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Jihad Report
Dec 02, 2017 -
Dec 08, 2017

Attacks 29
Killed 327
Injured 190
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
November, 2017

Attacks 133
Killed 2013
Injured 1123
Suicide Blasts 23
Countries 20
List of Attacks

It's far easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different.


The Quran

List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

What can we learn about
Islam from this woman?

Answering the Critics

Sometimes people on the Internet will ask honest questions about Is TROP objective?  Is it truthful?  Is it a hate site? 

These questions are asked and "answered" in forums that purport to be objective, but privately censor out relevant facts offered by our defenders.  Effort and time has been wasted on responses that are not allowed to see the light of day by editors who do not let on about what is happening behind the scenes.

Rather than try and play by their rules, we thought it more efficient to address critics and questions here.

This will be added to over time.

Questions and Answers about

Is TROP an objective site?

TROP strives to be truthful.  Like nearly everyone who is passionate about Islam, the editor has an agenda (to make others aware of the threat posed).  However, this agenda would be undermined by deliberately manipulating readers with false information or failing to acknowledge and correct mistakes. 

Is TROP a Hate site?

Absolutely not.  The editor objects to the supremacist ideology of Islam and uses the site to present evidence of its negative effects.  TROP is outspoken in separating this hateful ideology from the individual and denouncing any attempt to harm, harass or pre-judge Muslim persons.  Genuine hate crimes against Muslims usually receive attention in the News items bar.

See About Muslims for more on what really says about Muslims, and Is the Quran Hate Speech? for what Islam says about non-believers.

The trend toward defining criticism of Islam as "hate speech" is the censorship of ideas.  When the freedom to criticize bad ideas is effectively denied, other freedoms will follow.

Objections to the List of Attacks

There is no source provided for many of the incidents.  Does this mean the list is made up?

It is curious that TROP is held to a much higher standard.  When a news agency or Islamic propaganda group makes a claim about rising 'Islamophobic' hate crimes, it is never accompanied by a complete supporting list of incidents, much less one with sources.  Yet, TROP is somehow expected to provide more than just a date, location and description for each attack.

Although there have been a handful of times when an attack on our list was posted in error (such as the much-hyped July, 2012 bus massacre in Pakistan), there has never been a single incident on our list of over 30,000 proven to have been manufactured (because none are). 

When TROP posted sources in the past, a critic took unfair advantage of the fact that most of the links go dead after a time and others do not provide all of the characteristics that can be found from multiple sources.  His work was repeated by others, who did not make any effort to research the veracity. 

Since the editor cannot keep up with tens of thousands of links, TROP offers to verify any single incident on request, which should quell any sincere doubt.  Other organizations, such as Wikipedia and GTD, find roughly the same attacks that we do (or more) - and they have the resources to maintain sources.  

Terror attacks increased dramatically after the US "War on Terror" began... right?

Not true.  Terrorism in certain places went up, but it also decreased in others.

Fundamentalists in Algeria killed over 100,000 civilians in the ten years prior to 9/11.  In roughly the same period, over 50,000 civilians were killed by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir.  These are just two countries, yet, together they account for significantly more deaths in ten years than the 95,000 on TROP's global list during the first ten years after 9/11.

In the decades prior to the US "War on Terror," millions lost their lives to Islamism in places such as Bangladesh, the Sudan and East Timor.  This had nothing to do with 'US military intervention.'

Aren't some of the incidents on the list unrelated to Islamic terror?

Not to our knowledge.  We do list honor killings (Islamic moral code), Sharia executions, and Shahid suicide bombings against security forces, since they are Islamic, but these are not included in the counter.  Every attack on the list is one in which it can be reasonably inferred that Islam or Islamic identity is a contributing factor.

Critics sometimes pose that a particular attack must not be 'Islamic terror' because it also involves other factors, such as separatism (eg. Thailand, Abu Sayyaf) or nationalism (eg. Hamas), but we do not see this as a reason to ignore the role of Islam.  No one can seriously say, for example, that Israel would be hated if it were Muslim instead of Jewish, or that Muslim identity has nothing to do with the Muslim insurgency in predominately Buddhist Thailand or predominately Christian Philippines.

Why list attacks in War Zones?

TROP does not ignore Islamic terror attacks on civilians, regardless of where they occur.  If an act would be called Islamic terror in the United States then it is called such if it occurs in Baghdad or Kandahar.  Citizens of Aleppo are no more deserving of being being blown apart by an ISIS rocket than are residents of Chicago.

TROP also includes some attacks on troops in their own country, but not in true combat situations.  We do not see why an attack on Afghan troops manning a security checkpoint should be less an act of terror than the killing of a guard at Westminster or troops at Fort Hood.

Responding to Critical Articles

Responding to Loonwatch (2012): This debunks an article on TROP written by Loonwatch.  The person who wrote it later posted it in a Quora forum in 2016.  We were not allowed to post our own link in response.

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