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Jihad Report
Sep 08, 2018 -
Sep 14, 2018

Attacks 45
Killed 336
Injured 351
Suicide Blasts 8
Countries 11

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
August, 2018

Attacks 164
Killed 868
Injured 806
Suicide Blasts 16
Countries 27
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 128 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 668 people were killed and 742 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2018.09.20 Syria Idlib 4 0 Terrorists murder four civilians in two attacks.
2018.09.20 Afghanistan Ghazni 5 2 Five local police are murdered by armed fundamentalists.
2018.09.19 Pakistan Qila Saifullah 2 0 Two guards at a market are gunned down by terrorists on motorcycles.
2018.09.19 Iraq Kirkuk 1 7 An Islamic State bomb blast claims a civilian life.
2018.09.18 Nigeria Konduga 6 0 Boko Haram set three villages on fire, killing three residents.
2018.09.18 Iraq Hawija 5 5 Mujahideen blow up a bus, killing five Iraqis.
2018.09.18 Mali Tidinbawen 2 3 Jihadists successfully kill two people with a roadside bomb.
2018.09.18 Iraq Riyadh 1 0 A journalist is kidnapped, blindfolded and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2018.09.18 Afghanistan Chahar Bolak 9 0 A cowardly attack by a Taliban in uniform leaves nine unarmed cops dead.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Warmami 8 3 Eight members of a family are wiped out in their own home by a Jihadist rocket.
2018.09.17 Syria Suwayda 1 1 Terrorists gun down a civilian.
2018.09.17 Nigeria Rann 1 0 A female Red Cross worker and mother of two is murdered in captivity by Boko Haram.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Farah 17 0 A series of Taliban attacks leave seventeen dead.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Qali-e-now 5 0 Fundamentalists exterminate five local cops.
2018.09.17 India Kulgam 1 0 Religion of Peace activists barge into a home and shoot a resident in the head.
2018.09.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 A man and his son are taken down in a targeted attacky by Sunni hardliners.
2018.09.16 Israel Gush Etzion 1 0 A Jewish American is stabbed to death at the shopping mall by a Palestinian terrorist.
2018.09.16 Iraq Mosul 18 0 A mass grave is discovered containing eighteen women and children murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.16 Syria Jarabulus 1 6 A suicide bomber goes off at a bus stop, killing a child.
2018.09.15 Iraq Hawija 2 1 Two Iraqis are murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.15 Afghanistan Khalazai 4 4 Four locals are shredded by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.09.15 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 Islamists attach a car bomb to a vehicle, killing the driver.
2018.09.15 Pakistan Gujaranwala 1 0 A man dies in the hospital after being sprayed with acid in an attack targeting him over his Christian faith.
2018.09.14 Afghanistan Nawbahar 8 3 Eight Afghans are shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2018.09.14 Nigeria Bulama Kururi 10 0 At least ten villagers are purged when Boko Haram gunmen open up on them.
2018.09.14 Somalia Bosaso 2 0 Islamists bring down two university graduates at close range with handguns.
2018.09.14 Kenya Sebanal 2 0 Two bus passengers are executed after being unable to recite from the Quran.
2018.09.14 France Nimes Feria 0 2 A man yelling praises to Allah plows his car into a crowd.
2018.09.14 Afghanistan Dara-i-Suf Paen 7 17 Religious radicals stage a terror attack that leaves seven dead, including a woman.
2018.09.14 Burkina Faso Kompienga 3 0 Three members of a single family are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2018.09.14 Burkina Faso Diabiga 6 0 Radicalized Muslims target a rival mosque, killing the imam and five others.
2018.09.14 Nigeria Adamawa 35 0 Women and children drown while trying to flee a Muslim terror attack.
2018.09.13 Kenya Shamu 1 0 An elderly man is gunned down by al-Shabaab.
2018.09.13 Iraq Hawija 4 0 Four ISIS kidnap victims are discovered tortured to death.
2018.09.13 Afghanistan Farah 29 6 A brutal attack by the Taliban leaves thirty Afghans dead.
2018.09.13 Nigeria Adamawa 18 0 A pastor and nine women are among eighteen innocents slain by Muslim terrorists.
2018.09.13 Afghanistan Samangan 6 0 Sunni hardliners attack a police post, killing six members.
2018.09.13 Syria Janobi 1 2 A suicide bomber claims a civilian.
2018.09.13 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 2 One person succumbs to injury following a suicide car bombing.
