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Sep 16, 2023 -
Sep 22, 2023

Attacks 23
Killed 76
Injured 54
Suicide Blasts 0
Countries 11

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Jihad Report
August, 2023

Attacks 148
Killed 683
Injured 485
Suicide Blasts 5
Countries 21
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It's much easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different


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Discover the Truth about "Discover the Truth"

About "Discover the Truth":

"Discover the Truth" (DTT) is an Islamic propaganda site that uses partial truths and sleight of hand to downplay the Quran's harsher verses and unflattering episodes from Muhammad's life.  Those who do not know much about Islam can easily be fooled by glancing at a bombardment of scholarly-looking articles and assuming that the conclusions are proven.

On the surface, each article seems to refute the straight-forward interpretation of a problematic Quran verse or topic with (mostly) 20th century commentary that guides the reader to a contrary conclusion.  The articles are not all wrong, but the weightier ones often rely on four subtle techniques to misdirect the reader:

1) 'Adding' to the Quran:  Allah could have explained things better, either by including a few more words in a verse or directly referencing another passage in a whole different chapter.  Fortunately, the DTT apologist can tell you what Allah really meant to say (sometimes by referring to a Tafsir, in which someone else tells you what Allah really meant to say).

2) Citing Contemporary Apologists or Weak Hadith:  All Islamic history was recorded by devout Muslims (some of whom left out unflattering details along the way).  Despite this clear advantage, DTT relies heavily on modern-era sources.  This is a case of one apologist citing another as if it is fact.

DTT presumes that later sources are more aware of what was happening at the time of Muhammad than those closer to the actual events (in fact, earlier sources were generally less subjective and often had access to material that has since been lost).  Most of DTT's contemporary sources tend to imagine details not found in the earlier accounts, which is why they are cited.

Muslim apologists typically rely on weak hadith verses or later commentary to shape a positive interpretation.  These are Islam's version of Fake News.  They are narrations or editorial opinions that were invented several centuries after Muhammad. 

Unfortunately, DTT often does not distinguish later scholars by anything other than name.  They are usually mixed in among passages from the Hadith and Sira, which no doubt misleads readers into thinking that they are historical accounts instead of the relatively recent opinion of like-minded apologists and scholars. 

3) Ignoring Reliable Hadith and Sira:   Discover the Truth will often leave out contrary narrations, even if they come from earlier or more reliable sources. 

4) Sleight of Hand:  Discover the Truth sometimes references a reliable source in name to add the connotation of authenticity when the same source may, in fact, contradict the conclusion elsewhere.  Sometimes wording is changed or omitted.  Sometimes historical events are juxtaposed in a way that deliberately confuses the sequence of events.

Discover the Truth also makes steady reference to a shadowy cabal of "Christian missionaries," who are said to be distorting the truth about Islam (while no doubt rubbing their hands together in sinister fashion).  Alleging a religious agenda is a rhetorical strategy intended to marginalize intellectual critique.  In truth, the greatest threat to the Islamic religion is the Information Age, which makes available texts and teachings that distinguish Islam from how many prefer to view it.

The efforts of apologists like Discover the Truth always tell us more about what they want Islam to be rather than what it is.  Ironically, by trying to mold Islam to fit a preferred conclusion, DTT acknowledges an independent moral framework to which there is greater loyalty.  The radical or terrorist does not play these games: they take Islam as it is.

The truth is never determined by what anyone wants it to be, be they apologist or critic.  Even if the motives of Discover the Truth are noble (and that is debatable) the tactics of deception are deplorable.  Since a noble cause never requires a lie, one may indeed question the integrity of Islam based on what is required to defend it.

(More on DTT's arbitrary manipulation of sources here.  More on their promotion of hatred for religious minorities and gays here)

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