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Jihad Report
Jun 29, 2024 -
Jul 05, 2024

Attacks 30
Killed 167
Injured 162
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 12

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
June, 2024

Attacks 64
Killed 565
Injured 559
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 18
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks
Niger, January

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 2281 Islamic attacks in 55 countries, in which 11831 people were killed and 9599 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2021.12.31 Syria al-Hol 1 0 Islamic State loyalists gun down a refugee.
2021.12.31 Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 2 0 A couple accused of 'moral corruption' are put down by religious police.
2021.12.31 Nigeria Irigwe 1 4 Muslim militants attack Christians returning from a prayer meeting, killing one and then burning his body.
2021.12.30 Egypt Abu Araj 1 3 Fundamentalists kill one with an IED.
2021.12.30 Pakistan Karkanra 4 0 The Tehrik-e Taliban claim the killing for four locals.
2021.12.30 Yemen Shabwa 10 17 A vicious Ansar Allah missile attack leaves ten dead.
2021.12.30 India Tarn Taran 1 0 A Sikh soldier dies after being shot in the neck by Muslim militants.
2021.12.30 Somalia Balad 7 0 Two women are among seven killed by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2021.12.29 Iraq Hamrin Lake 3 1 ISIS releases video of the beheading of three victims kidnapped from a fishing trip.
2021.12.29 Pakistan Mir Ali 1 0 Terrorists on motorcycles gun down a traffic cop.
2021.12.29 Iraq Abu Saida 1 0 Mujahid gunmen lay out a civilian outside his home.
2021.12.29 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 One person is left dead following an Islamist attack.
2021.12.29 Syria Izba 2 3 ISIS members blow up a passing vehicle, killing two.
2021.12.28 Syria Sweidan 2 0 Two "sorcerers" are pulled from their home and executed by Islamic activists.
2021.12.28 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Terrorists assassinated a Shiite with a car bomb.
2021.12.28 Pakistan Mir Ali 1 2 The Tehreek-e-Taliban are thought responsible for a pipe-bombing that kills one.
2021.12.28 Mali Nara 8 7 Jihadists ambush and kill eight local soldiers.
2021.12.28 CAR Bezere 2 7 A Muslim terror group kills two in a small village.
2021.12.27 Iraq Hamrin Lake 1 15 Two ISIS bomb blasts leave one dead.
2021.12.27 Afghanistan Charmgari 1 0 An intelligence official is assassinated by suspected ISIS.
2021.12.27 Uganda Bwetyaba 3 0 A woman and her two children are honor-killed by family for attending church.
2021.12.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A pro-government mosque leader is assassinated by radicals.
2021.12.26 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 An al-Shabaab roadside blast claims four lives.
2021.12.26 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 3 A Mujahid IED ends the life of a local soldier.
2021.12.26 Afghanistan Madatkhel 1 0 An 8-year-old boy is shot to death by terrorists.
2021.12.26 Nigeria Buni Yadi 10 0 Children are among ten killed during an attack by Jamā'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wa'l-Jihād.
2021.12.25 Syria Baghouz 1 0 The Islamic State execute a captive.
2021.12.25 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 0 A border guard is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2021.12.25 DRC Beni 8 13 A suicide bomber targets an establishment selling alcohol, killing eight.
2021.12.25 DRC Mambembe 3 0 Three civilians are murdered by the ADF.
2021.12.25 Afghanistan Gardez 1 0 Mujahideen gun down a civilian.
2021.12.24 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A religious scholar is gunned down by rivals.
2021.12.24 Saudi Arabia Jazan 2 0 Two residents are killed by an Ansar Allah rocket.
2021.12.24 Afghanistan Ghani Khel 1 0 An educator and activist is assassinated by Religion of Peace advocates.
2021.12.24 Syria al-Hol 4 0 Four more refugees are murdered by ISIS in different attacks.
2021.12.23 Niger Makalondi 6 10 A dual Jihadist attack outside a border town kills a half dozen.
2021.12.23 Iraq al-Salam 1 1 Mujahid gunmen take down a farmer and injure his brother.
2021.12.23 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A teacher is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2021.12.23 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 6 Five are killed when Boko Haram lob mortars into a residential neighborhood.
2021.12.23 Myanmar Maungdaw 1 0 A Muslim teen slits the throat of a Buddhist merchant amid 'communal tension'.
2021.12.23 Burkina Faso Ouahigouya 41 0 Forty-one traders are massacred in an Islamic extremist attack on their convoy.
2021.12.23 DRC Mambembe 9 0 Nine civilians are massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.12.22 Iraq Hashd al-Shaabi 2 4 Two Shiites are killed by the Islamic State.
2021.12.22 India Bijbehara 1 0 An off-duty cop is taken down by Muslim terrorists.
2021.12.22 India Srinagar 1 0 A civilian succumbs to injuries at the hands of Islamic extremists.
2021.12.22 Afghanistan Ghani Khel 4 0 An Islamic State ambush leaves four dead.
2021.12.21 Afghanistan Pul-e Chahar 1 0 A civilian is stabbed to death by suspected terrorists.
2021.12.21 Nigeria Nasarawa 45 40 Forty-five farmers are murdered by Fulani terrorists across three villages.
2021.12.21 Egypt Rafah 2 0 ISIS claims an IED attack that leaves two dead.
2021.12.21 Mozambique Cabo Delgado 2 2 Islamists purge two.
2021.12.20 Mozambique Chai 1 0 A South African loses his life to an attack by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2021.12.20 Nigeria Sabon Tasha 1 0 A retired soldier is kidnapped from his home and killed.
2021.12.20 DRC Mabondo 1 0 ADF Islamists murder a civilian looking for food.
2021.12.20 Afghanistan Dehrawood 1 0 A former soldier is assassinated by radicals.
2021.12.19 CAR Mann 5 15 Five civilians are killed by Muslim 'rebels.'
2021.12.19 Pakistan Sur Kamar 2 4 A suicide bomber attacks a vehicle carrying a secular party leader, killing two.
2021.12.19 Nigeria Kilangar 25 7 Twenty-five people are reported dead following a Boko Haram raid on a village.
2021.12.18 Syria al-Hol 1 0 An ISIS opponent is shot to death.
2021.12.18 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A secular politician is brought down by gunmen on motorcycles.
2021.12.18 Iraq Abu Karma 1 0 Islamic State militants storm a healthcare facility and murder the director.
2021.12.18 Afghanistan Baraki 1 3 Terrorists set off a bomb blast that claims a civilian.
2021.12.18 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 At least one Shiite is killed in a targeted bombing.
2021.12.17 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 Fundamentalists murder a Talisman in his home.
2021.12.17 Nigeria Zaman Dabo 4 1 Fulani terrorists storm a village and murder four residents.
2021.12.17 Syria Raqqa 2 3 Two are left dead following an attack near the former ISIS caliphate.
2021.12.16 Afghanistan Shaga 4 1 Four family members are eliminated by radicals.
2021.12.16 Israel Homesh 1 2 Terrorists fire on three Israelis, killing a father-of-two.
2021.12.16 Iraq Khanaqin 3 2 An ISIS attack leaves three dead.
2021.12.16 Afghanistan Gaizab 2 8 An old Taliban landmine claims two children.
2021.12.16 Pakistan Hamzuni 1 3 A police constable is tragically cut down by Muslim terrorists.
2021.12.16 DRC Kidungo 1 0 A woman is taken down by Islamists with a bullet to the head.
2021.12.16 DRC Lukaya 4 0 ADF Islamists kill four civilians and burn their vehicle.
2021.12.16 Yemen Harad 14 0 Fourteen Sudanese are killed by an Ansar Allah attack.
2021.12.15 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A Syrian woman is shot dead at a refugee camp.
2021.12.15 Iraq Duraji 12 0 Twelve victims of the caliphate are discovered in a mass grave.
2021.12.15 Afghanistan Laghbad 1 0 The body of a university lecturer is discovered a month after his abduction by Taliban.
2021.12.15 Mozambique Nova Zambezia 1 0 Islamists abduct and decapitate a pastor, then order his wife to deliver the head to police.
2021.12.14 Afghanistan Tank Til Logar 1 2 Terrorists kill one person with an early morning blast.
2021.12.14 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A woman is murdered by ISIS and thrown into a sewer.
2021.12.14 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 One person is killed during an armed Islamist attack on a village.
2021.12.13 DRC Mangina 8 0 Attacks on two villages by ADF Islamists leave eight dead.
2021.12.13 Afghanistan Chardara 1 0 A former soldier is tracked down by the Taliban and executed.
2021.12.13 India Srinagar 2 14 Islamic terrorists fire on a bus carrying police, killing two.
2021.12.13 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 2 Suspected radicals fire on police at a mosque, killing one.
2021.12.12 Afghanistan Quwa-e-Markaz 1 0 Taliban gunmen take down a young man.
2021.12.12 Iraq Dhi Qar 1 0 A secular school teacher is gunned down in his car by radicals.
2021.12.12 Lebanon Tyre 4 6 Fatah is accused of opening fire at a rival funeral, killing four.
2021.12.11 Iraq Sultan Abdullah 1 1 An ISIS explosive takes out a 4-year-old.
2021.12.11 Pakistan Tank 2 0 The Tehrik-e-Taliban murder two guards for a polio team.
2021.12.11 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 4 A child is among two left dead after a terror attack on a family vehicle.
2021.12.11 Somalia Jowhar 1 5 An Islamist blast targeting lawmakers at a restaurant leaves one dead.
2021.12.11 Somalia Buurane 4 0 Four AU peacekeepers are killed by al-Shabaab.
2021.12.11 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A Shiite cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2021.12.11 Syria al-Masrab 7 17 An attack by ISIS claims seven souls.
2021.12.11 Syria Baghouz 1 0 A man is abducted by ISIS and executed under torture.
2021.12.11 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 A man is tortured and executed over Facebook posts critical of the Taliban.
2021.12.10 Tanzania Border 4 0 Four are massacred in a targeted attack on non-Muslims.
2021.12.10 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 2 1 Terrorists throw a grenade into a motorcycle shop, killing two.
2021.12.10 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 A 10-year-old girl is shot dead by the Taliban.
2021.12.10 Syria al-Hol 2 0 Two Iraqi men are murdered at a refugee camp.
2021.12.10 Iraq Abu Saida 1 0 A driver loses his life to Mujahideen gunmen.
2021.12.10 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two civilians are shot dead by the Taliban.
