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Jihad Report
Jun 29, 2024 -
Jul 05, 2024

Attacks 30
Killed 167
Injured 162
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 12

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
June, 2024

Attacks 64
Killed 565
Injured 559
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 18
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 111 Islamic attacks in 25 countries, in which 482 people were killed and 469 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2024.07.12 Kenya Mandera 4 8 Four Kenyan border guards are laid out by al-Shabaab gunmen.
2024.07.11 Israel Kabri 1 0 One person is killed when Hebollah send an explosive-laden drone into a kibbutz.
2024.07.11 Pakistan Janikhel 2 0 Two off-duty cops on vacation are mowed down by Jihadi gunmen.
2024.07.11 Pakistan Bara 1 0 Hardliners assassinate an off-duty cop outside his home.
2024.07.11 Pakistan Krri Haider 2 0 The bodies of two terror victims are discovered in a field.
2024.07.10 Israel Golan Heights 2 0 A married couple are fatally injured by a Hezbollah rocket strike on their car.
2024.07.10 Nigeria Agatu 13 0 Attacks by militant Muslims on two villages leave thirteen dead.
2024.07.09 Pakistan Khamrang 3 5 Hardliners open fire on a security patrol, killing three members.
2024.07.09 Syria Deir Ezzor 2 0 Two are left dead following an ISIS attack.
2024.07.09 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 3 1 Terrorists ambush a vehicle, killing a man and two children.
2024.07.08 Iraq Zarga Lake 2 0 A father and son fishermen are murdered by ISIS gunmen.
2024.07.08 Bangladesh Cox's Bazar 1 0 A refugee is brought down by ARSA terrorists.
2024.07.08 India Kathua 5 6 Five local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Muslim 'separatists.'
2024.07.07 Somalia Lower Shabelle 1 6 An al-Shabaab bombing leaves one dead.
2024.07.07 Pakistan Salarzai 1 3 TTP militants bomb a vehicle, killing at least one inside.
2024.07.07 Pakistan Arifwala 1 0 A young woman is honor-killed with an axe by her uncle for getting divorced.
2024.07.07 Pakistan Karimabad 1 0 The Taliban assassinate a government employee.
2024.07.07 Bangladesh Cox's Bazar 1 2 A well-placed ARSA mortar shell takes out a fisherman.
2024.07.06 Nigeria Ikpele 3 0 An elderly couple are among three picked off by Muslim terrorists.
2024.07.06 India Mudargam 1 0 A soldier dies from injuries suffered after Mujahideen open fire.
2024.07.06 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Muslim extremists gun down a cop.
2024.07.06 Pakistan Tank 1 1 A security person loses their life to terrorists in the former Islamist stronghold.
2024.07.06 India Kulgam 1 0 One person is killed by Muslim terrorists.
2024.07.06 Syria Tel Sheheb 1 0 A man is killed in the countryside by ISIS.
2024.07.05 Pal. Auth. Rafah 3 0 At least three civilians are tortured and executed by Hamas.
2024.07.05 Pakistan Mardan 3 8 Jihadis set off a bomb at a bridge, killing three civilians in a passing rickshaw.
2024.07.05 Syria Bohemid 1 0 Islamic State members shoot a rival to death.
2024.07.04 Israel Golan Heights 1 0 A Hezbollah rocket takes out a father of three small children.
2024.07.04 Syria Raqqah 8 0 Six members of a search party and two kidnapped shepherds are murdered by ISIS.
2024.07.03 Pakistan Damadola 5 0 At least five people riding in a car are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2024.07.03 Israel Karmiel 1 2 A Palestinian stabs three Israelis at a shopping mall, killing a 19-year-old.
2024.07.03 Pakistan Kashmore 2 2 Radicals assassinate two local cops.
2024.07.03 Bangladesh Ukhiya Upazila 1 0 A teacher is stabbed to death by suspected RSO extremists.
2024.07.03 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A civilian is shot to death by the Taliban.