2018.09.12 Kenya Ukanda 1 0 Islamists shoot a 45-year-old man five times.
2018.09.12 Syria Manbij 1 2 Terrorists kill one person outside a hospital.
2018.09.12 Iraq Hajaj 6 42 A suicide bomber takes out a half-dozen restaurant patrons in mid-bite.
2018.09.12 Iraq Shargat 1 2 Jihadi car bombers murder a civilian.
2018.09.12 Afghanistan Herat 6 1 Six are left dead after a series of Taliban attacks.
2018.09.11 Thailand Pattani 2 4 Muslim militants ambush a security patrol, killing two members.
2018.09.11 Syria Raqqa 1 0 ISIS explosives claim the life of one civilian.
2018.09.11 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 4 A child is obliterated by fundamentalist shrapnel outside a girls' school.
2018.09.11 Afghanistan Jalalabad 68 165 A suicide bomber blows himself up among a group of protesters, laying out over sixty.
2018.09.10 Iraq Sharqat 1 0 Three suicide bombers manage to kill just one other person.
2018.09.10 Iraq Rutba 1 2 A civilian bleeds to death following an ISIS bomb blast.
2018.09.10 Afghanistan Yakhchal 6 6 Six family members are laid out by a mortar attack on their home.
2018.09.10 India Muniwar 1 0 Suspected militants shoot a civilian to death in his car.
2018.09.10 Afghanistan Dara Suf 14 6 Fundamentalist Muslims ambush and kill fourteen police and civilians.
2018.09.10 Afghanistan Sari Pul 17 3 Seventeen local security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
2018.09.10 Somalia Hodan 6 16 Suicide car bombers destroy six lives.
2018.09.10 Iraq Haditha 2 5 Two others are killed when a suicide bomber strikes a hospital.
2018.09.10 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 Hashd al-Shaabi is suspected of shooting a teenager to death on the street.
2018.09.10 Afghanistan Dashti Archi 13 15 A Taliban attack leaves thirteen dead.
2018.09.10 Libya Tripoli 2 10 Islamic State gunmen invade an oil corporation headquarters, kiilling two staff members.
2018.09.10 Iraq Hawija 2 0 Two civilians are picked off by ISIS snipers.
2018.09.09 Syria Mouhardeh 10 0 Two girls are among ten lives destroyed by a Sunni rocket attack on a Christian neighborhood.
2018.09.09 Afghanistan Farah 4 0 A shocking attack by religious fanatics on a police checkpoint leaves four dead.
2018.09.09 Afghanistan Kabul 7 25 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle targets a memoria, taking seven other souls with him.
2018.09.09 Thailand Narathiwat 2 2 Two unfortunates are shot to death by Islamic militants.
2018.09.09 Afghanistan Khamyab 8 3 Eight Afghans lose their lives to a terrorist attack.
2018.09.08 Afghanistan Herat 9 6 A fundamentalist group attacks a police checkpoint and kills nine officers.
2018.09.08 Syria Naima 1 0 Sunni shrapnel claims a civilian.
2018.09.08 Nigeria Gudumbali 8 0 At least eight civilians are killed when Boko Haram takes over a small town.
2018.09.08 Afghanistan Kansak 1 0 A tribal elder is abducted and murdered by Islamic militants.
2018.09.07 Pakistan Nasoowal 4 0 Two children are among an entire family wiped out in an honor killing.
2018.09.07 Afghanistan Badghis 11 0 A Taliban attack leaves eleven dead.
2018.09.07 Afghanistan Narkh 4 0 Four civilians are successfully taken out by a Taliban explosive.
2018.09.06 Afghanistan Ab Kamari 11 6 An Islamic Emirates attack leaves eleven dead.
2018.09.06 Afghanistan Khwaja Ghar 8 0 A Taliban in police uniform opens fire on eight sleeping officers, killing them all.