2021.12.10 Sudan Jafio 6 7 A half-dozen are killed during a raid by Arab militia.
2021.12.10 India Bandipora 2 0 Two police succumb to injuries from an Islamic drive-by.
2021.12.10 Afghanistan Kabul 2 4 Bomb attacks on two bus stops in Hazera minority areas leave two dead.
2021.12.09 Burkina Faso Titao 14 0 Fourteen locals are ambushed and killed by Jihadists.
2021.12.09 Afghanistan Qala-e-Tapa 1 0 Terrorists gun down a merchant.
2021.12.08 Sudan El Geneina 7 0 Seven innocents on their way to a funeral are slain by Arab militia.
2021.12.08 DRC Mangina 16 4 ADF Islamists hack sixteen villagers to death with machetes.
2021.12.08 Sudan Jebel Moon 21 6 Arab militia shoot up a number of villages, killing twenty-one.
2021.12.08 Nigeria Kasuwan-Ladi 2 0 Fulani militants murder two farmers.
2021.12.08 Mali Bandiagara 7 3 Seven UN peacekeepers are sent to Allah by a Jihadist landmine.
2021.12.08 Kenya Nyakach 2 1 A suicide bomber blows up a young couple in front of their child.
2021.12.07 Egypt Rafah 1 1 A 50-year-old resident is killed by Wilayat fundamentalists.
2021.12.07 Sudan Um Zuhour 1 0 A farmer is shot dead by Arab militia.
2021.12.07 Iraq Basra 4 20 Sunni bombers scatter Shiite body parts up and down the street.
2021.12.07 Iraq Dibis 2 1 Hardcore Jihadists attack and kill two local security personnel.
2021.12.07 Pakistan Yousafabad 1 0 A 58-year-old police officer is shot to death in his car by Islamic radicals.
2021.12.07 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 0 The Taliban is suspected in the kidnapping and murder of a former opponent.
2021.12.06 Afghanistan Nuristan 1 0 A former police officer is pulled out of his car and killed.
2021.12.06 Afghanistan Barkandi 1 0 A government official is killed by ISIS gunmen.
2021.12.06 Philippines Zamboanga 2 1 Abu Sayyaf is thought to be behind the assassination of a local mayor.
2021.12.06 Iraq al-Baida 1 0 A shepherd is put out to pasture by an ISIS landmine.
2021.12.06 Afghanistan Andarab 1 0 Three Taliban make quick work of a former soldier outside his home.
2021.12.05 Sudan Krinding 24 35 Arab militia attack a refugee camp, killing two dozen unfortunates.
2021.12.05 Iraq Sheikh Bizeni 2 0 Islamic State loyalists kill two Kurds.
2021.12.05 Iraq Qara Salem 5 6 Five Kurds are reported killed by ISIS.
2021.12.04 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A refugee is murdered by ISIS at a refugee camp.
2021.12.04 Kenya Mandera 2 10 al-Shabaab gunmen murder two border guards.
2021.12.04 Iraq Karbala 1 0 A senior official is assassinated by ISIS.
2021.12.04 Israel Jerusalem 0 1 A Palestinian terrorist stabs a Jewish man on his way to prayer.
2021.12.04 Pal. Auth. Jenin 1 0 An Arab student is stabbed to death by Fatah.
2021.12.04 Niger Funio 12 8 A dozen in Niger are killed by al-Qaeda linked militants.
2021.12.03 Mali Bandiagara 31 17 Jihadists burn thirty-one people alive on a bus.
2021.12.03 Nigeria Rann 7 0 Islamic extremists roll into town with machine-guns, taking down seven defenders.
2021.12.03 Thailand Sakhon 1 0 A local resident is ambushed and killed by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2021.12.03 Pakistan Sialkot 1 0 A mob tortures a Sri Lankan man to death for allegedly disrespecting the Quran.
2021.12.03 Mali Mourem 1 1 A UN worker is killed by Muslim radicals.
2021.12.02 Iraq Makhmour 13 3 Three brothers are among thirteen shot to pieces by Islamic State members.
2021.12.02 Syria Kharata 10 1 Islamic terrorists massacre ten oil workers.
2021.12.02 Iraq Qazaniya 1 0 A young man guarding a poultry house loses his life to Muslim gunmen.
2021.12.02 Nigeria Maiduguri 7 1 A baby is among the casualties when ISWAP send mortars into a town.
2021.12.01 DRC Baraka 4 0 ADF Islamists are suspected in the murder of four aid workers.
2021.12.01 Benin Proga 2 3 Islamists attack a security patrol and kill two members.
2021.12.01 Nigeria Abuyab 1 0 Muslim militants kill a farmer.
2021.12.01 Sudan Jebel Moon 2 0 Arab militia fire into an agricultural project, killing two workers.
2021.12.01 Sudan Mershing 4 0 Janjaweed shoot four farmers to death.
2021.12.01 India Srinagar 1 0 ISIS members gun down a traffic cop at close range.
2021.11.30 Egypt Sinai 1 0 A bomb near a cement factory claims one life.
2021.11.30 Somalia Baidoa 2 3 al-Shabaab attack an airport, and successfully kill two.
2021.11.30 Afghanistan Khas Kunar 1 0 A former judge is assassinated by Jihadists.
2021.11.30 Burkina Faso Dablo 3 0 Three farmers are executed by a roving band of Islamists.
2021.11.29 Nigeria Borno 2 0 ISWAP members kill two locals.
2021.11.29 Iraq Kifri 2 2 An Islamic State shooting attack on Kurds leaves two dead.
2021.11.29 Afghanistan Gadikhel 1 1 A boy is torn apart by Mujahid shrapnel.
2021.11.29 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 ISIS member shoot a power company inspector to death.
2021.11.29 Afghanistan Nawa 1 0 A young man is abducted by the Taliban, executed and thrown into a river.
2021.11.29 Mozambique Chitolo 2 2 Muslim 'insurgents' attack a children's ceremony, killing two.
2021.11.28 Burkina Faso Loroum 4 0 Another four are cut down by al-Qaeda linked militia.
2021.11.28 CAR Kaita 32 0 Thirty civilians are massacred by a Muslim terror group.
2021.11.28 Iraq Badush Dam 1 0 A suspected victim of ISIS execution is discovered.
2021.11.27 Iraq Kolju 5 4 Five Kurds are taken down by ISIS bombers.
2021.11.27 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 Terrorists attack a local checkpoint and kill two defenders.
2021.11.27 Syria Manbij 3 5 An ISIS cell sets off a car bomb that claims two woman and a child.
2021.11.27 Mozambique Naulala 1 0 At least one guard is killed when Islamists attack a medial facility.
2021.11.26 Sudan North Darfur 4 0 Four villagers are killed by Arab militia.
2021.11.26 Nigeria Ta’agbe 11 30 Terrorists shouting "Allah Akbar" slaughter eleven Christians, including women and children.
2021.11.26 Afghanistan Shahrak 1 0 A former police worker is found by the Taliban and executed.
2021.11.26 Afghanistan Kabul 4 1 Four children are exterminated by Mujahid bombers.
2021.11.26 Afghanistan Hofian Sharif 1 0 Terrorists gun down a civilian.
2021.11.26 Afghanistan Hazarnaw 1 0 A fundamentalist is killed by rivals.
2021.11.26 Afghanistan Zaranj 1 0 A tribal elder is assassinated by Religion of Peace gunmen.
2021.11.25 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 2 0 Two security personnel are riddled with bullets by terrorists.
2021.11.25 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A young doctor is murdered by the Taliban on the town square.
2021.11.25 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Terrorists kill a tea seller with an IED.
2021.11.25 Afghanistan Qasba 3 1 A bomb goes off in a rickshaw, killing three passersby.
2021.11.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 ISIS gunmen take down two people outside a mosque.
2021.11.25 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Former members of the caliphate murder a man inside his home.
2021.11.25 Egypt Rafah 1 3 An ISIS sniper kills one person and injures three others.
2021.11.25 Somalia Mogadishu 8 17 Children are among the victims when a Fedayeen suicide bomber goes off outside a school.
2021.11.24 Afghanistan Rig-e-Rawan 2 0 Two clerics are assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2021.11.24 Camreroon Fotokol 2 0 ISIS loyalists attack a local security base, killing two members.
2021.11.24 Afghanistan Kapisa 2 0 Terrorists kill two secular school teachers.
2021.11.24 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 0 A former Afghan official is assassinated.
2021.11.24 Burkina Faso Thiou 3 14 Three local soldiers lose their lives to a Jihadist attack.
2021.11.24 Iraq Mutasim 1 0 ISIS snipers pick off a civilian.
2021.11.23 Nigeria Ancha 2 0 Muslim militants murder two farmers.
2021.11.23 Afghanistan Baladuri 1 0 A former cop is found and killed.
2021.11.23 Afghanistan Warsaj 3 0 An ISIS bomb blast sends three others to Allah.
2021.11.22 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 Mujahideen gunmen take two people, including a refugee worker.
2021.11.22 Iraq Buhriz 1 3 An ISIS attack on a checkpoint leaves one dead.
2021.11.22 Afghanistan Ghorombi 1 0 A former police officer is shot to death by fundamentalists.
2021.11.22 Pakistan Shabqadar 1 0 A local man is assassinated by Jihadis on his way home.
2021.11.22 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 0 A Shiite civilian is gunned down in cold blood by Sunni extremists.
2021.11.22 Mali Tessalit 1 0 An Egyptian peacekeeper later succumbs to injuries from a Jihadist attack.
2021.11.21 Burkina Faso Foube 19 1 At least nineteen are slaughtered by Jihadists near an aid facility.
2021.11.21 Israel Jerusalem 1 4 An Hamas member opens fire near the Temple Mount, killing a civilian.
2021.11.21 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A young man is shot dead by the Taliban for arguing with them.
2021.11.21 Egypt Rafah 3 0 An Islamic landmine claims three lives.
2021.11.21 DRC Kakuka 1 3 ADF Islamists target a local security base, killing one.
2021.11.20 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 0 Three people in a car are wasted by ISIS gunmen.
2021.11.20 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills a prominent journalist.
2021.11.20 Iraq Rashad 1 1 Terrorists spray a taxi with bullets, killing an official.
2021.11.19 Afghanistan Balkh 1 0 A prominent psychiatrist is abducted and tortured to death by 'extremists.'
2021.11.19 Somalia Bardale 7 11 al-Shabaab set off a bomb in a packed market, killing seven patrons.
2021.11.18 Iraq Zuhairat 1 0 An off-duty soldier is assassinated outside his house by Mujahideen.
2021.11.18 Iraq Hatra 1 0 Terrorists kill a civilian with light weapons.
2021.11.18 Iraq Jalawla 2 0 An ISIS sniper brings down two Iraqis.
2021.11.18 Afghanistan Angor Bagh 1 0 Muslim terrorists shoot a man to death in the street.
2021.11.18 Syria Deir ez-Zor 8 3 Eight are reportedly killed by ISIS terrorists.
2021.11.17 Syria Hasakah 1 0 Islamic State members kill a man in his own home.
2021.11.17 Afghanistan Kabul 2 5 A bomb hits a minibus in a Shiite area, killing two.
2021.11.17 Afghanistan Kabul 4 0 Radicals bomb a second bus an hour after an earlier blast, killing four Shiites.
2021.11.17 Afghanistan Banda 1 0 A citizen is abducted and beheaded by Religion of Peace activists.
2021.11.17 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 3 Muslim radicals place an IED along a road, killing a passerby.
2021.11.16 Niger Bakorat 25 0 Another Islamic raid on a village leaves over two dozen dead.
2021.11.16 Uganda Kampala 3 6 Two separate suicide bombings leave three others dead.
2021.11.16 Mozambique Nambongali 3 0 Three villagers are abducted and executed by an Islamic group.
2021.11.15 Pakistan Karachi 1 3 The man is killed when a couple is fired on by the woman's family for marrying by choice.
