10.03 Iraq Sabi al-Bor 3 10 Three civilians lose their lives to a Jihad bomb blast at a commercial area.
2016.10.03 Syria Raqqa 6 0 An ISIS propaganda video shows the mass execution of a half-dozen people.
2016.10.03 Afghanistan Kunduz 5 13 At least five others are killed when the Taliban invade a town.
2016.10.03 Mali Aguelhok 1 8 An Islamic group lobs a bomb into a UN peacekeeping mission, killing one member.
2016.10.03 Afghanistan Naway 10 20 A suicide bomber exterminates ten enemies of Allah.
2016.10.03 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 A bomb attack on a city street leaves one dead.
2016.10.03 Afghanistan Darzab 6 45 Jihadis set off a bicycle bomb at a packed farmers' market that leaves six dead.
2016.10.03 Syria Aleppo 1 15 Terrorists kill one resident with a well-place rocket.
2016.10.03 Libya Sirte 1 0 An ISIS sniper picks off a photojournalist.
2016.10.02 Iraq Basmaya 2 7 A bomb blast in an industrial area leaves two dead.
2016.10.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Mujahideen bombers take out a local resident in his own neighborhood.
2016.10.02 India Kandizal 1 0 A former politician is assassinated in his home by militant Muslims.
2016.10.02 Iraq Rashidiya 2 4 Two patrons lose their lives to a Mujahid bomb blast at a market.
2016.10.02 India Baramulla 1 1 At least one defender is killed when terrorists attack a security camp.
2016.10.02 Nigeria Ado 3 2 Suspected Fulanis massacre three police officers in their station.
2016.10.02 Turkey Kilis 1 2 An ISIS rocket fired across the border claims one life.
2016.10.02 Egypt al-Arish 4 0 Four electrical workers are murdered by ISIS bombers.
2016.10.02 Iraq Hawija 3 2 Two children and their mother are modularized by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.10.01 Afghanistan Khalis Famil 1 0 A Sikh man is abducted from his home and murdered by Sunni militants.
2016.10.01 Afghanistan Logar 3 1 A woman and two children bleed to death from the effects of Taliban shrapnel.
2016.10.01 Iraq Albu Fahed 1 0 A woman trying to flee the caliphate is captured and quickly executed by loyalists.
2016.10.01 Somalia Mogadishu 3 5 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber slams into a restaurant, sending three patrons to Allah.
2016.10.01 Egypt Rafah 1 8 Jihadis take out a border guard with an IED.
2016.10.01 Egypt al-Arish 5 0 Religious radicals pull five policemen out of their car and shoot them one-by-one.
2016.10.01 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A poet is among three civilians executed by caliphate children.
2016.10.01 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three women are executed by an Islamic State firing squad for owning cell phones.
2016.10.01 Egypt Rafah 1 0 The severed head of an ISIS kidnap victim is discovered on the street.
2016.09.30 Iraq Sadr City 3 8 Terrorists bomb a popular market, killing three patrons.
2016.09.30 Syria Villi 4 0 A 12-year-old is among four people who succumb to Sunni shrapnel.
2016.09.30 Pakistan Jhal Magsi 2 0 A woman and her daughter are shot to death by conservative family members who doubted their 'moral character'.
2016.09.30 Syria Aleppo 13 39 Thirteen more civilians are slain by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.09.30 Syria Aleppo 5 11 Five civilians are killed when Sunni radicals shell a residential district in the middle of the night.
2016.09.30 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 Terrorists shoot two prison guards in the back of the head.
2016.09.30 Afghanistan Qads 10 0 At least ten civilians are blown to smithereens by a Taliban IED.
2016.09.29 Syria Sabhiya 15 0 Fifteen civilians are beheaded for apostasy.
2016.09.29 Australia Potts Point 1 0 A young woman is stabbed to death by her husband for converting to Christianity.
2016.09.29 Pakistan Swabi 2 0 A man and his son are gunned down by Islamic militants.
2016.09.29 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 A guard is killed when Muslim 'separatists' spray automatic weapons fire at a school.
