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Jihad Report
Oct 06, 2018 -
Oct 12, 2018

Attacks 35
Killed 217
Injured 138
Suicide Blasts 1
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
September, 2018

Attacks 142
Killed 829
Injured 740
Suicide Blasts 12
Countries 21
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 106 Islamic attacks in 17 countries, in which 494 people were killed and 431 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2018.10.15 France La Courneuve 0 1 One man attacks another with a chisel while yelling praises to Allah.
2018.10.15 Syria Idlib 1 7 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants shoot a civilian to death.
2018.10.15 Nigeria Kala Balge 1 0 A 24-year-old female aid worker is captured and then executed by gun shot at close range.
2018.10.14 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A prominent Shiite is assassinated by Sunni gunmen.
2018.10.14 Afghanistan Shar-e-Safa 8 0 Eight local cops lose their live in two Taliban attacks.
2018.10.14 Iraq Rashidiya 78 0 Fifty-four women are found in a mass grave with twenty-four other victims of ISIS execution.
2018.10.14 Afghanistan Farah 18 11 Sunni militants attack two checkpoints, killing eighteen local soldiers.
2018.10.13 Afghanistan Takhar 22 36 Hardliners set off a bomb at an election rally for a female candidate, killing two dozen.
2018.10.13 Somalia Baidoa 7 25 A Mujahideen throws a grenade into a restaurant, taking out seven patrons.
2018.10.13 Somalia Baidoa 12 55 Twelve others are killed when a suicide bomber rams his car into a hotel.
2018.10.13 Iraq Shabali 2 0 Militants plant a bomb inside a power transformer that cuts down two civilians.
2018.10.13 Mali Iboghilitane 12 0 A dozen villagers are massacred by suspected Jihadists.
2018.10.12 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three civilians are aerated by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2018.10.11 Syria Atarib 1 1 A civilian standing outside a shop catches the brunt of a Sunni bomb blast.
2018.10.11 Afghanistan Qala-e Zal 15 13 Fifteen local cops are machine-gunned at their checkpoint by religious extremists.
2018.10.11 Afghanistan Sarkhat 3 0 Three children are disassembled by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2018.10.11 India Meemendar 1 0 An activist is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2018.10.11 Afghanistan Moqor 1 5 A civilian is brought down by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.10.11 Iraq Kirkuk 1 5 The Islamic State is thought responsible for a deadly blast at a market.
2018.10.11 Afghanistan Faryab 4 0 Four civilians are thoroughly eliminated by a Sunni car bomb.
2018.10.10 Iraq Ishaqa 3 3 Holy Warriors stage a drive-by attack on a police checkpoint, killing three officers.
2018.10.10 Syria Idlib 1 0 A civilian is shot to death by Ahrar al-Sham.
2018.10.10 Chad Kaiga Kinji 8 11 An attack by Boko Haram on a fishing village leaves eight dead.
2018.10.10 Kenya Mandera 2 0 Islamists hurl a bomb into a school, killing two Christian teachers.
2018.10.10 Iraq Akkas 10 0 An ISIS attack on a gas field leaves ten guards dead.
2018.10.10 Iraq Tikrit 1 4 Jihadis set off a bomb near a fuel station, killing a bystander.
2018.10.10 Afghanistan Momand Dara 3 0 Three desert nomads are captured and executed by the Islamic State.
2018.10.10 Iraq Ain al-Jahsh 30 0 Thirty victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
2018.10.09 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 8 10 A suicide bomber detonates at the campaign office of a secular candidate, killing eight supporters.
2018.10.09 Somalia Jubba 5 0 Islamic militants line up five captives and mow them down with automatic weapons.
2018.10.09 Iraq Ezba 3 0 Three Iraqis are kidnapped by Mujahideen and tortured to death.
2018.10.08 Afghanistan Qush Tepa 6 20 Fundamentalists machine-gun a half-dozen cops at their post.
2018.10.08 Pakistan Karachi 1 3 Hizbul Ahrar fire at a group of police, killing one.
2018.10.08 Iraq Badush 2 0 Two policemen manning a checkpoint are wasted by ISIS gunmen.
2018.10.08 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two civilians die in a drive-by attack by hardliners.
2018.10.08 Nigeria Metele 7 16 Boko Haram attack local security personnel, killing seven.
2018.10.07 Iraq Basra 1 0 A woman who owned a beauty shop is assassinated by fundamentalists.
2018.10.07 Israel Samaria 2 1 Two young parents of small children are murdered in cold blood by a Palestinian terrorist.
2018.10.07 Afghanistan Sayed Abad 14 0 A man disabled by an earlier Taliban attack is among fourteen slain.
2018.10.07 Afghanistan Pashtun Kot 11 6 A woman is among eleven Afghans sent to Allah by the Taliban.
2018.10.07 Iraq Taakhi 54 0 A mass grave is discovered, containing fifty-four victims of ISIS beheadings and torture.
2018.10.06 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Two civilians standing outside a shop are eliminated by extremist bombers.