2021.11.15 Egypt Sinai 2 1 Islamic hardliners fire a rocket at a nearby patrol, killing two members.
2021.11.15 Nigeria Goronyo 2 0 Two people lose their lives to Muslim terrorists.
2021.11.14 CAR Mann 12 15 Twelve civilians are killed in the crossfire when a Muslim terrorist group invades a market.
2021.11.14 Afghanistan Saparo 1 0 A villager is abducted and executed by a fundamentalist group.
2021.11.14 Afghanistan Surkh Rod 1 0 A man is beheaded by religious radicals.
2021.11.14 Mali Nara 4 14 Four soldiers are killed by Muslim terrorists in an attack on their post.
2021.11.14 Nigeria Illela 13 0 Thirteen villagers are murdered by Muslim militants.
2021.11.14 Iraq Sammaga 1 1 An Mujahid blast produces one dead Iraqi.
2021.11.14 Burkina Faso Inata 53 0 Islamic terrorists slaughter fifty-three near a mine.
2021.11.14 Afghanistan Khawja 2 0 Two former Afghan soldiers are assassinated by the Taliban.
2021.11.13 Mozambique Najama 2 0 Two individuals are abducted and beheaded by Islamic hardliners.
2021.11.13 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A woman dies from injuries suffered at the hands of ISIS.
2021.11.13 Syria al-Masrib 13 0 Thirteen Syrians are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State.
2021.11.13 Nigeria Askira Uba 4 0 Four Nigerians are brought low by ISWAP.
2021.11.13 Afghanistan Dasht-e Barchi 1 4 A journalist is killed when Sunni radicals attach a bomb to a minivan in order to target "Shiite apostates."
2021.11.13 Pakistan Hoshab 3 0 Islamic militants kill three local soldiers with a bombing and shooting.
2021.11.13 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2 6 A young girl is among the casualties of a fundamentalist IED attack.
2021.11.13 Nigeria Logo 4 3 A brutal Fulani attack on a funeral leaves four dead.
2021.11.13 Iraq Waqf Basin 1 0 A policeman is gunned down by Islamic radicals.
2021.11.13 Afghanistan Tokhram 1 0 A civilian is detained and tortured to death by the Taliban.
2021.11.13 Sudan Tordi 2 0 Arab militia murder two farmers.
2021.11.13 Mozambique Namatil 1 0 A taxi driver is murdered by Islamists.
2021.11.12 Afghanistan Gardez 2 0 Two women who served as police officers are discovered and murdered.
2021.11.12 Syria al-Hol 2 0 Two Iraqi refugees are shot dead by the Islamic State.
2021.11.12 Nigeria Yobe 3 0 ISWAP members ambush a local security patrol, killing three.
2021.11.12 Afghanistan Spin Ghar 3 15 Sunnis plant a bomb in a Shiite mosque that kills at least three during prayers.
2021.11.12 Burkina Faso Alkoma 7 5 Islamic extremists attack local police, killing seven.
2021.11.12 DRC Beni 38 2 Thirty-eight civilians are slaughtered by ADF Islamists during an attack on a medical clinic.
2021.11.12 Iraq Mahatta 1 0 A shepherd is disintegrated by an ISIS bomb blast.
2021.11.11 Sudan Shangil Tobaya 3 0 Arab militia attack a displaced persons camp, killing three.
2021.11.11 Somalia Mogadishu 2 3 A Shahid suicide car bomber takes out two civilians.
2021.11.11 DRC Tinambo 3 0 An ADF IED takes out three residents.
2021.11.11 DRC Kissanga 5 0 Five residents are killed when ADF Islamists burn down a village.
2021.11.11 Mozambique Namatili 3 0 Three locals are beheaded by an ISIS-linked group.
2021.11.11 Mozambique Macomia 1 0 One person is killed by Islamic State gunmen.
2021.11.10 Afghanistan Urozgan 1 0 A former policeman is discovered and executed.
2021.11.10 Saudi Arabia Dhahran al-Janub 1 0 At least one person is killed by an Ansar Allah missile from across the border.
2021.11.10 Cameroon Tourou 4 0 Three men and a woman are shot to death by Boko Haram in their township.
2021.11.10 Pakistan Jamrud 1 0 A local soldier manning a check-post is shot point-blank by Muslim extremists.
2021.11.10 Nigeria Shiliam 3 0 Three women are murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.11.10 Nigeria Karim Lamido 15 0 Fifteen are reported killed by Fulani mercenaries.
2021.11.10 Iraq Amrli 3 0 Three locals are assassinated by ISIS while on a search for victims of an earlier attack.
2021.11.09 Nigeria Kaduna 2 3 Muslim militants open fire on kidnapped Christians, killing two.
2021.11.09 Yemen Aden 1 1 Ansar Allah kill a pregnant journalist child with a bomb attached to her car.
2021.11.09 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 2 3 Two people fishing are cut down by Islamic gunmen.
2021.11.09 Nigeria Batsari 11 0 Muslim militants are blamed for the death of eleven in neighboring villages.
2021.11.09 Iraq Hatra 1 0 A village guard is laid out by ISIS gunmen.
2021.11.09 Norway Oslo 0 1 A man trying to stab people while shouting praises to Allah is killed by police.
2021.11.09 India Srinagar 1 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba gunmen murder a shop salesman.
2021.11.09 Syria Abu Hamam 1 0 A Kurdish person is machine-gunned by ISIS.
2021.11.09 Syria Hajin 2 0 Islamic State members blow up a passing motorcycle, killing two riders.
2021.11.09 Syria Raqqa 2 0 A sticky bomb is used by ISIS to kill people in a car.
2021.11.09 CAR Ouham-Pende 3 0 An attack by Muslim terrorists leaves three dead.
2021.11.09 Afghanistan Zargaran 1 0 A teenager is killed by the Taliban for listening to music.
2021.11.09 Afghanistan Chahaab 2 0 Two former Afghan soldiers are captured and executed by the Taliban.
2021.11.08 Nigeria Atagjeh 3 0 Three locals are murdered by Muslim militants.
2021.11.08 Nigeria Kibori 5 3 Five innocents are chased and slaughtered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.11.08 Iraq Kirkuk 2 5 Mujahid set off a bomb that claims two Shiites.
2021.11.08 France Cannes 0 1 A police officer is stabbed by an Algerian terrorist.
2021.11.08 Armenia Shushi 1 0 Azerbaijani snipers take down an Armenian utility worker.
2021.11.08 Nigeria Magami 7 0 Seven policemen on patrol are gunned down by Muslim militants.
2021.11.07 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 An intelligence officer is murdered by ISIS-K.
2021.11.07 India Batamallo 1 0 A traffic cop is picked off by Jihadi gunmen.
2021.11.07 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 4 Three civilians are sent to Allah by Islamic hardliners.
2021.11.07 India Srinagar 1 0 A 45-year-old civilian is cut down by Muslim gunmen.
2021.11.07 Afghanistan Daman 3 0 Three persons are shot to death by suspected ISIS.
2021.11.07 Mozambique Ntuleni 1 0 Islamists kill a civilian and burn homes.
2021.11.07 USA Albuquerque, NM 1 0 A Sunni radical shoots a Shiite café owner to death.
2021.11.06 Afghanistan Saraysang 1 0 After promising amnesty, the Taliban murder a former opponent.
2021.11.06 Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 4 0 Four women, including a rights activist, are murdered by terrorists after being lured with safe passage.
2021.11.06 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Terrorists spray a civilian with bullets.
2021.11.06 Iraq Abd Wais 1 0 An Islamic State explosive device ends one life.
2021.11.06 Syria Palmyra 7 0 A child is among all seven vehicle passengers blown up in the former ISIS stronghold.
2021.11.06 Germany Munich 0 4 A Syrian refugee with 'Islamist motives' stabs four innocent train passengers.
2021.11.05 Niger Dagne 11 9 Heavily-armed terrorists attack local soldiers, killing eleven.
2021.11.05 Afghanistan Laghman Hada 2 0 Islamic State members kill two with handguns.
2021.11.05 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A young woman is shot in the face with an ISIS shotgun.
2021.11.04 Syria Diban 3 0 A vehicle carrying three Kurds is blown up by ISIS.
2021.11.04 Egypt al-Arish 2 2 Two security personnel are ambushed and killed by fundamentalists.
2021.11.04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Terrorists assassinate a government engineer.
2021.11.04 DRC Rwenzori 3 0 ADF Islamists murder three people along a highway and set fire to their vehicles.
2021.11.03 Nigeria Malam-fatori 3 0 ISWAP members kill three security personnel in a drive-by.
2021.11.03 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 3 Two people bleed to death following an ISIS roadside blast.
2021.11.03 DRC Beni 3 0 ADF Islamists kill two women and a child.
2021.11.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 0 A civil society activist is among three civilians gunned down by religious radicals.
2021.11.02 Nigeria Donada 7 0 Seven innocents are 'sporadically' shot by Muslim militants.
2021.11.02 Niger Adab-Dab 69 9 Sixty-nine are left dead after a small town is overrun by Religion of Peace proponents.
2021.11.02 Afghanistan Kabul 25 50 Holy Warriors stage a Fedayeen suicide bombing and shooting assault on a hospital, killing about twenty-five.
2021.11.01 Afghanistan Qalat 1 0 A man is killed outside his own home by radicals.
2021.11.01 Burkina Faso Markoye 10 5 Ten citizens are mowed down by Jihadi gunmen on their way to market.
2021.11.01 Kenya Kiunga 1 2 A conservancy rangers bleeds to death following an al-Shabaab IED blast.
2021.11.01 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 ISIS members fire on a passing vehicle, killing two passengers.
2021.10.31 Syria Idlib 4 0 Four Syrians are struck down by ISIS sniper fire over a three day period.
2021.10.31 Sudan Tawila 1 0 A villager is murdered on his farm by Arab gunmen.
2021.10.31 Burkina Faso Ouindigui 3 0 Islamists use a landmine to eliminate two woman and a baby.
2021.10.31 Burkina Faso Sourou 5 0 Jihadists attack a police station in the early morning and kill five inside.
2021.10.31 Yemen Marib 22 19 Twenty-two are killed when Ansar Allah send two missiles into a school and rival mosque.
2021.10.31 Nigeria Kakau Daji 2 0 Muslim militants attack worshippers at a Baptist church, killing two.
2021.10.30 Afghanistan Tank Dasht Barchi 1 0 A former police chief is assassinated by Islamic extremists.
2021.10.30 India Kalal 2 0 Two border guards are laid out by Muslim landmines.
2021.10.30 Sudan Dar el Salam 5 0 Five farmers are shot dead by Janjaweed terrorists.
2021.10.30 Yemen Aden 12 6 Children are among a dozen killed by Shahid car bombers outside an airport.
2021.10.30 Yemen Taez 3 3 Three children are obliterated by Ansar Allah shrapnel.
2021.10.30 Mali Mourdiah 2 3 Jihadists ambush a convoy, killing two members.
2021.10.30 Mali Segou 5 0 All five passengers in a passing vehicle are sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers.
2021.10.30 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 10 Three people are killed when fundamentalists open fire to stop music at a wedding.
