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Hatred for Christians, Apostates and Gays

A deadly rampage by a Muslim terrorist in the name of Allah makes for a strange backdrop to a slur on Christians.  Nevertheless, a Discover the Truth article entitled "Politicians And Evangelical Christians Having Orgy Fest Over Orlando Shooting" claims that such groups are "drooling with happiness" over the "savage killing of innocent LGBT." 

DTT is obviously being opportunistic over the much-publicized (and anomalous) statements of a handful of religious "Westboro"-types who think God wants homosexuals to be killed.  Insensitive as they are, their words pale against the very real action of the organization to whom the Orlando shooter pledged his allegiance.  The Islamic State throws gays from rooftops with a zeal that is in keeping with its enthusiasm for Islamic law.

While DTT's anti-Christian article drips with apparent tolerance for "innocent LGBT," no writing could be found on their site condemning the parts of Islamic law and Hadith which call for killing homosexuals.  Neither does DTT explain how LGBT are "innocent," given that every Islamic ruling issued on the subject says exactly the opposite.

What is found on Discover the Truth instead are links to Islamic websites which call for the burning and stoning of gays, as well as the beheading of apostates (those who follow their conscience and leave Islam):
"The evil consequences of homosexuality are among the worst of evil consequences, so its punishment is one of the most severe of punishments in this world." (Islam QA, Fatwa 81140)
The punishment for one who does that or allows it to be done to him is that he be killed. Or, to be burnt or to be stoned. Or, to be thrown from the highest point (mountain, tower, lofty building etc.), then to follow it with stoning. (The punishment for homosexuality according to Fatwa Islamiyah vol.6 p. 199)
And if he apostatize after that, his head should be chopped off, according to the Hadith (Fatwa Islamiyah, Book on Marriage; See also IslamQA #22809)
Both sources also disparage gender equality (IslamQA # 1105) and impose discriminatory rules on religious minorities - none of which is denounced by Discover the Truth.  IslamQA even supports Female Genital Mutiliation openly (#60314).  These websites promoted by DTT are not the sort of fringe sources or opinion that they try to tar non-Muslim groups with: they are very much in Islam's mainstream. 

Everyone makes honest mistakes, but when an organization like Discover the Truth is this disingenuous, it rightly calls into question their credibility.  Were DTT the least bit sincere about countering extremism - not only terror in the name of religion, but the worst sort of hatred toward gays and minorities - then they would certainly start much closer to home.  Instead they don't just ignore the hate, but surreptitiously promote it.

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