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Jihad Report
Jun 05, 2021 -
Jun 11, 2021

Attacks 39
Killed 364
Injured 330
Suicide Blasts 6
Countries 13

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
May, 2021

Attacks 205
Killed 1043
Injured 800
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 24
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 150 Islamic attacks in 18 countries, in which 882 people were killed and 649 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2021.06.15 Afghanistan Jalalabad 5 4 Two drive-by attacks on polio vaccination teams leave five dead.
2021.06.15 Somalia Mogadishu 15 10 A Fedayeen suicide bomber targets police recruits, lined up outside a camp, killing fifteen.
2021.06.14 Pakistan Banuu 1 0 A lawer is assassinated by terrorists on motorcycles.
2021.06.14 Afghanistan Ibrahim Khalil 3 0 The Taliban place a landmine on a road that catches three unfortunates in a passing civilian vehicle.
2021.06.13 Nigeria Kuro 10 5 Muslim militants slaughter ten people at a bar.
2021.06.13 Nigeria Akwa Ibom 2 0 Two brothers are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2021.06.13 Nigeria Zagun 2 0 Two innocents are picked off in a Muslim drive-by.
2021.06.13 Afghanistan Qalai Bast 8 0 A Taliban infiltrator, disguised as a policeman, murders eight unsuspecting.
2021.06.12 Afghanistan Kotali 5 1 A family of five is neatly disassembled by a Taliban mortar.
2021.06.12 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 An ISIS sniper picks off a police officer.
2021.06.12 Mali Gao 2 8 Jihadists fire on a group of peacekeepers, killing two.
2021.06.12 Ivory Coast Border 3 4 Jihadists ambush a local security patrol, killing three members.
2021.06.12 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 A bomb blast in front of a hospital in a Shiite area claims one life.
2021.06.12 Afghanistan Kabul 6 2 Sunnis plant a bomb on a bus carrying Shia minorities, killing six.
2021.06.12 India Sopore 5 4 Civilians are among five murdered by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
2021.06.12 Afghanistan Tulk 19 20 Nineteen are reported dead following a Taliban attack.
2021.06.12 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Shari 1 5 A bomb blast outside a bank takes out a bystander.
2021.06.11 Afghanistan Arghand-e-Payyan 5 0 Five members of a wedding party are kidnapped and executed by the Taliban.
2021.06.11 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 1 0 The Taliban gun down a rival cleric at a funeral.
2021.06.11 Nigeria Tse-Jimin 6 0 Militant Muslim infiltrate a farming community and shoot six to death.
2021.06.10 Nigeria Zairia 1 10 Muslim militants are thought to be behind the killing of a religious minority.
2021.06.10 Afghanistan Bagh-e-Shamal 6 10 A Shahid suicide attack on a local security base leaves a half-dozen dead.
2021.06.10 Bangladesh Hatia 1 0 A Hindu politician is assassinated by Muslim rivals.
2021.06.10 Yemen Marib 8 27 A sustained rocket and drone attack by Ansar Allah kills at least eight.
2021.06.10 Nigeria Zongo-Akiki 5 5 Muslim terrorists sneak into a farming village and murder five innocents.
2021.06.09 Nigeria Mbatyula 6 0 A half-dozen villagers are massacred by Muslim militants.
2021.06.09 Iraq Makhmour 1 2 A well-placed ISIS landmine takes out an 11-year-old.
2021.06.09 Kenya Qoqay 3 4 al-Shabaab members stop a Wildlife Service truck with a bomb, then shoot dead three survivors.