2016.09.29 Thailand Pattani 1 7 One innocent is incinerated when Muslims bomb a petrol station.
2016.09.29 Yemen Aden 1 0 ISIS plants a bomb under a vehicle, killing the driver.
2016.09.28 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Two Iraqis are laid out by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2016.09.28 Iraq Madain 1 5 A patron at a café is taken out in mid-bite by Jihadi bombers.
2016.09.28 Syria Suleymaniye 1 0 An Armenian is killed by a Sunni rocket.
2016.09.28 Sudan Wadi Kella 1 13 Arab militia kill one woman and wound or kidnap thirteen others.
2016.09.28 Egypt al-Arish 4 0 Islamic radicals spray three police sitting in a taxi with bullets along with the driver.
2016.09.28 DRC Beni 5 9 An highway attack by ADF Islamists leaves five dead.
2016.09.27 CAR De Gualle 17 43 Muslim terrorists of 3R kill seventeen and rape another 43.
2016.09.27 Iraq Baghdad 8 29 Eight people are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.09.27 Iraq Baghdad 9 22 A suicide blast in a Shiite commercial district lays out nine bystanders.
2016.09.27 Afghanistan Kunduz 12 0 A dozen local soldiers are killed in their sleep by two Taliban in uniform.
2016.09.27 Syria Aleppo 1 3 A young girl dies from splinter injuries following a Sunni rocket attack.
2016.09.27 Syria Hasaka 1 3 An ISIS landmine leaves a civilian in pieces.
2016.09.27 Kenya Garissa 2 0 al-Shabaab displays the bodies of two abducted policemen.
2016.09.27 Iraq Qara Tepe 1 0 A shepherd is blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2016.09.27 Pakistan Khawarai 1 0 A female politician is assassinated by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.09.27 India Srinagar 1 1 An angry Muslim mob pelts a car with stones, leading to the death of a child and the severe injury of another.
2016.09.27 Egypt Rafah 3 0 Three Egyptian civilians are shot to death by ISIS.
2016.09.27 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 2 0 The Islamic State beheads two civilians.
2016.09.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim terrorists are suspected of shooting a man as he is walking home.
2016.09.26 Pakistan Sro Kali 0 9 Nine people are badly burned by a Tehreek-e-Taliban incendiary device.
2016.09.26 Iran Yazd 1 0 A 63-year-old Baha'i minority member is stabbed to death for being an 'apostate'.
2016.09.26 Russia Kara-Tyube 1 0 A moderate Imam is shot dead by radical co-religionists.
2016.09.26 Nigeria Dogon Fili 2 0 An 80-year-old man and his son are shot to death in the middle of the night by Muslim terrorists.
2016.09.26 Nigeria Kuburumbula 1 0 One villager is killed when Boko Haram invade a Christian village and burn homes.
2016.09.26 Nigeria Boftari 1 0 A Christian man is tied up and slaughtered in front of his wife and four children.
2016.09.26 Pakistan Tarkho 1 1 Taliban bombers kill a man out for a walk.
2016.09.26 Iraq Sharqat 6 0 ISIS executes six people by running over them with a bulldozer.
2016.09.26 Pakistan Pishtakhara 1 9 Two bomb explosions leave a 12-year-old boy dead.
2016.09.26 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 19 Islamists ambush a security patrol, killing three members.
2016.09.26 Nigeria Kubirivour 6 0 Six villagers are slain during a Boko Haram attack.
2016.09.25 Mali Timbuktu 2 1 al-Qaeda gunmen murder two cousins and injure a child.
2016.09.25 Nigeria Godogodo 4 9 Four locals are killed during a Boko Haram attack.
2016.09.25 Jordan Amman 1 0 A Christian writer is gunned down outside a court by an imam for posting a cartoon critical of Islam on Facebook.
2016.09.25 Iraq Baghdad 7 28 A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself up in a Shiite district, taking seven souls with him.
