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Sep 10, 2021

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August, 2021

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"Discover the Truth's" Game

of the Ukil Eight

From Discover the Truth:

Mohammad commanded his companions to go in pursuit of these wicked people. They eventually were caught and were all killed.
(April 8, 2015)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

DTT alleges that the gruesome execution of eight men who apostatized was justified on the basis that they had killed a Muslim shepherd.

What They Offer as Proof

The sahih hadith has several verses recounting the incident in which a group of tribesmen came to stay with the Muslims, but found the climate inhospitable.  They were told to drink camel urine (for which Muhammad seems to have had a fetish) and then sent off with a Muslim shepherd.

The group eventually killed the shepherd and stole the camels.  They were then hunted down, brought back to Muhammad, and executed.

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

This is hardly an "eye for an eye" punishment, as DTT contends.  First, it is doubtful that all eight men murdered one shepherd, unless DTT is conjuring up some sort of "Murder on the Orient Express" scenario.  In any group, there are leaders and followers, each with varying levels of approval and commitment.  True justice means sorting out what really happened so that punishment can be meted out appropriately.

No such worries with the prophet of Islam.  Although the murdered shepherd died a relatively quick death, the manner in which all eight tribesmen were executed is shocking.  On Muhammad's order, each was brutally tortured.  Their hands and feet were cut off, their eyes were gouged out with hot nails and they were left to expire in the hot sun while begging for water (Bukhari 52:261).

For non-Muslims, the notion that anyone was deserving of such brutality - much less all eight members of the group - defies reason.  For Discover the Truth and other true believers, Muhammad is his own standard of morality, meaning that whatever he does is right simply by his having done it.

With this sort of example on the part of their prophet, we can certainly see where ISIS gets its cruel streak... and why so little is done about it. 

Certainly, there are many Muslims who are kind and decent - but it is in spite of their prophet rather than because of him. 

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