2018.10.06 India Sopore 1 0 A butcher who spoke out against Islamic terror is abducted and his throat slit.
2018.10.06 Afghanistan Kabul 2 9 Civilians are among the casualties of a Taliban bombing.
2018.10.06 Iraq Asaadiya 3 0 Three residents are brutally gunned down in their own village by ISIS.
2018.10.06 Syria Azaz 5 21 Terrorists blow up a petrol station, killing five civilians, including two children.
2018.10.06 Syria Sayidi Miqdad 1 3 A Sunni group is suspected of a bombing that leaves one dead.
2018.10.05 India Srinagar 2 1 Two Muslim patriots are shot to death at a meat shop for supporting India.
2018.10.05 Afghanistan Cholan 3 0 A woman and child are among three blown to bits by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2018.10.05 Syria Aleppo 5 3 Five civilians are left dead during shelling by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.
2018.10.05 Yemen Bani Jaber 1 11 A woman in a displaced persons camp is killed by Ansar Allah.
2018.10.05 Burkina Faso Solle 7 3 Muslim extremists plant a mine that takes out seven passengers in a passing vehicle.
2018.10.05 Nigeria Nkiendoro 4 4 Muslim terrorists storm a village, kill four innocents and burn a church.
2018.10.04 DRC Beni 6 0 A half dozen people are cut down by ADF Islamists.
2018.10.04 Burkina Faso Soum 1 4 A local cop is left dead after a sudden Jihad attack on a village.
2018.10.04 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 A barber is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
2018.10.04 Syria Asqat 1 1 A civilian is dismantled by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2018.10.04 Afghanistan Zhari 2 16 Two girls are reduced to pulp by a Sunni roadside bomb.
2018.10.04 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 7 Fundamentalists eliminate two people near a humanitarian office.
2018.10.04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two people are abducted and tortured to death by sectarian militia.
2018.10.04 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two men are shot dead by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.10.04 Pakistan Swabi 3 0 Three people are shot to death on suspicion of sexual impropriety.
2018.10.03 Nigeria Jol 13 10 Women and children are among thirteen murdered by Miyetti Allah.
2018.10.03 Burkina Faso Bartieboubou 7 2 Islamic extremists plant a bomb that claims seven lives.
2018.10.03 Afghanistan Faryab 3 4 Two attacks by the Taliban leave three dead.
2018.10.03 Afghanistan Maroof 3 6 A suicide bomber takes down three Afghans.
2018.10.03 Nigeria Ariri 19 0 Nine children are among nineteen residents confirmed dead following a brutal Muslim attack on their village.
2018.10.02 Iraq Riyadh 1 0 A village chief is abducted and executed by ISIS.
2018.10.02 Iraq Domeez 1 3 Terrorists set off a bomb outside a power plant, killing a bystander.
2018.10.02 Syria Jisr al-Shughur 3 0 Three civilians are eliminated by sectarian gunmen.
2018.10.02 Afghanistan Badghisi 1 3 A child is sent to Allah by Mujahid bombers.
2018.10.02 Afghanistan Nimroz 4 2 A Taliban attack leaves four dead.
2018.10.02 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 6 Five local cops are killed in two attacks by Sunni hardliners.
2018.10.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 14 40 A suicide bomber hits an election rally, taking out fourteen participants.
2018.10.01 Afghanistan Aw Agam 2 3 Islamic State explosives snuff out two lives.
2018.10.01 Somalia Mogadishu 2 4 A woman and child are among the casualties of a suicide bombing.
2018.10.01 Iraq Dibs 2 1 A bomb planted on a motorbike claims two lives.
2018.09.30 Iraq Basra 1 0 Suspected militants murder a medical student in front of his school.
2018.09.30 Afghanistan Shahr-e-Bazarg 1 6 A Taliban attack leaves one dead.
2018.09.30 Nigeria Jos 2 3 Two university students are brutally murdered by Allah Miyetti.
2018.09.30 Syria Deir Hassan 5 5 Terrorists toss a grenade into a displaced persons camp, killing five.
2018.09.30 India Shopian 1 0 Islamic militants disguised in burqas fire into a police station, killing a constable.
2018.09.29 Chad Moussarom 6 0 Three forestry officials are among six killed by Boko Haram gunmen.
2018.09.29 Mali Kidal 3 0 Three people are pulled into pieces by Jihadi rockets.
2018.09.29 Mali Amalaoulaou 25 0 At least twenty-five civilians lose their lives during a brutal attack by Jihadists.
2018.09.28 Mali Bamako 5 0 French and Belgian civilians are among five killed in mid-bite at a restaurant by suspected Islamic bombers.
2018.09.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 3 A terrorist in police uniform shoots two officers in the back.
2018.09.28 Iraq Hammam al-Ali 2 0 Two fishermen are murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.28 Syria Idlib 1 2 Jihadi bombers kill a bystander along a city street.
2018.09.27 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A former beauty queen who tried to live an independent lifestyle is shot to death by gunmen on motorcycles.
2018.09.27 Somalia el-Wak 2 6 An al-Qaeda linked group bombs tea shops, killing two innocents.
2018.09.27 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 Mujahid bombers take out a traffic cop.