2016.09.25 Iraq Qayara 5 3 Five civilians are dismantled by an ISIS rocket.
2016.09.25 Nigeria Logomani 4 10 Islamic extremists lob grenades into a security post, killing four occupants.
2016.09.25 Iraq Mosul 75 0 Twenty-five media activists are among seventy-five civilians arrested and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.09.25 Nigeria Bama 4 7 Four local troops are ambushed killed on the road by Boko Haram.
2016.09.24 Iraq Tikrit 7 0 Two youngsters are among seven people machine-gunned by an Islamic State activist.
2016.09.24 Chad Djoroye 4 6 Four border guards are murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.09.24 Iraq Nineveh 25 0 Twenty-five civilians are hung by their legs and then have their throats slit by caliphate members.
2016.09.24 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An 80-year-old man is shot to death for insulting the caliph.
2016.09.24 Iraq Tikrit 12 34 A suicide bomber detonates at a police checkpoint, snuffing out twelve lives.
2016.09.24 Afghanistan Salang 5 3 Two women are among five people machine-gunned in their car by Sharia proponents.
2016.09.23 Thailand Yala 3 2 Muslim bombers take down three local cops.
2016.09.23 Afghanistan Tirinikot 22 11 Two dozen Afghans are killed in a Taliban attack.
2016.09.23 Syria Inkhil 12 30 A Shahid suicide car bomber targets a ribbon-cutting ceremony, killing a dozen participants.
2016.09.23 India Priya Unnikrishnan 1 0 A Hindu man is hacked to death by a gang of Muslims.
2016.09.22 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 9 Three local cops are ambushed and killed by Sunni fundamentalists.
2016.09.22 Cameroon Djakana 3 4 A Shahid suicide bomber kills four civilians.
2016.09.22 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six civilians are burned alive by the Islamic State as their families are forced to watch.
2016.09.22 Turkey Kilis 0 6 Five children are among the casualties when the Islamic State fires a rocket into a shopping center.
2016.09.22 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 At least one person is left dead after two bomb blasts.
2016.09.22 Iraq Anbar 100 0 At least one hundred Shiite civilians are herded into a trench by Sunni gunmen and executed one-by-one.
2016.09.22 Kenya Garissa 2 0 Two captured police officers are executed by religious extremists.
2016.09.21 Iraq Mashada 2 4 Caliphate members kill two Iraqis with an IED.
2016.09.21 Kenya Hamey 2 2 al-Shabaab members murder at least two policemen.
2016.09.21 Syria Aleppo 2 7 Two civilians are killed when terrorist pour rockets into a neighborhood.
2016.09.21 Somalia Mogadishu 3 4 Three others are disintegrated when a suicide car bomber detonates along a city street.
2016.09.21 Iraq Mosul 6 3 Six boys are gruesomely executed with welding rods.
2016.09.21 DRC Kasinga 10 2 Ten people are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2016.09.20 Egypt Rafah 2 2 Fundamentalists kill two local security personnel in separate attacks.
2016.09.20 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A young boy is taught to murder a prisoner on video.
2016.09.20 Syria Manbij 3 14 Three children are disassembled by an ISIS IED.
2016.09.20 Iraq Hawija 1 22 An ISIS bomb takes out one member of a fleeing family.
2016.09.20 Iraq Jazaeir 1 0 A woman is stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage.
2016.09.20 Syria Raqqa 12 0 A dozen people are beheaded by the caliphate.
2016.09.19 India Handwara 1 0 A local cop is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2016.09.19 Nigeria Malam Fatori 40 0 Islamists ambush a convoy and kill forty troops.
2016.09.19 Nigeria Borno 2 0 A man and his son are beheaded by Sharia proponents.
2016.09.19 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is tied to a pole and cut through with a heavy machine-gun for 'rejecting Allah's way'.
2016.09.19 Nigeria Sanda 6 3 Six civilians are ambushed and murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.09.19 Iraq Yousifya 3 5 Three people at a grocery store are eliminated by Jihadi bombers.
2016.09.19 Israel Jerusalem 0 2 A female border guard is stabbed in the neck by a Palestinian terrorist.
2016.09.19 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five Internet café workers are dragged out and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.09.19 Nigeria Borno 2 2 Islamic extremists set fire to a village, then open fire on fleeing people, killing two.