2021.06.09 Afghanistan Ishkamish 4 2 Four members of a security patrol are ambushed and killed by Sunni radicals.
2021.06.09 Iraq Riyadh 1 1 A man is killed by ISIS in an attack that also injures his son.
2021.06.09 Afghanistan Uruzgan 1 4 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out a bystander.
2021.06.09 Pakistan Mardan 2 0 Two guards for a polio team are aerated by gunmen on motorcycles.
2021.06.08 Iraq Sinjar 11 0 A mass grave is found with Yazidi victims of the caliphate.
2021.06.08 Nigeria Kwara 4 0 Four hunters are shot to death by Muslim militants.
2021.06.08 Ivory Coast Tougbo 1 0 A border guard is picked off by Jihadists.
2021.06.08 Afghanistan Baghlan-e-Markazi 10 14 Ten mine-clearing workers for a charity are executed in cold blood by the Taliban.
2021.06.08 Mali Gao 5 0 Five Christian "infidels" are executed on video by Religion of Peace proponents.
2021.06.08 Mali Menaka 1 0 A man is forced to his knees and shot in the back of the head by Jihadists.
2021.06.07 Nigeria Imeko-Afon 3 0 Three innocents are slain by Muslim militants.
2021.06.07 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A senior intel officer is assassinated by suspected Shia militia.
2021.06.07 Afghanistan Kajal 2 0 Two men are pulled out of their car and shot by the Taliban.
2021.06.07 Kenya Mandera 2 12 Two passengers are killed when al-Shabaab militants attack a bus.
2021.06.06 Nigeria Odugbeho 20 10 Militant Muslims attack a vulnerable town and slaughter twenty residents.
2021.06.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 A judge is assassinated by pro-Sharia radicals.
2021.06.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 The Taliban take down a local cop with a roadside blast.
2021.06.06 Afghanistan Balkh 16 117 A suicide bomber sends sixteen souls to Allah.
2021.06.06 Libya Sebha 2 4 Two people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2021.06.05 Afghanistan Pul-e-Sokhta 1 0 A woman succumbs to injuries from an earlier Taliban attack.
2021.06.05 Afghanistan Sharak 10 4 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber kills ten local cops.
2021.06.05 Somalia Mogadishu 2 12 A Shahid suicide bomber hits a minibus, taking out two passengers.
2021.06.05 Burkina Faso Solhan 160 40 Twenty children are among over one-hundred and sixty villagers massacred wholesale by Religion of Peace proponents.
2021.06.05 Afghanistan Qaisar 14 37 A vicious attack on local police leave fourteen dead.
2021.06.05 Afghanistan Qala-e-Naw 11 0 Women and children are among the victims of a Taliban bomb blast that takes out eleven.
2021.06.05 Yemen Marib 21 5 Twenty-one are left dead following an Ansar Allah rocket attack on a fuel station, including a 5-year-old.
2021.06.05 Afghanistan Jugla 10 8 Ten people are killed during a Taliban attack in the middle of the night.
2021.06.05 Syria Homs 3 2 An ISIS landmine kills three people traveling through the desert.
2021.06.04 Afghanistan Baloch Kalacha 1 0 A woman is shot to death by gunmen on motorcycles.
2021.06.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two civilians are purged by the Taliban in separate attacks.
2021.06.04 Pakistan Hassan Abdal 1 28 Terrorists fire on a bus carrying women workers to a factory, killing one.
2021.06.04 Burkina Faso Tadaryat 14 0 Fourteen innocents are purged by Jihadists.
2021.06.04 Egypt Sinai 1 0 An ISIS bomb blast kills a passerby.
2021.06.03 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 2 An IED planted by fundamentalists claims one life.
2021.06.03 Afghanistan Chahar Kala 4 4 A child and woman are among the casuatlies of a Taliban IED blast.
2021.06.03 Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 Two policemen are brazenly gunned down by Pakistani Taliban in the capital.
2021.06.03 Iraq Amara 1 0 A young man is picked off by Mujahid snipers while leaving a soccer game.
2021.06.03 Iraq Kadhimiya 3 14 Three "infidels" near a restaurant are obliterated by an ISIS bomb blast.
2021.06.03 Afghanistan Anjel 1 0 Radicals shoot a rival cleric to death.
2021.06.03 Afghanistan Farsi 4 7 Four locals lose their lives to a Taliban shooting.
2021.06.03 Afghanistan Kabul 4 5 A Sunni bomb rips through a minivan carrying Shiite minorities, killing four - including a female journailst and her mother.