2021.10.30 Iraq Abbasi 3 2 Three civilians are shot dead by ISIS gunmen while collecting coal.
2021.10.30 Somalia Af-Urur 2 0 A coordinated al-Shabaab terror attack produces two dead.
2021.10.30 Iraq Altun Kupri 2 0 Two Kurdish guards are murdered by the Islamic State.
2021.10.29 Uganda Nakaseke 2 0 Islamists are suspected of a bomb blast that claims two children, one disabled.
2021.10.29 Nigeria Damboa 2 0 Two mobile workers are cut down by Boko Haram gunmen.
2021.10.29 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 2 0 Two civilians are sent to Allah by fundamentalist bombers.
2021.10.29 Nigeria Borno 2 0 Boko Haram release a video showing a child executing two captured Nigerian soldiers.
2021.10.29 Afghanistan Shirzad 2 4 Two women are pulled into pieces by a Religion of Peace landmine.
2021.10.29 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A well-known soccer player is reportedly shot to death by extremists.
2021.10.29 Syria al-Hol 2 0 A pregnant refugee is injured by ISIS gunmen, who kill her husband and father-in-law.
2021.10.28 Yemen Aumd 13 16 Ansar Allah loyalists send a ballistic missile into a neighborhood, taking out thirteen, including a child.
2021.10.28 DRC Kokotama 3 3 At three locals are shot to death by ADF.
2021.10.28 Afghanistan Kaldar 1 0 A religious scholar is assassinated by Islamic rivals.
2021.10.27 Iraq Nahr al-Imam 11 0 Eleven Sunnis are killed by Shiites to avenge a Sunni on Shia attack.
2021.10.27 Pakistan Kurram 2 0 Two young border guards lose their lives to Islamic militants.
2021.10.27 Iraq Barwana 2 0 ISIS members gun down two cops.
2021.10.27 Iraq Nahr al-Imam 5 3 Five villagers are machine-gunned by Holy Warriors.
2021.10.27 Pakistan Lahore 4 253 Islamic gunmen open fire on police at a rally, killing four.
2021.10.27 Somalia Mogadishu 2 3 Islamists use an IED to kill two local soldiers.
2021.10.27 Afghanistan Qarabagh 5 0 The bodies of five Hazara minorities are discovered following their kidnapping and execution.
2021.10.26 Uganda Nangonde 1 0 A 58-year-old pastor is slain by Muslim radicals, who say he will "face the wrath of Allah' over his church building.
2021.10.26 Iraq Katoun 1 0 A construction worker is killed when terrorists set off a bomb under his house.
2021.10.26 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 4 0 Muslim terrorists fire into a police patrol, killing four members.
2021.10.26 Iraq al-Rashad 15 26 Fifteen locals are killed during an Islamic State attack on their village.
2021.10.26 India Bareilly 1 0 A man murders his wife for not wanting to convert.
2021.10.25 Iraq Khanaqin 1 2 ISIS gunmen fire on village guards, killing one.
2021.10.25 Somalia Galmudug 16 45 Sixteen more are killed by Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a.
2021.10.25 Uganda Kampala 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sets off a bomb at a bus stop, killing a bystander.
2021.10.25 Nigeria Mazakuka 18 4 Muslim terrorists attack a rival mosque, killing eighteen.
2021.10.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 A religious scholar is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2021.10.25 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 A policeman is shot dead by Mujahideen.
2021.10.25 Burkina Faso Mangodara 3 7 Jihadists kill three guards along the border.
2021.10.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 A former Taliban opponent is executed.
2021.10.25 Nigeria Jankasa 4 3 Muslim militants attack a Christian village and kill four residents.
2021.10.24 Nigeria Ungwan Taila 2 6 Two villagers are slain in a sectarian attack.
2021.10.24 Mozambique Chitama 3 0 Three cashew farmers are murdered by Islamists.
2021.10.24 Afghanistan Sayyaf Familo 2 0 Two persons are executed by Religion of Peace emissaries.
2021.10.24 Afghanistan Gardiz 1 0 A former chief of police is assassinated by Muslim gunmen.
2021.10.24 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 A guard for a polio team is murdered by local Taliban on his way home.
2021.10.24 India Zainpora 1 0 An apple vendor is picked off by Islamic "separatists".
2021.10.23 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 4 A child is among two Afghans murdered by ISIS bombers.
2021.10.23 Somalia Galmudug 3 10 Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a members attack local soldiers, killing three.
2021.10.23 Uganda Kampala 1 3 A young waitress is killed when Islamists bomb a pork restaurant.
2021.10.23 DRC Gala 7 0 At least one woman is among seven massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.10.23 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A local man is pulled out of his car by Taliban and brutally executed.
2021.10.23 Pakistan Wazirabad 3 0 Tehreek-e-Labiak kill three more police.
2021.10.22 Afghanistan Ilyas Khan 2 0 An Islamic group kills a mother and daughter with a grenade.
2021.10.22 DRC Bulongo 4 0 Four civilians are killed by ADF Islamists.
2021.10.22 Iraq Kasr Mihrab 2 1 Two children are eliminated by ISIS explosives.
2021.10.22 Pakistan Miranshah 2 1 Muslim terrorists open fire on a group of local soldiers, killing two.
2021.10.22 Pakistan Lahore 3 0 Islamic hardliners kill three local cops during a demonstration.
2021.10.22 Bangladesh Balukhali 6 20 Six refugees are murdered by extremists for helping police.
2021.10.21 Nigeria Ugwujoro Nimbo 1 0 A woman is hacked to death by Fulani terrorists on her farm.
2021.10.21 Pakistan Mathra 1 0 A guard for a polio team is shot to death on his way home.
2021.10.21 Iraq Badush 1 0 Mujahid gunmen pick off a man outside his home.
2021.10.21 India Karnataka 1 0 A Hindu man is bludgeoned by a Muslim family for a relationship with their daughter.
2021.10.20 Afghanistan Kabul 2 2 Suspected ISIS blow up a vehicle, killing two riders.
2021.10.20 Iraq Khalis 1 0 A man is murdered in his own home by Sunni extremists.
2021.10.20 Syria Damascus 14 3 At least fourteen are dead following a bus bombing.
2021.10.20 Pakistan Bajaur 6 0 Local Taliban bomb a police vehicle, killing a half-dozen passengers.
2021.10.20 Pakistan Thal 1 0 Islamic militants attack a check point, killing a 26-year-old.
2021.10.20 Niger Bankilare 11 6 Eleven local security personnel are killed by Jihadis in an attack on an official's convoy.
2021.10.19 DRC Mayele 16 3 Four women are among sixteen innocents massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.10.19 Kenya Konton 1 0 A local man is murdered by al-Shabaab.
2021.10.18 Niger Tillaberi 3 7 Jihadists kill three local cops in an attack on their station.
2021.10.18 Pakistan Spinwam 1 0 One person is picked off by Muslim snipers.
2021.10.17 Iraq Daquq 1 0 The body of an elderly man is discovered a week after he was kidnapped by the Islamic State.
2021.10.17 Mali Acharane 1 0 Islamic hardliners attack a local army post and kill one defender.
2021.10.17 Pakistan Pir Jahanian 7 0 Four children, including a baby, are among a family of seven burned alive in an honor killing.
2021.10.17 India Mendhar 2 0 Two more security personnel are shot dead by terrorists.
2021.10.17 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 An interpreter is hunted down and executed by the Taliban.
2021.10.17 Cameroon Wulgo 10 8 Ten soldiers are reported killed in an Islamic State attack.
2021.10.17 India Pulwama 2 1 Two civilian workers are taken down in a targeted attack on Hindus.
2021.10.17 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 The body of a policeman is found following his kidnapping and execution.
2021.10.16 Somalia Baledweyne 2 5 Islamists hit a restaurant with a homemade bomb, killing two.
2021.10.16 Pakistan Nowshera 1 0 A local cop is shot dead in a Muslim drive-by.
2021.10.16 India Srinagar 1 0 A street vendor is shot dead by Muslim 'separatists'.
2021.10.16 Bangladesh Noakhali 1 0 The body another Hindu victim of Muslim rioting is discovered.
2021.10.16 Iraq Al-Alil 1 0 A generator worker is decommissioned by Mujahid gunmen.
2021.10.16 India Pulwama 1 0 A Hindu carpenter is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
2021.10.16 Afghanistan Khurasan 1 0 The Taliban tie a man up, then blast him with a rocket launcher.
2021.10.16 Mozambique Pundanhar 5 0 Five members of a soccer team are ambushed and killed by Islamic hardliners.
2021.10.15 England Essex 1 0 A Muslim terrorist with a migrant background stabs a conservative politician to death at a church.
2021.10.15 Afghanistan Kandahar 63 83 Suicide bombers target a rival mosque during prayers, killing at least sixty.
2021.10.15 Nigeria Nkiendonwro 3 1 Violent Muslims target a farming community and kill three residents.
2021.10.15 Bangladesh Begumganj Upazila 1 18 A Hindu temple executive is stabbed to death during Quran rioting.
2021.10.14 Bangladesh Cumilla 3 22 Three people are killed when a Muslim mob attacks a Hindu temple over a rumor of 'blasphemy'.
2021.10.14 Afghanistan Asadabad 1 11 Women and children are among the casualties when suspected ISIS set off a bomb at bridge.
2021.10.14 Afghanistan Ghor 2 0 Mujahideen assassinate a former senator and his companion.
2021.10.14 India Mendhar 2 1 Two security personnel are tragically cut down by Muslim terrorists.
2021.10.14 Iraq Khalis 1 0 A Mujahideen victim is found dead with gunshot wounds.
2021.10.14 Afghanistan Asadabad 1 6 An ISIS IED claims one life.
2021.10.14 Somalia Mogadishu 5 0 A vehicle carrying policemen is disintegrated by an al-Shabaab IED.
2021.10.14 Nigeria Monguno 10 7 An ISIS ambush leaves ten dead.
2021.10.14 Syria Rasafah 8 0 Eight Syrians are killed the Islamic State.
2021.10.13 DRC Rwenzori 2 3 Islamists fire on a local army post, killing two residents.
2021.10.13 Iraq Zummar 1 0 Muslim terrorists snuff out the life of a police officer.
2021.10.13 Pakistan Chamkani 1 0 A traffic cop is gunned down by drive-by terrorists on a motorcycle.
2021.10.13 Yemen al-Jumah 24 10 Dozens of civilians are reported killed during an Ansar Allah rocket attack on a gas station.
2021.10.13 Kenya Boni 0 6 al-Shabaab plant a landmine that catches a border patrol.
2021.10.13 Norway Kongsberg 5 3 A ceramic artist is among four women and a man murdered by an Islamic convert with bow and arrow.
2021.10.12 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 A civil society activist is gunned down by religious radicals.