2018.09.27 Nigeria Jos 17 5 Four children are among seventeen Christians hacked to death in their own homes by Muslim terrorists.
2018.09.26 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A secular activist is shot to death by militants.
2018.09.26 Mali Douentza 8 0 A mix of civilians and soldiers are laid out by an Jama’at nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen blast and gunfire.
2018.09.26 Syria Markada 2 0 ISIS explosives purge two civilians.
2018.09.26 Burkina Faso Baraboulé 8 0 A security patrol runs into a mine planted by terrorists. At least eight are killed.
2018.09.25 Mali Menaka 15 4 Militant Muslims on motorcycles massacre a dozen villagers.
2018.09.25 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two people are randomly blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2018.09.25 Syria Saraqit 1 0 A civilian is brought down by a terrorist IED.
2018.09.25 Iraq Basra 1 1 A female human rights activist is assassinated in front of her husband by suspected Shia militia.
2018.09.24 Tunisia Mount Chaambi 2 0 Jihadis level two civilians with a cloud of shrapnel.
2018.09.24 Somalia Bosaso 1 0 Islamists attempt a political assassination, killing a bodyguard.
2018.09.24 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 al-Shabaab car bombers pick off a passing pedestrian.
2018.09.24 Pakistan Badan 1 0 Radicals fire on a polio vaccination team, killing a guard.
2018.09.24 Burkina Faso Tongomael 3 0 Three members of a search party are murdered by Islamists.
2018.09.24 Afghanistan Badarab 9 5 A suspected Taliban mortar shell hits a home, killing nine inside.
2018.09.24 India Latishart 1 0 A civilian is pulled from his home, taken to an orchard and shot by Islamic militants.
2018.09.23 Pakistan Attock 2 0 Two young lovers are beheaded by her conservative Muslim family.
2018.09.23 Iraq Athba 1 0 A man is murdered in his own home by the Islamic State.
2018.09.22 DRC Beni 27 5 At least twenty-seven people are massacred when ADF Islamists invade a Christian village.
2018.09.22 Kenya Elwak 3 0 A Muslim gang stones three Christian construction workers to death while chanting praises to Allah.
2018.09.22 Iran Ahvaz 29 60 Over two dozen people at a military parade are massacred by Sunni terrorists.
2018.09.21 Iraq Maflaka 2 1 Religious radicals assassinate a town's mayor in his home along with a bystander.
2018.09.21 Afghanistan Shirin Tagab 8 6 Eight young children are vaporized by a Taliban bomb.
2018.09.21 India Kapran 3 1 Three off-duty cops are dragged out of their homes by Muslim terrorists and shot to death.
2018.09.21 Syria Sarmin 1 0 A man is killed by suspected Ahrar al-Sham.
2018.09.20 Mozambique Paqueue 12 14 Fourteen villagers are slaughtered by a pro-Sharia group, including two who are burned alive.
2018.09.20 Syria Idlib 4 0 Terrorists murder four civilians in two attacks.
2018.09.20 Afghanistan Ghazni 5 2 Five local police are murdered by armed fundamentalists.
2018.09.19 Pakistan Qila Saifullah 2 0 Two guards at a market are gunned down by terrorists on motorcycles.
2018.09.19 Iraq Kirkuk 1 7 An Islamic State bomb blast claims a civilian life.
2018.09.19 Iraq Riyadh 2 0 Two ISIS kidnap victims are found brutally executed.
2018.09.18 Nigeria Konduga 6 0 Boko Haram set three villages on fire, killing six residents.
2018.09.18 Iraq Hawija 5 5 Mujahideen blow up a bus, killing five Iraqis.
2018.09.18 Mali Tidinbawen 2 3 Jihadists successfully kill two people with a roadside bomb.
2018.09.18 Iraq Riyadh 1 0 A journalist is kidnapped, blindfolded and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2018.09.18 Afghanistan Chahar Bolak 9 0 A cowardly attack by a Taliban in uniform leaves nine unarmed cops dead.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Warmami 8 3 Eight members of a family are wiped out in their own home by a Jihadist rocket.
2018.09.17 Syria Suwayda 1 1 Terrorists gun down a civilian.
2018.09.17 Nigeria Rann 1 0 A female Red Cross worker and mother of two is murdered in captivity by Boko Haram.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Farah 17 0 A series of Taliban attacks leave seventeen dead.
2018.09.17 Afghanistan Qali-e-now 5 0 Fundamentalists exterminate five local cops.
2018.09.17 India Kulgam 1 0 Religion of Peace activists barge into a home and shoot a resident in the head.
2018.09.16 Israel Gush Etzion 1 0 A Jewish American is stabbed to death at the shopping mall by a Palestinian terrorist.
2018.09.16 Iraq Mosul 18 0 A mass grave is discovered containing eighteen women and children murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.16 Syria Jarabulus 1 6 A suicide bomber goes off at a bus stop, killing a child.
2018.09.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 A man and his son are taken down in a targeted attack by Sunni hardliners.
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