2021.06.03 Afghanistan Charikar 3 0 Three people bleed to death following a Taliban mine attack.
2021.06.02 India Tral 1 1 Islamic militants fire on a Hindu politician, killing him and injuring a female friend.
2021.06.02 Pakistan Kaniguram 1 0 A border guard succumbs to injury following an IED explosion.
2021.06.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 10 Two civilians are killed by a Taliban car bombing along a city street.
2021.06.02 DRC Ituri 11 0 Eleven more villagers are massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.06.02 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is kidnapped and executed by ISIS in the former caliphate capital.
2021.06.01 Syria Humer 1 2 A child is among the casualties of an ISIS motorcycle bombing.
2021.06.01 Afghanistan Masjed-e-Halebid 6 7 A bomb blast targeting a bus stop near a Shiite mosque leaves six dead.
2021.06.01 Afghanistan Sar-e-Karez 7 14 Religious minorities riding a public transport are blown to bits.
2021.06.01 Pakistan Epi 2 3 Radicals open fire on a security patrol, killing two members.
2021.06.01 DRC Mayimoya 5 5 Five villagers are brutally gunned down by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.31 Afghanistan Baghlan 4 28 A suicide car bomb, followed by shooting, leaves four dead.
2021.05.31 Afghanistan Charikar 4 4 The lives of four Afghans are cut short by Islamic radicals.
2021.05.31 Iraq Tina 1 0 A well-placed bomb takes out a Kurdish shepherd.
2021.05.31 Iraq Muqadiya 1 0 A civilian is shot dead near his home by Mujahideen.
2021.05.31 Nigeria Goska 4 1 Militant Muslims shoot four people to death at a farming community.
2021.05.31 Niger Diffa 2 3 At least two people are cut down by Boko Haram gunmen.
2021.05.31 DRC Bahema-Boga 31 25 An Anglican leader is among thirty-one butchered by ADF in an early morning attack.
2021.05.30 DRC Tchabi 26 7 Women and children are among two dozen innocents massacred by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.30 Afghanistan Ghoryan 6 0 Six workers at a railway are disassembled by religious bombers.
2021.05.30 Afghanistan Shirzad 2 1 Two civilians are blown to bits by Sunni shrapnel.
2021.05.30 Nigeria Tegina 1 6 Boko Haram attack a school, kill one person and kidnap many others.
2021.05.30 Mali Bougouni 5 0 Jihadists kill civilians near a forest ranger outpost.
2021.05.30 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 Islamic State snipers kill a security officer.
2021.05.30 Iraq Qara Tapa 1 0 Islamic State members execute a handcuffed captive.
2021.05.30 Nigeria Benue 30 0 Over thirty Igbo are hacked and shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
2021.05.29 DRC Rwenzori 2 0 Two local soldiers are kidnapped, tortured and executed by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.29 Nigeria Ekile 12 7 At least a dozen are left dead after a deadly Muslim rampage through a series of villages.
2021.05.29 Nigeria Abebe 1 0 Muslim gunmen make quick work of a pregnant woman.
2021.05.29 Afghanistan Kapisa 10 15 Ten are killed when extremists hit a home hosting a wedding party with mortars.
2021.05.29 Afghanistan Sarkhab 18 2 Eighteen local cops are brutally machine-gunned by Sunni hardliners.
2021.05.29 DRC Beaver Ridge, WV 6 0 A woman is among a half dozen burned alive by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.29 Afghanistan Charikar 4 17 Hardliners target a bus carrying university students, killing four.