2021.10.12 Nigeria Ngamdu 4 0 Four more people are shot to death by ISWAP.
2021.10.12 Somalia Daynile 3 0 Three people are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab bombers.
2021.10.12 Yemen Hadhramaut 3 0 Terrorists kill three former officials with a bomb.
2021.10.12 Somalia Yaqshid 3 0 Three are left dead after a Fedayeen suicide bomber goes off in a restaurant.
2021.10.11 Burkina Faso Farakorosso 2 3 Jihadis use an IED to pick off two passersby on a motorcycle.
2021.10.11 Nigeria Lisuru Gida 2 0 A Baptist pastor is among two murdered by Muslim militants.
2021.10.11 Niger Abankor 10 0 Jihadists massacre ten members of a rival mosque.
2021.10.11 Iraq Nida 1 0 A farmer is blown to bits by a Mujahid bomb planted under his car.
2021.10.11 India Poonch 5 2 Five local security personnel are cut down by Muslim gunmen.
2021.10.11 Syria al-Hol 1 0 A woman dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by ISIS at a refugee camp.
2021.10.10 DRC Mambuo 12 0 ADF Islamists burn homes and kill a dozen residents.
2021.10.10 Iraq Rashad 1 1 An ISIS attack on an election center kills a guard.
2021.10.10 Yemen Tawahi 6 7 Islamic car bombers incinerate six souls.
2021.10.10 Pakistan Hoshab 2 1 Two children die from a bomb planted close to the Afghan border.
2021.10.10 Nigeria Ngamdu 6 0 Boko Haram gunmen dispatch a half-dozen Nigerians.
2021.10.09 Afghanistan Chaparhar 1 0 Islamists use a landmine to kill a rival.
2021.10.09 Azerbaijan Martakert 1 0 A Muslim sniper picks off a 55-year-old civilian.
2021.10.09 Afghanistan Rodat 1 0 An official is assassinated by ISIS bombers.
2021.10.09 DRC North Kivu 4 0 Four traders are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2021.10.09 Sudan Dalami 2 0 Two shepherds are machine-gunned by Muslim terrorists.
2021.10.09 Sudan Um Kharouba 2 5 An attack by Janjaweed gunmen leaves two dead.
2021.10.09 Sudan Misterei 2 0 Two brothers are shot dead by accused Arab militia.
2021.10.09 Afghanistan Badakhshan 1 1 The Taliban kill one refugee and beat another.
2021.10.08 Afghanistan Angor Bagh 1 0 An elderly man is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists.
2021.10.08 Cameroon Mozogo 1 1 A civilian loses his life to a Boko Haram attack.
2021.10.08 Afghanistan Kunduz 62 143 A Sunni suicide bomber goes off inside a packed Shiite mosque, killing about sixty.
2021.10.08 Saudi Arabia Jazan 0 10 Ansar Allah members send an explosive-laden drone into an airport.
2021.10.08 Pakistan Okara 2 0 A Muslim mob shoots two Christian brothers to death.
2021.10.08 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 Two persons are abducted and executed by ISIS.
2021.10.08 Pakistan Renala 2 3 A Christian family is targeted by Muslim bigots, with two members killed.
2021.10.07 Pakistan Shiwa 1 2 One family members is killed in a bombing that injures two others.
2021.10.07 Iraq Baiji 1 5 A child is pulled into pieces by Islamic bombers.
2021.10.07 Nigeria Gwoza 4 2 Four farmers are slain on their land by Boko Haram.
2021.10.07 India Kashmir 2 0 Muslim radicals drag Hindu and Sikh teachers out of their school and execute them.
2021.10.06 Iraq Safra 1 1 An ISIS shooting attack claims one soul.
2021.10.06 Mali Bodio 16 17 Sixteen local soldiers are reported killed following an Islamic terror attack.
2021.10.05 Iraq Tahrir 1 0 Islamists on a motorcycle shoot a man to death outside his home.
2021.10.05 Afghanistan Laghman 1 0 An Islamic scholar is picked off by Religion of Peace rivals.
2021.10.05 Nigeria Bakoura Modou 87 0 The Islamic State of West African Province reportedly massacre eighty-seven rivals
2021.10.05 India Srinagar 1 0 Terrorists gun down a 70-year-old chemist and pharmacy owner.
2021.10.05 India Srinagar 1 0 A Hindu street food vendor is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
2021.10.05 India Bandpora 1 0 A local taxi driver is dispatched by Islamic gunmen.
2021.10.05 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 Suspected ISIS open fire on a vegetable market, killing two guards.
2021.10.05 Nigeria Kogi 1 0 A 78-year-old man, kidnapped from a church, is killed during an attempted rescue.
2021.10.05 Afghanistan Kama 3 4 Three people are reportedly killed in an ISIS IED attack.
2021.10.04 Sudan Jabra 1 3 Islamic State militants fire on security forces, killing one.
2021.10.04 Nigeria Hukke 3 3 Three innocents are gunned down in cold blood by Muslim militants.
2021.10.04 Burkina Faso Markoye 5 0 Five civilians are killed by suspected Jihadists.
2021.10.04 Burkina Faso Sanmatenga 14 7 Fourteen local soldiers are ambushed and massacred by Islamic extremists.
2021.10.04 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 0 Islamists kill a border guard at his check post.
2021.10.04 Iraq Buhriz 1 0 Terrorists kidnap and murder a fisherman.
2021.10.04 Iraq Muqdadiya 1 2 An ISIS sniper fires on a group of athletes, killing one.
2021.10.03 Afghanistan Kapisa 5 0 Five rangers are machine-gunned in their car by suspected ISIS-K.
2021.10.03 Afghanistan Kabul 10 32 Religion of Peace members bomb a rival mosque during a memorial service, killing ten.
2021.10.03 Yemen Marib 2 30 Ansar Allah members eliminate two children with a well-placed rocket.
2021.10.03 Iraq Ramadi 1 8 A suicide bombing is among two attacks that leave one other dead.
2021.10.03 Nigeria Plateau 3 0 Three people are killed during a Muslim attack on a Christian town.
2021.10.03 Iraq Tarmiyah 1 0 ISIS members abduct and execute a local man.
2021.10.03 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A female volleyball player is beheaded by Islamic radicals.
2021.10.02 Syria Hama 5 11 Fundamentalists kill five Syrians.
2021.10.02 Nigeria Plateau 1 1 Muslim shoot two Christians, killing one.
2021.10.02 Afghanistan Ishkashim 1 0 A would-be refugee is picked off while trying to flee the Taliban.
2021.10.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 1 An ISIS IED claims two lives.
2021.10.02 DRC Komanda 8 0 ADF burn homes and slaughter at least eight people.
2021.10.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 2 A child is among two civilians killed by Jihadis.
2021.10.02 Mali Tessalit 1 4 A UN peacekeeper succumbs to injury following a Islamic IED attack.
2021.10.02 Pakistan Spin Wam 5 0 Five security personnel ambushed and shot to death in their vehicle by Muslim terrorists.
2021.10.02 India Karan Nagar 1 2 A civilian is brought down at close range by Mujahid gunmen.
2021.10.02 Burkina Faso Cascades 2 0 Islamic hardliners kill two border guards with homemade bomb.
2021.10.02 India Batamaloo Dar 1 0 The Resistance Front shoot a man to death outside his home.
2021.10.01 Afghanistan Deh Yak 6 0 Hardliners slaughter a family of six in their home, including a doctor.
2021.10.01 Somalia Baidoa 2 1 Two Somalis are cut down by al-Shabaab.
2021.10.01 Nigeria Gwoza 24 0 Two dozen rivals are reportedly massacred by Boko Haram.
2021.10.01 Nigeria Plateau 2 0 Two farmers are brought down by militant Muslim gunmen.
2021.09.30 Iraq Qasr al-Asheq 3 0 Three people are killed in their own home by Islamic State gunmen.
2021.09.30 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A Sikh doctor is shot to death by Islamic hardliners.
2021.09.29 Bangladesh Cox's Bazaar 1 0 The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army is blamed for the cold-blooded assassination of a local leader.
2021.09.29 Burkina Faso Mentao 5 1 Jihadists kill five passersby with an IED.
2021.09.29 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 4 Three people are shredded by an ISIS IED.
2021.09.28 Afghanistan Chawaki 3 0 Three people are shot point-blank by suspected ISIS.
2021.09.28 Nigeria Damari 30 0 Thirty people are reported killed by Boko Haram.
2021.09.28 Afghanistan Charikar 1 0 The body of a former kidnap victim is discovered.
2021.09.28 Nigeria Bassa 2 1 Muslim militants shoot three men riding by on a motorcycle, killing two.
2021.09.28 Iraq Bastmali 1 0 A tragic attack by an Islamic group leaves one Iraqi dead.
2021.09.28 Iraq Baaj 1 0 A city guard is murdered by ISIS.
2021.09.28 Mali Sebabougou 5 4 Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin attack an Australian mining convoy, killing five.
2021.09.28 Nigeria Jebbu Miango 2 0 Two farmers are murdered by Muslim militants while working their fields.
2021.09.28 Nigeria Miango 4 0 A Catholic priest is among four ambushed and murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.09.28 Sudan Khartoum 6 1 Six "infidels" are gunned down by the Movement for Preaching and Combat.
2021.09.27 Thailand Chanae 2 4 Muslim terrorists kill two police with a roadside bomb.
2021.09.27 Yemen Marib 32 0 A massive Ansar Allah assault on a government position leaves nearly three dozen dead.
2021.09.27 Kenya Lamu 15 0 al-Shabaab claims to have killed fifteen Kenyans in a bombing and shooting attack.
2021.09.27 Nigeria Kacecere 8 6 Eight innocents lose their lives when Muslim militants burn their homes.
2021.09.27 Nigeria Ulever 4 0 Four innocents are slain by militant Muslims.
2021.09.27 Afghanistan Soki 3 2 Five people are machine-gunned by ISIS, three of whom expire.
2021.09.27 DRC Rwenzori 3 0 ADF Islamists ambush and kill three Congolese.
2021.09.26 Nigeria Kpachudu 4 0 Four people are killed, according to witnesses, "simply because they were Christian."
2021.09.26 Philippines Lanao del Sur 1 0 Islamists shoot a local man to death.
2021.09.26 Syria Deir ez-Zor 2 0 Two lives are claimed by a Religion of Peace highway blast.
2021.09.26 Syria Homes 9 0 Nine Palestinians are killed by ISIS during two attacks.
2021.09.26 Afghanistan Parwan 4 0 All four passengers in a vehicle are eliminated by an ISIS ambush.
2021.09.26 Nigeria Sokoto 22 0 ISWAP gunmen attack a local security base, killing twenty-two.
2021.09.26 Nigeria Madamai 38 9 Fulani terrorists massacre nearly forty villagers with machetes and guns.
2021.09.26 Nigeria Kamacha 1 3 Sectarian motives are attributed to a deadly attack on a church.
2021.09.26 Iraq Abbara 5 4 Muslim terrorists stop a civilian vehicle with a bomb, then open fire on first responders, killing five.
2021.09.25 Yemen Midi 6 20 Ansar Allah rebels send a missile into a celebration, killing a half dozen.
2021.09.25 Somalia Mogadishu 8 7 A woman and two children are among eight exterminated by a suicide bomber.
2021.09.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 7 An Islamic State bomb blast claims one life.
2021.09.24 Afghanistan Border 1 0 The Taliban shoot and kill a man trying to flee the country with his family.
2021.09.24 Pakistan Mianwali 2 0 Two woman are honor-killed by their brother for marrying by choice.
2021.09.24 Nigeria Dikwa 8 9 A brutal roadside ambush by Jihadists kills eight local security personnel.
2021.09.24 Mali Niangasagou 1 0 An ISWAP sniper picks off a French soldier.
2021.09.24 Iraq Hamrin 1 1 A child is felled by Mujahideen shelling.
2021.09.24 Nigeria Gbajimba 1 0 A young farmer is murdered in his field by Fulani Jihadists.
2021.09.24 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two local cops are gunned down by al-Shabaab loyalists.