2024.07.02 Sudan El-Fahar 15 32 Janjaweed/RSF send artillery shells into a market, killing fifteen civilians.
2024.07.02 Sudan Jebel Moya 40 0 Some forty people are massacred by Janjaweed/RSF.
2024.07.01 Mali Djiguibombo 21 0 Jihadists attack a wedding celebration and slit the throats of at least twenty-one.
2024.07.01 Nigeria Gwoza 14 0 Fourteen more die from a series of suicide bombings.
2024.07.01 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Muslim terrorists murder a traffic cop at random.
2024.07.01 Sudan El-Fashar 9 1 Nine children are left dead following a Janjaweed/RSF strike on their neighborhood.
2024.07.01 Israel Nur Shams 1 1 An Israeli is killed by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad IED.
2024.06.30 Somalia Beledweyne 4 29 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four bystanders.
2024.06.30 Syria Tel Shihab 4 0 An Islamic State attack leaves four dead.
2024.06.30 Israel Golan Heights 0 18 Hebollah strikes Israelis with a drone.
2024.06.30 Pakistan Takhta Baig 2 0 Terrorists roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun two personnel.
2024.06.30 Pakistan Eidik 1 0 The TTP murder a government employee.
2024.06.30 Pakistan Tank 1 0 Islamists shoot dead the son of a former opponent.
2024.06.30 Thailand Yala 1 21 Muslim 'insurgents' detonate a car bomb that burns a female schoolteacher beyond recognition.
2024.06.30 Somalia Hiiran 4 0 At least four people are sent to Allah by a suicide bomber.
2024.06.30 Nigeria Loh 3 0 Muslim terrorists murder an elderly woman and her two grandchildren, ages 15 and 6.
2024.06.29 Syria Baseiyrah 1 0 A municipal employee is taken out by ISIS.
2024.06.29 Nigeria Marrarraban 7 16 Six people returning from a wedding are murdered by a female suicide bomber.
2024.06.29 Nigeria Gwoza 1 0 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a burial service for victims of an earlier attack, killing at least one mourner.
2024.06.29 Pakistan Jamrud 1 1 Radicals shoot a man to death.
2024.06.29 Nigeria Gwoza 10 30 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a hospital, killing ten.
2024.06.29 Serbia Belgrade 0 1 A convert to Islam shoots a guard outside the Israeli embassy with a crossbow.
2024.06.28 Pakistan Kalu Khan 1 0 Terrorists murder a philanthropist near his home.
2024.06.27 Bangladesh Ukhiya Upazila 1 0 A local man is stabbed to death by suspected Ansar al-Islam.
2024.06.26 Nigeria Hwrra 5 1 Muslim extremists murder five Christian villagers, including three children.
2024.06.26 Syria Qamishly 1 0 A young woman is honor-killed by her brother.
2024.06.26 Syria Muzayrib 1 0 Terrorists execute a civilian and tie his body to a pole.
2024.06.26 Pakistan Bannu 2 0 Muslim terrorists gun down two police officers.
2024.06.26 Tunisia Remada 1 0 Suspected extremists open fire on a border guard.
2024.06.26 Germany Bad Oeynhausen 1 0 Syrian 'Asylum Seekers' beat a young man to death for wearing a cross.
2024.06.25 Pal. Auth. Jenin 1 16 A Palestinian bomb attack on a security patrol leaves one dead.
2024.06.25 Niger Tillabéri 21 0 Islamic extremists kill at least twenty-one in an attack.
2024.06.24 India Yerawada 1 0 A 60-year-old non-Muslim is stabbed to death by the family of a Muslim woman over his son's marriage to her.
2024.06.24 Pal. Auth. Gaza 1 0 The death of a 39-year-old Hamas victim is announced.
2024.06.24 Pakistan Kunjah 1 0 A 55-year-old Shiite is stabbed to death for alleged "blasphemy."
2024.06.24 Syria Homs 2 0 An ISIS attack near a dam leaves two dead.
2024.06.23 Russia Dagestan 21 46 Muslims attack churches and synagogues slashing the throat of a priest and killing twenty others.
2024.06.23 Nigeria Yargoje 11 3 Eleven villagers are killed by Muslim terrorists.
2024.06.23 Nigeria Nakwabo 5 0 Five innocents are shot dead by Muslim militants.
2024.06.23 Nigeria Gidan Boka 15 2 Muslim terrorists murder fifteen villagers.
2024.06.23 Nigeria Katsalle 7 0 Seven people lose their lives to a Muslim attack.
2024.06.23 Nigeria Maidaki 15 8 Fifteen innocents working a farm are reported dead following a senseless assault by Muslim terrorists.
