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The Murder of
Usayr bin Rizam

From Discover the Truth:

Al-Yusayr ibn Rizam was another warmonger who met his fate in the end.
(March 28, 2015)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

The wholesale massacre of thirty unarmed men, who were vulnerable because they trusted the word of Muslims, is of acute embarassment to apologists like Discover the Truth, which gloss over the details by maintaining that Usayr bin Rizam was planning to attack them.  Since he was planning to attack, they maintain that his slaughter was entirely justified.

What They Offer as Proof

DTT quotes three sources, of which two are considered reliable.  According to the highlighted sections of Ibn Ishaq and al-Tabari, Usayr bin Rizam was gathering people in Khaybar to attack the Muslims at Medina.

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

Where to start!

From the texts, it is evident that the Jews at Khaybar were planning to attack the Muslims out of fear that their own days were numbered (in fact, it was only three months later that these fears were brutally confirmed).  This was after several Jewish tribes had been exiled or slaughtered at Medina.  Muhammad had also been sending assassins to murder prominent members of their own community, some in front of their families.

Had the shoe been on the other foot, DTT would be calling this a case of self-defense.  Instead, they dismiss Usayr bin Rizam as a 'warmonger' who 'deserved his fate.' 

However, according to the same sources used by DTT, Rizam was more interested in peace.  In fact, he was talked out of his camp by promises of reconciliation with Muhammad.  After making himself vulnerable, the Muslims had one armed person shadow each of the Jews.  Once Rizam began to suspect the trap, it was sprung and each man was sucessfully executed with no loss of Muslim life:
The Messenger of God (SAAS) had heard that [Usayr b. Rizam] was joining with Ghatafu to attack him along with them. When they (the Muslims) met with him, they told him, "The Messenger of God (SAAS) has sent us to you to place you in charge of Khaybar." They stayed with him until he eventually followed them with 30 men, each of whom had a co-rider from the Muslims. When they all reached Qarqara Niyzr, a place some 6 miles from Khaybar, Yusayr b. Rizam regretted what he had agreed and reached for the sword of 'Abdullah ibn Rawaha. The latter was aware of this and first held back his mount, then rushed ahead, leading the others. When he could overcome Yusayr, he struck his leg, cutting it off. Yusayr then charged ahead, wielding a cudgel of fir wood and with it struck at the face of 'Ahd Allah h. Rawaha, hitting him on top of his head. Each of the Muslims then turned upon his co-rider and killed him... None of the Muslims were killed (Ibn Kathir v.3 p.300)
There is nothing about this that is the least bit flattering to Muhammad.  His men trick a potential enemy into trusting them with promises of peace, then brutally murder them down to the last man.
It was only three months later that Muhammad returned to Khaybar with an army, torturing, killing and raping those who resisted.

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