2021.09.23 Philippines Maguindanao 5 0 Five soldiers are killed when Muslim terrorists fire on a patrol.
2021.09.23 Mozambique Lindi 2 2 Islamists kill two villagers and kidnap several women and girls.
2021.09.23 Mozambique Quissanga 1 0 Islamic militants fire on a passing bus, killing one occupant.
2021.09.23 Nigeria Massu 1 0 A pastor is lynched by a Muslim mob.
2021.09.23 Afghanistan Jalalabad 5 0 Five souls are reportedly drained by an ISIS IED.
2021.09.23 Somalia Marka 2 2 An al-Shabaab bomb blast near a garage takes out two bystanders.
2021.09.23 Iraq Khalidiyah 1 0 Mujahid bombers send a shepherd to Allah.
2021.09.23 Iraq Ain Tamr 1 0 A woman is shredded by a well-place mine.
2021.09.23 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 ISIS member dispatch a Religion of Peace rival with pistols.
2021.09.23 DRC Komanda 11 0 ADF Islamists attack a shopping mall, killing eleven.
2021.09.22 India Mohammad Pora 1 0 The body of a victim killed in Islamic captivity is recovered.
2021.09.22 Thailand Ban Nam Bor 1 1 Muslim militants throw two grenades at a passing vehicle, killing an occupant.
2021.09.22 Afghanistan Jalalabad 4 5 An ISIS attack on a gas station leaves four dead, including a child.
2021.09.21 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 An ISIS bomb blast exterminates a child.
2021.09.21 Somalia Buloburde 1 5 An al-Shabaab attack on an airport leaves one dead.
2021.09.21 Syria Busayra 1 0 Suspected ISIS gun down a man in front of his family.
2021.09.21 Iraq Intisar 2 0 Militants stab a woman and her 11-year-old daughter to death.
2021.09.21 Iraq Garmyan 2 2 Two men are mortally wounded by ISIS gunmen.
2021.09.21 Egypt Sinai 1 0 A man is killed trying to resist an ISIS kidnapping.
2021.09.20 Egypt Rafah 1 0 Terrorists shoot a 55-year-old man dead on the street.
2021.09.20 Pakistan Momand 1 0 A local man is murdered by Muslim bombers.
2021.09.20 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 0 Two more ISIS blasts leave at least two dead.
2021.09.20 Mali Mopti 4 0 Four local security personnel are leveled by an Islamist IED.
2021.09.20 Mozambique Quissanga 7 0 Seven villagers are murdered by Islamists, some by beheading.
2021.09.20 Afghanistan Cenar 4 0 Four men are shot to death in front of their family by ISIS after identifying themselves as Christians.
2021.09.19 Somalia Bul-Burte 1 5 al-Shabaab plant a bomb at an airport office, which kills one worker.
2021.09.19 Afghanistan Jalalabad 5 10 A child is among five taken down hard by Islamic shrapnel.
2021.09.19 Pakistan Dhal Behzadi 1 0 Hardliners fire on a polio team, killing the guard.
2021.09.19 Chad Kadjigoroum 9 0 Jihadists massacre nine residents at a fishing village.
2021.09.19 Nigeria Okedayo-Kabba 1 1 Militant Muslims storm a church, kill one member while severely injuring another.
2021.09.18 Philippines Datu Piang 1 7 Islamists throw a bomb into a volleyball match featuring LGBT participants, killing one.
2021.09.18 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 20 An ISIS bomb blast kills three along the edge of a city.
2021.09.18 Nigeria Yelewata 2 1 An early morning attack by armed Muslims leaves a young man and woman dead.
2021.09.18 Pakistan Simauni 1 0 A young woman is beaten to death by her father in an Islamic honor killing.
2021.09.18 India Kulgam 1 0 Mujahideen gun down an off-duty cop.
2021.09.17 India Nehama 1 0 A day laborer is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2021.09.17 Afghanistan Border 2 0 Two men are captured by the Taliban and executed for trying to flee the country.
2021.09.17 India Moradabad 1 0 An honor killing at a market leaves one dead.
2021.09.17 Spain Torre Pacheco 1 4 A Muslim radical plows his car into a restaurant, killing a 46-year-old patron.
2021.09.17 Syria Mayadeen 1 0 The body of an ISIS kidnapping is discovered.
2021.09.16 India Begumganj Upazila 1 0 The body of another Hindu man is found near a temple following a Muslim riot.
2021.09.16 Cameroon Moutchikar 3 20 Boko Haram fire into a village in the middle of the night, killing three.
2021.09.16 Afghanistan Panjshir 3 0 Three women are found shot to death by the Taliban.
2021.09.16 Nigeria Monguno 18 13 Two civilians and sixteen security personnel are slaughtered when their convoy is ambushed by Islamists.
2021.09.15 Sudan Nierteti 1 2 Janjaweed kill a woman and injure her daughter and mother.
2021.09.15 Pakistan Asman Manza 7 0 Seven local soldiers lose their lives to a Tehrik-e-Taliban terror attack.
2021.09.15 Iraq Jurf al-Nasr 1 0 Sunni extremists fire on and eliminate a civilian.
2021.09.15 Iraq Diyala 2 0 A shepherd is among two Iraqis murdered in separate ISIS attacks.
2021.09.15 DRC Beni 6 0 Armed Islamists massacre a half-dozen villagers, including a woman.
2021.09.15 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A former military man is shot dead in front of his family by the Taliban.
2021.09.15 Egypt Rafah 2 0 Two local cops are shot and killed by fundamentalists.
2021.09.14 Afghanistan Panjshir 1 0 A farmer is pulled from his home and shot by the Taliban.
2021.09.14 Somalia Mogadishu 11 10 A suicide bomber goes off inside a tea shop, killing eleven innocents.
2021.09.14 Afghanistan Panjshir 1 0 Video is released showing the Taliban executing a captive.
2021.09.14 Iraq Jalawlaa 1 0 ISIS members pick off a passerby with an IED.
2021.09.14 Iraq Wajihiyah 2 0 Two truck drivers are shot to death by Mujahideen.
2021.09.14 Iraq Salahudin 1 0 A man is murdered in his own home by the Islamic State.
2021.09.13 Iraq Tal Afar 1 0 Jihadi gunmen pick off a civilian.
2021.09.13 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A 28-year-old father of 3 is gunned down by the Taliban along a city street.
2021.09.13 Iraq Tala'a 3 1 ISIS gunmen attack a security checkpoint outside a small village, killing three.
2021.09.13 Pakistan South Waziristan 1 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes one other soul with him.
2021.09.13 DRC Ituri 1 0 A local soldier is kidnapped by ADF and executed.
2021.09.12 Burkina Faso Sakoani 6 7 A group linked to al-Qaeda is suspected in the shooting deaths of six members of a mining party.
2021.09.12 Mali Macina Circle 5 0 Jihadists ambush a security patrol and kill five members.
2021.09.12 Iraq al-Azim 3 2 Three Iraqis fail to survive an ISIS attack.
2021.09.12 Nigeria Apyizhime Jim 11 0 Eleven villagers are cut down by Fulani gunmen, including two pregnant women.
2021.09.12 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two boys, ages 9 and 10, are beheaded by Taliban fundamentalists.
2021.09.12 Nigeria Kabba 2 0 Boko Haram stage a prison break with the help of the Muslim chaplain, killing two guards.
2021.09.12 Iraq Daqouq 4 3 Islamic State members machine-gun four policemen point-blank.
2021.09.12 India Srinagar 1 0 A Muslim radical with a pistol assassinates a police officer along a city street.
2021.09.12 Iraq Makhmour 1 0 An ISIS roadside bomb claims one life.
2021.09.11 Somalia Sool 1 0 al-Shabaab is suspected in the murder of a local lawmaker.
2021.09.11 Afghanistan Desert 1 0 A former soldier is beheaded to shouts of 'Allah Akbar'.
2021.09.11 Iraq Makmur 4 0 A town's mayor is among four murdered by Jihadists.
2021.09.11 Nigeria Kango-Kataf 1 0 Muslim militants are heavily suspected of hacking a pastor to death with machetes.
2021.09.11 Nigeria Zangon Kataf 2 0 Two young farm workers are cut down in their field by Muslim militants.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban torture a man by pulling out his nails, then kill him.
2021.09.10 DRC Beni 9 0 Nine villagers are massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.09.10 DRC Ituri 4 0 ADF Islamists fire into a local army base, killing four.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A woman is shot to death by the Taliban with a baby in her arms.
2021.09.10 Iraq Arab Barghash 2 0 Two agricultural workers are vaporized by Mujahid shrapnel.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Panjshir 3 0 A shopkeeper and his two sons are executed in cold blood by fundamentalists.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A man is reportedly beheaded in front of his wife and children.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Kabul 2 2 Two Christian parents are reportedly killed by the Taliban, who then rape their daughters.
2021.09.10 Pakistan Mir Ali 2 0 Terrorists gun down two people outside their home.
2021.09.10 Afghanistan Kabul 4 2 The UN reports four more protesters murdered by the Taliban.
2021.09.09 Afghanistan Panjshir 2 0 The brother of the former VP is tortured to death by the Taliban, along with his driver.
2021.09.09 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two men who reportedly helped Taliban opponents are executed.
2021.09.09 Niger Tillabéri 15 0 Fifteen locals are reportedly killed by an ISIS-linked group.
2021.09.08 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 The Taliban pump three bullets into a man's head in an attack that also injures his brother.
2021.09.08 Syria Daraa 7 3 A bomb planted by Sunni terrorists leaves seven dead.
2021.09.08 Sudan Nyala 1 1 Suspected Janjiweed fire on and kill a bank employee.
2021.09.08 Yemen Marib 18 24 An assault by Ansar Allah leaves eighteen others dead.
2021.09.08 Iraq Baqubah 3 1 Mujahid gunmen smoke three civilians riding in their car.
2021.09.07 Pakistan Panjgur 2 0 Muslim terrorists open fire on two health workers, bringing down both.
2021.09.07 Pakistan Dosalli 2 0 Two young Pakistanis are taken out by an Islamist IED.
2021.09.07 Afghanistan Herat 2 4 The Taliban fire into a protest, killing at least four demonstrators.
2021.09.07 Afghanistan Parwan 1 0 A boy is killed by Taliban gunmen during a protest.
2021.09.07 Afghanistan Panjshir 20 0 A family reports more than a dozen innocents pulled from their homes and executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.07 Afghanistan Ormarz 12 0 Women and children are among at least a dozen executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.07 Philippines Basilan 2 0 Two locals are gunned down by an Abu Sayyaf splinter group.
2021.09.07 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 A local cop is shot dead by Islamists.
2021.09.06 Nigeria Renwienku 3 0 Three farmers are shot dead by militant Muslims.
2021.09.05 Iraq Kirkuk 5 0 Five Iraqis are murdered by Islamic State loyalists.
2021.09.05 Iraq Qaraj 3 1 Radical Sunnis attack a checkpoint and kill three members.
2021.09.05 Iraq Rashad 13 0 At least thirteen local cops are killed in brutal attack by Jihadists.
2021.09.05 Pakistan Quetta 3 20 A suicide car bomber rams a checkpoint, killing three people.
2021.09.05 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 A religious scholar and his student are murdered by the Taliban.