2024.06.23 Iran Sanandaj 1 0 A woman is fatally stabbed by her family in an honor killing.
2024.06.22 Pakistan Kohat 2 3 A sectarian attack on a passenger coach leaves two dead.
2024.06.22 Afghanistan Khak-e-Safed 1 0 A civilian is shot dead by terrorists.
2024.06.22 Israel Qalqilya 1 0 Another older Israeli man is brutally shot to death by Palestinian terrorists.
2024.06.22 Nigeria Tulkinat 1 0 A man is killed in front of his family by Muslim militants.
2024.06.22 Syria Deir ez-Zor 1 0 An ISIS shooting attack leaves one dead.
2024.06.21 Sudan Aseer 17 80 Janjaweed/RSF massacre seventeen unarmed innocents with light weapons.
2024.06.21 Yemen Mudiyah 2 0 al-Qaeda use a bomb to kill two passers by.
2024.06.21 Israel Eliyahu 1 0 A 70-year-old driver is beaten to death by Palestinian "robbers."
2024.06.21 Pakistan Kurram 5 0 The TTP blow up a passing vehicle, killing five occupants.
2024.06.20 Pakistan Birmal 1 0 The Islamic State assassinate a rival leader.
2024.06.20 Pakistan Tank 1 0 Islamic extremists gun down a local cop.
2024.06.20 Syria Homs 1 0 One Syrian is killed by ISIS.
2024.06.20 Pakistan Madian 1 0 A pious mob beat a man to death for allegedly disrespecting the Quran, then burn his body.
2024.06.19 India Kerela 1 0 A man stabs his brother to death for drinking alcohol on an Islamic holy day.
2024.06.19 Nigeria Amule Kanji 3 0 Muslim militants murder three villagers at random along a road.
2024.06.19 Syria Wadi Bardi 2 0 Two children are vaporized by a landmine near the former caliphate.
2024.06.19 Syria Salqin 1 0 A conservative Muslim honor-kills his daughter.
2024.06.19 Mozambique Mbau 3 0 A child is among three murdered by Islamic extremists.
2024.06.18 Pakistan Landikotal 1 1 A journalist is shot to death by suspected Taliban.
2024.06.17 Philippines Basilan 1 0 A foreign worker is killed in a terror attack by suspected Islamists.
2024.06.17 Pakistan Boshera 2 0 Two Sunnis are shot dead in a sectarian attack.
2024.06.17 Nigeria Ewehko 5 0 A woman is among the dead when Muslim terrorists open fire on Christian villagers.
2024.06.17 Uganda Butebo 1 0 Muslim extremists slay a Baptist evangelist for preaching his religion.
2024.06.16 Pakistan Yarik 1 0 Terrorists shoot a local soldier to death.
2024.06.16 Pakistan Kurram 2 5 Jihadists target a polio team with a landmine, killing two.
2024.06.16 Nigeria Mararaban Azagwa 6 3 A 92-year-old man is among a half-dozen villagers murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2024.06.15 Pakistan Gulbahar 1 0 A police officer is shot dead by Muslim terrorists.
2024.06.15 Somalia Gofgadud 6 6 al-Shabaab bombers lay out six Somali security personnel.
2024.06.14 Syria Deir Ezzor 2 1 ISIS gunmen on motorcycles murder two Syrians.
2024.06.14 DRC Masau 28 0 Twenty-eight civilians are executed by ADF Islamists.
2024.06.13 Pakistan South Waziristan 1 0 ISIS-K gunmen pick off a rival cleric.
2024.06.13 DRC Beni 17 0 The ADF leave seventeen bodies strewn on a road leading to a market.
2024.06.13 Sudan Sheikh Al-Sammani 22 100 RSF/Janjaweed send artillery shells into a village, killing two dozen residents.
2024.06.13 Syria al-Duwair 4 0 Islamic State members pump bullets into a passing vehicle, killing four.
2024.06.13 India Rajauri 1 0 Muslim terrorists ambush a security patrol and kill one member.
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