2018.09.06 Pakistan Tehkal 2 0 A secular politician and his nephew are gunned down by terrorists.
2018.09.06 Iraq Diyala 2 5 Suspected Islamic State gunmen take out two Iraqis along a highway.
2018.09.06 Nigeria Gana-Ropp 5 0 Five miners are murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2018.09.06 Nigeria Nding Suisut 2 2 Two villagers are cut down by Miyetti Allah gunmen.
2018.09.05 CAR Bria 42 0 Over forty Christians, mainly women, are massacred by Muslims armed with machetes.
2018.09.05 Afghanistan Kabul 26 91 Twenty-four civilians and two journalists are cut down by a Sunni suicide bomber at a gym frequented by Shiites.
2018.09.05 Burkina Faso Kompienga 2 5 Two Burkinese are laid out by Jihadi bombers.
2018.09.05 Afghanistan Ghor 3 2 Three guards for a wheat convoy are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.09.05 India Hajidarpora 1 0 A laborer is killed during a shooting attack by militant Muslims.
2018.09.04 Afghanistan Miranzayee 1 0 A police chief is killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2018.09.04 Afghanistan Qala-i-Now 2 4 Two local cops are killed by suspected Taliban.
2018.09.04 Iraq Abu Karma 1 0 A farmer working his garden is exterminated by an ISIS bomb blast.
2018.09.04 Nigeria Gwoza 2 25 Boko Haram attack a bus, kill two passengers and abduct two dozen others.
2018.09.03 Afghanistan Paktia 4 6 At least four Afghan security personnal are killed during an overnight assault by fundamentalists.
2018.09.03 Iraq Khanouka 1 3 An 80-year-old man is shot to death by the Islamic State.
2018.09.03 Iraq Albu Shaher 7 1 Seven residents are killed when the Islamic State fires into houses.
2018.09.02 Nigeria Latya 13 12 Miyetti Allah gunmen roll into a village and shoot a dozen people dead.
2018.09.02 Iraq Zekheikha 2 3 Islamic State members sneak up on a group of villagers and shoot two dead.
2018.09.02 Pakistan Kurram 1 0 A border guard's life is cut short by Taliban gunmen.
2018.09.02 Philippines Isulan 1 15 Muslim militants set off a bomb outside an Internet café, killing one.
2018.09.02 Somalia Mogadishu 7 14 Two children are among a group of seven blown into pieces by a suicide bomber.
2018.09.02 Iraq Beiji 3 2 Three farmers are plowed under by Jihadi bombers.
2018.09.02 Libya Tripoli 4 7 A militia sends a rocket into a refugee camp, clearing out four residents.
2018.09.01 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 1 0 A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.09.01 Syria Aleppo 1 20 A suicide car bomber exterminates a civilian bystander.
2018.08.31 Netherlands Amsterdam 0 2 Two American tourists are stabbed at a train station by a Muslim refugee.
2018.08.31 Egypt Minya 0 3 A Muslim mob attacks Christian homes on a rumor that a church was planned.
2018.08.31 Philippines Sirawai 4 2 Suspected Abu Sayyaf murder four people and kidnap two others.
2018.08.31 Somalia Afgoye 3 7 Three Somalis lose their lives to an attack by al-Shabaab.
2018.08.31 India Purba Burdwan 1 0 A woman is strangled and mutilated by her family for being in a relationship with a Hindu man.
2018.08.30 Nigeria Zari 48 19 Boko Haram overrun a local security base and massacre forty-eight personnel.
2018.08.30 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 The head of airport security is assassinated by suspected Islamists.
2018.08.30 Iraq Shoura 8 0 Six children are among a family of eight brutally wiped out in their own home by ISIS gunmen.
2018.08.30 Thailand Muang 2 1 A woman is among two people shot to death at a market by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2018.08.30 Iraq Abbasi 2 3 A suicide car bomber takes out two Iraqis.
2018.08.30 Afghanistan Mohmand 5 3 Five border guards are shredded by a fundamentalist bomber.
2018.08.29 Afghanistan Herat 1 6 A civilian is cut down by a Sunni bomb blast.
2018.08.29 Syria Afrin 2 18 Women and children are among the casualties of a marketplace bomb blast.
2018.08.29 Iraq Udheim 2 0 ISIS open fire on a passing vehicle, killing two passengers.
2018.08.29 Kenya Lamu 5 10 Five border guards bleed out following an al-Shabaab landmine attack.
2018.08.29 Iraq Ozem 2 0 Two passport officials are assassinated by Mujahideen.
2018.08.29 Iraq Qaim 11 16 Eleven people at a traffic stop are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.08.29 India Arahom 4 0 Jaish-e-Muhammad fire on a police escort vehicle point-blank, killing four officers.