2021.09.04 Syria Raqqa 1 0 An ISIS mine takes out a bystander in the former caliphate capital.
2021.09.04 Afghanistan Firozkoh 1 0 The Taliban murder a pregnant policewoman in front of her family, then mutilate her.
2021.09.04 Germany Berlin 0 1 A woman is stabbed in the neck and paralyzed by a migrant who preached Islam and did felt women should stay at home.
2021.09.04 Yemen Aden 1 2 Shiite militia are suspected of a bomb blast that leaves one dead.
2021.09.04 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 The government announces that a missing woman has been killed by al-Shabaab.
2021.09.04 DRC Ituri 30 0 Thirty civilians are massacred by ADF Jihadists with machetes.
2021.09.03 New Zealand Auckland 0 6 A migrant stabs six people at a supermarket while yelling 'Allah Akbar.'
2021.09.02 Iraq Shahali Kon 1 1 ISIS loyalists kill one person and kidnap another.
2021.09.01 Afghanistan Badghis 2 0 Two former police officers are executed by the Taliban.
2021.09.01 Armenia Nakhichevan 1 0 Another Armenian border guard is picked off by a sniper.
2021.09.01 Yemen Lawdar 2 4 Suspected al-Qaeda fire randomly at a checkpoint, killing two.
2021.09.01 DRC Ofaye 4 50 ADF Islamists ambush a convoy of civilians, killing four and kidnapping fifty.
2021.09.01 Iraq Qaim 1 0 A captured border guard is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2021.09.01 Nigeria Mirari 1 3 Boko Haram gunfire claims one life.
2021.08.31 Uganda Lake Lemwa 1 0 A teen is murdered by Muslim extremists after refusing to renounce Christianity.
2021.08.31 Afghanistan Kapisa 1 0 A female police officer is executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.31 Nigeria Renwienku 1 0 A 43-year-old farmer is ambushed and killed by Muslim gunmen.
2021.08.31 Philippines Basilan 1 1 Abu Sayyaf fire on a local army outpost, killing a soldier.
2021.08.31 Iraq Daquq 1 3 One is dead when bridge construction workers are targeted with an Islamic bomb.
2021.08.30 Iraq Qadisiyah 1 0 Mujahideen kidnap and kill a civilian.
2021.08.30 Nigeria Ajiri 6 0 Six villagers are murdered by Boko Haram.
2021.08.30 Iraq Duhok 2 3 A baby is among two children cut down by a bomb placed at their refugee camp.
2021.08.30 Nigeria Rann 11 0 An aid worker is among eleven innocents shot dead by Jihadists.
2021.08.30 Pakistan Asman Manza 1 0 A 25-year-old succumbs to injury following an IED attack.
2021.08.30 Iraq Anbar 1 0 ISIS members kill a border guard with an IED.
2021.08.30 Afghanistan Khidr 13 0 A 17-year-old girl is among a dozen Hazara ethnic minorities executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.29 Iraq Kirkuk 1 3 ISIS members target a checkpoint with gunfire, killing an officer.
2021.08.29 USA Garland, TX 1 0 A 26-year-old female Lyft driver is shot dead by a Muslim terrorist who then used her vehicle in an attack on a police station.
2021.08.29 Nigeria Malam-Fatori 5 0 Five Nigerians are murdered in a Boko Haram ambush.
2021.08.29 Yemen Lahj 40 70 An Ansar Allah drone and missile attack on an airbase kills at least forty.
2021.08.29 Pakistan Bajaur 2 0 A cross-border attack by Islamic radicals leaves two dead.
2021.08.29 Iraq Duloiya 2 7 Islamic State members murder two local cops.
2021.08.29 Syria Daraa 2 3 An ISIS mortar attack on a residential area claims two family members.
2021.08.28 DRC Beni 19 0 Nineteen villagers are butchered by Islamic extremists.
2021.08.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 12 0 A dozen former special forces members are executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.28 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 0 Three Afghans are dragged out of their homes and executed.
2021.08.27 Afghanistan Andarabi 1 0 A local folk singer is shot dead by fundamentalists.
2021.08.26 Nigeria Kankara 11 3 At least eleven innocents are mowed down by Muslim terrorists.
2021.08.26 Uganda Masaka 1 0 ADF members murder a 47-year-old man.
2021.08.26 Afghanistan Kabul 214 218 A suicide bombing and shooting attack at an airport leaves at least two-hundred dead and many more in agony.
2021.08.26 Nigeria Zangon Kataf 3 5 Militant Muslims raid a village and kill three residents.
2021.08.25 Syria al-Abrar 2 3 A bomb left near a Christian-run camp for refugees claims two young children.
2021.08.25 Iraq Tikrit 1 1 A civilian is taken apart by ISIS bombers.
2021.08.25 Iraq Dawajin 1 0 An 11-year-old shepherd is brought low by an ISIS bomb blast.
2021.08.25 Niger Baroua 16 9 Boko Haram stages a massive attack on a town, killing at least sixteen.
2021.08.25 Uganda Kasaali 1 0 A 35-year-old man is murdered by ADF.
2021.08.25 Uganda Bisanje 1 0 A 70-year-old woman is murdered by ADF.
2021.08.25 Nigeria Jos 7 0 Two elderly persons and several children are hacked and burned by Jihadists.
2021.08.24 Nigeria Yelwa Zangam 37 0 Militant Muslims massacre thirty-seven civilians.
2021.08.24 Nigeria Guma 8 2 Fulani mercenaries open fire on patrons at a market, killing eight.
2021.08.24 Afghanistan Kabul 4 0 In separate attacks, four former Afghan army officers are killed in their homes by religious extremists.
2021.08.24 Cameroon Malika 2 0 Two people sleeping in their huts are murdered by Boko Haram.
2021.08.24 Somalia Amaara 10 14 An al-Shabaab suicide assault on a small town leaves ten others dead.
2021.08.24 Iraq Qayara 1 0 One person is laid out by shrapnel from an Islamic State bomb.
2021.08.24 Iraq Jdeidet 1 0 An 80-year-old orchard worker is stabbed to death.
2021.08.24 Tanzania Dar es Salaam 4 6 A man "devoted to Islam" shoots four to death outside the French embassy.
2021.08.24 Kenya Amaara 3 12 An al-Shabaab suicide bomber attacks a local base, killing several.
2021.08.23 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 A local guard at the main airport is killed by Taliban.
2021.08.23 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two Afghans are executed by the Taliban for working with Americans.
2021.08.23 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A volunteer is shot off his motorcycle by Muslim 'insurgents.'
2021.08.23 Uganda Ssetaala 3 1 Three people are hacked to death in their home by suspected ADF.
2021.08.22 Uganda Kyaboggo 1 0 A 60-year-old church leader is bludgeoned to death by ADF.
2021.08.22 Iraq al-Tuz 1 1 Mujahid pick off a passing civilian with a roadside bomb.
2021.08.22 Egypt New Rafah 1 0 An Islamic State sniper picks off a local soldier.
2021.08.21 Syria Abu Shams 1 0 ISIS members shoot a Kurd to death in front of his family.
2021.08.21 Philippines Lindongan 3 3 Mujahideen claim the killing of three local soldiers.
2021.08.21 Pakistan Orakzai 2 1 An 8-year-old boy is among the casualties when Tehreek-i-Taliban fire on tribesmen.
2021.08.21 Afghanistan Kabul 15 0 Fifteen people are reportedly shot dead by the Taliban, including children.
2021.08.21 Nigeria Ungwan Dooh 9 1 Muslim terrorists are suspected of shooting nine villagers to death.
2021.08.21 Pakistan Sultan Masjid 2 0 A young couple in their 20s are honor killed for marrying by choice without family permission.
2021.08.20 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A former translator is hanged by the Taliban.
2021.08.20 Afghanistan Andarab 2 0 At least two children are reported killed by the Taliban.
2021.08.20 Egypt Rafah 1 2 ISIS gunmen murder a border guard.
2021.08.20 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A police chief is captured by the Taliban and executed on video.
2021.08.20 Pakistan Gwadar 2 3 A suicide bomber targeting Chinese persons takes out two children.
2021.08.20 Syria Daraa 5 2 A Sunni landmine claims five lives.
2021.08.20 DRC Katanda 9 0 ADF Islamists massacre nine civilians and burn down their village.
2021.08.20 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 Three former soldiers are dragged out of their home and hanged by the Taliban.
2021.08.20 Iraq Tarmiya 6 4 Mujahid blow up a passing vehicle, killing a half-dozen locals.
2021.08.20 Pakistan Khwajawast 1 0 A Muslim sniper takes down a villager with a cross-border shot.
2021.08.20 Niger Theim 19 3 Nineteen villagers are machine-gunned by Jihadists.
2021.08.19 Nigeria Bassa 3 0 Three women are murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.08.19 DRC Malaya 1 0 One guard is killed when ADF Jihadists attack a village.
2021.08.19 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 The Taliban murder the relative of a journalist.
2021.08.19 Somalia Mogadishu 5 12 Five unfortunates at a tea shop are laid flat by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2021.08.19 Pakistan Bahawalnagar 3 59 Sunnis bomb a procession of Shiite Muslims, killing three.
2021.08.19 India Rajouri 1 0 A local soldier is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2021.08.19 Mali Mopti 11 10 Eleven are reported dead following a Jihadist bomb and shooting attack.
2021.08.19 Afghanistan Asadabad 2 0 Two are killed when the Taliban fire into a protest.
2021.08.19 India Devsar 1 0 Muslim terrorists assassinated another political worker.
2021.08.19 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The husband of a pregnant woman is executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.18 Somalia Bosaso 1 0 A village head is assassinated by al-Shabaab.
2021.08.18 Pakistan Kanniguram 1 0 A 42-year-old security employee is shot dead by Sunni radicals.
2021.08.18 Burkina Faso Arbinda 80 24 An attack by Islamic extremists leaves eighty dead.
2021.08.18 Afghanistan Kabul 1 A child is killed by the Taliban outside an airport.
2021.08.18 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 13 The Taliban open fire on a rally for the Afghan flag, killing three innocents.
2021.08.18 Iraq Muqdadiya 1 0 An elderly man is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2021.08.17 India Brazloo 1 0 Terrorists shoot a secular political worker to death outside his home.
2021.08.17 Nigeria Chando-Zrrcehi 6 0 Muslim terrorists take out a half-dozen innocents.
2021.08.17 Iraq Maqdadiyah 3 1 Islamic State gunmen attack a local security base, killing three members.
2021.08.17 Iraq Baqubah 2 4 Two tribesmen are blown up by ISIS bombers.
2021.08.17 DRC Ituri 1 0 ADF Islamists shoot into and set fire to two trucks, killing a passenger.
2021.08.16 Niger Darey-Daye 37 0 At least four women and thirteen children are among thirty-seven innocents massacred by Jihadists.
