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Persecution in Medina?

Were the Quraish the
First to Declare War?

From Discover the Truth:

Notice, the report does not say “Muslims declared war”, but that the Quraysh declared war against the Muslims first. This shows that the declaration of war as well as the hostility was not started by the Muslims but by the Quraysh leaders. And thus it led to the Muslims, 1400 years ago, to defend their community. This shows once again that the myth propagated by some that the Muslims started war against the Quraysh is nothing but fictitious claims which has no historical backing.
(January 22, 2016)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

DTT claims that the Quraish "declared war" on the Muslims at Medina prior to the Battle of Badr, the implication being that this was the first declaration and act of warfare between the two parties.

What They Offer as Proof

A hadith from Sahih Bukhari narrates the episode of a Medinan leader visiting his friend at Mecca.  The Battle of Badr is referenced near the end of this hadith as follows:
So when the infidels started to proceed for Badr (Battle) and declared war (against the Muslims)...

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

The events leading up to the Battle of Badr are soberly recorded elsewhere by the historians.  Nowhere do they say that the Quraish "declared war" on the Muslims, just that they mounted up to protect a caravan that was under attack. 

In fact, there are two hadith verses from Sahih Bukhari concerning this incident.  In the other telling: "When the day of Badr came, Abu Jahl called the people to war, saying 'Go and protect your caravan'."  Clearly this is consistent with the historical account, and simply means that the people were being roused to combat by the very clear and present threat posed by Muhammad.

Keep in mind, that this was well after Muhammad begun to raid Quraish caravans and kill the drivers.  DTT would call that a declaration of war if the shoe were on the other foot.  It was also after the second Aqaba, in which Muslims really did declare war on the Quraish, and ally themselves with a foreign entity. 

Even in the verse used by DTT, it is revealed the Muhammad is plotting to kill the Quraish.  This also includes Umaiya, the "intimate friend" of the Muslim telling him that that he is doomed.  While DTT claims (fact-free) that Umaiya "never stops persecuting" the Muslims, the very verse they quote proves that he was protecting Muslim life and - by his reaction - was surprised to learn that Muhammad was planning war and plotting assassination.

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MYTH: The Muslims were Under Persecution at Medina

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