2021.05.29 India Bijbehara 2 0 Two innocents at a grocery are gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
2021.05.28 France Nantes 0 3 A policewoman and two others are stabbed by a "radicalized" Muslim.
2021.05.28 Nigeria Tinador 5 0 Five civilians are slain by Muslim gunmen, including a woman and child.
2021.05.28 Nigeria Makurdi 6 0 Fulani mercenaries ambush are murder a half-dozen commuters.
2021.05.28 Niger Diffa 8 0 Islamists kill eight other in an attack on a desert town.
2021.05.28 Pakistan Katling 2 2 Hardliners open fire on a group, killing two members including a girl.
2021.05.28 Afghanistan Gereshk 5 0 Five civilians are reduced to rubble by a Taliban rocket.
2021.05.28 Somalia Baidoa 3 7 Three souls at a market are claimed by al-Shabaab bombers.
2021.05.28 Afghanistan Kanchoga 3 0 Three others are killed when the Taliban attack a checkpoint.
2021.05.28 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Two civilians are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2021.05.27 DRC Kasundi 2 0 A truck carrying Christians is fired on by Muslim extremists, with two killed.
2021.05.27 Syria Hajin 1 0 ISIS machine-gun fire claims the life of an infidel.
2021.05.27 Nigeria Ijever 12 3 A dozen bodies are recovered following a Muslim attack.
2021.05.27 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban gun down a government bodyguard.
2021.05.27 DRC Kasindi 3 0 ADF Islamists shoot the driver of a truck, then set it on fire, burning two others.
2021.05.27 DRC Beni 5 0 A family of five is burned alive in their home by Islamic militia.
2021.05.27 Nigeria Pangari 2 11 Fulani terrorists murder two villagers.
2021.05.27 Iraq Nasariya 1 3 Mujahideen pick off a civilian in a drive-by attack.
2021.05.27 Iraq Wadi al-Shay 1 0 A police officer bleeds to death following an Islamic State bombing.
2021.05.26 Iraq Diyala 1 0 A young man is kidnapped and killed in captivity.
2021.05.26 Afghanistan Kokshib 1 0 Fundamentalists kidnap and kill a director at a youth center.
2021.05.26 Afghanistan Qaisar 4 6 Four civilians are leveled by well-placed Taliban mortars.
2021.05.26 Pakistan Panjgur 1 0 A Sunni scholar is assassinated by suspected rivals.
2021.05.26 Syria Raqqa 2 2 At least two people are laid out by ISIS shrapnel.
2021.05.25 DRC Kisima Fototolia 26 0 Thirteen villagers are tied up and beheaded by ADF Islamists. Thirteen more are killed elsewhere, including children.
2021.05.25 Afghanistan Anchoi 2 0 A man and his nephew are cut down by Muslim gunmen.
2021.05.24 Kenya Wajir 1 0 A child is killed during a home invasion by al-Shabaab.
2021.05.24 DRC Kanjabal 2 0 An attack by ADF Islamists leaves two dead.
2021.05.23 Nigeria Kwi 14 0 Muslim terrorists murder fourteen villagers, including a family of eight.
2021.05.23 Nigeria Dong 8 4 Fulani mercenaries shouting "Allah Akbar" shoot eight Christians to death.
2021.05.23 Afghanistan Mohammad Agha 2 0 Two security personnel are shot to death by fundamentalists.
2021.05.23 Iraq Nasiriyah 1 0 Mujahideen shoot dead a civilian.
2021.05.23 Afghanistan Guzargah-e Noor 8 3 Eight Afghans are machine-gunned by the Taliban.
2021.05.23 Afghanistan Sayedkhil 1 0 A religious scholar is assassinated by rivals outside a school.
2021.05.22 Nigeria Tse Ancha 9 0 Another terror attack on a displaced persons camp leaves nine dead.
2021.05.22 Afghanistan Khanabad 4 0 Four members of one family are murdered in their home by Religion of Peace proponents.
2021.05.22 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 0 Jihadi snipers pick off a border guard.