2016.09.18 Nigeria Kwamjilari 8 0 Eight people standing outside a church are riddled with bullets by Muslim extremists.
2016.09.18 Iraq Khazar 4 7 Three Fedayeen suicide bombers end the lives of four other people.
2016.09.18 Iraq Baghdad 4 21 Four people are blown to bits by two Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2016.09.18 Pakistan Mianwali 1 0 A Shiite teacher is murdered by a devoted Sunni student.
2016.09.18 Somalia Mogadishu 8 0 A suicide car bomber claims eight souls.
2016.09.18 Pakistan Peshawar 3 0 Islamists murder three people at a dairy farm for 'showing animosity with mosques.'
2016.09.18 Syria Tarif 5 0 Five civilians are kidnapped and brutally executed by the caliphate.
2016.09.18 India Uri 18 19 Four suicide bombers sneak onto an army base and murder eighteen sleeping soldiers.
2016.09.18 Saudi Arabia Dammam 2 0 Two local cops are fatally shot by suspected Shiite extremists.
2016.09.17 CAR Ndomete 26 0 Over two dozen villagers are massacred by Muslim terrorists, who went door-to-door seeking Christians.
2016.09.17 USA St. Cloud, MN 0 8 A former refugee goes on a stabbing spree at a shopping mall while speaking of Allah and asking potential victims if they are Muslim.
2016.09.17 Somalia Hamiro 1 2 At least one other person is cut down by al-Shabaab gunfire.
2016.09.17 Iraq Anbar 1 0 A man is savagely beheaded by Muslim radicals.
2016.09.17 USA NYC, NY 0 31 A former asylum seeker plants several explosives, one of which injures twenty-nine innocents. He also shot two policemen two days later.
2016.09.17 Thailand Songkhla 1 1 Muslim 'insurgents' murder a 71-year-old Buddhist in front of his home.
2016.09.17 Afghanistan Kapisa 4 5 Four people are neatly disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2016.09.17 DRC Mayongose 2 3 Two civilians are dispatched by ADF gunmen.
2016.09.16 Somalia Baardheere 7 0 Seven local troops are ambushed and killed by al-Shabaab.
2016.09.16 Iraq Baghdad 2 7 A bomb planted at a produce market yields two bodies
2016.09.16 Iraq Kirkuk 1 5 A child is taken out by a Jihad bomb blast on a rival mosque.
2016.09.16 Pakistan Batta Meena 36 45 Children are among three dozen worshippers blown to bits by a suicide bomber at a packed mosque.
2016.09.16 Israel Kiryat Arba 0 3 Three teens are run down by a Palestinian driver.
2016.09.15 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Two bomb blasts produce four dead Iraqis.
2016.09.15 Iraq Sharqat 2 0 A woman and her son are murdered in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2016.09.15 Pakistan Mian Channu 2 0 Two adulterers are tortured and hanged.
2016.09.15 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 A man honor kills his own mother with six shots to the head for 'misbehaving'.
2016.09.15 India Thane 2 0 A woman who left Islam to marry a Hindu man is stabbed to death along with her husband.
2016.09.14 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 A religious radical affixes a bomb to the underside of a car, killing the driver.
2016.09.14 Afghanistan Faryab 2 1 Two Afghans are aerated by Taliban shrapnel.
2016.09.14 Iraq al-Rashad 4 0 A married couple and their two children are exterminated by Mujahideen gunmen.
2016.09.14 Iraq Tarmiya 2 8 Two people at a market are sectionalized by Religion of Peace bombers.
2016.09.14 Iraq Sharqat 4 0 Four children are allegedly poisoned by the Islamic State.
2016.09.13 Canada Toronto, ON 1 0 A 28-year-old student is stabbed to death for arguing against Islam with a devout Muslim.
