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Jihad Report
November, 2019

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Abdullah ibn Khatal:
Killed at the Kabaa

From Discover the Truth:

Ibn Khatal became a disbeliever and joined the enemies of the Prophet, the Quraish. So, when Prophet Muhammad conquered Makkah, he was one of those whom the Prophet had ordered be killed.
(March 29, 2015)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

One of the myths making the rounds is that Muhammad forgave the people of Mecca when he returned with an army, and that no one was killed.  In truth, several people were executed on his order, among them Abdullah ibn Khatal, who was hacked to death while hanging on to the curtain of the Kabaa (Muhammad also soon evicted by force anyone who would not convert to Islam).

DTT acknowledges the killing, but (characteristically) says that Khatal had it coming because he had previously killed a slave and fled to Mecca because "he would have been killed for unlawfully taking a life."

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

Abdullah didn't just kill a slave - he apostatized and left Islam, which was highly embarrassing to Muhammad.  While DTT contends that Khatal was slaughtered at the Kabba because he killed a slave, the circumstantial evidence proves otherwise:

1) Abu Sufyan was, according to apologists, responsible for having taking many Muslim lives, yet he was welcomed into the fold after converting to Islam (albeit at the point of a sword) at virtually the same time.

2) After becoming a Muslim, Khalid bin Walid murdered several other Muslims in horrible circumstances, yet he was barely rebuked by Muhammad and kept his position as a military leader.

3) Two of Abdullah ibn Khatal's slave girls were ordered killed along with him - not because they had taken anyone's life, but because they made up songs about Muhammad.

Clearly the killing of Khatal was personal, and had far more to do with apostasy than "unlawfully taking a life".

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