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Games Muslims Play

 Islam Must be True
Because it is the
Fastest Growing Religion

The Game:

How can Islam be a bad religion if it is growing so fast?  Doesn’t this mean that it is actually a truthful religion, since so many are accepting it?

The Truth:

In the first place, the truth of an idea or doctrine is never established by mere belief or majority opinion.  Up until the last hundred years or so, the vast majority of people on our planet did not even believe that they were on a planet.  Nor did they believe that the earth was spinning at a thousand miles an hour or hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour.  Does this mean that the earth wasn’t doing these things up until people believed that it was?

Secondly, Islam is not "growing faster" than other religions because of conversion, but because the birthrate (Pew: 2017 & 2021) among Muslims is significantly higher than it is among nominal Christians and others(2.9 vs 2.6 per woman), particularly in the West, where it is nearly twice as high.  Kids can be raised to believe just about anything, so growth from a higher birthrate hardly constitutes a genuine accomplishment. 

In fact, there is a negative correlation between birthrate and progress.  Birthrates drop as a society develops economically and socially.  Wealthier, more advanced countries provide equal educational and career opportunities for women, for example, which enable them to delay starting families.  Even within Islam, the more developed populations have lower birthrates.  So, it is ironic that what is often touted as Islam's biggest "success" is more of an indicator of how it lags.

This is also true with regard to the growth of Islam in the West, which is due almost entirely to migration.  Migration always flows from Muslim countries into non-Muslim rather than vice versa.  Again, this is nothing to be proud of, because it means that Islamic countries are less attractive and less tolerant.  Rising social dysfunction and the gradual decline in quality of life in areas where Islam takes hold argue against the claim that it is the "true religion."

A 2011 Pew Research study of global Muslim growth rates concluded that there is "no net growth through conversion", meaning that for every person who "embraces" Islam (usually a woman who changes her affiliation after marrying a Muslim man) there is at least one other who is willing to leave the faith despite harsh consequences. A 2019 study found Islam declining in the Arab world.

Of the so-called “converts” from other religions, only a miniscule number were active believers.  Nearly all are just people who had no real faith to convert from – regardless of their nominal designation.  In the West and other parts of the non-Muslim world in which all religions are allowed to compete equally, such people experiencing a spiritual awakening are far more likely to turn to Christianity than Islam. 

This leads to a very important point, which is that decent Muslims should feel a sense of embarrassment rather than pride over the rules they have to impose to maintain Islam's status as the "fastest growing religion."  In truth, it speaks more to the insecurity that Muslims have about their religion - and the banal immaturity of Islam compared with other faiths.

Let’s say that you are playing chess with a 6-year-old girl.  Instead of following the same set of rules, however, the child is allowed to make up rules that are preferential to herself.  One of the rules, she decides, is that you aren’t allowed to make any moves on her half of the board, but she is allowed to make moves on yours.  Another might be that it is impossible for any of her pieces to be taken.

Now, if the child is winning the game – which is assured by the conditions she has imposed - is it really something in which she can truly take pride? 

The rules that Muslims impose on the “conversion game” are almost exactly like this chess analogy.  Other religions are not allowed to operate in Islam’s own territory (ie. preaching their faith and evangelizing) as Muslims are in others.  Neither is conversion away from Islam allowed – on penalty of death.

In the Muslim world, Christians who evangelize are imprisoned, assaulted, beaten, set on fire, shot, bludgeoned, and tortured by Islamists.  Missionaries are raped and killed.  Former Muslims who embrace Christianity as their religion of choice are thrown in jail along with their children, sexually assaulted, crippled, hanged, stoned, stabbed, dismembered, carved up, scalded, beheaded, poisoned, brutalized, doused with acid, burned alive and publicly executed...

...and Muslims brag that their religion is growing faster!

Muslims who gloat over their “fast growing" religion are no different than the child from our example who deludes herself into thinking that she is smarter and better for “beating” a much wiser adult in a game played under manufactured conditions that render the artificial “victory” entirely meaningless.

So the more pertinent question isn't which religion is growing faster, but which is growing faster where people are free to choose.  In this environment, Christianity (and 'non-belief in any religion') win easily.  Converts are even won in Muslim countries under draconian conditions that Muslim evangelists never have to face anywhere on the planet.  When was the last time a person was killed or tortured merely for embracing Islam?

Islam has been playing by these rules since its inception.  It is unlikely that Muslims will soon develop the maturity and confidence in Islam to lift the shameful restrictions to which it owes its artificial success, nor risk competition with other faiths on a level playing field. 

As was first mentioned, the truth of a belief or creed is never established by how many followers it has (by that standard, Christianity would be true).  But when a religion has to be supported by double standards, death threats and violence there is all the more reason to doubt its veracity.

Further Reading

Although the video is no longer available, Dr. Wood points out that the higher Muslim birthrate can be attributed to discrimination against women in Islamic countries.  He also clarifies the true argument of those who insist that Islam's rate of growth makes it the "true religion" at about the 8 minute mark:

See Islam is not the Fastest Growing Religion in the World or "Fastest Shrinking Religion" for other viewpoints as to whether Islam really is growing faster.

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