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Persecution in Medina?

Muhammad Feared
 He Would be Killed

From Discover the Truth:

For [the critics] to brand the Quraysh as some kind of victims who didn’t do nothing to deserve to be retaliated against is nothing but bald-faced lie to defame the character of Prophet Muhammad. We have a number of historical Hadiths that show us the reality about Muslims when they lived in Medina. It gives us a picture that the Muslims did not live comfortable lives due to fear of the Quraysh. They were constantly in fear that the Quraysh will come to Medina and kill them.
(January 22, 2016)

What the Apologists Want You to Believe

Since everyone agrees that Muhammad's men began robbing and killing the Quraish about a year after leaving Mecca, apologists try to show it was justified based on "persecution" at Medina.  In this case, DTT wants to prove that Muhammad feared being assassinated by his old adversaries from Mecca.

What They Offer as Proof

Four impressive Hadith from Sahih Bukari, Sahih Muslim and Tirmidhi are provided.  Somewhat less impressive is that all four refer to exactly the same episode.  One night, Muhammad was in bed with his child bride, Aisha, and the 9-year-old girl reported that her 53-year-old 'lover' couldn't sleep.  A guard arrives and nothing further is said.

What They Leave Out and Why They are Wrong

What DTT would love to have is a sahih hadith verse in which the Quraish carry out an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Muhammad after he arrives in Medina (and before he starts robbing and killing them).

What they have instead is an account in which Muhammad has a half-night of restless sleep because he fears that harm might be done to him.  The passage does not even say by whom, nor does it offer any proof that the fear was valid.

Muhammad also feared that there were spells cast on him at various times, and that he had been possessed by demons.  In fact, Sahih Bukhari (54:516) reports that he thought Satan slept in his nose.

The point is that Muhammad's anxiety is not proof that Muslims were under real persecution at Medina. 

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MYTH: The Muslims were Under Persecution at Medina

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