2018.08.28 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 8 0 A pastor, his wife, and three children are among eight people burned or shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
2018.08.28 Yemen Abyan 5 4 An al-Qaeda ambush on a checkpoint leaves five dead.
2018.08.28 Burkina Faso Pama 8 0 A roadside bomb destroys a passing vehicle, along with eight lives.
2018.08.28 Philippines Isulan 2 37 Islamic bombers send shrapnel through a crowd at a festival, killing two innocents - including a 7-year-old girl.
2018.08.28 Afghanistan Halalzo 3 0 Three civilians are disintegrated by fundamentalist shrapnel.
2018.08.28 Iraq Bahiza 1 0 A civilian is kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.08.27 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Terrorists shoot two civilians to death in separate attacks.
2018.08.27 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two off-duty air force personnel are shot dead by suspected Taliban.
2018.08.27 Tajikistan Panj River 2 1 A dozen terrorists open fire on forest rangers, killing two.
2018.08.26 Pakistan Punjab 2 0 An unmarried couple is gunned down for 'honor' by the woman's family.
2018.08.26 Afghanistan Kunar 3 4 Islamic Emirate gunmen fire on a road security crew, killing three.
2018.08.26 Iraq Abu Sayda 1 0 A woman tending her farm is leveled by an ISIS mortar round.
2018.08.26 Thailand Muang 1 1 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a 14-year-old boy at a grocery.
2018.08.25 Iraq Abu Najm 1 0 Two terrorists blow up a shepherd.
2018.08.25 Iraq Mansouriya 1 2 Mujahid bombers take out a civilian.
2018.08.25 Lebanon Minieh 1 0 A man is murdered and mutilated in a supermarket parking lot by a cleric who accused him of blasphemy.
2018.08.25 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 8 A suicide bomber kills three people outside an election commission.
2018.08.25 Egypt Arish 4 10 Four local cops are killed when fundamentalists attack their checkpoint.
2018.08.25 India Keran 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a border guard with a planted mine.
2018.08.24 Pakistan Karachi 2 1 Two members of a religious party are shot to death in a suspected sectarian attack.
2018.08.24 Nigeria Foron 3 2 Three villagers are slaughtered by Miyetti Allah.
2018.08.24 Syria Aleppo 1 1 Terrorists shoot a refugee to death.
2018.08.23 Syria Idlib 1 0 A group fighting for Sharia fires into a wedding, killing one member.
2018.08.23 France Trappes 2 1 A known terror advocate 'with psychiatric issues' stabs his mother and sister on the street while shouting praises to Allah.
2018.08.23 Libya Zliten 4 0 ISIS members kill four people at a checkpoint.
2018.08.23 Pakistan Dand Killay 1 3 A roadside bomb left by a Sunni group kills a border guard.
2018.08.23 Afghanistan Nahreen 1 2 A shooting attack on a family home leaves one dead.
2018.08.23 Afghanistan Badakhshan 2 0 Two guards at a university are gunned down by religious extremists.
2018.08.23 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 6 Mullahs whip up a mob that injures six religious minorities and razes their house of worship.
2018.08.23 India Kunzar 1 0 A forestry official is murdered in his own home by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
2018.08.22 India Awgam 1 0 An off-duty cop is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2018.08.22 India Litter 1 0 Terrorists abduct and murder a political worker.
2018.08.22 India Louswani 1 0 A man is shot point-blank outside his house by Islamic radicals.
2018.08.22 Syria Afrin 3 1 Three civilians are aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2018.08.22 Yemen Aden 1 4 A father-of-4 is dismantled by an Islamic IED.
2018.08.21 Afghanistan Shib Koh 4 1 An Islamic Emirates ambush leaves four dead.
2018.08.21 Iraq Shirqat 6 7 A journalist is among six blown up by a Shahid suicide bomber.
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