2021.05.22 Pakistan Peshawar 3 0 Three persons are picked off like ducks in a gallery by Sunni gunmen.
2021.05.22 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 2 2 Two children are purged by the Taliban.
2021.05.22 Niger Diffa 1 4 Boko Haram fire on a group of police officers, killing one.
2021.05.21 Syria Khirbat Ghazala 2 0 Two Shiites are executed for trying to convert others.
2021.05.21 Nigeria Niger 2 0 A pastor and his 3-year-old son are shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
2021.05.21 Iraq Tarmiyah 1 0 An activist is gunned down by Islamic State members.
2021.05.21 Afghanistan Shas Metra 1 2 A child is killed and two women injured by a Taliban mortar round.
2021.05.21 India Majuva 1 25 At least one person is killed when a Muslim mob attacks a Hindu village.
2021.05.21 Afghanistan Guzargah-e-Noor 8 6 Eight Afghan security personnel are murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2021.05.21 Nigeria Kpachudu 2 0 Two fathers are shot dead by militant Muslims.
2021.05.21 Kenya Banisa 3 3 Islamic radicals target a passing police car with a roadside bomb, killing three.
2021.05.21 Somalia Garasbaley 3 0 Three locals are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab extremists.
2021.05.21 Iraq Junainah 1 1 Suspected Shia militia open fire on civilians, killing one.
2021.05.21 Nigeria Sokoto 1 1 Jihadists are accused of killing one priest and kidnapping another.
2021.05.20 Pakistan Tariqabad 1 0 A Christian is lynched by Muslim after defending his sister from assault.
2021.05.20 Afghanistan Sheberghan 1 0 Radicals use a bomb to kill a prosecutor at a secular court.
2021.05.20 Mali Gao 16 6 Sixteen civilians are purged by Jihadists.
2021.05.20 Afghanistan Western 3 0 Three Hazari minorities are ordered off a bus and executed by their Sunni brothers.
2021.05.20 Nigeria Miango 2 0 A teenager and young mother are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2021.05.20 Nigeria Bassa 2 0 Muslim terrorists fire into a home, killing a woman and a teenager.
2021.05.19 Afghanistan Nad Ali 9 3 A family of nine is purged by Taliban bombers.
2021.05.19 Afghanistan Ghor 4 0 Jihadists obliterate four family members riding a motorcycle.
2021.05.19 Somalia Jowhar 4 3 An al-Shabaab landmine claims four lives.
2021.05.19 Kenya Baure 7 1 At least seven Kenyan border guards are ambushed and murdered by Islamic extremists.
2021.05.19 Burkina Faso Tin-Akoff 1 0 Jihadists use a landmine to kill a passerby.
2021.05.19 Syria Shahil 3 8 An ISIS IED claims three souls.
2021.05.19 Syria Diban 2 0 Two Syrians are laid out by an ISIS rocket.
2021.05.19 Syria Karameh 1 0 A lawyer is murdered by the Islamic State.
2021.05.18 Nigeria Ungwan Gaida 8 0 Eight villagers are killed by gunmen who also burn down their church.
2021.05.18 Israel Eshkol 2 8 A Hamas missile strike on a packaging plant kills two Thai workers.
2021.05.18 Afghanistan Torghondai 4 0 Four Afghans are picked off by Taliban gunmen.
2021.05.18 Afghanistan Mitun Darsh 4 2 A child is among four family members massacred in their own home.
2021.05.18 Burkina Faso Tin-Akoff 15 1 At least fifteen innocents at a church baptism party are slaughtered by Islamists.
2021.05.18 DRC Beni 1 0 A moderate imam is assassinated by radicals while walking home.
2021.05.18 Syria Daraa 2 0 Two Shiites succumb to Sunni gunfire.
2021.05.17 Yemen Maqbanah 2 3 A cardiologist and his brother are killed when a preacher opens fire on a group objecting to his sermon.
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