2021.08.16 Syria al-Hawl 2 0 Two refugees are executed by a Sharia council at a camp.
2021.08.16 Nigeria Dong 1 0 Fulani shoot a farmer in the back to shouts of 'Allah Akbar'.
2021.08.16 Afghanistan Pul-i-Charkhi 9 0 Nine are executed by the Taliban for not being "good Muslims."
2021.08.16 South Sudan Juba-Nimule Highway 2 0 Islamists are accused of shooting two Catholic nuns to death.
2021.08.16 Armenia Yeraskh 2 0 Two Armenian border guards are picked off by Muslim snipers.
2021.08.15 Nigeria Jos 1 0 A female university student is killed days after Boko Haram issues a threat to violence.
2021.08.15 Syria al-Hol 2 0 Female ISIS kill two more refugees at a camp.
2021.08.15 Nigeria Madamai 5 4 Radicalized Fulani assault a village, killing five and burning the church.
2021.08.15 Uganda Bupalama 1 0 A man beats and hangs his son for leaving Islam for Christianity.
2021.08.15 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A gay man is hunted, killed, then cut into pieces.
2021.08.14 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A former government worker is killed, allegedly under torture.
2021.08.14 Yemen Dar Sad 2 6 Terrorists target passersby with a motorcycle-rigged bomb, killing two.
2021.08.14 Pakistan Bahawalnagar 0 0 Two boy are badly beaten by a cleric at a Madrassa, one of whom dies.
2021.08.14 Afghanistan Taloqan 1 0 A woman is shot dead for not wearing a burqa.
2021.08.14 Pakistan Karachi 13 7 Thirteen women and children returning from a wedding are callously murdered by terrorists.
2021.08.13 Afghanistan Helmand 14 0 Video shows fourteen Afghans executed for fighting back against the Taliban.
2021.08.13 Iraq Maysan 1 1 A 10-year-old dies in the hospital following a Mujahid shooting.
2021.08.13 Nigeria Buruku 5 0 Five farmers are cut down by Muslim militants.
2021.08.13 Nigeria Udawa 3 0 Three innocents are shot to death along a highway by Muslim terrorists.
2021.08.13 India Rajouri 1 6 A very young Sikh child dies from splinter injuries when Muslim terrorists toss a grenade into a home.
2021.08.13 Iraq Sharqat 1 0 A rival prayer caller is gunned down by ISIS.
2021.08.13 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two female police officers are abducted and executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.13 Afghanistan Bati Kot 1 0 ISIS claims a bomb attack that kills a local mukhtar.
2021.08.12 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four Afghans are executed outside their homes.
2021.08.12 Nigeria Ngala 5 0 A Boko Haram grenade claims the lives of five children.
2021.08.12 Egypt New Rafah 9 6 Islamic State members target a local patrol with an IED, killing nine members.
2021.08.12 Pakistan Sararogha 1 0 Terrorists kill a guard in an heinous attack on a border post.
2021.08.12 Iraq Jardaghli 1 0 An orchard worker is torn to shreds by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2021.08.12 Afghanistan Mohammad Agha 1 0 A former judge is wrapped with barbed wire and dragged to his death.
2021.08.12 Russia Voronezh 2 26 Two women, one a chef and the other a bride to be, are killed in a bus bombing near an area plagued by Muslim terror.
2021.08.11 Afghanistan Kunduz 6 15 An attack on an airport leaves six dead.
2021.08.11 Iraq Mahana 1 0 An Islamic drive-by shooting leaves a dead civilian.
2021.08.11 Iraq Qayyarah 1 0 Terrorists use pistols to bring down a civilian.
2021.08.10 Afghanistan Mohammad Agha 40 0 At least forty more civilians are executed by the Taliban, many by beheading.
2021.08.10 Afghanistan Kolohi Sabz 3 0 Three civilians are neatly disassembled by Taliban shelling.
2021.08.10 Sudan Tabit 1 0 Arab militia plunder a village and kill one person defending their property.
2021.08.10 Nigeria Jebbu Miango 3 0 Muslim terrorists storm a farming community, killing three women in their fields.
2021.08.10 Iraq Mamlji 3 0 A mayor and two employees are brutally gunned down by Mujahideen.
2021.08.09 Niger Banibangou 15 0 At least fifteen people are slaughtered in their fields by Islamic terrorists.
2021.08.09 Egypt Rafah 1 0 An IED planted by religious radicals targets a patrol, killing one member.
2021.08.09 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 Islamic extremists shoot a 'liberal' radio station manager to death.
2021.08.09 Cameroon Sagme 3 5 A Boko Haram attack leaves three dead.
2021.08.09 India Anantnag 2 0 A secular official is assassinated along with his wife.
2021.08.09 Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 1 3 A civilian is killed and three more injured by the Taliban.
2021.08.09 Afghanistan Bagrami 1 2 Taliban bombers lay out a civilian.
2021.08.09 Iraq al-Abara 1 0 A local cop is brutally gunned down by Mujahideen.
2021.08.09 Pakistan Kulachi 3 0 Three customs officials are assassinated by suspected Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2021.08.09 Iraq al-Zab 1 0 An agricultural worker is executed by the Islamic State.
2021.08.09 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 47 136 Fifty more civilians are reported dead in ongoing Taliban violence, including twenty-seven children.
2021.08.08 Nigeria Damboa 1 0 At least one person is killed when Boko Haram stage an assault on a small town.
2021.08.08 Afghanistan Malistan 27 10 Women are among twenty-seven civilians slaughtered by the Taliban.
2021.08.08 Burkina Faso Toeni 12 7 A dozen local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Islamists.
2021.08.08 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A female bodybuilder dies from injuries suffered from an earlier ISIS attack.
2021.08.08 Mali Karou 20 0 Twenty civilians are massacred by Jihadists.
2021.08.08 Mali Ouatagouna 14 0 Islamic extremists slaughter fourteen villagers.
2021.08.08 Mali Daoutegeft 17 0 Seventeen innocents are butchered by a pro-Sharia group.
2021.08.08 Afghanistan Deh Zabz 2 1 Religious radicals attack and kill two employees at a prosecutor's office.
2021.08.08 Iraq Nibai 1 2 An ISIS attack claims one life.
2021.08.08 Afghanistan Sayed Karam 14 0 A family of fourteen is blown to bits by Taliban Jihadists.
2021.08.08 Uganda Kasasira 0 1 A conservative Muslim stabs his sister upon learning that she became Christian.
2021.08.07 Afghanistan Kunduz 11 64 At least eleven civilians lose their lives when the Taliban storm their city.
2021.08.07 Iraq Shirqat 1 1 The Islamic State kill one person at a gas station.
2021.08.07 Afghanistan Kabul 1 5 The Taliban kill a pilot with a bomb attached to his car.
2021.08.07 Pakistan Ghariom 1 0 Terrorists open fire on a border post, killing a guard.
2021.08.07 India Pombai 1 2 Islamic gunmen kill a traffic cop.
2021.08.07 DRC Mapasana 5 0 Five villagers are brutally slain and their houses torched by Islamic militants.
2021.08.06 Syria Maaret al-Numan 6 0 A half-dozen Syrians are aerated by Jihadists.
2021.08.06 DRC Mbingi 10 4 Islamic 'rebels' hack ten to death, including five women.
2021.08.06 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The director of a media center is murdered by 'Holy Warriors' while sitting in his car.
2021.08.06 Afghanistan Farah 5 0 The Taliban shoot five locals to death.
2021.08.06 Afghanistan Maidan Wardak 5 0 The Taliban open fire on a minibus, killing five passengers.
2021.08.06 Afghanistan Jowsjan 10 0 At least ten locals are killed by the Taliban.
2021.08.06 Iraq Dhabab 1 0 An orchard worker is murdered by ISIS.
2021.08.06 Nigeria Anshika 1 2 ISIS-linked gunmen kill one local.
2021.08.06 Afghanistan Herat 3 0 Three police officers are brutally eliminated by the Taliban.
2021.08.06 Syria Hantoutin 10 6 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members kill ten Syrians.
2021.08.05 Israel Nazareth 1 0 A 46-year-old Muslim man strangles his mother for converting to Christianity.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 22 Civilians are murdered by the Taliban.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Nimruz 30 0 Thirty Afghan security personnel are killed by the Taliban, including those who surrendered.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Sheberghan 5 0 Fundamentalists kill a woman and four others.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Chorai 1 0 A poet is abducted from his home and shot.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 1 6 The Taliban kill a civilian with a bicycle bomb.
2021.08.05 Sudan Habouba 7 16 Janjaweed militia attack a village and kill seven residents.
2021.08.05 Afghanistan Farah 10 0 Sunni hardliners open fire on local soldiers, killing ten.
2021.08.05 Pakistan Tirah 2 4 Terrorists shoot and kill two local soldiers.
2021.08.05 Syria Raqqa 2 1 Two locals are blown to bits by an ISIS IED.
2021.08.04 Philippines Datu Hoffer 1 7 Bangsamoro Islamists plant a bomb that kills a member of a patrol.
2021.08.04 Afghanistan Zaranj 3 0 Three local soldiers are taken prisoner by the Taliban, which executes them and gouges out their eyes.
2021.08.04 Syria Damascus 9 10 The Guardians of Religion claim a bus bombing that leaves nine dead.
2021.08.04 DRC Mavivi 18 3 Islamist claim an attack that leaves eighteen dead.
2021.08.04 Syria Qudsaya 1 3 Sunni bombers take out a local bus driver.
2021.08.04 Afghanistan Maidan Wardak 1 0 A district governor is assassinated by Sunni extremists.
2021.08.04 Afghanistan Jabal-us-Siraj 1 0 Armed extremists kill a woman on her farm.
2021.08.04 Afghanistan Guzara 6 4 A half-dozen locals are picked off by Taliban gunmen.
2021.08.04 Afghanistan Baghlan 8 0 Eight Afghans are left dead following a series of fundamentalist attacks.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Khawja-Duborar 1 0 Another young woman is killed for traveling without a male escort.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Qala-e-Naw 3 0 Three young men are summarily executed by the Taliban.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Chisht-i-Sharif 5 5 Five guards at a dam are murdered by Islamic hardliners.
2021.08.03 Pakistan Mir Ali 1 0 Islamic gunmen fire point-blank on a station house officer at a bazaar.
2021.08.03 Chad Tchoukou Telia 26 14 Jihadists massacre two dozen local troops, who were resting.
2021.08.03 Burkina Faso Markoye 30 15 Civilians are among thirty slaughtered by suspected Jihadists.
2021.08.03 Thailand Narathiwat 1 4 A Muslim raid on a security base leaves one dead.
2021.08.03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A sapper is killed by a Mujahid bomb.
2021.08.03 Sudan Kushna 1 4 A farmer is shot to death during a raid by Janjaweed
2021.08.03 Iraq Safra 2 2 Two local cops are tragically cut down by an Islamic gunman.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Kabul 8 20 Sharia radicals target the home of a secular official with a suicide bomb, killing eight.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Samar 1 0 A young woman is murdered for wearing tight clothing and not being accompanied by a male relative.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Charikar 5 0 Five policemen at their post are mowed down by Taliban gunmen.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Herat 3 10 A bus carrying civilians makes an easy target for Sunni bombers.
2021.08.03 Nigeria South Kadha 22 50 Muslim terrorists burn homes and kill twenty-two members of a farming community.
2021.08.03 Afghanistan Kabul 6 0 Six pilots are killed by fundamentalists in separate targeted assassinations.
2021.08.02 Egypt Abu al-Dahab 1 5 A repairman dies from injuries suffered from an Islamist IED.
2021.08.02 Nigeria Miago