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Feb 16, 2024

Attacks 25
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Countries 10

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Jihad Report
January, 2024

Attacks 158
Killed 841
Injured 710
Suicide Blasts 5
Countries 20
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The Beheading of Uqba:
"But Who Will Take
Care of My Children?"

From Discover the Truth:

Historical sources show that Uqba was not as innocent as they make him out to be...
(March 13, 2015)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

Uqba was a Quraish leader who was savagely beheaded by Muhammad after he had been taken prisoner at the Battle of Badr. DTT poses that he was deserving of his fate because he 1) mocked Muhammad, 2) tried to "kill" Muhammad, and 3) "persecuted Muslims"

What They Offer as Proof

While there are many accounts that say Uqba mocked Muhammad at Mecca, only one verse from the sahih Hadith says Uqba put his hands on Muhammad's neck during an argument and "squeezed severely."

No other historical evidence is provided to show that Uqba used to "persecute Muslims" at Medina.

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

Uqba was taken prisoner after the Battle of Badr.  While DTT poses that this means he "engaged in battles" with Muslims, they neglect to mention that this battle was provoked by Muhammad.  Uqba had gone out to protect his caravan from a raid.  

While trying to defend his property, Uqba was captured and brought to Muhammad.  He begged for his life, saying "who will look after my children?"  Muhammad coldly replied, "Hell fire," and ordered him beheaded (Ibn Ishaq 458, Abu Dawud 2686).

When the Sira and Hadith discuss the execution, they provide only the rationale that Uqba had mocked Muhammad at Mecca by putting camel entrails on his back while he was praying.  It is frightening that DTT also cites this as justification for an ISIS-like beheading.

Although the episode in which Uqba put his hands on Muhammad out of anger is recorded in the sahih Hadith, the narrators never link it to the execution.  While certainly an act of violence, it hardly qualifies as a murder attempt.  He is even said to have released his grip after another Muslim rebuked him.  This also occurred in a climate of hostility in which Muhammad told the Quraish, "I will bring you slaughter" (Tabari v.6 p.101).

Does a physical assault that didn't even leave a mark from a few years earlier qualify as grounds for homicide?  Only if you're a violent narcissist.

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