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Muhammad's Murder
 of Khalid ibn Sufyan

From Discover the Truth:

Khalid was not innocent...
(March 14, 2015)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

Khalid ibn Sufyan was a remote tribal chief murdered on Muhammad's order.  DTT says that this was deserved because Khalid was trying to recruit an army to attack the Muslims in Medina.

What They Offer as Proof

DTT quotes a weak (daif) hadith from Abu Dawud which does indeed say that Khalid ibn Sufyan unwittingly admitted that he was trying to raise an army to his assassin.  After having gained his trust, the Muslim "dominated him with my sword until he became cold."

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

This is a good example of how Muslim apologists latch on to any sort of rationalization and lose sight of the big picture. 

The Sira does say that Khalid ibn Sufyan was trying to raise an army to attack Medina.  For that, an assassin enters his area and brutally beheads him "leaving his women bending over him."  The head of Khalid was brought back to Muhammad, who was overjoyed. 

Let's slow down and ask the two important questions here:

    1) Why did Khalid ibn Sufyan want to attack the Muslims?

    2) Was there a better way to handle this?

Khalid ibn Sufyan was in the Nakhla area.  From the Sira, we learn that Muhammad had staged several raids prior to this that were successful.  Innocent people were slain and their goods stolen.  No doubt, the tribes felt threatened by a man who brought war to the region.  This is the critical context which explains the effort to gather a military force.  Were this happening to the Muslims, the apologists would be tripping over themselves to cite self-defense.

Rather than leaving the people alone - ie. stopping the raids - or attempting to negotiate peace, Muhammad sends an assassin.  While this seemed to have cut short plans to gather a force, the unmanly manner in which Khalid was slain created bitterness that later resulted in the retaliatory deaths of Muslims - and the eventual extinguishment of the Banu Layan tribe (after being taken by surprise by a Muslim army).

The moral character of Muhammad is thus very much in question.  Would a great man attack and threaten the livelihood of a people who, to that point, were minding their own business?  Once aware that his raids were causing hostilities, why not resolve the situation peacefully?

Muhammad's sense of entitlement to possessions and power, though narcissistic, is simply assumed by the apologists.  They miss the real point of this, which is that it makes Islam very different.  Imagine a passage from the New Testament stating that Jesus fears the victims of his violent raids are gathering against him, so he sends disciples to hack them to death.

So, while DTT picks up and leaves off with the middle of the story, the true record shows that Muhammad created hostilities and resolved them violently, with tragic consequences even to his own people.  It is another case of Muslims doing to others what they would not want done to them.

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