2016.09.13 Iraq Hawija 10 6 ISIS bombers target fleeing families, picking off at least ten members.
2016.09.13 India Srinagar 1 0 A policeman succumbs to injuries from a terror attack.
2016.09.13 Somalia Afgoye 4 0 al-Shabaab militants ambush and kill four local soldiers.
2016.09.13 Iraq Shirqat 7 0 Four children are among an entire family of seven blown to bits for fleeing the Islamic State.
2016.09.13 Pakistan Quetta 2 23 A roadside blast and a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque leaves two dead.
2016.09.13 Syria Deir Ezzor 19 0 Nineteen prisoners are hung upside down from livestock hooks and butchered by caliphate members.
2016.09.12 Yemen Taiz 6 0 Three women and three children are shredded by shrapnel from a Shiite rocket.
2016.09.12 Niger Diffa 5 6 A Boko Haram attack leaves five others dead.
2016.09.12 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight civilians are put into a metal cage and lowered into a pool by the Islamic State.
2016.09.12 Afghanistan Kandarhar 1 2 Suicide bombers dressed as doctors enter a hospital and kill at least one patient.
2016.09.12 India Anantnag 1 5 A civilian bleeds to death from shrapnel wounds after an Islamist tosses a grenade into the street.
2016.09.12 Pakistan Qasim Bela 1 1 Two men are shot in an attempted honor killing by their conservative Muslim families.
2016.09.12 Pakistan Khanpur 0 13 Two suicide bombers target Religion of Peace rivals during prayer.
2016.09.12 Thailand Chanae 1 0 A retired man is shot to death by a Muslim 'separatist'.
2016.09.11 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Suspected Muslim militants kill a man and injure his wife.
2016.09.11 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Suspected militants enter a home and shoot a married couple.
2016.09.11 Iraq Madaen 2 5 Jihadis set off a bomb at a livestock market, killing two persons.
2016.09.11 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 1 An anti-Taliban cop is murdered by his opponents.
2016.09.11 Iraq Rutba 5 0 Five Iraqis lose their lives to an ISIS attack.
2016.09.11 Iraq Himreen 3 0 Three women are blown into disparate parts by caliphate bombers.
2016.09.11 India Poonch 1 2 At least one rescuer is killed when terrorists burst into a couple's home.
2016.09.11 Nigeria Tumur 10 0 Boko Haram slit the throats of ten traders.
2016.09.11 Yemen Wadea 10 20 A suicide bomb blast at a police station leaves ten dead.
2016.09.11 Kenya Mombasa 0 2 Two policemen are wounded when three women in burkas launch a stabbing attack.
2016.09.11 Philippines Sultan Kudarat 1 0 A church elder is machine-gunned in front of his child by Muslims while resting in a hammock outside his home.
2016.09.10 Iraq Taji 3 9 Jihadis bomb a marketplace, killing three patrons.
2016.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 A Shahid suicide bomber takes two other souls with him.
2016.09.10 Niger Ayorou 2 5 A woman and child are killed when suspected Islamists attack their refugee camp.
2016.09.10 Iraq Arab al-Jabour 4 0 Four civilians are laid out by a Mujahideen bomb blast at a date palm grove.
2016.09.10 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Two planted bombs claim three lives.
2016.09.10 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A doctor is murdered by fundamentalists for his work on eradicating polio.
2016.09.10 Syria Deir Ezzor 7 22 Seven people are killed when Sunni fundamentalists shell a residential area.
2016.09.10 Australia Sydney 0 1 A 22-year-old stabs an older man in the park while yelling praises to Allah.
2016.09.10 Nigeria Monguno 1 3 A civilian is shot to death by Boko Haram.
2016.09.09 Pakistan Peshawar 1 8 Terrorists gun down a cop and set off a bomb that injures eight others.
2016.09.09 Iraq Baghdad 40 60 Two suicide bombings claim forty souls at a shopping mall.
2016.09.09 Pakistan Haidri 1 1 An Ismaili Shia minority is gunned down by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
2016.09.09 Serbia Raska 0 1 A man shouting praises to Allah attacks a police officer with a machete.
2016.09.09 Mali Boni 3 2 Three local soldiers are ambushed and killed by suspected Islamists.
2016.09.09 Iraq Mosul 4